Learn Irish Whats the Irish for these words test yourself

Dia duit agus f谩ilte ar ais Let's see if you know the Irish word for the following pictures let's get started Football or American football Runners or trainers Meat - specifically red meat A mobile phone And a diploma or certificate So let's look at the first one football The Irish word for football is Peil or more specifically the actual ball that you play football, with could be a Liathr贸id Liathr贸id But the picture looks like an American football, so that would be Peil Mheirice谩nach Peil Mheirice谩nach The next picture then was a picture of runners or trainers So the Irish word for runners would be Br贸ga Reatha Br贸ga Reatha and for trainers Br贸ga traen谩la Br贸ga traen谩la Next we had a picture of meat The Irish word for meat is Feoil Feoil And specifically red meat - Feoil Dhearg mar shampla St茅ig - for example Steak And then there was this picture here of a mobile phone a very popular device nowadays, of course F贸n p贸ca is the word as gaeilge for a mobile phone - F贸n P贸ca, and you could also use Guth谩n p贸ca, another phrase or word for mobile phone next we had this here, which looks like a diploma Which sounds very similar in Irish -Dipl贸ma Teastas is certificate, teastas, and C茅im is the Irish word for a degree as in a qualification a degree - C茅im Okay that brings us to the end of this video on guessing the word as gaeilge I'd like to thank you for watching if you would like to see more videos like this please subscribe and Feicfidh m茅 ar铆s th煤, I will see you again.