Is Joker an Incel Folk Hero


Ashleigh Coffin


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when making a first youtube video it's important to say some things that make a lot of people uncomfortable and in this tutorial i'll be showing you how to accomplish this it's me Ashley spell in the cursed way go up here not burn I on talking about the Joker because I want to talk about it and liberals reaction to Joker and in cells and mass shootings so just a little slice of life video here's what I ate today are white men the problem I'll be honest pals I wasn't excited for this movie when I heard that Joker was getting a standalone movie I was kind of Numb I don't like superhero movies and that's not me being superior to other people I just can't wrap my head around the idea superheroes in space is totally fine I I can I can understand that superheroes on earth amongst us no I refuse to acknowledge that but then I saw that the libs were mad at her Joker and Ashley as curiosity was piqued yes I'm talking about myself in third person I'm already at that stage of self-importance we stand a confident queen sometimes when you make the grave mistake of logging on topics you aren't particularly interesting are foisted upon you by the discourse we've all seen it that tsunami of righteous fury over highly important topics such as tweets from 2013 this particular Joker outrage is mainly being carried by my fav kind of angry people media liberals who are chained to Twitter and relay every piece of political news to Harry Potter AOC endorsing Bernie and betraying Elizabeth Warren is just like Wormtail betraying lily and James so where did the fear frenzy over Joker begin well it all started when the film won the Golden Lion the Venice Film Festival which matters a whole lot to some people I'm sure reviewers were split between either hailing it as Oscar worthy or being highly alarmed by it one going so far as the Joker is the first in South folk-hero meanwhile Roman Polanski confirmed and certified pedo man came second place at the film festival but we're not going to talk about him and his whole molestation thing because that's old news and won't get as much Twitter engagement in Sal folk hero lately it does seem to come back to in sells the new hot obsession and fear the weakest and yet somehow most threatening group of people in cell is defined as an involuntarily celibate man typically extremely misogynistic as a result of feeling outcast by society based on his leagues in 2019 it can also be used to describe a man who refuses to venmo white middle-class women on to earn money for no reason fleecing guilty and overcompensating liberal men is actually kind of brilliant though so keep on that grift ladies so can this movie in spirit kissless hand hold this virgins to go out and commit a murder is the Joker a dangerous movie that could serve as a blueprint for insell or outright terrorists a Telegraph Creek tweeted here is my opinion of Joker I think it's a very good film and I'm worried someone's going to get killed so are we night to assume that villains displaying villainous behavior in art could result in real-life casualties don't get me wrong I'm not against the idea that media has influence on society in fact I wholeheartedly agree that it does propaganda through entertainment can be a really powerful tool to pipeline people towards whichever cause you want them drifting towards for example my channel is going to try and pipeline you towards elven degeneracy sounds like Ellen DeGeneres project named Ellen DeGeneres but the real question on these also wok movie reviewers lips is is Joker propaganda for the angry lone white man I have some issues with that otherwise I wouldn't be making this video and to begin with we didn't really make business sense for DC do you purposely make a movie trying to appeal to the tiny minority of men primed to murder while alien and everyone else who isn't thinking about murdering people maybe executives greenlight movies to make money secret life of pets - wasn't made for artistic merit in cells on the edge of committing a mass shooting aren't exactly known for being a lucrative audience but maybe DC are just really desperate after a Wonder Woman only made dollars who knows though maybe these chronically single men he believed themselves to be scientifically ugly will see the classically handsome Joaquin Phoenix engaged to a woman by the way and deeply relate to it while he's playing a clam maybe these men who are open about lying in bed all day fighting the pain and numbness of a defeated existence will be the golden goose that saves DC from financial ruin or maybe isn't a movie for in sales Jan to me it makes sense to depict the creation of a villain as a reaction to a ruthless capitalist society what agency this individual exercises isn't expressed in a vacuum what ideological education has this individual received what has been the input doesn't connect is there a pattern I think the parts of the movie the audience are most likely to relate to you aren't the over-the-top violent scenes for entertainments sake but the story of a man struggling in his life the idea that Arthur Flagg protagonist in a movie that's raking in a shit ton of money is specifically designed so that in sales will have someone to relate to you seems naive to me because it's obviously not just in sells you feel the frustration and alienation of everyday life in a dog-eat-dog capitalist world in fact the movie includes a kind of revolution that shows a diverse proletariat rejecting Gotham as it stands Arthur flex actions act as a catalyst for this movement but no one really knows anything about him at that point they didn't know he was white they knew he was jazz as a clown they didn't know what he looked like or if he was a virgin he didn't tell them what to do in fact they actually did something much more socially acceptable than what he did they went out with signs and protested in this respect he functioned as an angry of more generalized struggle I've seen a lot of people refer to Joker as a shooters manifesto in movie format prior to them even seeing the movie can you imagine waiting until a movie is released before declaring it terroristic propaganda no my Twitter followers need blood immediately still I think this perception is key to understand and why so many people are uncomfortable with a backstory for Joker they view it as making excuses for his villainy a manifesto can be read as an unreliable and abstract backstory what she might be thinking that sounds like Joker right but that's also not really what a manifesto is it can include a backstory but it also has to include goals methodology and ideology yes I manifesto gatekeeping right now now most people don't want to entertain the convictions of a killer and that's totally understandable but on the other side of that coin I think many people are strangely comforted by the idea of true biological evil when we see terrible acts of violence it can make us feel better to dehumanize the perpetrator as simply an evil person who was pretending to be normal until they decided to break the facade Eliot Rogers father described him as a shy and timid young man who couldn't hurt a fly people described the violent man's previous life in disbelief because he seemed so much like any other person Eliot Rogers mother saw changes in her son and it should be added to adolescence but had no idea what kinds of online communities he was hanging around in what conversations he was having what his problems were being blamed on she had no idea what her son's ideological leanings were and how they influenced his reaction to the world around him and neither would we if he didn't write about it even if the why is buried under 10 layers of irony and really shit Chan memes the why is still important I think people are uncomfortable with manifestos being publicly available and read because we view them as maximum attention-seeking and weren't comfortable with attention-seeking as a let alone from a mass murderer do you think the wolf base of the movie interviewing world would give a shit about this movie if Arthur flack was shown to be born evil would they be literally shaking if there were no progression shown just an evil baby born with red eyes and killing puppies at age two you personally I sincerely doubt it the problem they have is not necessarily with a standalone movie about a villain but that Joker casts capitalist society as a kind of villain Factory maybe after seeing this movie people might start to think about why America turns out so many masters and we can't have that Joker is a character study and artistic representation of what its creators think what kind of person is he what ideological sensibilities form his response to a hostile world Joker is Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix's investigation on how a set of material conditions and an ideology results in a villain it's a massive stretch to call that a manifesto and whether you think is an intelligent critique of ideology through genre film or an off base nonsensical romp it is most certainly not an in cell man a fast o you can dislike a movie with like calling it mass shooting propaganda in my opinion Joker is a brilliant example of attempting today sack drier than encourage the idea that the Joker's back story will inspire a League of Extraordinary in sales to follow and his clown cheese is a kind of fetishization the movie can't genuinely be blamed for in sells bad experiences or the ideology that formed their reaction it seems like a lot of people he would call themselves laughed wing believed that trying to dissect why certain sassette white men do great harm is in itself a great harm a movie dissecting why Joker became the Joker is deemed deeply offensive right off the bat because of an implication that it's just going to be a string of terrible excuses for bad behavior it's seen as a disservice to victims to even entertain the idea that there could be reasons behind why people do bad things reasons other biology Satan or Islam of course the family friends and fans of Murray Franklin wouldn't care too much to hear about the Joker's terrible abusive childhood and his subsequent awful life but it's relevant all the same I think that's ultimately the issue a lot of these hand-wringing liberals writing tweets and articles have missed focus is therefore shifted to alienated white sis men because of the abhorrent thing some of them say and do and away from why they say and do those things and I am petha it's understandable because it is really uncomfortable to ask why but to view a movie about an alienated white sis man being beat down by capitalist society and becoming a villain as some kind of win for in cells is wrong the assumption that these men want to be the villain rather than the hero or even just a regular average happy citizen of Gotham seems disconnected to me if we were to make a Chu in self folk hero out of Joker I think the movie would have ended with him actually having the girlfriend and not just hallucinating the relationship he wouldn't have had to go on a wild killing spree in order to be embraced by society Joker ends with Arthur Fleck institutionalized and as isolated as he's probably ever been is that truly the dream of the alienated wisest man I think a lot of people willfully miss regarding in cells and I know it's willfully because it's fucking obvious in cells hate being in cells to the point where suicidal ideation is practically a meme of their communities they want to follow the life script just like everyone else but they feel like they've been left by the side of the road while everyone else hits the milestones expected of them they consistently feel like society views them as worthless and repulsive that's not a mindset that I am V this combines the tendency among liberals and some laugh tiss to fit the problems of the white sis man against problems of marginalized groups as if solving both of these people's problems is impossible as people supposedly tearing ideas of healing and development to a later Jack these men reactionaries and Nazis are ready to listen to their problems with an unquestioning sympathetic ear consciously directing feelings of alienation away from the capitalist system and towards David Duke tear bullshit like Jean joining the world these men are directed to view their personal problems and a competitive binary with other people's viewing humanity's struggle as the previous ISM various individuals and groups all fighting with each other ensures people labor to sabotage rather than cooperate which to be clear is the ideology I think the movie is criticizing a certain class of media liberals want it tight right hand this movie to reactionaries prior to the general public even seeing it by saying this movie is for loozer virgins who should be treated like shit they tried to make it so I get to see like two movies per year because I have crotch goblins that need my attention like I said I didn't care about this movie I kind of lost all interest and Joker after whatever the fuck happened with Jared Leto and his depiction and what the fuck was that but I find the movie amazing and I deeply connected to it this white protagonist aside of women identifying with a sis hat white man yeah handing the narrative around works of art that depict deteriorating social conditions two groups of people with nefarious agendas seems counterintuitive to me for about two decades we gave up on the winner of best anti-capitalist movie at the 1999 Oscars The Matrix because some man with patchy facial hair and katanas decided they wanted to appropriate the red pill to me and realizing that females are barely sentient fuck holes look how that turned out I think a big part of what motivates people who very publicly project that they are naturally good and smart is the position they're afforded by being seen as naturally butan smart good and smart this is a hit movie which implies that bad conditions can be a reason for why people aren't udin smart or even why some people do terrible things this makes the implication the place in the hierarchy these gutten smart people occupy isn't exactly fair is therefore an implied threat to their position so in conclusion Joker is not an in self folk hero Batman is Wow so you made it to the end of my first youtube video if you thought this video was even halfway decent for a first video give it a like a thumbs up a comment maybe even subscribe if you want to see more of whatever it is that I bring to the table this video was not sponsored by halo fresh by