Loneliness A short sad film about sadness and suicide MUST WATCH




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friendship what's the meaning of friendship is it someone you had it on Facebook follow on Instagram talk to on snapchat we check our phones regularly and everyone is in competition who can get the most likes Youth comments followers this is satisfaction this is popularity this is fake you're fake your likes are fake your views your comments you're losing touch with what's important and what's not ironic huh I have a long friends list but I'm friendless [Music] [Music] I don't know man I'm kind of nervous about graduating college man don't worry about it man everything's gonna turn out for please God that just like your grades we sometimes think we want to disappear but all we really want still be found noticed loved wanted something anything isn't it sad when you get hurt so much you can finally say I'm used to it [Music] it just takes one phone call one conversation just asked me how my day was [Music] [Music] it seems like everyone's just pretending to care those likes those comments they mean nothing [Music] I mean nothing [Music] please leave your message for three one zero seven four five seven eight five one hey I just wanted to leave you a message let you know how much you mean to me thank you for everything this feeling is feeling in my chest it's eating me away and I can't take it anymore I can't help but pity myself when I look in the mirror sometimes I feel like I have little to live so what is a friend it's not only about being there when it's convenient it's about being there when it's not [Music] hello [Music] I'm tired of getting that hopes up for things that I know will never happen [Music] [Music] hey remember that time we were swinging and you fell off and hit your head really hard no I don't remember that good what do you think he did it did you know him [Music] [Applause] Hey Hey hey are you okay been sitting here for quite a while can I sit down [Music] I'm gonna push you you're gonna push me [Music]