Lets Play Severance Blade of Darkness Part 1




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hello bloody meow and welcome to yet another let's play this time we have severance blade of darkness and I have to say this was a complete surprise I impulsively purchased this game and tried it out and loved it this game was created by or developed by rebel acts studios which is now defunct in 2001 so all the way back when very very little time ago can't remember what I was doing I believe I might be I probably still in elementary maybe can't remember hard to imagine this was out at that time just amazing considering the quality craftsmanship this game contains published by Codemasters which we know for several games that are popular but basically I think I was watching something demon soul something and a related video in youtube maybe maybe think that's where it was from and I clicked on it and I just watched I wasn't even allowed to play with just some gameplay for like three minutes and I just like I really want to try this it sounds fun and I found out that it's available on good ol games calm aka GOG calm and six bucks BAM bought it shouldn't even think twice had no trouble starting it up on Windows 7 64 bit which is something to say for I know GOG they really know what they're doing when they released the game at least for the ones I purchased and I loved this game to me and this is not now started talking because this is at I had no idea this game existed I had no idea what was about so noticed all just talking to me this game surpasses easily today's games not all the games but certain games especially games in that genre in my opinion it could be seen as a precursor to Dark Souls I like to refer to as the great grandfather or the grandfather of Dark Souls but it's not related to Dark Souls at all it has a stamina bar and it has a pretty rigid difficulty and it's pretty unforgiving that's that's about it and the combat is paced it's not hack and slash you got a pace and think so typically how you're going to dismember your opponents and I really like it for that so this is not a blind let's play I'm actually treating myself and playing this game on my own and I have been I haven't finished it yet it's actually kind of a long game at least well it might be as long I know I'm doing I playing as a knife character you can play with four different characters I'm plat was playing as a knight character and for this lets play i want to playing as a barbarian character playing as a different character is a totally different experience you go through the same levels but you get a different intro level so the intro level will be partially blind I tested it just to make sure so without further ado let's enjoy this masterpiece and I hope you all can agree with me once it's over severence blade of darkness the steps of CARICOM have faded into the distance behind you leaving only memories these days of journey across the ancient tribal grounds have been like a dream but now before your very eyes kashgar the mythical homeland of your ancestors what mysteries what'd he do it's you were the shadows of its sacred and enter blade of darkness we go so if you may have not noticed there is four characters to choose from you can choose between a knight a dwarf and Amazon and the Barbarian obviously I have picked a barbarian class it really changes gameplay around I think I can give a nice quick prelude to the actual gameplay quickly before we account or any sort of danger and kind of enjoy the nice peacefulness this game melts mine this game was released in 2001 and this is how I guess nice you can really get a feel for the atmosphere even back then this graphics were groundbreaking back then it was applauded quickly claimed for the shadows and dynamic lighting that it was able to achieve as our first target it looks like and the soundtrack I'm just going to say this pup I say a lot of times is just absolutely fantastic now Oh a first battle let's just go see why this game is called severance that's why and you can pick up the limbs of enemies and beat the living crap out of other people with it ridiculous so and you can toss items any any Breanna and you can toss and you know just fantastic now just to get all this out of the way the night basically has is the overall overall well-rounded character uses a shield you can move while holding the shield as a guard and is able is excels at one-handed weapons now the M dwarf is more defensive a little bit more hit points than the other characters but has a shorter reach and is not as good as dodging the Amazon has the least amount of hit points Hester has the longest recovery time when trying to climb up ledges but is excels as Spears and she is very fast and her dodge is actually a full blown role the Barbarian is a little bit of the night a little bit of the Amazon we can dodge pretty decently and he's pretty quick he doesn't have as much of the points of the night but you can use two-handed swords and mesas and access to uh to a tee and as you see I'm one shotting and decapitating these poor little goblin adversaries with no trouble at all and like I said I could hurry through this game I easily could but like I said when I'm passionate about a game I want you to experience what I first experienced and like I said this is partially blind too but I do know kind of where I'm going right now and I'm like so this it has a it's a bit of a RPG action platformer come strategic packing slash what I would call it says I have trouble getting up the legislator so I never really played the barbary as I said I have played the night almost I don't know I played probably 10 or so hours as the night and I sorted to play the Amazon just to try it out and I'm speeding through it with the Amazon and the dwarf I neveri much fun doing that so you can see I kind of do the pretty tricky jump there and this game as you might think this is a secret area and it rewards that but not in the traditional sense where you get some super high powered item well first of all you get more enemies but remember more enemies equals more experience the blue bar that you see rise up beside the level one is your experience bar the obviously the red bar is data points and it goes down quite frequently and it will not stay full a lot very subtly little at stake for even slightly above halfway my opinion this is what I think so obviously spires are no match for the fury primal rage of barbarian now you say these are actually at level one these are actually worth pretty good experience if they don't do the tricky jump you're not gonna get here very easily so we're definitely to get a level up and then when we level up I'll explain the a little bit of the RPG style in this game and they'll go that we've got our our bow and quiver basically it's the only type of bow I think you can get and you always keep it for now on and it will allow us to find secrets later in the game which I'll have to explain to ya because this game needs a little explaining because otherwise you're just kind of watching a strangely slightly before the times hack slash but before the times like I said it's not really a the right word for it because like I said this game is just absolutely fantastic I hope you feel the same way but if you don't want this too bad playing it anyway so leveled up hit points went up a good bit and you hit f1 to check your RPG screen so basically this screen right here shows you what special combos and attacks you can do and at what level you're allowed to do them when you have certain weapons equipped so these are basically weapons that the barbarians going to find so as you see we had the chaos sword but we don't get the speed to kill power combo until level 5 so we've gotta wait a bit text or anything like the intros that we saw items this is all the items in the game and what they do so if you get something what's a ghost medallion do oh it's poison resistance it cures poisons so you can find all these other items and use that find these are like I guess weaker combos but just kind of basic combos you can do with any two-handed sword or axe that you have and some of our just only two in swords so at level two we can do something called rage so that's attack right plus attack right so let's try outrage and see it locked that's rage basically if you hit someone with that time that right and you and someone gets hit with the direct hit of that rage combo it's gonna put a hurting on them and the power combos that I saw with our with specific weapons I've shown you those are the strongest attacks in the game and they they show that by giving you a red weapon trail as opposed to the yellow one you saw yellow are the soft combos in red are the large bonus we're menacing combos so once I hope it make perhaps by hit level 5 I can show you one of those power combos and you can just see how much devastation is behind this blows now the drawback to those strong strong attacks is that you are they're usually pretty hard to hit basically you've got to kind of time your distance and if you get hit by anything no matter how we give it a spider bite it interrupts your attack completely that's with any attack you do there's no there's no poise in this game and that's kind of the last comparison I want to give the Dark Souls there but you guys will see what I mean when I call it the grandfather just quite a couple of attacks you've seen so far so obviously that was a bit of a nice detour sitting detour I got a full health potion which is actually a pretty rare item and very very nice as you can probably guess it's from toes your hip wants to pool so let's try this rage combo in this poor poor Goblin let's see if we can do it right boom oh nice in their head how you doing this game is absolutely brutal and one of the options in the gore settings is mutilations on/off so anything with that you know it's gonna be good to dynamic shadows look at that 2001 do you understand do you not grasp if you do not grass I feel completely sorry for you I'm gonna race for you you run slower with your weapon out he run faster with it uh sheep so that's the benefit advantage and the reasoning to do that do such but I guess I'm trying to get all of the information protruding out of my face to you as early as possible when we're doing just the interest stuff so we can just kind of have fun and play the game at our leisure so already we have kind of branching paths kind of scramble style expiration I see you egg kinda mounted go up this way or I can just kind of go this looks like kind of like the straight linear path so already that uh let's see that supercedes and beats about I don't know it's 65% of the games that come out today because they're all just fucking linear and give you a waypoint to go towards but enough of that this is time for blade of darkness light to shine that make sense oh hey there buddy you can also sneak i holding the shift key and it's not too useful but it can be you can't get the jump on the enemy but you there's no special back step would you close enough getting close up as a barbarian is enough as a stealth deck so let us begin the death Oh spoke too soon I saw my Sam oh if your stamina goes well in this game you get severely hampered you do a extremely long attack and you got to recover you cannot move or do anything until you recover is your recovery animation is gone so the more you deplete stamina like if you did a really strong attack that would have made your stamina go into negatives you got to breathe and recover to get back to low energy and then your sandwich is recovering pretty rough I'm life potions anything that's below 500 you cannot pick up and keep in your inventory for later so you have to only use those instantly so you can't use them if your health is not up if your help the spool you can't use them just said you don't need this yet so I like this place where here this little like I found that is just completely pointless except for just more atmosphere and more environment cleansing and high candy to the player and you know that's something that you just going to really I guess you got I appreciate and if you can't appreciate it well that's fine too because the gameplay enough is alone to make this completely amazing but can't even remember what direction I came from anymore I think this is the right direction yeah so we see there's some people the off the beaten path there's a couple enemies and we do want to fight enemies but um it looks like we're just going to take this guy out because it looks like this ft is the way to go this maybe I can open this gate from the other side so they're trying to teach you that you had to go this way first which is kind of cool this game is not a hand odor that's for sure chaos sword already my main equip you can equip as total of 4 weapons inclusive so I can cook three more weapons or I could to more weapons I'm sorry so my chaos sword the bow and then to well there's been one too come on let's go now you see that number red number by the goblins face is how much if one she has I like the portrait style the closer he is the more the less will take the this portrait is so you see the portraits ollie get into view I think it's a kind of nice little touch I said I like little touches and games whoa I got a new attack I never did so yeah every time you do a new combo for the first time even if it's just your basic attack says discovered you attack so that's the high attack it actually is a pretty long actually takes a long time to do that one actually which is a lot different all right you got my rage and it looks like this does not open from this side I'm not going to waste time to go back down and fight that one Goblin he can be the messenger to tell everybody that the barbarians are coming the barbarians are coming so any time that you see a little hiccup in the music and in the frames it is me saving unfortunately the game it has not beaten time completely and for some reason the game can permanently crash and corrupt your save file if you save too quick to put it lightly so basically when I go to save I have to say it when it says are you sure you want to save I wait there for about 10 seconds and then hit save so I figured I'll do everybody the pleasure I'm just skipping cutting that out every single time so every good we got a new enemy type this is the work as opposed to the goblins although I might give this name slightly wrong I don't think they ever tell you the names in this game so that's one on them that's a goblin and the bigger fatter guy that you're about to see is called the orc and trust me if I make this game look well I still think I'm going to get hurt big time but if I make this game look any slightly doable the first time I play this game I save in mid combat many times you can save in mid combat is absolutely reject but I really felt like I needed to but luckily the first time I saved was actually just when I just described it so you can get torches and light them and be able to see further and hey buddy would you like a torch to play with who can that burn bring it on