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There is just a week to the marriage Are you done with the purchases? What is it? Have you purchased the jewellery? My folks will handle that The number can be compromised on, but not the weight of the jewellery The joke did not get across! Why do you look so tensed? Are you tensed about the marriage? No, not at all! Why are you looking up at the skies? I have not seen a flight landing Can we go, see that? What is there so great in that? Can we go, see, just for the heck of it? Fine, let's go Stop here Why did you ask me to stop here? Can we go, sit in the gallery? This is just apt for us Come this side What is it? Come, stand this side There is no flight to be seen Look at that Doctor, I will be around in case of any emergency for blood or so Did you inform people at home? Yes, I have called and informed them Madam, get in You seem to be here right in time as I leave everyday Do you live close-by? I live close-by and I know you leave home at this time everyday I just consider getting a customer even before I reach the auto-stand everyday So, I am liable for a discount Yes, of course, as you say! Hey, I don't want any discounts Take this Okay, madam Brother, is it absolute drought for you? No... floods do happen here as well Hey, we are not sitting here for nothing What is the problem? Nothing at all Give me a minute Brother, I need to talk to you Please do not create an issue She is my personal customer I drop her in the morning and pick up in the evening Do not create a problem right now If she is your personal customer, drive her around in a car Shall I lodge a complaint with the union? Please, let me go She is the only one whom I pick up from here - So, floods do happen for you as well! - What is it? Illiterates! Just don't bother - See you tomorrow - Okay, madam Oh no... The most memorable days for most of us, are the days we fall in love Call me now and talk about your love life Oh, you are back! To tell about your love life... Call me on 6603935 Longing to hear from you all It's 'love on air', 93.5, Red FM Listen... listen to it always! Shall I serve you dinner? I have had mine You can carry on with yours' Mother is there... Reach me home as soon as possible... ...and then drop me at airport after I have fetched my bags It is urgent! Can you drive fast in this traffic? There is a small road inside which is longer, but can reach you sooner Okay... This is blocked from here What do we do now? We can try this way Madam, please wait and listen to me Madam, please wait Sofi, why are you late? Sorry sir, I had guests at home It is not like that, Sofi Music should feel soothing always Law is not made for the public alone, but also for us This is a hospital If a policeman smokes here... ...the public will then smoke inside the operation theaters Have you done the reports? I was waiting for you to come and then do the reports Why were you asked to come here? You were expected to do the reports before I reach here Sir, you just need to be there I will handle the rest of it The head was hit hard here and that has caused the blood to clot in the brain Also, here at these places too The death was due to these 2 blows on the head He, recently got transferred here from Alleppey This reaction is because of that You know me too well That was the reason I sent you here to do the reports before I got here After dinner, Vipin and Sandhya left the restaurant, got into the car... ...and reached the place of the incident to watch a flight landing A flight landing? What is there to see in it? Who knows! 2 guys came on a bike, stopped there and 1 among them attacked Vipin A passer-by rescues them, trying to catch hold of the accused Then... I do not know anything after that I was totally shaken with sudden shock, not knowing what to do next Why did you both go and stand in a dark, lonely place like that to see a flight land? Is there a law that says we are not supposed to stand there? We just felt like standing there That's it! If you had not interfered, I would have made her say it all We do not have any solid evidences against her to question her So, why do you get so hassled? Let us go and meet that passer-by who rescued them Ramachandran... Your parents named you that, isn't it? I stopped the bike, shouted and reached near them He hit me with a stick and I hit him back too I ran behind him He got hit hard once and was bleeding You had seen the blood marks on that stick too But, he escaped! Tell me, how you happened to reach that place at the right time Tell me, how you happened to reach that place at the right time My house is a kilometer away from there So, I had to cross that place to reach home Did you feel anything unusual there? No sir He was unconscious and bleeding profusely The girl was in a state of shock She did not attend to the many messages that kept pinging on her phone then She was really shocked Are you trying to corner me with this call summary? It is not for making the call You have to answer why you had to message the accused, lmmanuel... ...just before the incident took place Immanuel was a good friend of ours'... ...but I do not know what revenge he had against Vipin See...! Have your tea Excuse me - Thanks, sir - Have it Your plan has flopped Sandhya says that, you did it out of some revenge against Vipin There is no proof against her She will walk out scot free You are in trouble What grave revenge did you have against Vipin... commit a murder like this at such a young age? It is a big problem Court... punishment... jail You will have to suffer a lot Talk your heart out to someone and relieve yourself I did this for that bitch Which bitch? Sandhya... There are only incoming calls on this No outgoing calls! I warned her against it several times But, she forced me saying that I can marry her only if I killed him I did not do it intentionally, sir! I killed him for such a female She planned it all She told me that she will bring him to that spot near the airport I reached there for that I did this for her, sir Have I trimmed down a little? - Has he? - Yes, a bit - Yes, a bit - Not just a bit, Alex! I had been really tensed ever since this case had started The pressure was worse because he is the son of a retired judge We could have closed the case with this boy It is your brilliance that has traced the girl's involvement in this case No CBI or crime branch, will look down on us anymore You are eligible for a promotion Sir, I need to talk to you about something - Yes, tell me... - I am planning to quit the job Quit? Now, when you stand chance for a promotion with an excellent service record? Have you gone mad? Yes, I feel so saturated I, wish to go back home and take to farming with my mother Your hard work, commitment... ...and intelligence is what you have solved the cases with You are one among the best officers to the Kerala Police You have some other problems Tell me what it is and we can solve it But, not quit the job Tell me... Why did you leave without telling him the actual reason? I want to gift you something, sir A reverant's attire! It will suit you well My father and grandfather were all cops But, does that mean I need to be a cop as well? Family status, it seems All crap! Case, murder and corpse... Why should I suffer all this? - Sir, I have a complaint - Move away and don't disturb him She is here to tell us about her problems If you scare her away, whom will she tell it to? Let her talk it out Ask her to come in Yes, come in Tell me My husband is missing since 2 days now He used to drive an auto-rickshaw I, did check with his friends too Nobody has a clue Sir, please do find him for me An ill mother and this, one-legged me, have only him - Did you both fight at home? - Nothing at all Has he gone, missing like this before? No Talk to the writer and lodge a complaint now We will enquire about it His... Have you brought his photograph with you? Here it is You need not lodge a complaint We may have a case against him soon We will arrest him and inform you then You can come and see him then Fine, carry on... He is not like that now He takes good care of us Didn't you hear me? Sofi, there is no class for the next 2 days Okay, sir Why did you run out of the vehicle? I felt something was not right about the way he had behaved then It was twilight hour, on an unfamiliar route and it looked like a plan to me I had gone to Delhi to attend a medical conference She was on her way to come to me, when she left home that day You were close to this auto driver, isn't it? She knew him just for 2 to 3 days He used to drop her to office in the morning It was not the kind of familiarity that you are considering it was Roy, I did not mean to ask you like that It is a part of the enquiry I got back home the very next day after I got to know about this incident This incident happened the day before yesterday... reached here yesterday and you are lodging a complaint today Why was there so much of delay? She was not like this when I got back She was sitting alone and scared at home I had to pacify her a lot Do you remember the number of the vehicle? No, I don't It was a familiar vehicle So how can you not know it's number? Sir, we all travel in cars, buses and auto-rickshaws Do we travel looking at the number plates? Can a lady who is being chased, write down the number of the vehicle? - Bag - What is it? Her phone and wallet were in her hand-bag in the vehicle Please lodge a complaint stating all the details Please wait... Was this the guy? Yes, it is him Okay, carry on How are things, sir? What things? The promotion that Varma sir had spoken about I don't believe it till it actually happens Why are you so eager about my promotion? You are making the criminals confess... ...and take communion in the police station to repent for their crimes I am longing to live like a real cop after you leave You mean a real cop who makes the criminals sit on imaginary chairs... ...and keeps poking them with pins? Why have you stopped here? Is it to get pins? Look at that The bag is here with all the details that they had spoken about Nothing has been lost There is nothing else over here Ramachandran, do not be too sure about that He attempted something here... ...and when he feared to get caught, Raghavan has absconded Can we close this case? But how will a moving vehicle get punctured on its own? The appointment for 4:30 can be postponed to 5:30 Don't take in any more appointments for today Okay - Sir, why are you here? - Can I come in? - Didn't you go to the hospital today? - No, I did not I had visited the spot of the incident We have found your wife's handbag and nothing has been lost Please come to the station, sign the statement and take the bag We are still investigating about that man You did not have to come this far to tell me this - You could have just called me up - I wanted to meet you as well We have met before Yes, we did during Harsha's case Yes, Harsha Vardhan! Where is he now? He is busy with a new music project and is staying away from the city I want to meet him Can I have his contact number? I do not have his number I will get it the next time I meet him How is that possible, Roy? How can you not have a friends' number? Take a right from the Eramalloor junction... ...then the second left and his house is the last one there You can collect the handbag from the station There is no logic in him saying that he does not know his friends' number But, he has given me the directions to his house It does not seem to be a situation to be doubted But, a policeman's job is to doubt Will our plans work out? Yes, it will Concentrate on this, Sofi You have learnt it all You can now practice at home You need not come here Oh, you are back... come in Do not be afraid, come here - Is your class over for today? - Yes How are the classes going on? Is Harsha sir teaching you properly? We should encourage kids' talents like this It will guide them to chose their career paths in future I want to meet Harsha but it is late now Can I get his mobile number to fix up an appointment with him? Harsha's mobile number has been changing often these days So, he calls on the land line when he is free to teach my daughter So, you do not know his new mobile number... Do you remember me? Alex sir, why are you here? I just dropped in while passing this way I, often think of you... Roy, must have called you now, isn't it? No, he does not know my new number You, keep changing your phone numbers often, isn't it Would you like to have some tea or coffee? I, prefer tea to coffee You prefer to use stainless steel, isn't it? The house looks good but, why do you need 3 bedrooms? I, use just 2 rooms The 3rd one has been locked by the owner Why is it so? When taking a house on rent, one is eligible to use all the rooms in it! You can either break it open or come again with a search warrant We can get the keys from the owner and open it together But, there is no case against you! So, take your hands off that door Oh no... It is 5'o clock, I'll have tea later There can be bruises and scratches The bruises get healed on its own But, the bruises that happen here, should be erased by us, alone I will be there soon Have you heard of any incidents with animals in this jungle before? - No, sir! - Okay Sir is here He was on his rounds when he saw a hand, leg and a thigh They informed us immediately Our team has gone in search of the remaining body parts These are remains left behind by some animal Do you see this cut here? There would have been teeth marks if it was bitten by some animal Any chance for DNA results? The skin has been decaying for around 4 days now There is no hair, nails or palm prints on this The most peculiar thing is that, there is not a drop of blood on this either Someone has done this on purpose I want the report on this, on my table as soon as possible Is this your piano? He had rented if from somewhere Those people will come for it 4 days time When did he vacate the house? 2... 4... 4 days now, sir Sir, I will not rent this house to bachelors anymore It is a pain to get the rents from them Advance is not a problem for me I want someone with a good social background like us Are you interested? You haven't spoken anything... Have you forgotten something here? Can you please shut up? This bedroom was locked up, isn't it? This is not a bedroom It is the door to the basement I had given the whole house on rent Stay here! I will be back soon... Sir, I enquired about the number you had given me There are no calls made from that number There is just one message that has been sent which says, sunrise is too early The details of the person, who has sent... ...and the person who has received the message, are both fake Sir, based on the old records of Raghavan, that we have, the DNA tests performed... ...on the cigarette bud have proven that, it is his But, we have no scope to compare it with the body parts that have been found now This is not Raghavan's! The body is Raghavan's and this was done by Harsha It is all ready... Why hasn't he given the remaining parts but, only the hand and leg? He wants us to feel like helpless dummies, not knowing what to do That was his aim! Sir, just give me an opportunity I will make him say it all Where is the proof? We have no proof that it was Raghavan, who was killed So, how can you prove that it was Harsha, who has done this? We cannot do anything! - Why are you here? - I have vacated the hostel Neither am I going home, nor from here till we decide something about this Oh... How can you stay here? This place is meant for bachelors What will I do, Roy? My folks are forcing me to get married They will get me married off to some moron I have been delaying it for so long now I can't anymore It is okay I am there and I will find a way... Nimmi, this is nothing like what you think it is It sounds nice but doesn't appeal a mass effect The generation today prefers something with extra effects I can re-do it the way you suggest I will just hum... How is it? This has already come in a Hindi movie before That was so long back People will not remember it now You, go ahead with the mix and we can rock I am doing a movie for the first time and I do not intend to do it like that What do you know? I know what people like To know what people like, you should watch movies with them... ...and not just keep watching movies at home You are nothing as of now and how can you teach me what to do? Get lost! I should not have reacted! Try it once more, if you have the guts to... Coming to my office and testing my guts?! I can leave only after I pick all of this, so u can get out! - Nimmi, why are you here? - Get on... need to talk What is it? Any problem? Not a problem... He has to be taught a lesson Hey... You will never leave me at peace Be clear about what you are trying to say So, didn't you know about anything? Someone is here with all her bags and baggage Shifted? Who is it? You are there with her, isn't it? You have come with your entire luggage Harsha, please come home and talk to my folks It will be a big problem if I go there now I have told you everything Please come and talk to my dad Will he agree if I come and talk to him? We will make him understand Hey, will they come? They will not neglect it We are expecting some more people I will place the orders as soon as they are here Okay, sir Keep this wallet You can pay the bills Why can't you pay it? You don't have a job The least you can is, show them that you have money If you had completed your MBBS, you would... ...have had a 'doctor' before your name I could not have followed my passion then Will your piano not sound if you have the 'doctor' before your name? Yes, it will not! They have reached Dad, this is Harsha and Roy Half an hour Uncle, you haven't spoken anything! 2 minutes! We need some time to think about it This is not a small issue This has to be thought and discussed about You have also asked for time So, we will think about it too Okay, come on - The plan has flopped - Shut up! - What are you doing? - Making space for us to run away I've lost this too... Please serve us all some juice What juice can I serve you, sir? 'Pista', it is! Would you like the pista shake? We will have the 'pista' Harsha, why don't you both just remain... ...friends rather than complicating it like this? Who are you? I am Maya's uncle, Somashekhran I have spoken to him I came here to talk to him and not to any other uncles Sir, this was really cheap of you I spoke to you with all due respect But, you have not respected me Harsha, I was just testing you These days, guys get married to girls and ditch them later on This was just a prank to judge the guy who is supposed to marry my daughter I have heard this elsewhere! I, do trust you You can take your own time So, can I take her home now? Of course, you can, I am not marrying her now T. G. Ravi... The shooting has started already I have a music director too We will try it for the next movie Send me the tracks that you have done already - Don't you have my e-mail id? - Yes, sir So, see you later The song sounds good The work on my new movie is going on now So, call me for my next movie I will see what can be done Menon sir, had asked me to come today It is still being planned Nothing is sure, as of now - Please find out, sir - He will like it I have composed some music for this new movie How can you compose music for a movie without a producer? Go, bring a producer and we can decide then - Please, sir - Please leave now See you later Ismail... Brother Ismail, have you reached from Dubai? Please ask him, sir Why didn't you take your phone with you? I forgot You have loads of missed calls Take this... 22 missed calls? Harsha, they have locked me up here Please come here soon I will text you the address right away - Where are you going at this hour? - I will kill him today We can all go together - All? Who all? - There is someone I knew there is some trick to this You didn't realize it The older generation feels that they know everything and we are all fools They will do all the tricks possible too Haven't you seen the old movies of T.G. Ravi? Nimmi, please be quiet We are so tensed and you are... What wrong did I say? I had warned you that day But, you both wanted to handle it alone What happened then? You both don't know anything Only a girl can understand another girl Please do not create a scene there They must have planned a trap Tell her we will be waiting outside ...and ask her to come out without anyone's knowledge Maya, we are on our way We will wait in the car Please come out I will not come out like that I will walk out with you, in front of them Oh god, plan has flopped! How are you? Anuty, it's me, Roy! Can you call everybody? Don't be scared I am there! Aunty, make us all some tea Tea for you, uncle? No, my dear... coffee One coffee Uncle, what is it? We had decided on some things Is it right to lock up Maya now? - Did they harm you? - She is my daughter I will bring her up, hit her or kill her Who are you to question me? I brought her up and educated her with all love and affection Do you know what she told me? Where is it? Where is the kerosene? Please listen to me She has done a mistake We can talk to her I will decide it today Let me die Where is the match-box? I am going to live with him and not with the both of you Go, take your bath now Why do you get so influenced after watching some movie? Please sit down The time is 5:30 right now I will go and file a complaint at the police station This is a village The cops will come and take away the father and daughter I will take Maya from there But you have 2 more daughters Do I have to remind you about that? Shall we go? Are you not sad at all? Why should I feel sad? I am going to live with you... Give me the bag Go, get in soon before your father changes his mind again Please come and call me from home Go, sit at home I will come and call you My folks will agree after seeing you That's it Unseen by daylight unnoticed by the dark pools of your eyes Unseen by daylight unnoticed by the dark pools of your eyes Unperceived by your thoughts unknown Curtained by showers of rain The rhythm of a song sung softly within the heart full of melody Unknown... obscure I told you I'll find a job and go Then why are you doing call center job? But don't mess up at the last minute No problem, I'll quit this job when you get through some break Desires like stars twinkled and shimmered Weaving together colors that never faded Like the breeze that sought a new way sang a melting song in new language Unheard by the blossoming flowers Invisible, they merged as dreams silently The rhythm of a song sung softly within the heart, full of harmony Invisible and obscure Like a winged chariot racing along In search of unseen and virgin shores In a drunken intoxication creeping unseen Flying around in random, all over this earth Curtained by showers of rain Unseen by your thoughts unknown The rhythm of a song sung softly within the heart, full of melody Unseen and unheard Unseen by daylight unnoticed by the dark pools of your eyes Unseen by daylight unnoticed by the dark pools of your eyes Shrouded and out of sight I'll be right back He cannot be blamed I had behaved really nasty with him Everybody has some self-respect That is what he too, has shown - Shall I move, dear? - Okay I had gone to get some milk Have some tea before you leave We have nothing against anybody Please do not be angry with us I know I was not right I know you are taking good care of my daughter I was also wrong that day Please forget all that You should come home too - Yes, uncle - Shall I take leave So, you do know how to cry Get lost! Please drive slow I am in no hurry for any urgent work I know how to drive I need to finish this and take the next customer There will be other cars over there How can other cars do the trips You may not be in need of money I get paid by the number of trips I do Just shut up! - Hey, drive slower - Oh, started off again! Can you just shut up I have spoken to him over here Hey, stop the car Enough of your driving! I am not your mother's keep to stop the car when you ask me to You may not value your life but we value ours Don't create a scene here Start the car Is he mad? - How can we go in his car, trusting him? - Is this how people drive cars? What nonsense is this? Is he trying to kill us? How can he drive so carelessly? There are 2 women too in the car Raghavan, come here! What is this? Is this how you behave with these employees? Sir, I did not misbehave with her I was driving fast and madam has created a scene for that Madam? You were swearing at me before I can understand what you said I will be careful that incidents like this never repeat again If you don't act against this... ...I will complaint to the HR against the both of you Please do not betray me, madam I will do the needful That was a bit too much You should not have hit him He was behaving too smart He asked for it Can't you understand? He has come again and I will not get into that car Get down Get down, I say! Get down, I say! Who asked you to take the car? I will break your knees if you take the car without my orders Supra, you have to drive the car from today - Okay - Go Harsha, how are you? Hope you are doing fine Who is this? I am director, Arvind Are you free to talk right now? Yes, tell me You had composed something then Can you come and record it in Chennai? I am not interested if it the way you want it to be Forget that Do it all your way This is not the way you had spoken that day This is the song from 'Dhoom' But, we have mixed it differently I can say it is an inspiration You can say it is 'copied' These days, as soon as a movie is released, people try to interfere... ...and find out the source and upload it on facebook Have you flicked the script also from somewhere? No, not at all! Have you? I liked the song I had listened to then I am willing to proceed if it is that Sir, when do you want me to come over? Go meet Prasad, the production manager He will give you the flight ticket and you can come over soon Maya, I will play something for you I don't want to listen to whatever it may be - I want to sleep - Okay, sleep! Yes, it is something great But, you can sleep now Roy, I am going to Chennai for the recording of my first movie Hey, congrats! Where are you now? I am on the way So, you will not be around for my sister's wedding! I will be stuck there Maya doesn't have a day off either Or else, she would have come It is okay Let your work happen Take care of Maya We will be around Don't worry The subscriber you are calling is outside coverage area Why are you here? I have not come here on purpose Supran's route has been diverted and he is the one who has sent me here You can ask him yourself Supran, I'm handing over the phone to madam My route has been diverted So, please adjust for today There is no security in this I will be in trouble if this is reported to the office There is no empty cab here That is why I have sent Raghavan I am sorry for the mistake that day Why have you stopped the car here? Are you not taking me to the office? You will complaint, isn't it? Harsha... It is excellent! - Did I not tell you? - What did you tell me? - I told you - When? Now... Someone has to initiate and then people take over, isn't it? Yes Boney... a protein shake... I am in Chennai now and I will pay the bill as soon as I reach there tomorrow Yes, tell me... I am not able to reach Maya Her phone seems to be switched off I had tried calling her the other day She did not answer my call I guessed she was busy with her work - Please, go and have a look - Don't worry, I will go and check out I will board the train this evening - Who are you? - I am Dr. Roy Do you live here? No... this is my friend's house I have come to see his wife - Is her name, Maya? - Yes... what is it? You have to come to the station - What is it? - Please come here immediately I told you that I will be boarding the train this evening What is it? This is urgent Please take a flight I will book the ticket and send you the number - Come soon - Tell me what it is I will tell you once you have reached here Which floor is Dr. Roy Philip on? Brother... What is it, Ammu? Where is your sister, Maya? What is it? What happened to Maya? Come here This is inspector, Alexander Sit down... Harsha... please be bold and listen to what I am going to tell you - Sir, there is a problem here - What is it? - The corpse does not have a head - No head? You should have told me that on the phone You should make it look presentable and then inform me Are the rest of us, not human beings? It is not enough if you only look like human beings Who is the witness? He saw the body first Tell him all what you had told me He looks half dead already Don't scare him further We got this from the corpse We are usually informed on days he can't come I do not know what happened that day I assumed that the supervisor would have been informed I, sent the cab only because I was not informed that he was on leave that day Show me the register for the route chart Here it is, sir Who was the driver who went on that route that day? We had gone and waited there But, madam did not come So, we got back Didn't you try calling her? No, she did not answer the call We, waited for 5 minutes and got back But, Maya's colleagues told us that you did not go on that route that day Tell us what happened on that day I don't know, sir Ramachandran... Come on, Supran Please don't hit me, sir I will tell you everything I did not go to pick up madam Maya that day What was the reason? Tell me! Raghavan told me that he will go and pick her up that day What was that for? He forced me, telling me that they had a fight which he wanted to resolve Did you see Raghavan after this incident? Does he have work today? Sir, that is Raghavan Ramachandran... enough - Harsha... - I want to see her This is not her, Roy Harsha... open the door I will lose myself if you too break down like this Give me the microphone Can you hear me? Here is the judgement for the murder case of Maya that had created big news Based on the reports the accused Raghavan... ...has been sentenced to life imprisonment Is this all what he get for what we went through? That 'son of a bitch' should be hanged Roy, stop getting agitated like this I have fought this like no other case in my career As per the Indian law, for a person to be hanged... ...the case has to be the rarest of its kind The court does not feel this, a rare case If you are not satisfied... ...please go, be the judge yourself and sentence him to be hanged Even if you judge him to be hanged, it will not happen In democratic India... ...the actual judgement has been brought in, for very few cases If it was not like this, our country would have progressed way ahead by now When a judgement is made, some jobless Rogues... ...and human rights organizations come up with ideas against it In the crimson sea of sorrow burning and blistering is the sun Blood red The deep, deep blue sea filled with burning coals that rise stormily As storm waters catch fire Fire... fire As I sculpt a figurine out of flames of fire Using this life birth as my mould With revenge shall it be crucified In anger with a nail all rusted and old As seven days seven nights hasten In the middle of the night slowly darkness creeps in all its glory Wearing a crown of skulls of moonlight as an ornament Adorned with the ashes of the burning pyre Dancing the thunderous dance of revenge As garlands of intestines worn by tongues of fire A thirst to drink in the depths of the sea A thirst to swallow volcanoes Thirst... so thirsty Sir, what do you feel about this judgement? What do you expect me to say? Have you filed a case against that guy? What should I file a case for? For trying to attack someone who brutally killed his wife? Would we accept it and leave him alone... ...if someone had done this to someone dear to us? The maximum punishment any crime gets here is, life imprisonment That gets reduced to a parole... ...and then further lenient to the extent of being set free later on He will again, start to do all what he has done before The Arab rule should be applied here The accused should be killed with the same brutality in front of the public That is when they will learn a lesson The Indian rules are full of loopholes It is lenient enough for people to escape eventually Once it is dark, these uncouth men do not allow women to walk around safely It is called 'god's own country' What nonsense! These rotten rules have to be re-written I was here to tell you not to charge any case against him Set him free I do not know how to console you Nothing is in our control He has been sentenced to life imprisonment We can't be too sure of that Take care and pray for Maya That is all we can do There is no case filed in Harsha's name You can take him Bruises and scratches happen Bruises get healed on its own But, bruises that happen here, should be taken away by us 'Cave of Grace' Welcome to this programme We will be shocked to hear of the number of crimes that are happening around us We are not sure of the number of people who are getting punished... ...and the number of them who escape The ones who escape get back to repeating the crimes again Nobody enquires about the ones in jail and their families We only get know what is written in the papers We, through this programme aim at bringing out such things to light Today, we are going to meet the family of Raghavan... ...who was involved in the much talked about murder case of Maya Ever since Raghavan has gone to jail... ...his one-legged wife, Myna has been trying hard to make ends meet She has been working in other houses to meet the medical and home expenses... ...that have to be met for her and her mother-in-law People say my husband is a murderer We do not know what has actually happened We have no idea whether he has done some mistake We have nobody to help us I have to take care of this mother who is sick We are not able to believe that, Raghavan has done something so brutal He is a gentleman inside the jail premises He shows no traits of being a criminal It is surprising how a person like him could do a crime like this What are you searching for? Where is the remote control for the television? Here it is After 4 years, Raghavan has come out due to Deyaharji's help Myna is happy that her prayers have finally been answered When he has repented and is starting a new life... ...his neighbors are there with him in full support President for the youth wing, Mr. Babu... They have suffered a lot after Raghavan had gone to jail We know how Myna has worked with one leg Today, he has come out because of my efforts Life in the jail has made me a good man My neighbors in this colony, who have understood me... ...have pooled in money to buy me this auto-rickshaw Hereafter, I will live for my family He has to be killed He has to be killed But, we should not get caught A new dawn born all bright The night swallowed within its darkness In search of a color to draw patterns from innermost being unravels strange twirls of spirals - Dude? - I am on my way - Dude, don't get into trouble - Okay! On pathways where shadows danced in abandon Climbing up steps whom do you follow? And thus today as numerous strange twirls of spirals unravel - He turned right - Okay Go! To witness in hiding, to change to fade away To search endlessly to gain to possess At this moment will it melt unto me, bestow on me And thus today as many strange twirls of spirals unravel A new dawn born all bright The night swallowed within its darkness In search of a color to draw patterns from innermost being unravels strange twirls of spirals - Are you not going to Delhi? - No, I am not - What is the reason? - We need to plan it You have to reach me home and then to the airport as soon as possible There is a rugged road which is a bit long but we can reach sooner Okay Madam, wait Listen to me Don't run Police have recovered parts of a human body from a forest near Chalakudy Forensic studies have shown that it is several days old Police squad led by inspector Alexander... ...have been questioning the forest guards and others around the area The police have not been able to identify... ...whom the burned body parts of someone who was brutally killed, belongs to Hence, the investigation further continues with suspicions Sir, what do we do now? It is not Jesus Christ who has been killed, isn't it It is Judas Let him die There are many more like him, who have to die As these tongues of flames catch on and spread all over earth and heaven As it blazes through the forests and the seven seas Far, far away in search, reaching out Without abating or dying away - Sir, coffee or tea - I prefer tea to coffee It's not enough to watch the DVD at home To know the pulse of the masses You have to at times Sit and watch a movie along with them Unseen and unnoticed by anyone Searching in vain forever Not fading away nor deigning to rain Appearing along the corner of the eye Far, far away in search, reaching out Without abating or dying away