LG Gram 17 2020 Review It Could be so Much Better


Matthew Moniz


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so this is the LG gram 2020 I've done an unboxing and first impressions video if you're interested in that there's a link in the description but what I've done is taken all your questions from the previous video and turn it into a review now we know this is a 2.6 pound laptop probably the lightest 17 inch Ultrabook you can buy right now but when you touch it you feel it it doesn't feel premium and has this very plastic you feel to it you press on the chassis it flexes in even though it's technically using a metal the one thing you have to understand is that it's actually really durable this is one of the most durable 17-inch ultrabooks I've used at the end of that unboxing video I did I flipped the laptop into the air and I actually dropped it on the floor there was not one scuff not one scratch or issue with the laptop also you guys asked whether or not this can withstand your backpack with a lot of books inside I decided to take a laptop place it horizontally and put 13 pounds of books on top of it which is a lot heavier than being in your backpack the outcome was that it survived after one hour of all this weight on top of the laptop there was not one issue it powered on and everything was working perfectly now getting inside is easy not much is upgradeable like you do have access to 2 m2 slots one of the drives is already populated you can swap this out put something bigger and if you want a second drive you have a space right here RAM 8 gigabytes is automatically soldered onto the motherboard but you can upgrade this slot give you a potential maximum of 40 gigabytes you do have an 80 watt hour battery but I feel like there's a lot more space to play something bigger and because of that I'm only getting 9 hours and 35 minutes before needing to charge and all fairness this is the qHD model so I'm assuming the full HD model will get better battery life the fan situation is kind of annoying because I think they could have done a better cooling job and I'll talk about that shortly like there's only one fan to cool the CPU and integrated GPU Wi-Fi card is soldered on to the motherboard so you can't upgrade that the 17-inch display on this laptop has a great aspect ratio 16 by 10 which is like the sweet spot between sixteen by nine and three by two so you have a lot of vertical space for productivity color gamut is fantastic brightness is fantastic however color accuracy is not the greatest especially when you compare it to the entry-level Dell XPS 13 or even the MacBook Pro like their marketing this laptop towards creators but the color accuracy is not as good as it should be the other thing to note is reflectiveness of the screen like this is a glass panel it's not touch and when you compare it to the MacBook Pro this screen is definitely slightly more reflective if you're sensitive to PWM like flickering you won't find that issue with this laptop it's using DC dimming so you won't have any eye strain the model I have here is the i7 with 16 gigabytes of RAM it's using iris plus graphics it has a fast SSD and the price point is under $2,000 now if you're buying this to do programming on it I think there's better ultrabooks out there like testing my compiling tests compared to other laptops even i-5 like the Dell XPS 13 outperform this one if you plan on buying this to do schoolwork and some light gaming gaming on this is also not that great even though the iris Plus does offer a significant performance boost this laptop is being throttled by its power limiter you just don't get the performance that you would on other ultra books however when you connect it to an external GPU I was getting much better frame rates like overwatch was completely playable with settings set to high this was using a gtx 1070 connected to this device fortnight or any of the other older but still relevant games will run fine if this is connected to an external GPU and the reason why these performance limits are happening is because LG is giving fan noise priority over performance there's only one fan in here so you don't hear it like when this is under full load it's under 40 decibels this is significantly lower than the MacBook Pro 16 or most other ultrabooks but the problem with that is that you're limited on how far you can push this laptop like if you're someone doing general productivity the laptops great you'll have good battery life you'll be able to do your work but as soon as you start pushing this and anything else even light video editing or even light gaming the laptop completely suffers now you want install Linux on this you can you can go into the BIOS you can enable USB boot and you can install a Linux distro on this and the laptop will run it fine and even heat management is great because of the power throttling like the keyboard deck always stand around 42 43 degrees Celsius which is fantastic in my books so should you buy the LG Graham a 17 inch laptop I think it's a great buy if you're someone who's doing general productivity maybe some Excel work browsing the internet and just general everyday stuff if you're looking for a 17 inch ultra book that's super light this is the best out there however if you're someone in a mixed work environment where you really need to push the CPU and integrated GPU I think there are better ultrabooks to look at like the Dell XPS 13 gives you much more performance and I think LG just needs to refine the little things like better speakers get rid of the build connector and give us a bigger USB type-c ports if you're marketing this towards content creators give us a more color accurate display put an SD card instead of a micro SD card all these little things will improve this product to give users a better experience I hope I answered all of your questions I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did feel free to hit the like button if you're new to the channel subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next video [Music]