JMSDF Activity 1 of 6 Intercept ~JS ATAGO DDG 177

Japan is an island nation its territorial waters and exclusive economic zone cover an area 12 times the size of the land itself the JMSDF protects this expansive area moreover it's not just the ocean that the JMSDF protects protecting the airspace above the ocean and the depths of the sea below the surface the scope of the JMSDF operations are said to be the most extensive of the three self-defense forces of Japan in order to deal with the extensive scope of this mission the JMSDF operates a variety of ships and aircraft of these the Aegis destroyer is currently said to be the most powerful ship left in charge of the most extensive mission the Aegis destroyer is an escort vessel equipped with an advanced aegis combat system capable of automatically searching for detecting identifying classifying and challenging targets no convincing is okay you finding on that card so every no after a time Marshall come here you're determining are in my stead she will Michigan totally appear III model in a fan thirty Tony Gambini Jima tsukumo FICO's repertory of the prettiest of know who it's melaka even connected Russell important in Oakland edges come the mantra with nominal they enacted an idea by Del QK tsukumo frequently people a fearfully Natasha to get it Kevin any collective in addition to anti-aircraft warfare to confront aircraft and missiles anti-surface warfare to confront enemy ships and anti-submarine better to deal with submarines underwater [Music] the aegis destroyer is capable of dealing with threats beyond our atmosphere from space this is the ballistic missile defense or BMD which has become the aegis destroyers most crucial mission [Music] the asdf air defense radar detects ballistic missiles as soon as they are launched destroyers are notified by the Japan aerospace environment [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] doesn't the Judeo man even right this moment our Aegis destroyers are out at sea ready and waiting to deal with any situation that may arise