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Dia duit agus fáilte ar ais Is deas tú a fheiceáil. Hello and welcome back, It's nice to see you In this Irish language video, I'm going to show you five easy and useful phrases that you can use to help build your confidence in an Irish language conversation So let's start with this one if you wanted to say - I really enjoyed myself, you could say the following... Bhain mé an-sult as = I really enjoyed myself Our next useful phrase is about being busy The Irish word for busy is Gnóthach Tá mé cineál gnóthach anois = I'm rather busy now next we'll talk about the Irish word for interesting There's two words you could use - Suimiúil and Spéisiúil, both can mean interesting rud éigin spéisiúil for example is something interesting - rud éigin spéisiúil and the following phrase Tá cuma shuimiúil air sin - that sounds interesting Next we have the irish word for shopping, which is Siopadóireacht Is breá liom bheith ag siopadóireacht - I love shopping or I love to go shopping If you wanted to say I have a little shopping to do or I have some shopping to do you could say Tá beagán siopadóireacht le deanamh agam I have a little bit of shopping to do. And before we talk about the next phrase Don't forget to let me know in the comments section what your favorite phrases are as gaeilge Next we have the Irish word for lately, or even recently, which is le Déanaí Le Déanaí, you could also use Le Deireanas as well Tá mé ag codladh go dona le déanaí I've been sleeping bad lately Tá mé ag codladh go dona le déanaí If you would like to subscribe to this channel Please hit that subscribe button and you can also hit the bell notification so you can be notified whenever I make a new video Thanks very much for watching, go raibh maith agat agus tóg go bog é, Thank you and take it easy.