Jobless Indian Engineers The Challenge of Unemployment In India

people gettin earring measurement up core engineering neighbor Odessa bowtie puts a better gentle metal up to hip or erotic a butthurt a guess between IITs NIT is BITS Pilani campuses several statement government colleges and a plethora of private campuses in their leads in providing engineering education take this statistic as of last year there were more than 10,000 institutions teaching engineering the total intake of students was more than 3 million but placement drops down to a little more than 700,000 and the most interesting part that this placement statistic is the highest that's been in seven whole years maybe like four subjects out of [Music] even when you're getting recruited the recruiters themselves we mentioned that whatever you've studied to know is not exactly relevant to what you're going to be doing for the rest of your life and we are warned about this even though feel safe enough the course clearly there's a discord in what is being taught to students and how that's helping them get jobs in a market that's developing rapidly reports suggest that over 80% of engineering students that graduate every year are unemployable for any job in the knowledge economy an outdated curriculum would be one of the reasons for this people for my my institutions they used to take a portion so it's not the curriculum that which helps them it is their own inquisitiveness Patterson they learn things on their own and that has nothing to do with the curriculum that was designed for them but what's important for us to remember is that engineering syllabus often differs across the states of India this combined with poor quality standards led the All India Council for technical education also known as AI CTE to take a decision this year that left many people surprised almost 50% of all engineering seats were reduced so that proper quality standards could be maintained he says here the curriculum is one factor that was impact how well students would be able to do in any generation are you what was the distance measuring of course the curriculum have even been taught was it a society instructor this is why the go-to versus Godzilla are the difference or not that you would open anywhere is the pure lack of the available technically that their technical expertise are looking for post the engineering boom that peaked in the early 2000s the IT phenomenon and the y2k bug followed this led to Technical Education occupying the frontlines in a country where many parents push for higher education based solely on job security now while private institutions stepped in to create many more engineers what didn't get enough attention was the importance of teaching model branches of engineering differs from other fields like law or political science because it's ever-changing on a highly dynamic for example the mobile phone that we used today it's completely different from what we used 10 to 15 years back so the syllabus needs to be updated frequently to accommodate the changes and it needs to be industry oriented to that covered with India's fluctuating economy and a growing lack of jobs as create something very unique a problem of plenty in the nation that's still developing