Liberals are FAR MORE LIKELY to be Diagnosed With Mental Illness According to New Survey


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according to a new study people who identify as quote left-wing are far more likely to have been diagnosed with a mental illness some of the mental illnesses include borderline personality disorder severe depression bipolar disorder and schizophrenia now we're gonna talk a little bit about this story and about this study and survey but I also want to talk about parental Happiness who is more happy the parent that is married with children the parent that is married without children the non married parent with children or the couple that has no children at all or the single person as a matter of fact we're going to talk a little bit about statistics from Pew Research on that as well as who is happier actively religious people or irreligious people we're gonna get to all of that and more but before we do I just want to remind you to check out the link in the description below and go to either water with Vincent comm or prepare with Vincent comm at water with Vincent comm you can get $100 off of an Alexa pure pearl water filtration system filters up to five thousand gallons of water removes 200 plus contaminants including fluoride and pesticides viruses and bacteria at prepare with Vincent comm you can get $60 off of a two-week emergency dry food supply or $100 off of a four week emergency dry food supply this dry food supply has a 25 year shelf life and you get 16 food varieties in the four week supply the for work supply is actually cheaper than a four week supply of food at your average grocery outlets so if you're thinking about stocking up on food or water filtration just in case because you need them both do it through my patron supply do it through this channel it helps this channel out tremendously both links are in the description below prepare with Vincent comm and water with Vincent comm so let's get to this survey survey finds that people who identify as left-wing are more likely to have been die host with a mental illness it says a new survey of more than 8,000 people has found that those who identify with left-wing political beliefs are more likely to have been diagnosed with a mental illness carried out by Slate star codex the online survey collected a wealth of data from respondents about their education demographic lifestyle and political views the results show that people who occupy the farther left end of the political spectrum are more likely to have been formally diagnosed with depression borderline personality disorder bipolar disorder or schizophrenia now I really want to touch on the borderline of personality disorder or personality disorders in general because if we actually look at what dr. Rae Blanchard says the top trans researcher in the country or what for instance Walt higher has said in the past he is a man that regrets his decision to transition and has D transitioned I've had him on this channel before for a discussion for an interview they both agree that a lot of the people who identify as trans which seems to be increasing lately especially with rapid onset gender dysphoria a lot of them actually this particular dysphoria originates as a personality disorder and if we look at personality disorders and we look at the rate the in the inclining rate of personality disorders diagnosed personality disorders in the country obviously there's at least a direct correlation there when we talk about originating as a personality disorder and then progressing into gender dysphoria this is something that I really wanted to highlight because this was something that was really focused on in my discussion with Walt higher on this channel a few months ago you can find this if you just google if you just searched his name Walt higher on the YouTube channel in my videos in this channel you'll be able to find that discussion you'll be able to watch that discussion now I want to show you the results of this particular poll here let me go ahead and put this up on the screen but you can see economic left economic right and you can see the left are far more likely the political left the people who identifies politically left are far more likely to have been diagnosed with a mental illness now this is not to say that all left-wing people are mentally ill or no right-wing people are mentally ill I think that this obviously this is disproven but as far as the averages are concerned it seems like people who identify as left-wing are far more likely to have had to have been diagnosed with a mental illness now it says in addition the results show that the highest percentage of respondents 38% to admit being diagnosed with forms of mental illness also identify politically as market Marxists so the ones who 38% to admit being diagnosed with these forms of mental illness is bipolar disorder borderline personality disorder severe depression schizophrenia even also identify as Marxists in comparison just 12.1 percent of conservatives say that they've been diagnosed with a mental disorder and you can see the results here from this particular survey Marxists 38 percent now I want to throw in their religious beliefs our religious people happier healthier our new global study explores this question and this is according to Pew Research here and if we read a little bit from this it says actively religious people are more likely than their less religious peers to describe themselves as very happy and about half of the countries surveyed sometimes the gaps are striking in the US for instance 36% of the actively religious described themselves as very happy compared with 20% of the in actively religious and 25% of the unaffiliated notable happiness gaps among these groups also exist in Japan Australia and Germany now this is one direct correlation that we can make right we're seeing deaths of despair increase while religiosity in this country decreases a lot of people make the mistake of declaring this an economic problem but it's not just an economic problem it has a lot to do with social values as well when we look at religiosity free-falling effectively in this country we look at depths of despair inclining and then we see that actively religious people are far more happier than their irreligious counterparts obviously there is a direct link that we can draw from that outside of this we look at parents right Parenthood replacement birthrate where we have been below replacement birthrate for quite some time people are getting married less people are getting divorced more both of these things by the way religiosity and divorce are also directly linked at least to pornography usage we see pornography usage going up we see religiosity going down we also see divorce going up and according to scientific studies that I have seen a pornography usage poor not watching pornography is directly correlated to the decline in religiosity and also the increase in divorce and the decline in marriage rates now it's not the only thing I'm just saying that there's direct correlation there a November 2012 Pew Research survey found that among married adults 36 percent of those with children and 39 percent of those with no children were very happy with their life by contrast 23 percent of non married adults with children and 22 percent of non married childless adults said that they were very happy single parents were more likely than any other group to say that they were not too happy with their life so it seems to be the case according to this Pew Research study and other studies that I have seen that married adults with children who are even religious if we add that aspect into it are the most happy people in the United States of America and actually across all countries because this pure research study as far as religiosity is concerned is across multiple countries from European countries to even third-world countries it goes on it says people who attend religious services at least monthly are more likely than nuns to join other types of non-religious organizations such as charities and clubs so we're talking about the civic engagement of actively religious people being far higher than the civic engagement of irreligious people now when we look at people with kids - this is also something that I wanted to touch on when we look a lot of at a lot of these sort of left-wing 49 year-old women online single a lot of them even openly admit sometimes if you pay attention to some of their tweets and I know I realize that this is anecdotal but there are studies that back this up a lot of them are extremely unhappy and have severe depression sometimes other disorders as well as their mental disorders because they have missed their time to have children and they regret spending so much time at work and trying to become the independent strong woman making more money than my male counterparts right this is sort of the focus of society nowadays right this gender equality switching the roles of the male and female now if we look at this article here that actually quotes the Pew Research study that I went over with you today it says that people who follow a religion through active participation that's the key word active participation the key words in congregations tend to be happier according to a new study the study by Pew Research Center and nonpartisan fact Inc compared the lives of religious people and non-religious people by analyzing survey data for more than two dozen countries including the United States and Mexico in multiple European countries as well now the keywords there are actively religious actively religious active participation now I can attest to this when we started going to church on a regular basis me my wife and three kids when we started going to church on the regular basis when we started to have our children engage and first communion classes things like this now my daughter's already received their community my son's going through the class right now it takes about two years and we started to do that we found that we were much happier at least I did for sure we look forward to going to church we look forward as a family event we look forward as being at in to being active in the church in to being active in other things that are connected to the church as well when we talk about civic engagement things like this we would look forward to going out to lunch after church as well every week I can certainly attest to this I can say that this is true we certainly are happier today that we're going to church on a regular basis that we're getting on our knees at night before we go to bed and praying that we're praying together that we're doing rosary why my wife does a rosary walk every single day almost where she walks around the block and prays the rosary sometimes I participate with her but certainly happier than when we were not going to church also certainly happier now that I have a family I have a wife I have three children then I was when I was a single person I can definitely say that I am happier today with a family than I was before and women are much more happier with children than the women who are who missed their time who have no eggs as the meme is popular the popular meme that has been going around says so that's what I have for you on religiosity happiness Parenthood the survey that finds people who identify as politically left being much more likely to have been diagnosed with extreme chaotic mental illnesses some extreme some maybe not so extreme Marxists especially which is probably not a surprise to a lot of you it is God who arms me with strength and keeps MOT my way secure he makes me he makes my feet like the feet of a deer 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