Learn Irish Phrases for Beginners

Dia duit agus fáilte ar ais, Hello and welcome back In this Irish language video I'm going to give you some simple but effective phrases that you could use if you are a beginner learning the Irish language these phrases will be useful in terms of having a conversation with other learners and and also, perhaps talking to an Irish language teacher if you have one but before I go on, a lot of people have asked about subtitles and printouts I Subtitle all my videos on YouTube but you must make sure that your subtitles are switched on on your own YouTube channel, so Please ensure your subtitles are on so you can read the subtitles on my videos Ok back to this video then The first phrase is Tuigim Tuigim means I understand and Ní thuigim means I don't understand Tuigim - I understand, Ní thuigim - I don't understand If you wanted to flesh out those phrases a little bit you could use the following words along with them Tuigim go maith I Completely understand or I fully understand, Tuigim go maith Ní thuigim thú - I don't understand you Next we're going to look at a situation when you want to ask somebody to repeat that Abair arís - say that again or repeat that Abair arís le do thoil - Repeat that please Abair arís go mall - repeat that slowly that comes from the Irish word Abair to say An Irish language teacher might say the following Abair é seo i mo dhiadh - repeat after me Next we have Go raibh maith agat which you probably know as it's a very common Irish phrase Go raibh maith agat means Thank you But if someone has helped you with some Irish words or phrases or grammar, you could say the following Go raibh maith agat as an gcabhair - Thanks for the help or thank you for the help Another way of saying thanks is the following - Míle Buíochas it just means thanks a lot or many thanks, míle buíochas Next we have fan nóiméad fan nóiméad means wait a moment or wait a minute Mar shampla, fan nóiméad céard a dúirt tú? - Just a minute, What did you say? So you could use that if you're just struggling a little bit to understand something or you've misheard something as Gaeilge Fan Nóiméad céard a dúirt tú? - just a moment. What did you say? Finally we have what could only be described as a proverb Practice makes perfect Cleachtadh a dhéannann máistreacht This is true no matter what you're doing whether you're learning a language or Doing a hobby practice makes perfect Cleachtadh a dhéanann máistreacht. If you enjoyed this please give it a thumbs up and Don't forget to subscribe for more Irish language videos just like this Thanks for watching and I'll see you soon, Míle buíochas agus feicfidh mé go luath thú mar sin