Kevin and Yann Gay Storyline Part 3 Eng Sub

So what do you want to do ? Go to Biarritz ? You really think anyone's gonna miss me ? I perfectly know what's being said in my back And what is being said ? I don't know That I'm a f*g ? - I never heard that - How could you ? you're my mom's boyfriend, who would dare in front of you ? And you'd rather leave than fight ? Look Louis, I fight since I was a teen I think I'm over this You know I'm not ashamed of who I am, just After all this - I need fresh air - Ok you're stressed, your BF left you But it ain't your job You think so My worst mistake was to date a cop I perfectly know If I stay here I'll find another guy And the same bullshit bound to happen again - Yo, look this is Flora - Hi Flora, nice to meet you - Like the usual ? - Yeah - Same for you ? - *orders drink* You come here often ? With Nadia sometimes I like straight clubs, kinda exotic And the barman is handsome Here you go - Hi Yann, I'm counting on you Kevin - Sure thing Hi Ok I was dumb, you're obviously mad Indeed you were dumb You were a coward, you blew it I know I know that Keep going, you have the rights You were aggressive You've been brutal Sexy Exciting You suck just leave me alone And f*ck Look I emptied our place I'll go back with Laura so that you can invite you're next guy Keys are at the Housing department I swear I'm going to kill her That's something I love about you, you know how you wait and express yourself - You were saying ? - But I'm mad in love with this guy Everytime I see him i want to punch him - or to bash him against a wall and kiss him - I know he will like it - Hi - Hey - I need to talk to you - Welll I don't want to, and....damn it ! Ronan Laporte you know him ? He's my father Haven't seen him in like 10 years The BAC just caught him in a home depot, nothing bad Drunk tank in jail, you want to see him ? Ok I want to see you, I miss you I need your body Look if you really think I'll forgive you thanks to a kiss You are WRONG ! - God damn it - I love you too asshole You know where I stay And you're father too You're busy ? I'm on some homeless files so Let's say I'm not About your father Don't worry about it I don't want to know At least tell him how you feel After everything he's still your father Just imagine you're talking to me You'll put everything on the table then Can you ? Stop with your pen, it's annoying Sorry Guys I need you If BAE equals BAC So normally between DAC and the acute angle Oh wait that's an acute angle Right ? I also have an English problem Hey Patrice, Patrice ? - You'll tell me I was right later - Later Like when we're old with socks ands PJs ? You don't have to go until that point Come on man up Do you want to drink something sir ? You're really gonna call me sir ? And ? We were scared of you mom and I When you beat us up - You had no problem doing it back then - I'm sorry Kevin I used to suck but I think I repaid myself You think that enough, really ENOUGH ?! You want us to forget ? I didn't want you to see me like this I've been trying to go back on track So I could look you in the eyes I didn't hope to become a family again What I did to you and your mother Even alcohol isn't a reason I just wanted To know What kind of man you've become A cop Like father Like son ? Thank god you're not Kevin can I talk to your for a minute ? What's up How are you doing ? I was kinda tired so I'm glad yesterday I stayed home Don't mess with me People saw you at the Charquiez But - I was working on a case -And that's the problem Wait I'm not the only one okay ? If you're in money issues just ask me You want to help me with mnoey ? Fix my family issues ? You love helping your dude who can't do shit ? What are you talking about ? I never asked you for anything I've got a mom and I don't need another one You really don't get it You're coming late this week Laporte And your face Do you sleep an hour at night ? - I can't sleep lately - Then something is wrong I'll tell you what's wrong You're not being honest and the golden rule here is honesty, no secrets Not in workplace or your private life I know what you're up to I'm a cop too So from now on Your little bouncing job for night club is over - Of course - I'm not done How much did you take in the bag ? - What bag ? - Don't play with me, Laporte I'll ask again You correctly answer him, no joker here How much did you take in the bag ? 400 bucks 'cause I had a coat A dirty coat, full a paint 1500 'cause my bank account was empty And 1000 for my mom - She has some troubles with... - I don't care about your mother - But I had all this cash in front of me - Laporte you're a cop And the difference between you and a thief Is that you fight for a better society A better, more honest and fair society If you're low on money Get yourself a nice guy at the BAC I know they earn quite a lot I shouldn't have told you Really ? But If someone else told me I would have destroyed your jaw Are you hurt ? Taking what's in the box, king of idiots That's why you love right ? Me loving you ? Where do you get that ? Right there and there too You deserve it You could have been fired Might have been better actually There's an extra cop between us Actually They proposed me a terrorism task force At Amsterdam That's great, wonderful Ow before I forget I'd like you to come Wait can you say that louder ? No I usually say those stuffs once so I don't regret them When I think I almost ended up lifeguard in Netherlands You would've gone with Yann ? Maybe yeah We get along and I've never crushed on a guy this hard before Would be dumb not to