Liverpool Possess The Best Team Spine Beating Man City Barcelona Real Madrid Juventus And

welcome to the news bot Network we give voice to interesting stories from around the web no copyright infringement is intended and you can find links to the source material below here's the story if there's one phrase in football parlance which can best assess the quality of a team's first sigh it's the spine by its nature the term refers to stability through key areas of the team from the goalkeeper through to the forward and it points to players cemented to the team sheet there's flexibility in terms of the types of players who inhabit the spine but for most clubs the four components are obvious to see if you want to gauge the trophy potential of the major players then look at their spine if the pillars are in place decoration is all that's needed to complement but which team has the strongest spine Liverpool goalkeeper equals a listen defender equals Vergil bandage midfielder equals four binho forward equals Roberto Firmino Liverpool loaded the market price for two positions in putting their spine together by breaking world record fees for a defender in goalkeeper money well spent though as Virgil van didn't - listen have emerged as the world's premier talents in their respective positions both are shielded by one of the best ball winners in the game in the form of a binho while his Brazilian counterpart Roberto Firmino is not just a unique no.9 but a perfect fit for the way Jurgen Klopp side play for Minos undetected movement in between the lines energetic pressing ability stylish passes and sharp finishing have given him a reputation among the very best Liverpool spine is reflective of a team who are the current European and world champions soon-to-be Premier League Kings as well there's no fault to be found in their Spiner form spine strength equals 9/10 Manchester City goalkeeper equals eaters and defender equals America Laporte midfielder equals Kevin de Bruyne forward equals Sergio agüero no world records broken here but City have been super smart with their acquisitions in key positions spending a premium for premium players Peterson is a supreme passing goalkeeper and although he falls short of a listen in terms of decision-making and shot stopping the Brazilian remains an outstanding no.1 Laporte is comfortably in the top three for centre backs and as has been witnessed this season through his injury absence the Frenchman's presence is absolutely to city then there is de bruyne the most creative player from Europe's top five leagues this season leading for both assists and key passes he's footballs Einstein manipulating space and weighs us mere mortals couldn't even see until it's been done oh and there's also a Garrow in the spearhead the Premier League's greatest ever foreign goalscorer enough said spine strength equals eight point five ten Barcelona goalkeeper equals mark Andre tersteeg and defender equals Gerard piqué midfielder equals Frankie that John forward equals Lionel Messi the goat in his herd Lionel Messi is the creator and chief goal scorer for Barcelona so even though technically Luis Suarez is the tip of the attack in truth it's Messi who leads the side his position isn't exactly tied to one place on the pitch but the site is built around allowing this flexibility for the Argentine after all it's Messi behind the club captain is de Jong who is obviously very talented but hasn't quite replicated his best form at Ajax in Spain just yet plenty of time of course but regardless he is still one of the most press resistant players on the planet there is weakness at centre back as Peaks physical decline perhaps focus on projects outside of football too has led to instability at the back even keeper tirsty Djem who was widely considered to be appeared to Janna Black has endured error-prone displays this season Niklas Sewell is out until the summer with an ACL injury which rules him out of examination here Lukas Hernandez's ankle injury has kept him on the sidelines for the last three months meaning boating a player they've actively tried to sell his their chief centre-back option there's a reason why Byron want to offload and the 31 year olds frailties is a major bone breaker for their spine newer is very much in the final phase of his distinguished career but up front Lewandowski has shown age is just a number with his digits all about goals in thiagão Bayern possess Europe's best passer of the ball significantly increasing the quality of their core in comparison to the rest it's clearly weaker spine strength equals 7/10 PSG goalkeeper equals keel or novice defender equals tiago silva midfielder equals Marco Verratti forward equals Killian BAP money doesn't buy everything but in football it certainly does purchase a mighty strong spine what are your thoughts on this story comment below links to the source material social media pages in our official website can be found in the description below thanks for watching and have a great day