Leaving Islam After Hearing 10 Reasons To Be Muslim Christian Prince


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[Music] [Music] alright hello everyone and peace of Christ all a few please about your friends I know not many people expect me to be life on this time but I choose to do so so we can have people from Far East Asia etc to be able to join us because usually we do our podcast when they are asleep and this is not fear so please invite your friends and let us see what you will do for today you know there is tons of articles is speaking about converting to Islam mmm and I find those articles as a kind of a comedy and you know be my witness if you are a Muslim I'll open my skype shown so if you're a Muslim you can call me and you can tell me how truthful those articles and the funny the Muslims even they don't see if I convert into a stammer they say revert to Islam as if Islam is like a Christian sect you know I mean the word revert the Muslim they use it in order to deceive you to make you believe that we worship the same God actually one of you he said to me that 15 minute ago or 20 met ago David Wood and some Shamoon they were talking about God and somebody asked some Shamoon a question if the word Allah is a word used for a previous god and some shaman he said it's used by many other religions including the Christians and the Jews and it's just a word coming from the word al-ilah for me absolutely this is absolutely wrong definitely wrong now I respect some Shamoon you know but this is absolutely far away from the truth and I advised him to study more and to read more secondly the problem between us and Islam is not the name of God let us say the Muslims they changed the name of their God and they call him Jesus still he is not about God you know if you take a name of something and you place it on something else still that something else is not that name because it's just a fake name you know I mean to be sharing the same God we have to share the same value and the same says same ethic and we have to say the same to root sorry to share the same bedroom like the Kaaba like did the gods before the God who was before Muhammad the God of the Christian the God of the Jews say to us to go around this rock and kiss it and lick it and bow down around it that is it ever mentioned something like this this is you know so we have nothing to sue to to to to shear between what is called Islamic and what is called Christianity or Judaism and by the way you know you will see some Jews who reject Jesus they always say all bad things about Christianity but it doesn't matter really for me if the Jews accept Jesus or not I mean that would not change anything the Jews even the Bible in the Old Testament says that God he he punished him for forsaking God many times so nothing new nothing change and nothing will change but I believe that the Lord he had a plan for for for Israel and you know the good news he is most of the Jews already they are Christians which means there is a small minority they are refusing the Messiah to be the Messiah now we will go and see an article written by Muslims and let us reasons to gather at the 10 all the reasons to be a Muslim I was going over those reasons I was loving 106 reasons 106 reason why I converted to Islam and they were not just right away here the Muslim to say to you why haven't you reverted to make you believe that we have a belief which is the same Billy because reverted is like it transforming yourself from a sect to the other sect it just is not a new religion it just a sect which is absolutely false oneness of God you see the Muslims they they give they give us headache about the oneness of God but it's very funny I mean if your God is one or two or three who care what we care for if is it true or not you have one god but he's an idiot you have one god but he says that the baby created in a very funny way the sperm is coming from the chest of the women and the man have a sperm coming from his backbone so here we go you have one God but he is one idiot and there is many religion in the world they believe in one God so what a big deal do you understand me people I will open my skype zone so if you are a Muslim Abdul please you give you a call and we can have a conversation together so we can love together so here we go I have one god I worship I want to worship my remote control my remote control you are the only God I worship you have mini bomb nobody like you you control everything around me thank you very much I mean okay now remote control is better than a lot ease at least he is useful your God Allah not only he is useless he is harmful how many people killed in the name of Allah how many people is slaughter just today in the name of Allah what the purpose of God Allah you said to me we have one God well what is that when a criminal one mad you know what is dead so first of all there's no proof that you Muslims even have a God because all what you keep saying to us we have a God his name is Allah and the funny if I asked you who is Allah you don't even know I'm asking Muslims all my life who is a lot nobody can answer me or what they say to me funny answers like oh he is the creator who thank you very much for today me that's that's a news for me creator of what or he created the whole world brother do you have a proof no do you even know what Allah mean no Muhammad your God your prophet he spoke to Allah no did he see a lot no did he hear even the fart of Allah no so Muhammad never spoke to Allah he never saw Allah he never met Allah he never heard that the thought of Allah but yet he is teaching us about Allah I mean is it this is amazing okay let me teach you about Allah Allah is like a balloon okay prove me wrong why you accept Muhammad saying to you what Allah is but you don't accept what I am saying to you I did not see Allah he did not see Allah I did not speak to Allah he did not speak to Allah I am NOT here Allah he did not hear Allah so how he is the one who can tell me about Allah do we have any Abdullah in the bushes let us continue you know this why I say like you know some time let me teach you about the philosophy or logic there is a Muslim Abdul but by the way philosophy and logic is haram in Islam this is why they have no logic when they speak and they are very funny there's a muslim abdul decide to take a logic a class saddam Cassadine Saddam I blink bring your popcorn so almost time Abdul he decided to take a logical class and he entered the logical class first time ever he hear about it so he asked the teacher sir assalamu alaikum the teacher is waalaikumsalam he said so sir what is la logic what is this logic thing explain to us a please please so the teacher he is trying his best to make it simple he said to him okay logic is to learn about something else from knowing something which mean like I know one information and that information would lead me to other information which I do not know the abdullah said to him masha'Allah but still I don't understand the teacher he said to him well I will ask you a question or a few questions and that will lead me to know more about you can I the Abdullah said sure sure go ahead the brother the teacher he said do you have a chain in your house Abdullah said yes I have a chain a teacher he said as long you have a chain that's mean you have a dog the Abdul he said wow how you know I have a dog a teacher he said because you have a chain and now because you have a chain and you have a dog that's meaning you have a house have a garden that dude he said martial law yes I have a house have a garden the teacher he said because you have a chain and you have a dog and you have a house have a garden that's me your your house is big and your mother is taking care of it he said yes my house is big and my mother she is taking care of it you should because you have a dog you have a chain you have a dog you have a big yard we have a garden you have a big house and your mother has taken care of it that's mean your mother is a wonderful woman and she is a good woman the Arabian guy he said Wow he said see so from the chain we were able to know that your mother is a good woman so now the Arabian guy he learned logic and he wanted to practice it so he went in the street and he asked the first person he met in the street he said to him do you have a chain the guy he said no he said your mother is a whore this is how Muslims they learn logic if you don't have a chain your mother is a bad woman if you have a chain obviously your mother is a good woman so the Muslims they don't give us logic they give us a stupidity and I try to find the logic in their logic I find nothing except stupidity so do you have a chain ok do you have oneness of God if you don't have wonders of God ok your mother is a whore just what they say to you you know like you are kaffir you are dirty your ass come back my friend there's many religion have one God and Christians worship one God and the Jews worship one God and even the pagan Egyptian they used to worship one God and what the big deal there's a church and in in San Francisco it's called the Church of City in the worship Satan he is their God I mean this is the most silly stupid thing to say I accepted religion of Islam because Islam is the only religion in the faith of the earth which strongly believe one God if there is only there's nobody what a dummy statement God has no God if it was did you watch the tight I'm moving my friend so the Muslims and they are quoting for your supposedly you know and by the way I think this is always like fiction quotation God has no God God has no God no in Islam God has God as an example the Muslims they see something in the Quran Allah saying in something and Muhammad says something the Muslim they accept and they obey the order of Muhammad over the order of Allah so who's got who the God the Quran says do Matta Mohammed Atta he said don't do matter which one you Muslims you follow Muhammad is the man Allah is the god Muhammad he says something you obey the man over God why because they say to you Allah he give him a throaty that's mean he's the God as known Allah is the one who said do muta then the one who should be able to cancel the order is God himself not a man but to cancel the order of God which you call him God by a man does mean the man is more powerful than God and he became God for you so the Muslims always lied to himself and say we have God who has no God the fact Allah is not exist Muhammad is the true god of us now all the orders of Islam is based on Muhammad not based on Allah Muslim they never saw the angels they never spoke to the angels they never saw a lot I never spoke to Allah Muhammad is the one who said I I am the one Allah told me the funny in Islam if you prove adultery you have to bring 4 witnesses now which one is more dangerous adultery a guy sleeping with the women or somebody claiming to be a prophet we have a prophet he don't have a witness for anything happened to him in his life hey by the way guys yesterday I was doing my dishes and I noticed that the dishes are like getting cleaned faster so I was wondering why and I noticed that there is an hand somebody's giving me hand towards dishes and then I've finished the dishes first and it was super fast actually and then I noticed that there is the dishes are like being dried fast too and then I noticed that this is debride while gibreel is washing dishes with me because he have to take the dishes because he dishes he brought it to me later before he brought me pizza I mean Islam is based on a guy his name is Gabriel he is the pizza guy nobody saw him nobody know him nobody heard of him and Muhammad himself you do not know who is debris there for us Muslims what debris mean they do not know have you ever heard of religion if you ask them ok the guy who come to you his name is debride what gibreel mean did not know nice to meet you that's when you stole the name from somebody else yes they stole the name from the Jews this is why do not know what gibreel mean if you ask the Muslim what ibraheem mean they don't know if you ask them what Allah mean they don't know if you ask me what Israel mean they don't know if you ask him who is Israel they do not know if you ask them what is I mean they don't know if you ask them what the Messiah mean they don't know if you ask them what Moses mean they do not know for this is a cult based on collection of historic names if there is Muslim when I call me please let me know so I will open my Skype there guys invite your friends I know it's too early this is why we have a very low number we have about 300 people only but it's okay Allah is very important in Islam if my guys Allah is very important in Islam to the point everybody Allah and the angels and let me show you how important allies in is now Allah is important Islam to the point if you fight with your wife and your name is Muhammad hmm Allah with Allah in your service do you see how important see when we speak about God we think that there is a religion who respect that God but you notice that this God is a shish-kebab God is like a you know is the name to threat people with it just to scare them Muhammad him is a story in front of us he have a fight with his wives you see how important that God is how mad he have a fight with his wives and the wives obviously they found Mohammed having sex with their slaves in their bed cheating on them this is how disrespect ofor he is and then we have mud he give up so look what he did and actually he is copying here a statement of our hot tub and then he made a hole he said if you to turn and repentance to him which mean to Allah you see if the women disagree with their husband they are not a good women they have to repent to Allah you are making a crime against Allah because you are not being you know like like a rag Mohammad can walk on you the women they saw him having sex in their bed what do you mean who is the one should repent who is the one should repent if my wife she opened the door in my room in her bed and she see me in the top of other women and now they are the one who should repent ever heard of backward religion like this before that guy who was a cheating in his wives is not the war should repent it is the women who get upset for seeing their husband have him bang bang with the wife or sorry with the slave the servant and then he said to them if you don't huh and if you back up each other if you back up each other okay guess what guess what guess what Allah is very important look what the job of Allah if you backup each other against him truly truly truly Allah is a protector Elizabeth this is the job of Allah the job of Allah is to protect the husband who is cheating in his wives and this is how important he is do you see how important Allah is this is the job of Allah Allah have nothing to do in life this is a chapter 66 verse number 4 Allah is so important to the point he is now between his standing behind Mohammed against who against the wives of Mohammed and why the wives of Mohammed against Muhammad because they found him doing bangbang in their bedroom and now Muhammad is a threat in them if you don't repent which means they have they are the bad ones did not him have you ever heard of a perverted cult like this before instead of saying I was wrong sorry I will not do it again please forgive me and praying to God not to do so the man he have tons of wives waiting for him in the bedrooms why you are sleeping with someone else and how dare you to sleep with someone else in the bed of your wife which will make crime double and now they are the one who should repent not him and then he says if you don't if you back up against him I truly truly Allah is his prisoner and gibreel here we go I mean that be and how many have a team Mohammed will not fight his wives alone this is how man he is you wanna fight me are you sure okay let me tell you who is going to be behind me now okay I love and you breathe and every righteous one among those who believe so if there is 1 billion Muslim now they will be standing before behind Mohammed holding their sword technique and they will do jihad against the two wives of Mohammed and still not enough and furthermore furthermore the angels I mean do you see what this religion is about we have a guy his name is Mohammed shitty and his wife is sleeping around in their bed making their bed dirty with his sperm insulting the wives don't care about her emotion he is being a donkey is being a filthy and sleeping in the bed in the wife bed and yet they have to repent and because they are not repenting Allah and gibreel and all the believers and all the who's left in the world the whole universe is back in up Ahamed this is a religion and Allah is important as you seen everybody the important here is one person his name is Muhammad Allah he took he Allah he left the office his office in seven Heaven galaxy 77 whatever and he came down to stand with Mohammed and the angels did look everything in their hand they have nothing to do in life except protecting Muhammad from his wives the wives of Muhammad are aggressive my friend Arabian women are very aggressive ask me ask me this why I was still single first of all they are very hairy very hairy and Mohammed by the way Muhammad he forbade women from taking hair from their face I mean are you mentally ill the funny he have no problem to color his hair to make it red why the women she cannot take hair from her face because if you do that you are achieved in the way Allah he made you so why are you coloring your hair red and why you shave your mustache actually even Mohammed he used to do something is called an aura anyone knows what an aura who knows what I'm Nora Mohammed he used to take hair from his body it's like walks you know so why Muhammad he can do walks to his private part and the whole body but women they cannot take hair from their face why because he's a madman and if a woman she from her face Allah will curse her I mean what does God you see how Allah is important Allah is watching every one of you now women if you take care of him your face Allah is looking like what you are you doing let me write your name here what your name Shakira Shakira taking here of Amir face Shakira Shakira I'm going to punish you in Judgment Day you took turn hero from your face today you broke my command I am very important I am Allah I'm watching your here I like you to have a beard have you ever heard of a silly stupid cult more than this so when you read their articles the Muslim the right I mean it is hilarious what if you add some hair to your hair you know some girls they add fake hair - they're here Allah he will curse you Allah will curse you using all of those you see Allah will curse you Allah apostille has cursed such a lady which has artificial long hair you see how perfect Islam Islam make sense you are cursed not because you are speaking around you know it's time a woman she can't do muta she can open her legs and get paid for that and this is hella but Allah will not cursed you for that Allah will crush you if you add some hair to your hair I mean obviously as time is a very logical religion Allah will not curse maja but for having sex with a child at the age of six her name is Aisha but Allah will curse of women for having adding hair to her hair what if the women she is losing her hair what's your what is the problem of Allah how that is against Allah hmm any Muslim can explain to us how this is against Allah madness stupidity what I see in front of me is a certify proof that Allah your God is an idiot and the one who said that he is an officially certified idiot this is can't be from God this is a madman his name is Muhammad and I believe the reason behind this because the wives of Muhammad they were asking him to buy this hair and he did want to spend money so let us make it simple husband I like to buy nice a dress from Gucci I Curtis Gucci and the one who wear the clothes from Gucci here we go who they are now to wear from Gucci otherwise I was time to explain to me what is the purpose of this logic I mean is that a decency is that will make a woman decent woman is decent have nothing or decency have nothing to do with adding hair to her hair are we listening to Muslims what about removing here the Prophet is removing hair from around his a private part and this is to prepare published by CNN so the Prophet he can remove hair from his body but women they cannot remove hair from their face why mr. Mohammed you need to remove hair around your penis hmm do we have any Muslim so if a woman she remove here Allah will curse her but if Mohammed remove here is a blast five acts of fiddler fitrah which mean nature thing to do circumcision hold on you said that if a woman she remove here she changing the look of Allah how he made her you say the four women she adhere to her hair she is any change in the way Allah he made her now is his circumcision is a change in the way Allah he made you supposedly are we listening guys do you see the stupidity the reason he cursed them for adding here or add in tattoo or for taking hair from their face because they are changing the way Allah he made them but isn't circumcision is a change in the way that God he made you we are born with it it's not a devil who out there is it doing all of this clip in your masters cutting your names blacken your hair from he even blocked the hair so why you can black hair but they would women cannot do it and by the way did not do circumcision - as long circumcision is a must for every Muslim why Muhammad did not do circumcision stupid religion the same page it says that a Muslim man he should do this for Muslim men by the way what you see in front of you this is for Muslim men but look what Muslim women she should not do hmm that the Prophet is a Biblio Marcy this Bill's mercy is FM stereo bluetooth said the Prophet is aw Bluetooth cursed the women who practice tattooing and those who seek to be tattooed and the woman who remove hair from her faces but what the heck he just told us that it is a five things every Muslim man should do and he mentioned removing hair and he himself used to remove here so why the Muslim women she cannot remove here this is why by the way there is no Muslim women she is forever in Islam in order to see a Muslim woman she is from Islam meaning you have to see you will notice right away if she is really a religious you will see she have mustache and she have a very thick eyebrows especially if she's a middle-eastern you know and she have beard you know maybe like for European people didn't have too much hair in there buddy you know we are Middle Eastern we are very hairy you know one psyche I was kicked out from the streaming pool because they thought I'm a swimmer my clothes but the fact it was not it was just my hair which is not fear and actually once I was debating an atheist and he told me well look at yourself here we go I'll prove to you that the original of a human being is ape and why because the christian prince is very hairy man hamdullah mashallah very logical do your mother have a chain no here you will see that the Muslim try to focus in silly stupid stuff to fool you but in fact Islam is the most stupid hypocrite religion the funny in the Muslim they say Islam is very practical what is the practical about your wife having a goat beard and why Allah will be hurt if your wife she have a hair additional to her here what if your wife she lost her hair what if she became bald what her fault so no just because your Allah Majesty you know he decided that cool Icarus why Muhammad he color his hair but the wife she cannot have an initial he will go I'll change in the look of Allah so when the Muslim they speak about worshiping one God you don't worship one God you worship one Mohammed and you Mohammed is an idiot the funny in this article they say that one of the things we like about is the character of the Prophet we will go there Allah hear me when I call him yeah right the Muslims are praying for my death says century ago Christian prayers you know actually you know what there's a guy his name is a Muslim night he opened a chat room and paltalk he huge chatroom Muslims coming from everywhere because now they were not pray make a prior form a Christian press and they stopped prayin Allah may Allah make a Christian Prince the train hit him Allah may Allah give him heart attack and all the chat room says I mean and I was there by the way I was saying I mean - I was there I was saying I mean no I mean I'll destroy Christian praise Allah and I say I mean you know in the text you know the guy in the mic speaking the Muslims are going crazy praying for my death less than 24 hours after the guy who was praying for my death he have a heart attack and he died actually I did not know really what happy but they told me he is like almost dead and since then I never saw him in the path of progress so obviously his day he died so here we go you gather hundred of people to pray for my death and then you die obviously your God is not working my friend you need to change your God they are praying for destruction of Israel and here we go look at your countries and look at Israel your God always hear you are you sure are you sure actually even the hadith says clearly that Allah is deaf and he have a bad reception if you go in the hadith you will see the hadith says the following invite your friend guys if you are a Muslim invited four wives and 70 kids though we can go and do a migration to Europe our Lord the blessed and exalted be sent every night to the lowest heaven when the third of the later part of the night is left and he says whose a plea key to me so that I may answer him what your God Allah he come down every third part of the night why you need to go down Allah he cannot hear me you just told me Allah he heard me and as long Allah will not hear me unless he go to the third - indeed he go down in the third part of the night to the lowest heaven that's mean all the five prior Muslim they prayed they are pray in the wrong time because Allah is not there he got here then world the prior was gone do we have an Abdul here if there is a real Abdul in the bushes please let me know I would open sky for you I receive a message from a guy he said to me I used to pray for you to be killed every day and now I pray I am very thankful that you did not die I found that ayah was a stupid to Curcio they pray for me they pray for evil they don't know I'm trying to help them look with me this is your God how Oh God is Almighty but yet he have to go down I feel sorry for your God you have to take he had to wake up very early every night and he have to come down just to heal who is supplicate him for him why he cannot do it from his chair sorry guys I have to go downstairs because here my reception is bad so I have I cannot hear you here okay I have to go seven stairs downstairs seven stairs because only my reception AT&T work only there how this is God same time the Muslim they say to us Allah is not inside his recreation but as you see is going inside as a creation please let me know if there is any Abdul would like to call us by the way I want to say especially thanks for what his name hold on I know that many of you are they make donation but there is a there is a Crusader and 15 I forgot you know there is like a few of you they make they make they make donation and I know what they are making the nation I really appreciate those people I think they are making the nation so they can tell you like they are trying to remind you of what you do because I don't speak about it but I wanna I want to say special things for those people because I never spoke to them I do not know them I have no idea who they are but yet they always try to support me and try to remind people of of helping so the special things for them I never did that before by the way I mean to mention people who donate but I noticed that always they come here and they try I mean okay he denied it once he donated twice here at the try time but this guy he kept doing it and that did he keep doing it and obviously they are doing it just to remind people to to help so it's very very kind of them and I really appreciate them now we go back to the topic yeah fainting and the crusader and there is some other names if we go back to the article to see more lies Allah has no image look at this line Allah has no image the first time I came to know Allah has no image was when there was a visit to message it for non-muslims conducted by Islamic affair Department after hearing the explanation about Allah that he is the almighty all-knowing all-powerful I accept Islam I mean your God is not almighty and not all-knowing and not all-powerful we can prove it easy same time he have an image and whoever told you that he have no image is a liar whoever said that to you is a liar if we go and read the hadith we will find the following has no aim is right yeah right here we go it says here dot Allah as an image and the Muslim they translate the word image as a shape Allah will come to them in a shape other than they knew so mean which mean Allah is a change in his shape hey there is a movie it's called the transformer look like Allah is one of those transformer if we ask the Muslims what is the logic that Allah he changed his shape they would not know they were say Allah knows best I mean Allah knows best but he know nothing as I know Allah knows nothing you do not know best and will never know know anything about best knowing best that the baby is a created from a sperm coming from the backbone of the man and the from the ribs of the women as in chapter 86 verse number of seven so if you converted to Islam because Allah has no image I mean this is very silly law or logic by the way because what does have to do would would would believe in God to be exist or not if your God has no image that's mean he is like what water he take any image we put him in the class he will became a class we took him in the box he became like a box what does that mean how silly to say I believe that Allah is God because he have no image when the fact is not true Allah have a shame you know he can watch my videos I made just a few days ago about Allah have a physical body and even Zico Nagbe may Allah bless him and keep him protected from the police because he's wanted he admit that Elias Allah has a body what do you mean he have no image who is the lawyer he said that to you my friend never learn Islam for Muslims they do lie they do like studying Islamic law for some people maybe do not know I have a degree in in in law which is Islamic law supposedly I never learn anything about Islam because who they are to question you know what you learn what they want you to know and what you wanted to know that Allah is amazing Muhammad is amazing Islam is perfect the law of Islam is perfect but it's the most stupid cult ever but who dared to question I did not turn from the school I have to work myself to learn what is learn teach otherwise this man doesn't you know there is nothing you go to Islamic school the tissue nothing they will never speak about something negative they will never answer a question you don't even allow you're not allowed the Quran in chapter 5 verse 101 it says it clearly asked not questions cause not questions okay why we cannot ask questions because if you ask questions that will be a problem Islam has no answers it's very embarrassing first number 1 or 2 it says why because if you ask questions let me show you okay and the funny the number of the verse is 101 it's a miracle do you see it why we cannot ask questions verse one or two says why because if you ask questions you leave Islam the second you ask questions first of all Allah has no answer Mohammed II do not know what he's talking about he's a thief he's a false prophet and now you want to ask questions okay who is going to answer you Allah he have no answers so this is a cult based on ask no questions and the funniest say is ask all things which is made a plain to you I mean if I cannot ask about things made the plain to me I will ask you about things I know I mean how we stupid the square this phrase is imagine I asked you where is the direction of this place and I know the direction so people would not ask you questions about things they knew they would ask you questions about things they do not know so what do you mean ask questions about things you know if they are playing for you so what they would ask your question about what do you see how crazy this cult is and in the verse which is after it says because because of those questions some people before you they ask the sake such a questions and they lost their faith and the Muslim to try to explain this by giving you all the funny stupid excuses what is Allah or you cannot ask that how Allah look like you care to us that ok Allah has a hand how awful lot you cannot tell us that all I have a shame how his shame look like you cannot ask that ok how Allah his God but he you know he say stupid things or you cannot ask that ask any question you want as long it is silly and stupid like as an example allowed questions oh brother Eric can I shave underarms now he will see the scholar he have he is like excited and he will give you all the answers you want he start giving you quoting new hadith the Prophet he used to shave his a pubic area the Prophet used to do sugar he used to walks his bum suddenly it's hella oh brother can a man a Saudi kind of women wash her vagina after masturbation and right away the scholar he will start quoting for you that yes brother a women her name a mousseline and she is the auntie of the Prophet and later she offered herself to sleep with the Prophet look how this and this nation is the Prophet the brother she came to him and she said to him I saw I saw a wet dream she saw what a wicked rain a recent Muslim women coming to a profit decent profit asking him about seeing what the man see in his dreams masturbating what I should do now should I wash my vagina the Prophet for sure he is ready to answer he is all knowledgable and not only that Mohammed I clean in the answer that the sexual liquid in the vagina of the women is the reason for the women or for the baby to resemble the look of the parent or the mother in this case obviously Allah is all-knowing do you see a tab dude do we have any Muslim would like to call me until now all those quotation we saw in this website are nothing but a joke can I ask you some verses in the Quran my friend he can ask me no problem but as you see we have a topic we need to cover there is 106 reason to convertors now me yes I see a reason here I see a reason Muhammad is proving to all that he is a scientist how Hamid he knew that if a woman have orgasm first the baby will resemble her Allah told him the liquid in the vagina a liquid there that is the one who will make the baby resemble the parent obviously this is scientifically correct and you won't feel like converted to Islam now and he Muslim in the bushes were tell us what's happening here hmm this is what is they told you that Allah is all-knowing and eligible if you are the Muslim who you know but the way he Muhammad is a clearly that the one who taught him this all is gibreel the Muslim they say to us Muhammad is illiterate and they claim that everything he say is what you knew how which mean it's inspiration from Allah no we cannot cause I connect now because is he up as I connect up or is still asleep because last time I called him he said he's going to sue me and accuse me of sexual harassment because I'm calling him after middle of the night shall we call him tarantella then dead even today then taralyn today then a dilemma alaikum Salam alaikum brother Christian Prince I told you I told you what at that time don't call me anytime anytime I told you I give up just hold hands I connect how you know it's me I know you you are my shadow you follow me everywhere I go to the bathroom itu I could have a bedroom but I tell you I open my refrigerator I see you I open my freezer I see you you are everywhere man leave me alone brother are you saying that I am Almighty what do you mean you see me everywhere your prophet he used to see things too are you suffering from the same problem now why you call me brother the prophet he said that if women she have orgasm first the baby will be a female if the man have an orgasm first the baby will be a boy what is your take on that first of all this is very true I asked my parent and any of them how I became like a rake and my parent said to me that my father have all given first and I look exactly like my brother and if you want more proof than death I don't know what to do for you okay so as I connect you're saying to me you look like father exactly like your father exactly are you sure we thought with you I am NOT cool because my father I look totally different however this is what the Prophet ate and we have to agree with a beloved whoever comes first the child will resemble the parent this year prophet I promise you I promise you if I get married just to avoid my son will not look like me I will never come first cick use me I mean how do I want him to look ugly I don't have a mirror at home because I'm scared of myself first time I moved to this place there was a mirror in the bedroom I ate at the bedroom I saw I get a rot away I get out like I was going to call the police so brother now thank you for helping us brother thank you now I know how we can avoid such a disaster to happen again so if the women have orgasm first the baby will be a girl if the man have orgasm first the baby will be a boy and he will look like his father and you are telling me that Muhammad is not a prophet hmm are you serious who is a Muslim here he is convinced that this is must be a prophet of God who speak from God knowledge anyone any Abdul Jibson okay I don't know really who is Diane gypsum but I heard I heard the brother Jay Smith speaking about him you know I posted actually the video the same video which Jay Smith he posted in my page and I encourage everybody to subscribe like there is a he mentioned this person he mention a hot zone the lady her name her tone she's a good woman wonderful woman brother Jack Oakie have a channel you know I think and I mean he mention many channels go subscribe because you do not need me to tell you what to do I mean the good things always do not need to be say to do it if you see somebody you think he deserve to support him support him for me I mean I do my best but we should we as a Christian we should do better you see this there is something the Muslims I like about them we don't have Muslim they sponsor each other doesn't matter what what you do even if it's stupid like as you see in the screen which is always Islam is a stupid Christians don't you have to you have to hold the hand of the Christian guy to make a give a like okay hold your hand here okay here there is a like hit here you have to tell him you know moved him right away they take the videos they share the videos so you see a guy posting something stupid and then at the end of the night he have 10,000 view Christians they come here they love oh you are funny oh you are teaching us oh okay thank you very much and then they go sleep and then that's it it's over if I don't say give a like nobody will give a like or maybe few if you don't say download and share nobody would do download a share actually all of you you know how many times I deleted all my videos all of them just because people don't download I keep saying download please download please share please download you see I don't even say she are like which means share in my channel with somebody else no download then take them for yours and even make money from them you know advertising in the top of them still there as few will do it right very few they care really but anyway god is good we are the quality we are not about the quantity the quantity is not really important the quality is important I can prove you and all the Christian you are Muslim according to John 641 are you must name my friend the guy who called himself John how you are a Muslim and you call yourself John while you are doing that yourself do you wanna call me my friend do you feel like you wanna call me this guy's a Muslim if there is any much time please let me know I don't know maybe he's trolling the verse you caught for me my friend the verse record for me proving that there is a son it was a joke okay alright yeah anyway I mean as you see mister the stupidity of Islam and then they make tons of articles for you to fool you and the problem is you see maybe those articles are funny but those article can be convincing for somebody is naive this is why you need to share knowledge with your children's and this what we do is extremely important don't wait until your child come back home and don't bunch of Muslims they lie to him and deceive him then it's going to be very hard to convince him that this name is a very bad religion don't wait until you get the flu to fight the flu there something's caught the flu shot and here I'm talking about something I do that is the flu shot against Islam take your shot it doesn't hurt you to have some knowledge so you have resistance for diseases every Muslim would like to call me by the way today we made a video about heaven in Islam I advise everybody to watch it because it's as it is it is really clarifying what Islam is about Islam is about sex and nothing but sex all of his time is nothing but sex I advise all of you to watch it if you in case you did not watch it yet you don't believe in the Quran and the hadith okay do we have any Muslim who is a Muslim would like to call me let me let me open my Skype in case we can get some Abdul who they are interested to call and give me a second I like Abdul you know they are my favorite I don't know actually what I would do if there's no Abdul in this earth they're wise are smart they're fast okay that's all in Skype right Skype is going on and always when I open Skype I mean I got notification like bomb people text me from everywhere and people think I can read all of this our friend it's impossible let us see okay now our skype is open in case only muslim please you can call me don't call me if you are not a Muslim and please if you say to me in Skype like good morning it cetera I did not answer you I apologize I cannot answer you you know I mean I would spend the whole day just saying good morning and thank you very much for everybody [Music] somebody's saying to me here there is a guy his name is Oh stars ja Mui I don't know what his guy from he won a debate made me see who is this guy I'm going to search he said Wednesday Wednesday but today we were we were online when his dinner he's not where he was maybe next Wednesday I don't know maybe next Wednesday they're stars maybe this guy is a Filipino guy or something like this uh here we go look like I don't know maybe I don't know Nigeria there were a society in told okay this is the guy okay my friend please invite him please I cannot wait let him call me I have a special invitation for you mr. Stars and he called him instead estas mean master I think this guy he think like he is a karate master Oh stars Jammu ee ad agora you are invited my friend to speak to student Nutter stars stars as a master you are a master I am just a student to speak to me please I will be happy to hear you and yo you're welcome to be our guest which TAS I want to be a stars one day but it's hard to get to be estas I want to be with stars like the Prophet Muhammad peace upon him look he is a stairs in sperm and what make the baby looked like a father order or the mother I want to be like that but it's not working I tried I tried hard I could not get this knowledge it's beyond my ability I was wondering what make the baby looked like the father what make the baby look the father in the beginning I thought it's the food they eat before sex and then it doesn't work I asked my that what he had before he have sex with my mother he said I ate homos and I assure you I don't look like a moose so it cannot be really that reason but then I came to this knowledge where the Prophet he explained it with extreme knowledge it who come first it's not the homos you eat unbelievable look at this list astonishing who can beat this knowledge I mean think about it I don't know if you if you did not convert to Islam until now you have you better consider hmm he's in Madea militia okay who is a militia this guy this guy from militia I don't know he looked like from Nigeria let's see here let me call you and next time I will destroy you sound this guy this guy he is saying he will destroy you yes let me call you and I will destroy you okay Oh many I'm trying to find who it's almost time so maybe we can get some Muslims to call all the names what they are saying to me we want to call you that even one of them is online thanks to you you open my eye that's wonderful okay do we have any Abdul when a chorus yeah I noticed that people from Nigeria they are suffering badly from Islam and even those who defend this time they have no idea what this time is about actually I encourage you if you are from Nigeria to challenge all the Nigerian who claim to be scholars not the kids like you know this atom of mercury I mean you see some time they were good and some Shamoon they make me upset and in a kid who do not know anything it would his text in the screen and you promote his channel I mean this just a kid you see they do favor to Muslims Muslim they come to you to make their famous the same as the did to hydro hijab hijab is no one nobody knows him it because a few he became famous now so we are doing the same mistake at least when a debate debate a scholar you see for me I take everybody because this is like a school I'm not the bitch every day I'm spanking I take the Muslim I change his diver life on air I put some powder I put it back again and I give him a spank and I sending home I don't have it Muslims this is not a debate this why everybody is welcome old knowledgeable not knowledgeable I don't care I don't even ask us who are you because it's not the purpose no I mean so what he has seen should I answer you me or I'll answer you according to Allah Allah knows best let me show you yes seen I mean the stupidity of this cult is beyond imagination yessing emanuel you remind me why why i hate you if we go to chapter ii are seen in the quran you will see the following yes ii and look the interpretation of the quran desist of syria Jalali this is what the sealer gel Alain Tessier mean interpretation have you ever heard of religion have interpretation same nobody knows what is me I mean thank you for the interpretation man finally we get dance or nobody knows what this mean if this is the interpretation so what it was before the interpretation know there's somebody try to call me call me only if you are a Muslim you don't call me if you are not please no here we go this guy he sees a Muslim all right I am trying to call me I call you Abdullah below call me but you're not online it says you are offline are you text me just now call me you will see here it says ya sin ya sin some education is good are you ready for education yeah in the old Acadian and aramaic language is a word mean god yeah so you add it before anything to make it God yeah sin sin is the name of God you can search right now and you'll find that sin is the moon god it's just another name for the moon god so god sin now this is make sense correct do that make sense sin is the moon god you do not need to be a genius go right now and type in goggle sin the moon god are not making things up this is how it is now sin is used today in english actually maybe some people do not know even know like where the word sin is coming from you know means but sin sin simply when people they move from cult how to believe in something better which is as an example christianity so when when the people in mister Ponyo order they say in the assyrian the babel own people the ancient ones they moved from that cult or believed in the moon god they call that thing sin though anything which is false we call it sin any wrong we call it sin sin does not mean it's bad it's mean it's vegan coming from the old pagan religion which is the moon-god in this case so you will see here the Nana and so when and sin it just addition names for the same God you know there que dependen the location they have different name for him but it's the same thing all right so those names we see them appearing in the horn and the Muslims they are confused what this is mean this why they say Allah knows best all right no simply yeah is a ward mean God you know toward me in God and [Music] whatever you add after it is going to be same as Allah o Allah we we explained that before May time the word Allah it is not Allah as many people think it is a describe in Arabic first just a law now we switch to English Allah contain two words L and laughs L is the same as yeah it is a word mean God la is exactly sin the moon-god it's just other line every every location every culture have do you know those religions they move from place to place with the trade with the occupation with armies but under give them a local name based on the language they are using what la is the same as sin and sin is the same as la no do we have any Muslim to call us eel eel is a new version of the word al you see eel this is the new Hebrew or let us say the new or amic yield so before it was not yield before it was al so Israel was Israel McHale was Micahel Gabriel was Gabriel hmm so eel is just a new the new language the new let us say a new word God yield but it was al always so this is why you can say you know Emanuel or Emanuel like intent note we said in Arabic which is the name is not really an Arabic name prophet Daniella Danielle why because Daniel is two words and the last one mean God alright look like we have a Muslim he's asking me to call him let us see [Music] or your Muslim you all right so are you a Muslim or not yeah okay let us call this guy he is a Muslim hello I can't hear you my friend can you speak louder but you need to speak louder in order to understand what you are saying which very down your very voice is very down I hear you but it's not really clear I mean it's very down can't you make it louder no you can go you can go to Skype click at the skype at the top and then go to preference go to audio sit in and try to increase the volume if your microphone please you're my friend I don't know we can't talk to you this way because I hardly I can hear you and people in the text they are saying we cannot hear you all right no problem [Music] so you know this is why actually if you ask the Muslims as an example the Quran speak about names if we are the Muslims who are they what their names mean they don't know gibreel who is debris what'd you bring me they don't know but your brain is not on one word it is a sentence actually it is not just a name same as Israel same as Mikael same as Abraham our same as Ishmael I mean they have names but they have no idea what they are simply because this is a religion is steaming names from other religion if you want the Muslims what Israel mean and who is Israel but a single Muslim knows a business mission the Quran almost 40 times and yet you do not know it is running no they don't know because this is a story no word from the front religion and they do not know what it's me and if you ask them who is Israel you keep saying that children of Israel we're in the Quran we can find who is this guy and who are the children of Israel they say to you the tune of Israel is a Jews okay with Israel not a single place in the Quran says who is this person and here that is shown us that Islam is nothing but aftermarket copy which is a false religion what kind of a prophet he cannot explain to us what he's talking about and what kind of God he said to us we mean this book is so clear to the point we says in the interpretation Allah knows best why we are reaching the point to say Allah knows best in a book the Quran itself says we made the Quran with the clear details so it is a clear to the point nobody knows what it does mean do you see how clear it is I hope this Muslim will fix his mic give me a second I want to get some water on coffee hold on please alright ok we are back sorry for that let's see if this gentleman he fix his microphone that is give him a call [Music] alright let's try now speak please oh well it's it's better maybe but the still down ok but can you speak louder I try to speak out or and it is here what you want to say to us my friend I don't know you tell me you join a debate about well you are almost I'm right yes what does that mean what does that mean to be a Muslim and to believe in Allah and the messenger to be to believe in Allah who's Allah our God who I know that he is your God but who is Allah Oh God and I know that he is your God my friend I'm not asking you who is your God I'm asking you if I ask you who is your God you say Allah I'm asking you who is Allah well it's like you believe in Jesus we believe in Allah and that's all yeah yeah but do you know who is Allah no I've never seen him happy ok but so how you know that okay you worship someone his name is Allah but you do not know him of course I don't do you know Jesus have you seen him before no but Jesus is a real person isn't he I mean yeah but have you seen him how do you know how can you believe in something well there is a you know thousand and thousand of people witness him and even historian wrote about him that they exist in his time but Allah nobody heard of him he'll ever walk even will prophet your prophet he never saw what did he see a la la did you see the father did I mean okay no I saw that yeah I saw the father because Jesus he said whoever saw me he saw the father and the disciples of Jesus they were there and they said to him sure the father he said well I am with you all this time you do not know me now you're a prophet he never spoke to Allah he never heard Allah Allah never come to him but yet he is teaching us a bolognese sauce or any different for the angel Gabriel didn't he how we know that Ghibli is real but yeah oh but the quran says so so no if you see my friend I want you first to take into consideration I'm not trying to insult you we may shame things for a reason you're a prophet according to you Muslims that your prophet was a man who was bewitched do you agree with that I don't oh here we go so you are saying you to me your prophet is lying because your prophet is the one who mentioned that he was bewitched so as no your prophet is a person who was bewitched and even he imagined that things happening in fact they never happened then how we can trust him that he was seen in G breed as you see the hate in front of you and this is an authentic story mentioned by the family of Muhammad his wife Aisha that the Prophet was the Prophet was bewitched so that he began to imagine that he had done a thing but in fact he did not so a person who have let us say you are a person applying for a job and you have a medical file it says that this person he hear voices and he imagined things happening but in fact they never happened they will not give you the job don't you agree you can show me the evidence for that what does it say des it's in the screamer friend I'm showing you on the screen okay let me see this thing what I can see is that God knows best what it means by this oh maybe maybe you need to refresh your page is going maybe take time it's okay refresh your page in YouTube just be sure you mute your to please oh I think you know in Schmidt can show me the reference that sure sure how you go let us say we take a down reference this is sahih al-bukhari and this is the number so now how we can trust Mohammed to be see in debris the guy you caught him debride maybe this guy who's imaging well and there are many miracles that Muhammad did in it so it's not good like what ha he was a literate so how can i how can someone he literally write a book like that I mean this book is a crazy book what are you talking about it's full of my the crazy stuff well well that's that's your opinion no my not my opinion if you choose for me one thing in this Quran you said you said miracles show me one thing there is right open ok Mohammed black is an literally out can I write something later my friend first of all your prophet he never wrote anything according to Muslims the one who collect the Quran it was a guy his name was Ozma and yet we don't have the book of Thoth man we have according to according to according to a guy his name is Huff's and Huff's was accused by the Muslim that he's a fraud and he was a thief and I can show you the difference so when you say to me a prophet who wrote this book you don't even have a book secondly a name for me one thing in the Quran is accurate is not an error and it's not crazy give me an example of the miracles you mention well like you say like a book like this bow fingertips the fingertips fingertips were in the foreign speak fingertip this is a lie nobody says fingertips do you mean is a lie finger tips about what finger tips about cutting fingertips right no what about then what about what would you mean I could've known um years ago about the finger tips what would the finger tips fingertips is a word in the language is not a big deal maybe you maybe you mean fingerprint for your fingerprint sorry my bad I think I'll print my friend this is a big fat lie there's nowhere in the Quran it says that Mohammed he speak about you know fingerprint can you give me the verse so we can laugh together yes so give me a second I'm 75 worst chapter 75 bus full of the Koran that's wonderful I want you to see and look with me in the screen and don't love we're here speak about fingerprints this one this one doesn't say it doesn't say it says no so we banana who which means we put his bones together there's no mention of skin at all we put the bones of even the fingers together where is the fingertips whereas I sorry I mean the fingerprint it's a lie the Muslim my friend with my respect you they lie to each other and therefore people they make up stories it's not there what is where it says this fingerprint where is that it says Bella called Irena Allah and no so we banana who which mean yes we are able to put the human being together even his fingers bones which is very small we can put them together there is no fingerprint there is no skin there's nothing so where they were where they had all this fingertips a story to the story it's a lie and that's why I actually I believe it's time is a satanic religion because if his time is not satanic why those who follow his time they lie and fabricated stories to make me believe in us now I assure you that the one who made up this story he knew that this word doesn't say that well that's what been told see my friend I'm not saying you are a liar my friend I'm saying the one who told you that is a liar and you can see that in front of you do you agree give me something else give me something else forget about this one what was with Mohammed not illiterate okay let us talk about Mohammed being literate first of all if Mohammed is illiterate there is a story in the hadith says that when the angel came to him he said to him read correct yes okay let me ask you my friend I don't know you what my respect to you remember I'm not trying to insult you you do not know how to read and supposed I am an angel which means I know that you don't know to read right and God is the one who sent me and then I said to you read I mean who is a stupid here well he didn't mean read as in the literal sense I didn't read what he meant there huh maybe he made him a different way like what give me a give me an example when I say real readers read Arabic is Arabic I know what we read the Quran from Torah which means he say he meant was I don't know maybe he meant recited oh that would be even more stupid because how you say I cannot recite you just did by saying that what you just did say the word imagine I said to you say zucchini and you say I cannot say zucchini you know I mean so what does it say that first of all huh what does he say that what does it say he said read and he wasn't able to read well according to the Muslim the entered he said to Muhammad read and he said I cannot read so here there is a there is a there is a bad Aurore here because if it's a story as the Muslim tried to present it laws that mean Mohammed he been ordered from his God wrongly to read and his God do not know that he do not know how to read and Muhammad was correcting him saying to him come on I do not know how to read ok so just enter ok so basically you're saying that he was alive and in fact you did actually know how to read I am NOT just to question what you just told me you know you are the one who mentioned to me how he cannot read but this story does not make sense secondly if you go in the hall my friend you will see that the horns speak about Mohammed being illiterate and illiteracy in the Quran is not about him knowing how to write how to read the Quran and I think you know because you are almost there it says that we are the Christians and the Jews we are people of the book is that correct yes ok why we are not called illiterate we are called people at the book because simply we know the book which mean we know God those who are not from the Christians and the Jews they are called own mean read with me chapter 2 verse number 78 I hope the screen is coming good for you do you see you yeah what are the other odds with our big doesn't think no no I'm sure what you in English now problem the problem is you just told me that Mohammed you do not know how to read but nowhere in the Quran says that Muhammad did not know how to read it says that the there is two kind of people there is people who they are illiterate and there is people who have a book which means the Huon make it clear that the one who is called illiterate is the one who don't have book of God they also have a book of God or called the evil of the book and it's what the foreign speak off and the ignorant Muslims they think that this is about illiteracy about not the body nobody knows except the Christian and the Jews they knew how to write and to read this will be funny in the whole world is nobody knows how to write how to read except the Christian in the Jews it's like we are burned to be duck and we right away we walk like a duck and we swim like a duck that will be funny right so the Quran trying to copy the Jews from the Old Testament speaking about the Gentile who they are illiterate illiterate about God they are pagan so the Quran confirm that there's two kinds of people people who the or illiterate about God and there's people who they have a book did you get yeah alright so you're saying you're talking about Alicia in the sense of not having the book right yes not having a book and you don't have the true with religion you know so they are literate and that makes sense correct well our has been being telling me that you know um does that one of the miracles because you know he was illiterate so how can he you know say right I mean if it they basically say you know no one was able to write a book like him I mean no I mean I mean my friend this book is the most with please don't think I'm trying to insult you this is the most stupid book ever I read so when you keep saying to me how he can write this book how he can write this book Mohammed II did not write a book this is a bunch of collection of stupid stories doesn't make sense have you like as an example did you read the chapter 18 in the floor yes okay it's okay is it is that something somebody have any little brain we will say that the sunset in the murky water oh you was talking about Alexander the Great wasn't it yeah he's talking about himself that great absolutely okay so Alexander the Great suddenly he became a Messenger of Allah but it exempted the great he is a homosexual and he is a bisexual I was not saying that is it it is because if you go and read an interpretation you will see that this is the person they call him the man with a to horn this is a story written by a Syrian writer of fiction a story about a true person which is exactly the great and they called him the man with the two horn why because when he go in war he wear a hat has two horn but according to his name's and is their explanation they say that he was called such a name because when he invited his people to Islam if his people did beat him with the hammer in his head like wine and then he got the first horn and then after that Allah he raised him from death and he sent him again to his people and then when he came to his people they you know he said to them again convert to Islam and they did beat him again with the hammer in his head point and he got the second horn and this is why he was called zul qarnain which means the man with the two horn otherwise it's going to be funny to call somebody that guy with the two horn why he's a cow who is nobody wasn't meaning the literal sense no it's me noise means zul qarnain the man Zhu Zhu an Arabic jewel which mean the one with 409 which means two horn as simple as that and look here allah is talking supposedly they ask thee concerning zul qarnain say i will rehearse to you something of his a story so that one is telling us the story is allah but then the story is really crazy he says that verily we established his power on the earth speaking about the king who control old earth and gave him all the way in the meat and the means to the end and then it says on such he away he followed until he reached the city and son of the son and he found its setting in a spring of murky water this is God talking this is the miracle you are talking about the son sit in the murky water probably um it was meant to be said in a different way I don't know no my friend it says it clearly sitting I know the Muslim they tried to make it appear to be something but Mohammed your prophet he cannot get himself mute so he get himself busted so Mohammed inda and the hadith he explained this verse and he said let's see it see how you told me yes I did okay so it says I was sitting behind Allah messenger the messenger of allah s.a.w is who was riding a donkey while the Sun was setting and he asked do you know where this set I replied Allah and his messengers knows best which means this is a knowledge of Allah because Muhammad's need not speak of his own he said it's set in a spring of warm water do you see it yeah okay by the way I used to live there I mean I always used to see the Sun setting in murky water it was the dish where my grandmother washed the clothes I mean this is obvious this is a lie and this is going to be something to be proud about not a bit funny to be honest thank you very much I can tell that this gentleman is a nice person and he have a patient by the way because I'm being very sarcastic but he is not getting upset I respect that of him but my friend you as a person coming from a good family and you have a brain and I can tell you you know you have a level of education do you want to accept such a thing to be following and they told you Muhammad is amazing and go on how you can ride the horn the Quran is the most stupid book ever I saw well to be honest I believe what my parents been um teaching me telling me so the advanced government with the whole Quran so yeah so are you willing to revisit and my friend [Music] you know don't don't leave Islam yet let us give you more chance let us say let us see if maybe there is something left is good in this religion give me something else give me an example forget about this but did you hear about the flying carpet as an example and the whole design Club yeah the same chapter speaking about you did not hear about your flying carpet nah never heard them but can you show me where it says that okay if we go in the Quran it says that Allah he give his a prophet Sulayman a power to control of his a flying carpet so the flying carpet that he order he ordered the way is this one it way is this one that runaway chapter 21 verse number 81 chapter 81 chapter 21 verse number 81 and I will show you the interpretation so you will not say I'm making things up you know did you hear about a nigga's here before no I'm not I'm not that much I just - basically what being total things so I'm not this reason interpretation of the story so you will not say I'm making things up if we go in chapter 21 verse number 81 here we go this is the official government of the Kingdom of Jordan is a government website okay [Music] this is the facility Elaine Adil Elaine as a big one known as scholar in Islam and he has explained the verse and we disposed for Suleiman the wind to blow strongly in other verse it described it as a sauna to blow softly okay in other words it's either blowing violently gently respectably according to what stirred a man wanted so it's up to him he ordered the wind making its way at his command to the land which we have blessed namely Syria and we have knowledge of all things they'll show you more interpretation okay and also we made a command to the etc actually here it doesn't show ready much let me show you a bigger theory because it will give more details it does go to ethnic at the year all of those are Islamic website 100% and by the way Islamic translation is a fabricated translation which means they never give a true on his translation so I always advise you not to trust what they say even though I know about chapter 3 verse 56 were says that I'm Alex and placing order although he said one you know I'm so up 33 verse 56 what about it after the debate or whether Allah praise oh yeah we will go there but let's see here first did this range this one so to show you the flying carpet because we mention it I don't like to mention something without read with me is the screen coming yeah okay and to say man we subjugated the wind strongly ragging means we subjugated strong who into schlingman and now he said he had a mate or matt sorry made of wood in which would place all the equipment of his kingship horses camels tents and troops then he would command the wind to carry it and he would go underneath it and it would carry him aloft shading him and protecting him from the heat until he reached whenever he wanted to go of the land all right so a big night for the carpet isn't it sorry I don't know I don't see the word carpet day it says Matt Matt do you see the Matt you see the mat oh yeah yeah yeah so the wind go under the mat and carry it and what he have in the mat he have his equipment his army is not a flying carpet like Alibaba carry only one or two in awesomely bad it carrying the whole kingdom is an is actually in the a in the Arabic it says the carpet can fit for six hundred thousand chairs plus all the tents plus all the soldiers plus all the camels plus all the horses plus all the food plus all the animals all are flying in one mad and they fly in a distance of one month in Egypt law but wait wait would you get it some interpretation from this is a bigger thing my friend I can send you a link if you wish oh yes I will I will I will give it to you in Skype they tell you when we finished you can click on it and you can read and again and again by the way the English translation is full of lies you wanna love more read the Arabic one the Arabic one is more hilarious in English that try always to cover the madness and stupidity you know and in the same here we go it says it's morning was a month journey and it's afternoon was a month which means journey and not only that sorry man Allah he gave him the power of to control Shirin and what the shell team they do they die for him to bring him rubies to bring him diamonds from the ocean I mean this guy he is in control of everything you know he don't this way he was very rich and then it says and also of Shaitaan every kind of builder here we go here it says Shaitaan who is engineer and building and they built for him synagogue and not only that they built for him statues and icons and palaces Shaitaan you don't hire a contraction construction company he have the shit on him so building for him Shaitaan and his family all of them they work for him you know and then the one who or disobey him or he don't they don't have work today man he put chains on them you know he chained them for robotic ok so you can see wait that in fact Mohammed was wasn't actually illiterate and the miracles for example a miracle I think it means and I'm speaking the moon and so on so it's a life and there's nothing and there's nothing like this the the speed you know even if it are the one spin the more it's a proven Muhammad to be a false prophet why because that word doesn't even say that Allah hated miracle or what the first saying that the more split and Judgment Day is near there doesn't say all this but anything always says that this is a sign of Judgment Day but the more never spit never because at the mall expect for one second not only the more we destroyed the earth will be destroyed because the moon will hit the earth and at least the poor face in terror and here Muhammad he he made a mistake by saying that the moon split and the night the Judgment Day is very near because this is was happening fourteen hundred years and by saying that the more split and the Judgment Day is near you confirm that the judgment they started because the split of the moon is a sign of the Judgment Day but this was 49 years ago proven Muhammad to be a false prophet again and there's no more split you know the Muslim they post a picture of the moon of a valley they say this is from NASA this is the most bit this is that this is a very we have the we have the Grand Canyon the biggest very ever you can imagine but this is not doesn't mean the earth is split so you're telling me that BC all those near who thought this realized my friend might there's no miracle even the horns say the Quran itself says that Allah he never gave Muhammad a miracle one man mañana and he really let me show you all of judgment chapter 17 verse number 59 read read please run what it says you see it now or 59 nudity yeah this is chapter 17 verse number 59 the one is highlighted with the green okay and the refrain from sending the signs only because the name of former generation treated and both tend the cheek so Allah I refrain from sending miracles he refrained the Quran says he refrained so how the Muslim decide his miracles and the Quran itself saying is they were frame well even what Jesus did not say the thing he was anything I can't do any miracles when he was in Jerusalem acting towards my friend Jesus he all his life is doing no call he is a miracle himself he is born of a virgin according to his time he spoke in the cradle he did not wait 40 years to Mahanta like Muhammad to be squeezed and somebody says to him read from the first second he's born you speak the wisdom of God and he is born of a virgin which mean he himself is America before his exist his name is the Messiah he is the word of God and let's confirm in the fron so number one is that maybe he friend himself the same way Jesus did when he was in Jerusalem well friend Mohammed II never did any miracle friend all it says it says Allah is not Muhammad Allah saying we refrain from sin in miracles and by the way this is a lie because as you know the Christians believe that Jesus did miracle correct yes okay and the Jews believed that prophets they did miracle correct yes okay so what is the execute was that former generation they believe did not believe in them this is a lie they believe in them so Mohammed II because he cannot have a miracle he claimed that his God is not sending miracles because okay well here we go this prophet before came and they have miracles you do not believe in them but this is a lie well Mohammed go to the circus or didn't II didn't know his cousin Ali when he was unexpectedly with an eye and affection I understand what I said what I said Mohammed um they would to the seeker so did he know I think for the Quran says that he cheated his cousin Ali when he was afflicted with an eye infection no and this is not not true this is all of this Muhammad himself II the children they died according to Muslim he could not help them Muhammad himself he gets sick as I just showed you Muhammad himself was bewitched even Muhammad he cannot even have a real sex according to the hadith of his wives that Muhammad he imagined himself having sex but in fact he never did so how the man who himself obviously is suffering from issues mental issues he can help you a prophet continued for such an ass a period imagining that he had slept had sexual relationship with his wives but in fact he did not this is how bad the situation of Muhammad is if you go to a doctor and you tell him I imagine myself that I was having sex I'm not talking about somebody his sleep and he dreamed no it's not the case Muhammad is awake during daytime and he think he did things but in fact he did not including sex so how this man can be a prophet of God we can't even hire him to be a post office man because he would imagine that he delivered the mail to you but in fact he did not you know I mean so how we can't let this guy okay he might seen in the same day he seemed to breed he said you believe told me this but in fact he did not see you breathe this guy is imagining you can go and study a little bit of science and he will you will find out that this person is suffering from any mental illness there is a camel chemical balance in his brain he imagined things he hear voices even Mohammed he said the stones say hello to him have you ever destroyed the storm would say Salam alaykoum 3 if they say to him as Salam alaikum the cow said to him as Salam alaikum the camel spoke to him the stone spoke to him but nobody hear it only him he can hear it any ago even his six have no witnesses have you ever heard of somebody have sex but he have no witness even the wife she never heard of him doing sex what what does it say that it's in front of you because here it says that he imagined that's me in the Mohammed he did not have sex for rape if I say what what happened here Mohammed was bragging about himself having sex around between his friends blistering me that he is a savage person then there are the wives right he's in the front of you didn't she don't you see it is that a deep right it's in front of you yeah alright okay give me the record set up please okay no problem here we go so you steady are holding to Aslam my friend or you decide to leave us now um do you want to have a bee which prophet who is even his six is false to be honest I'm never heard of it all I predict you know Mohammed with a really good person that is good about him but what is good about him having sex with a child she is six years old but it was six years old back then success all those different any my friend this is a big fat lie would my respect to you I am an Arab I am from there I never heard of somebody thinking of six years old girl even dogs don't do that even any was they sniff the sniff the the female if she have a heat if she have her period then they go for it but they don't go after a baby dog even dogs don't do that so this is a prophet of God he's 54 years old she is 6 years old and he have wives already isn't his married what make him think even about a child unless he is sick they lie to you to say six years old at that time six years at that time why I mean here we go I think it wasn't it today sorry see it old a back then was like 19 today no my friend 16 is 6 is 6 years 6 years what 19 come on but the way they used to call today is before you have to be different then it is no my friend it's not that far long ago we are not talking about 10 million years to say maybe this has happened before it's just 1400 years ago what are you talking about come on you were smarter than this but it has wait but wait they had sex at 9:00 when they when they go by would be no no no problem but but from 6 to 9 he was molesting her she's his wife why you many marry did she became a wife at the age of 6 years so he have intercourse with her at the age of 9 because if he do it before he obviously she cannot handle it he or she would die maybe he was trying but he notice she cannot do it we don't know what happened inside the bedroom she is I didn't know him then huh why didn't anyone stop them who cannot stop and Mohammed is criminal who can stop Muhammad and also I've got another question right I'm is it true that he died of natural death know how many done by poison we do you mean by poison yeah a Jewish woman she killed him I went that way my life and you are talking to Christian Prince my friend I am the Wikipedia of his gun this is a Hale books are in front of you it was admitting that you died of not too diffident no no no here we go the Prophet in his element in which he died used to say used not only once not twice I still feel the pain caused by the food I eat at labor and at this time I feel as if my Horta is being cut off from that poison do you see it yes okay so Muhammad was not as they say to you he died by poison and here we have a question why Allah did not protect Muhammad from death but the Muslim they say Allah protected Jesus from being crucified here we go Muhammad was killed away by the Jew and the Jews they wanted to kill Jesus according to Quran Allah he protected Jesus according to the Muslim books Allah did not protect Muhammad why I don't know because this is a crazy religion of man there's no any meat I'm not thought of my friends we can you know know know everyone say the same thing he died of not with that so no no but here but here you notice that this is crazy because Muhammad in different place by the way his Mohammed is a doctor Muhammad he speak about be the same so Muhammad he said if you eat seven Hydra you know what a dress no hawala is a pawn date Oh if you eat seven Edgeworth a day then no poison will work in you and no magic will work in you but Muhammad er both he was affected by magic and he died by poison so how the guy is teaching us what to eat so he can stay healthy and he claimed that this is all from Allah he say such a thing and then he end he died by poison and he was under the black magic in the same time once below Muslims they believe that he died of natural death if nobody really this is a lie you see mr. most imposed times are like you they don't do here things but nobody know we are people who knows what we are talking about although if I say my friend did I say to you anything until now without showing your reference no I need to go I'm gonna look at this screen and this is this is Sunnah that come this is not my website this is Muslim all is a pure wisdom from me website this is not my website soon they'll say ok so I'm not I'm not making things up so we show it life and as you see whatever you ask me I show you right away in a second doesn't take me in an hour to find it my friend I spend my life studying this stupid religion I advise you right now to leave it you don't want to follow such a madman this is a madman not happens of smoking for the only army they are well I don't know what is your education the dog did you pass high school yeah I've got bachelor's in economics that's wonderful that's that's amazing that's good ok do you think if a man have orgasm first the baby would look like the man and the woman have orgasm felt the baby will look like the women I know but a chromosome X&Y I don't know friend it's about orgasm first read with me care for it it's not all chromosome they would talk I know the most thing they will try to fool you say Oh chromosome what chromosome it says the missile of Allah said the man water is thick and white is the chromosome thick and white or disturb out the sperm ok sperm and then the women water is thin and yellow Muhammad describing the liquid in the women vagina where she have sex and then he says whichever of them comes first that child will resemble the parents do you see it yes and this is stupid because there's a matter even if you say x and y who care about they come first or not there's there's some people didn't even do something there's many women they don't even come but they get Britain it and the look of the Sun or to be a male or female have nothing to do who come first this is this is lie don't you agree this is silly and stupid and even the Quran make it agree with you this is silly and stupid and even the Quran make make it more Poupon more fun more stupid we're in the in chapter 86 verse number 7 the Quranic claim that the man's sperm come from the backbone of the man and the women is sperm coming from the ribs of the women which is extremely stupid and madness women they don't have a sperm and this would be stupid to believe that the sperm of the man came if that the backbone what about the balls then and then to make it more stupid he claimed that the sperm of the women coming from the ribs but women they have no sperm and there is nothing come from the ribs that's stupid still you want to be a Muslim my friend wait so how come people don't know this my friend nobody knows I mean like as you see ask yourself the same question how come you do not know you are a Muslim too so they are the same as you sorry to say so how come you do not know but thanks God you came in my way now let us say I came in your way and I'm sharing with you didn't I just believe I might only read it my friend I invite you right now to leave this cult what do you say this is cannot be from God this is stupid you are smarter than this you are educated person this is garbage I agree that something that kind of odd to be honest on Purim ya all need some time - why you need some time it's enough for you mark you know how many how many tons of reference I need to show you that this is stupid I mean come on you're smarter than this and already did you say this is silly I heard you mate I'm saying this is silly which means this is stupid it is sight both scientifically logically why you want to believe in such a garbage say I am out of this cult you are smarter than this well even if I do this um I won't be able to on my carrots oh no problem but we are talking now you forget about your penis your penis maybe something later but at least you in your heart you know that you are not a Muslim so you did you decide to leave this town my friend but I'll have to look at the interpretations oh I am showing your interpretation he would go to the front of you I find this an interpretation it is I know you are shocked and I'm here to help you I am seeing that you see I understand your pain I understand your situation I understand your shock that you thought this is a great religion Muhammad is a great prophet okay so what about the things that we taught about Jesus are they true or are they no problem let us see for us a top view did you decide to leave us now well I'm thinking okay everything more how many said about Jesus is a lie the only thing in the the only things can be natural not a lie about Jesus it is about let us say Mary you know but the rest is a lie as an example the Quran did not even caught the name of Jesus correct it was a I would not know so ISA the same as the rest Mary she is the sister of Aaron who is Aaron Aaron is the brother of Moses but between male Aaron a moose has more than 2000 year how Aaron became the the brother of Mary who is the father of Moses Imran according to Islam who is the father of Mary Imran so Mary and Imran and Aaron they have one brother who a father but there's thousands of years between them what brass is the hop in code he says that God has no daughters or sons sorry important God have a son even that one is a stupid statement because you know if you if you go if we go and over all right now you will see the Quran saying the following well I do understand that we know God can have anything you want so no problem but I'm going with the logic of the Muslim which they taught you as a Muslim no problem and by the way I really like you you are as a person of respect I respect you because usually Muslims they shout out and the make me lose my voice and they scream and they go and denial you know but you don't do that and I respect that when we go in the horn the Quran say is how Allah can have how he Allah he can have a son if you don't have a girlfriend but here you will notice that the God of Islam he did shoot himself in the and the foot because if Allah cannot have a girlfriend because he have let us go to the verse hold on because you don't have a girlfriend then how many she can have a son but she don't have a boyfriend well it was a table well he wasn't biologically then like to be a metaphor my friend it's not marry she was not biologically to because marry she don't have a boyfriend it was not from sex you know yeah so when you say to me that I am Allah and I cannot have a son because I don't have a girlfriend then you need to explain to me how you say to me in different verse that i am allah and i made Mary have a boyfriend a son without boyfriend so you can make Mary have a son without boyfriend but you can't make yourself have a son without girlfriend you I mean I know it doesn't work if it doesn't really it is Japan statement it doesn't make sense of saluting so here we go again the Quran is making pupal that doesn't make sense in different place at the Quran you know speak about that if we want to if we want to have a son we will take a son from ourselves okay what do you mean from our self or you want the most MP keep saying to us that Allah is one God correct yes okay how Allah will take a son from our self if he is the only one it doesn't make sense oh if we go in the Quran here let us see anyway your mic is really bad advise you to change it is giving me headache but I'm just being here out with you because I'm trying to my best to help you yes sorry but otherwise it's really giving me headache in my head mind my head okay I apologize no problem it's not your fault it's chapter 21 verse number 17 it says if we wish to take a pastime and by the way hear the word pastime is a women the Arabic in Arabic the world level goes for women so if we want to take a women for fun we should surely have taken it from things near us that some of them translation but the fat doesn't say that it says from our self from the Doudna if we go to the interpretation this is chapter 121 verse number 17 and I will show you the Muslim interpretation so you will see I'm not making things up you will see here do you hear me yeah yeah just because I don't know this isn't me our bus no problem it's okay this is Emily our bass this is a de Lorraine you can read whatever the interpretation you want and this is the official government website of the Kingdom of Jordan how do we desire to find a some diversion that which provide the version in the way of a partner or a child which mean a women or a child we would have found it with ourself ourself from among the beautiful eyed Horus or the angels all I would have sex with that I have a Horus what is that how the Muslim they say to us Allah is God Allah Almighty Allah etc and then Allah he himself is it was if I want to take a woman for fun and look even the word he used for women is insulting he did not even say a wife he said Llewyn blah who fun mean fun literally mean fun which means if I take a woman for fun which mean for sex we will take it from the beautiful I'd Horus now here we have many problems first of all he says from our self and yet they say to us that Allah is one but yet it's our self and they cannot say this metaphorical because he is talking about taking a partner which means another individual right a women can't be himself otherwise Allah must be male and female in the same time so and when you say to me how I can have a son and I'd have a girlfriend that's when you are a male you are confirming to me that you are a male God and you are saying you don't have a female God and that's why you don't have a son and now he is confirm it again if I want to take level which is a female we will take it from who from the beautiful ID women again he says it clearly that those are women if I take and now how the holy would be or create it for Muslims to have sex with they will all fit and they are qualified to have sex with Allah if Allah is not a man the Muslim say to you will hear is same if doesn't matter you know when I say to you it's it's possible right yeah okay so if I said okay if I want to marry a woman she have to be you know etc it's mean it is possible if I want this will happen if it's not impossible you don't say to me if I want I will take from this because simply that should be stupid because the women are not from your kind it's like saying have you ever seen imagine an elephant saying if I want to have a wife I will marry an end that would be funny right because they are from two different kind do I agree yes okay in order for a lot to say if I want to have a women for fun I will take the beautiful I'd hurry and those are women then he admitted and he agreed that he is must be a man because women they have a private part of a woman which means women is a word came in from the man whoa man whoa man right so women is exactly as the man in everything except his the sexual private part so and if we want to take a partner is going to be a women but the women is a human being how she can be your partner I love my friend come on you are smarter than this just denounced the scold see I am out of it yes so what do i do then say it and I will tell you what you would do allow I am out hallelujah hallelujah guys if you hear it I am out thank you lord thank you Lord for sending this gentleman who sent me a message in Skype saying I want to debate you it was a challenge in me by the way you have not closed it not my friend you did not Lois hold on you did not lose you did win you did not lose don't think you're lost you want I'll just call to confirm some things I've been yeah understanding what you said to me in text before you call me I want to debate you right so my friend you're welcome I'm happy for you now you see you refuse because all of this doesn't make sense to you and it's stupid and then I've never heard of these things before ever and me saying good things Eric who's all sort of things you know so yeah no no no it's not telling us about these old things which you know there in the happy you know old folks forces um Jeff Fenech it's basically lying I understand but no I did my friend is I said to me you said to me what you should do best it should should do next right should I tell you what you do next okay me as a Christian I believe that me as a person I have patient to speak to you even though your mic is giving me headache because my lord he taught me to love every human being including the Muslims god is love and I advise you to further the one who teach you to love everybody because love can change all mankind can change it to a different person can make you happy can make you healthy hate kill you is like a poison you eat it you're the first one to die with it so when Jesus he said love your enemy blessed and those who curse you maybe it sound like okay I am being nice to others but the fact the first thing I do I am being healthy I am Beth being healthy in my heart I being healthy in my mind and I am stress-free because when I love everybody around me I have no stress secondly I'm happy number three I trust myself because you know what I don't have anything yes they hate me they wanna kill me but I have no fear I love everybody so I say to you and I invite you in front of everyone to accept the Lord the Messiah as your Savior who said love your enemy the one who resurrected from the grave the one who said to the blind see and he's so not like Allah who said to Muhammad read and he could not read the one who said to the man he can't walk walk and the man carry his bed and he walked the one who said for I forgive your sin but don't do sin again that is Jesus my friend so I invite you to the King of Kings the one who have the wisdom which nobody have I invite you to read the Bible from the first chapter of John all the way the four Gospels it's amazing it's so beautiful and you will never find something better so I invite you my friend to believe in the best of the best and that is the Messiah the Christ my Lord what do you say well almost the petanque I'll go and read the Bible and you know see what it's saying and we know look I think historical reasons you know just find out things no problem my friend I went I really I went it from my heart that you will say I believe but for sure we want you to believe from your heart but not by your tongue we are not like Muslim you see Shahada we don't want you to do that we want you to be a believer but again I remind you that me and you we might go to sleep now and whenever I wake up and salvation is an opportunity so I invite you for the opportunity of salvation and you think and you read and this why actually I am the one who told you Cory we don't want you to believe it blindly we want you to have faith based on truth now that this is a collective thank you no problem I understand and I'm not saying to you just say I believe you no no I want you to believe I don't want you to say I believe but yet you don't you don't believe but I'm saying at least I can understand more it's same compared to the Quran where you know you just rely on translators you know telling the truth right yeah and that's why I'm here to help you my friend I'm happy that you called me today I'm happy that you decided to leave us man I will be happy if you call me anytime soon and say to me I decided to accept Jesus meal quoted him as I embarked on this journey on this lamb dinner um you know third questions are gonna come to me my little sister my victim thank you very much for calling me if you feel you change your mind you want to say you accept Jesus just let me in let me know and I will be happy to hear it and everybody here will be happy for you we have almost 700 people listening and they will be really happy to hear you that you accept the Messiah and the lordy Lord he said when a lost soul came back to him a happiness will be in the kingdom of heaven which means the whole heaven will be happy for you for accepting the Messiah that's why I me myself I wanted to invite you and I believe the Lord using me to speak and my time to you which means Messiah himself is small space umph if you read the Bible thorn and then you know you realize what's the truth and then would you did from day right yeah don't say anything go is there like a formal way you see my friend it read the Bible but don't read it as a story you try you see this what I do since I was a kid this way I read differently from what people do you notice would like me when I speak to you I go deep in the words right so I analyze the word so when I read the Bible I close my eyes and imagine myself there imagine yourself living the story not hearing a story so you wanna know what Jesus saying live the story and you will enjoy it and you will notice that each time you read the same story in the Bible it fit with something happening to you right now in your life in no matter how many time I read the Bible each time I read it I find something there now it's happening to me even though the Bible is a book written 2,000 years ago it's not going to be expired because the wisdom of Christ is amazing so you live the story and you will see that Lord he will speak to you within that story even though it is mentioned 2,000 years ago for people who have no appreciative no TV you have no they have nothing I mean it's life is very simple a cow and donkey and etcetera yeah I've heard one thing is it true that Jesus am a prophet as the falling of the Temple in Jerusalem or was the prophesy what the falling of the temple yes yes he prophesied that the temple will be destroyed and this would exactly happen but this is not not what make Jesus Jesus a friend it's not about Jesus prophesying something and a fast if I found someone then I gotta prove it right I know what I mean but I mean I mean there's tons of things Jesus he said they become to be true but this is not what make Jesus Jesus Jesus is unique is not a prophet only the only prophet actually in the whole universe has got himself because a prophet of God he have nothing of his own he prophesy what God told him correct yeah the fight yeah so the real prophet is God so Jesus is a prophet but yet he is our Lord so all the prophecies he said anything he says is true anything he said is going to happen or it may be happen already so I am NOT surprised to see things he said is happing or will they will happen but there is more than this there are things which amazing beyond imagination is something beautiful about him the Messiah when you believe in him your life change you see you believe in Muhammad you will notice many the good let us say they go to jail for a month they met with some Muslims the Shahada convert to Islam a second day he come out you want to do jihad so Islam changer to be a violence person a person who goes for violence and Jesus he do the opposite sorry it stated in chapter 9 which I believe is one of the most violent no no the whole Quran is violent the hopefully the Quran is the Quran does not contain much violence as Mohammed life stories Mohammed he cut a woman to pieces when she's alive her name is Omar Khalifa more than eight years old he tied her legs to two cameras and he ordered the cameras to split her alive I don't know if you saw the videos of Isis tying a guy to two tanks and they split him alive this is not something they come with this is Mohammed what he did Mohammed is a very even man so it's not just about violence you see my friends sometimes violence can be for a reason so if somebody killed me and I'm defending myself okay that's you know I mean this guy is not being bad he's defending himself but Mohammed is an evil man he enjoyed torture he would names in the eyes of people he cut the you know like you know you mentioned to me the the fingertips right you remember okay do you know that the Quran says that you kill people and you cut their fingertips to it for their fingertips for fun why you want to get why you want to cut the fingertips of somebody why you kill the man the man is already I imagine but the faded right reasoning chapter chapter 8 verse number 12 remember the Lord inspired the angels with the message I am with you give firmness to the believers I will install terror in the heart of Adam believers submit above their necks and submit their fingertips of them why what is the purpose of fingertips okay you want to kill them their enemy no problem you give me all the executors and what after you kill them you wanna you want to cut their fingertips yeah it makes not so obviously it's a false cult based on violence and the violence is the only reason for it's time to stay until now if you give it freedom for people in Pakistan to believe not to believe you will see people leave Islam you know I don't know if you heard of something called the war of Hoppus state you heard of it No okay Mohammed II died everybody almost at Islam but what the Muslims the gang they did the fighter the Warriors the lunch war is called the war of obstetric and searched in Google the war of overstate against everyone who left Islam just because they heard Muhammad is dead as simple as that how come I'm trending so or no Islam is dying if you're so fast my friend this is this is propaganda it's false this time is dying very fast as you see we are the are up we are leaving Islam and we are we are making fun of the snap and you will see people over the war devious time if I tell you how many people it this time after speaking to me you will not believe it so Islam is dying they have a propaganda that Islam is spreading that's not true and they measured themselves by birthright but this is not a true measurement because who said that everyone is born in a Muslim country is a Muslim give them freedom and it is he who is a Muslim I didn't know Kate and although she does everything apparently but she's an atheist yeah have you ever heard of a country have no gays have no atheist have no Christian I'm not Jews I mean come on obviously it's a violence right keeping things in the in order so the whole country when I have my dad he you know he came to the United Nation he said in my country there is no gays yeah because you killed them if somebody says he is give them freedom you will see how many kids they were I country have no atheist that's funny that's a miracle actually but why because we dare to say I'm an atheist they will kill him right away would fear my friend everybody worship the same God because nobody dare to say I don't believe in that car take the fear out take the terror of Islam as you see in front of you on the screen terror is what making Islam stand for until now but I believe it strongly that the same reason made Islam is stand is the same reason will make Islam collapse and now Muslims are live in Islam left and right because there is many Muslims naive Muslims they thought Islam is a nice religion and they were shocked when they saw Isis but Isis are practicing it's time exactly Isis is Islam and Islam is Isis I challenge anyone to show me one thing Isis did Muhammad did not do not a singer thing there are the real Muslims yeah well when my friend um I'm happy that you spoke to me I hope I hope next time you will call me with better microphone because I have to apologize from you you did I hope the gift for my movie sorry sorry can I also get some of my friends to call you sure sure absolutely anytime I find any time I um just text me first because I get too many messages and I pick up people to call me but I don't know them but because too many people detects me as you see I am open for everybody and sometime people they call they are just being stupid you know they call they make a voice of a goat or etcetera so text me I you'll be amazed people in my I met everyday people in her situation trust me it's it's okay so and I'm really happy for you actually don't don't think you lost today you are being smart you're a smart person I didn't win I didn't cool to win anything no no I know I know but I mean some people they think okay Christian Prince he won the debate no no I did not win you are the winner because I spend my time actually doing nothing I just repeated what I know I mean my knowledge with you it is you will gain knowledge right it is you who her things never heard before so you are the only winner in this conversation about the challenging people who have to thought the referee absolutely let people call me my friend bring the best you have who can defend Islam and tell them I want to hear you defending stand speaking to this guy and you will love with me and you will see they cannot alright thank you my friend for calling me may the Lord bless you and I pray before you go I pray that the Lord would open your eyes and he will send you a private invitation to your heart to accept him that he is your Lord and your Savior and really really from my heart I pray to the Lord that he might guide you bless you and keep you and guide you from everything is evil you accept him or not I still I pray for him to be with you and to protect you even if you don't accept him yet for god is love and he loved those who love the truth and the good ones thank you my friend for calling me oh yeah take care that applause all right well I'm very thankful for my lord that today I did open the live broadcast that late here we go you know we we help a person to know the truth and the truth was such a friend in Jesus hello I'm fine a friend thank you for the grace of my question is that I need your help I called on but you're mine that's a guy that I debated this afternoon and I've texted you so and now he put and I told him I was trying to call you but you are no more online and I always been lying on Wednesday so he told me that it will be online on Wednesday by 3:00 p.m. this way is it coming so this coming Wednesday this coming Wednesday would be 3 3 p.m. what time this is New York New York time yeah no problem okay we'll just confirm with him please confirm with him and for sure I will be like it because now we are we have a week to go right yes yeah so hopeful before the day before call me to remind everybody and to remind me and I will be I will be in on time on air just to be confirming that he will be there we don't want to go because sometime as you see I go at a different time and trying to trying to reach as many from different location because you know like sometime we do a 3 a.m. 3 p.m. and here which is going to be like 3 a.m. and the morning in Indonesia right so I try to be fair and try to share our school here with everybody around the world so sometime we open us a time sometime we open earlier fit with etcetera so just confirmed to me and I will be happy to take this person entering and tell him to get ready tell him to bring his girl with him yes what I'm gonna do I with all the clothes is from so he is on the Facebook is doing live show so people call him so I called him today to know a little bit I can do but I was trying to bring him in so what I'm gonna do when it's live I'm gonna call you on the Skype and put him on line with you so because I told him and he was telling me I should bring you in as you bring in that or bring your bring your big man so I believe through the grace of god and the wisdom that God has given to you you able to explain better and show him the way because I believe they don't know much and I know he's just reading what didn't know so by Wednesday please just you know because I've told him is a challenge to him and he was bragging more this so he's Wednesday mess with me what but now what if I lose what we would do if I lose what you would do you can't because I don't understand what her face my friend it doesn't matter who was going to come to debate me even if it's Allah Himself I would make him shish kebab don't worry I'm just kidding you know thank you good work below it is actually I always you know if you go to amazon.com if I show you my account there number one thing I buy is a glue because each time I do beta Muslim I have to do myself to cuddle he destroy me he go to the chat and he's I destroyed him once a Muslim guy he was speaking to me in a chat room in Paltalk he went to other Muslim rooms and he said to them I was debating Christian prints and I destroyed him all the Muslim in the chat even they are Muslims they said to him you are right we were there brother come on even the Muslim they told him yeah right we were there he thought nobody was there so like you know I destroyed him brother I honest al I destroyed him yeah his nose was big and I lost my teeth Islam is a very stupid religion and sadly you know people in Africa or many countries in Tunisia they do not know how stupid this contest didn't speak the language speak Arabic [Music] hello hello yes my friend all right I'm here happy New Year to you great yeah so this evening I called chick Tala I wish them happy new year mm-hmm and we had a very long discussion and he agrees that Muhammad hijab did a horrible mistake in the debate and on top of it he says he wants to spend time he wants to learn he's thinking the truth and he so far he believes that Islam is the way for him he is a cur honest only he doesn't reject the hadith because they were introduced by evil men who wanted to discredit Prophet Muhammad and he also believed that Muhammad actually was evil and did a lot of evil things or this thing's wrong and he wants to spend time and going through the world I was in the restaurant and driving so I couldn't really get into a deep conversation with him so he says if you're able to convince me I promised your brother I'll convert I said no problem I cannot convert the holy Christ can and the Holy Spirit can convict you so I'm just saying it out there I shared with my TV because I talked to her a lot and I want everybody here who's a Christian to lift shaked Allah and you know in prayer and why is this I believe that he sees a lot of filth in the hadith but he's ashamed of so he says his/her honest and he tells me to read the Quran written by Rashid whatever the Rashid guy and so he wants to stick with only the Quran and it's like you know Islam has the Quran he has two hadith and the sooner and the tarsiers and now we've busted through three of the tires that have series the hadith and the sooner he doesn't believe in most of them alone is a disaster that's the one we need to bust and then he sees yes well for me I was upset from this guy because he shout a lot he is always angry and that's not he is a stubborn you know he don't want to listen otherwise look I was speaking to his guy for what for almost two hours I did not shout I did not call him names he did not you know just to speak to me today when I speak to Christian Prince he is ready to take his time with you but don't shout out and don't go crazy and don't it's a listen just have a conversation let us say let us see okay what you want to say what you want to say have a nice conversation don't you know hold on your testerone don't go crazy and don't insult and don't shout and he will listen to you and we can talk yeah and I in your right just talking to him on the phone I was very quiet and he talks and talks and talks I don't interrupt when I start talking he just interrupts and I was like brother yeah it doesn't help if you don't listen so I said we're gonna have a time we're gonna talk and we're gonna discuss and pray and let the truth prevail so guys pray for Sheikh Saleh because I know when God convicts him and brings him to the you know see the truth he's gonna be a great weapon for the kingdom of God yes welcome and we are here to help everybody and we don't hate anyone the Lord he taught us to love everybody and you know peace for those who love peace you're at least the Lord he will give you his peace you don't love it you know it was it was suffer so if he is a person of peace and when we say peace mean here you know a person who don't like to harm anyone and he loved everybody because even if you thought you are not ready with Jesus it if you have the piece which is the piece of Christ anyway which means love inside you you will be able to find the Messiah because you have let us say you know you have a fire you know and the fire is dead but still under the fire under the dust there is something shiny little bit you know I mean can establish the fire again and this would happen with many people so Islam bury their fire which is the good fire of God inside them the the heart but they have a good heart still there even they are buried with tons of flies and garbage but Sunday one day Monday whatever it is suddenly the dry wood will catch the fire and he would get out of at the dirt that would be shiny again in the middle of the night a man and just testimony last last night I met this young lady and I I was able to pray with her her heart was really seeking the Lord she's not a Muslim but she's just you know besides Islam we also have this new age people believe in spirituality and all this mumbo jumbo and I was able to pray with her and she basically you know she's already given a life to the Lord and I asked her taught about a church that she can go to I go to a church in New York called Hillsong I told her it doesn't have to beat that one she should just find a good church and her only problem was she came to the Lord but she is already in a relationship with a boyfriend and she lives with him and she tells me she doesn't like it but she left home and that's the only way she can survive and she doesn't really like the lifestyle she's in but I prayed with her when I prayed for her and her name is Jessica and I'm praying that God will also have boyfriend's name is Miguel I pray that God will reach out to both of them and save them maybe they just get married and I live in sin I mean my friends from this one yes all right god bless you and a peace of Christ being with you Shalom thank you very much thank you very much [Music] god is good god is good all right guys I just Seve a message from our friend the one who was speaking to me and he just announced and he allowed me to speak he did want to say that under under Mike he just is just with me asking if I can show his takes load me he allowed me to show the text and this is the text you can read it yourself let me show you he don't want to call and use his voice is you know worried and this is what he said I accept the Messiah but I do not want to say it's my kiss my appearance relative etcetera and now I'm going to read the Bible I'm going to buy the web and read it you do not need to buy it my friend he can download from the internet if you want and even churches they give it to you for free so may the Lord bless you my friend and may the Lord keep you safe and we pray and we ask all the Christians that this brother who just accepted the Messiah in his heart we did not waste our time with him he was a good fruit from a good tree and he just accepted the Messiah to be his Lord and his Savior so and I asked his permission if I can say that in the in the text you know as you see can I say that in the mic so anytime anyone of you Muslim if you don't want me to say that you left Islam is talking just telling me I would not say and anyway I don't share names anyway I never shared names of anyone so I'm happy for you my friend and as he said here leave Islam is not easy as you know they are it's at around Angel Eyes whatever you say but but you know you made the right decision and you will never regret so we are very happy for you and we pray and we'll ask all the Christians here to pray for this brother so the Lord you keep him protected and keep him in good hands and you know reading the Bible is the start for a long journey of happiness and let us say I don't know how to explain to you you will feel it later for me you know because I believe I am confident and you notice that doesn't matter who call me you see your notice that Muslims don't dare even to open their sky for people to call because this is very hard because you don't know what the guy he's going to say to you you know I mean I mean imagine imagine you you open your your your challenge for anyone just call me call me just say whatever you want and yet at the end you are victorious and when I say I'm victorious I'm talking about my lord I am victorious I never been defeated because my Lord cannot be defeated it's not Christian Prince was debating you I am confident because of my faith the Lord my friend he said read the books search for the truth and the truth will set you free so we are the Christians when we read and we study the more we learn the more we became confidence with the Lord and the more we became strong and armed with knowledge Christianity is not a religion or believe in blindness now you have to be educated this is why you see Jesus we always he was speaking to the Jews and he was schooling them what do you say of the Messiah they said his son of David he was debating them then how David he call him Lord if he is son of David that is the way the Messiah he speak so debating was a way to win not to lose always for the Messiah he never lost and we always win as long we are confident with our faith you see when when when one of his disciple was walking in the water when he lost his faith he's not sure he start drowning when you are without faith but remember it's not just a blind faith you wanted to be it Muslims you have to have knowledge you don't go and fight bacterias and viruses without studying bacterias and viruses so faith and knowledge they go together faith and ignorance they lead to to something bad because you are speaking ignorant and you're not speaking of the Lord the Lord is not the lord of ignorance you cannot speak ignorant when you are saying I speak in the name of the Lord so we need to educate our self and we need to arm our self with knowledge and that will make you having two armors which nobody can defeat the truth which is the knowledge and the faith which is very powerful now we have a we have a guy in the chat his name is Adele he keep calling me names but I don't wanna call me I don't know why how did my friend do you like to call me do you wanna give me a hit maybe he can throw some punches on my face what do you think I do I see you keep coming here in the chat but you don't want to call me why you don't call you know what idle ask yourself this question if you are a believer and allies a true God and you make a swatter prior to Allah he will make your victorious what do you think so make a prayer to your God Allah and say Allah give me victory of our Christian Prince and give me a call and you will see would win what do you think Adil I think you would win what do you say I do you think you will win or not actually I'm I'm thinking to leave now because I am afraid you will call me I'm afraid so do you wanna call me my friend before I leave Adil his even moving hey this debate face-to-face here we go face to face okay bring your face to me and let us debate your face open your camera I will put your camera on the screen are you happy now but then what is that face to face to me what face to face what about I say okay Bri mural on a debate a la face to face come on don't be silly you are trying to avoid you know speaking to me by saying the same all the execuse muslim to say the only execute Muslim the same Kristin Plains the debaters face to face face to face trust me if you see my face you would collapse he will have heart attack the last time I ask a girl to marry me is she almost died she said what you like what what what come on don't do that yourself but did you ask yourself why I'm still single my friend that look scaling what face to face you would lose your voice you will even your voice will not come out from your throat when you see me I go in the elevator I say good morning nobody answer cause be quite scared what are you talking about I don't advise you my friend any Muslim would like to call us hey guys of myself and I don't find that anything is offending to me the reason I have a confidence you remember we said we speak about confidence I make make fun of my look I make fun of myself I make fun of whatever but that will not make me feel bad some people they get badly offended for very simple reason you don't have confidence who care what people think I know who I am love as much as you want I am laughing to the Muslims they focus in silly stuff face to face but they are not saying answer to answer question to question this is what they fear what face to face when the Christians ask Mohammed to debate him Muhammad did not say that his debate face to face Muhammad he said let us have a Christian party because he's a coward bring your wives and bring my wives bring your goat I bring my goat and let us invoke curse upon the one is line who is lying here have you ever heard of such a debate so a real debate in Islam is going to be at the following read with me carefully what the quran is saying i love if any one dispute in this matter which mean about jesus now after the full knowledge has come to you amazing knowledge man this is the full knowledge come come say to them say to them come okay come come come you know you see a hijab was saying intuitive it would show me an answer me no no this is not the way to do Islam he says come let us get together gather together our sons and your son's our women and your women okay is that the debate no ourself and yourself okay what is this is gathering for party have dinner what No then let us pray to invoke curse on the one is line I mean this is the most stupid debate ever so I will take the mic I will say Christian Prince your turn I say may I look at my nose if I'm lying your turn you take the mic you say may Allah closed the door of the van over my fingers of lamb line your thumb I take the mic okay may Allah make a hole in my shoe if I'm lying your turn I mean this is the most stupid debate ever this in the debate is a cursing party and then according to Islam the one who get tired first keeps like the keep you keep doing that for like I'm in two days the one who get tired first as though as a loser [Laughter] same time here anyone noticed something stupid in the statement anyone noticed something stupid something extremely stupid additional to this at the end of the verse do you see at the end of the verse it says curse the one who is lying I will explain to you how was stupid a statement is if I debate a Muslim and he has been honest and he said to me Mohammed is a prophet yes he believed in a lie but he's not lying correct this is his belief if a Muslim says to me in heaven there's versions he believed in a lie but he is not lying which mean he himself is telling me what he believed lie lie you lie if you say something you who don't believe in correct if you say something and you know something else that is a lie if I say to you did you eat the food and you are the one who ate the food that is a lie but if you believe you did not eat the food let us say this person is a know where he is or he was under drugs and he did something when he's under drugs you do not know I did not do it he's not lying if I speak to a person he's a Hindu and he said to me I believe in this God he's wrong but he's not lying he is telling what he believed so here you will see that Muhammad because he have the mentality of a liar he assumed that anyone who speak to him he see him as a liar it's like saying to me let us invoke God to see who is the whore why because he knew who he is otherwise nobody said to you you are a whore we are just asking to see the truth what this have to do would lie unless you yourself you are a liar and because you are alive you feel always as a liar you feel guilty it's like a thief he is wanted by the police the second here the car of the police come in here on because you think it's coming for him that is stupid answer and cannot be from God stem here all right guys I want to say thank you for everybody I want to say thank you again for those who they are helping us with donation I really appreciate you even though you don't need me to mention that I appreciate all of you I appreciate the gentleman who called us and he became a Christian he accepted the Messiah I pray from my heart for him and for his family to open their heart to receive him to accept him to to to support him I pray that the Lord he will send him good friends good people to be around him and I always through my life the Lord he put in front of me in my way wonderful people even though I do extremely dangerous stuff the Lord is always with me when you are with the Lord the Lord was with you so we pray for everybody for all the Muslims we love them we don't hate them we might shout at you we might scream when we speak to you just because we love you when you see your friend your son your daughter your family your brother is taking drugs you don't shout at them to stop taking drugs because you hate them but because you want to save them and this is exactly what we do Islam is nothing but the drugs God is not a vagina vendor God is not a pimp to make his house pimp house God is not dirty filthy God is not stupid God is not ignorant God is not hateful person God is not evil and that is all your God sadly my friend I invite you Muslims to believe in the true God the Messiah the Lord of peace the king of peace the one who said things nobody said before love your enemy and nobody would say after ananthan now after 2,000 years of Jesus you will not find an a United Nation someone they are to say love your enemy after all what they claim about human rights nobody can come with this love your enemy plus those for Chris you that is my lord so think carefully about who is your Lord and why you are following him and why you are not with my lord the one who teach what we just heard together thank you very much for being here may the Lord bless you until we see you soon again remember in the coming awareness they look like we would have a debate from what the Muslim he claimed to be a scholar from Nigeria for sure we have a week from now but look like you know this gentleman from Nigeria he's organizing this so I hope we will have a good time and maybe we can bring this person to Christ and as long he have many many many followers that would be a very good opportunity to expose this cult loud and open thank you very much may the Lord bless you and until we see you soon again this is a Christian Prince was with you and with this we pray that the Lord will guide us and we will keep us together as a family of Christ even though we do not know each other Christ is Lord Islam is false I'm into that see you soon [Music] [Music] [Music]