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Fáilte ar ais In this video we're going to be looking at this word here - Moladh Moladh is the Irish word for compliment so I'm going to show you a few different ways you can tell somebody they look beautiful or that they are very good looking there are a number of different words you could use to describe somebody as being beautiful or lovely looking for example Dóigiúil is good looking Álainn, similarily, means to look lovely or that something is lovely - álainn and Dathúil the same - good looking or handsome So if a man was tall, dark and handsome as gaeilge that would be ard, dubh agus dathúil ard, dubh agus dathúil - tall, dark and handsome and if you wanted to say he is damn good looking or he is flipping good looking Tá sé damanta dathúil If you just wanted to say to somebody you look beautiful or you are beautiful you could say the following Tá tú ag breathnú go hálainn and if you wanted to say you look truly beautiful tonight you could say Tá cuma fhíorálainn ort anocht you look truly beautiful or stunning tonight She is the most beautiful woman alive Is í an bhean is áille ar dhroim na talún í she is the most beautiful woman alive and if you were the recipient of a compliment you could say this Glacfaidh mé leis sin mar moladh - I'll take that as a compliment Glacfaidh mé leis sin mar moladh OK that brings us to the end of this Irish language video if you enjoyed it, please give it a like and don't forget to hit that subscribe button where you can get more videos just like this thanks for watching tóg go bog é agus slán go fóill take it easy and bye for now.