MILO Rory Ferreira Interview A Fistful of Vinyl Catch One

[Music] I'm Alex this is at this point of aisle I'm sitting here with Rory the artist behind Milo and scallops hotel these are you I'm awesome I just got to record you it's been going on for a while so I'm psyched so thanks for sitting down for an interview I kind of want to go on I read a ton of interviews before you get into this I did my best to like come up with like fresh perspective questions and one of the things that I noticed that kind of came up a lot of your interviews not just seems like very prominent your music is this idea of like rational philosophers particularly ones that were concerned with free will and I wanted to come in hot ask me this free will exist deal with outside of that not really because I have that composition definitely you have the illusionists although if we have something that emulates free will and at least convinces us for charge of our actions as far as anyone is concerned that's like one of those questions that really I love okay it doesn't matter kinda seems like the bigger question I mean it matters but since this is an illusion I can kind of just you say yeah it seems like I'm in control works just as well as my image oh so as far as like rational philosophy you find it like that idea of free will influences your musical honor you feel like there's kind of other principles that you've been there that come out more prominently I don't know your actual philosophy isn't even a phrase I'm not I'm not using that vocabulary limits me so I'd say about maybe four years ago I sort of jettisoned a lot of that which it beggars something that's more I guess like continent Mystikal so I think the missus saw how this that how do you like that contributes to your lyrics insofar as the Iowa project into a lesser degree this job so to the whole fight at this point how the enquiries in their shamanism yeah or like you should know just trying to continue a traditional altering reality was living something I've always been kind of interested in the idea of a personal philosophy influencing music do you find you've had many like self discoveries or maybe previously undiscovered philosophies have come out in pursuit of writing music for sure in for a while I think our thumb user just making before that but now I think why is it more it's like a medicine okay I'm less interested in so just music is versatile just expression and mostly trying to get to positive I'm gonna change late to your image it also seems like well part of the distinction that I understand between Maya and scallops hotel is Lori Milo is aligned is really collaborative projects couch Hotel is kind of discretion the DIY because yeah that's good and that's something we've got a lot of experience rigs doing a lot of like a little punk bands bands are like traveled by train and set up their own shows on street corners and that kind of thing what do you feel like is important about maintaining like a DIY ethos in your music humbling is it resourceful what parts of that you carry with you everyday life to me I don't even really recipe phrase DIY I don't know any of them ever say my history my family's history my key participant is one of just associate the genre operating on the hip-hop it's like it's not a conscious effort I just need it's all part of that Scouts hotel it's taking that today my lamb is still alive and I forgot people asking about whether Milo's coming yeah behind that I just lied about a year ago that I was kinda over the heart in the archive it started it's like most successful question we're here and now you're in a movie yeah and pretty just write the new and help by Andrea you're kind of a student of people there are a lot of rappers and that and that group I've more seniority you learn from do you feel like you kind of take it on the master role [Music] be honest that is all between me and Betsy and their government [Music] [Applause] where we can you be okay yes this is going to be very Mike [Applause] [Music] you have some reference to see Yoshimitsu yeah in your music yeah so come from Tekken or Soul Calibur so go there so caliber to that that oh man all right rockin it I think so I've really appreciated the way they'd like you to kind of use words and it makes me curious about how you look at them well you what do you do how do you feel when you like discover a new word but through what lens do interpretive so there's a painter named Jack with abstract expressionist yeah he talks about like the unit a lot and so okay if it's like language maps the human reality what is the unit of the human so that's how I feel about words it's the particle it's the atom it's the pixel as to whatever I find a new word I feel a bit my shit is more HD interesting better for the other that wins dope you should check him out he has a book called notes women widget he's a lifelong pain in live do you like I think 79 ropes to do notes its whole life my last three years of living maybe like a student in the public are there are more words of other artists head that have inspired you are there any songs that you you've heard and felt like you know you would like to have written that not really but I like a lot of songs I never felt like I wish I'd written there you ever feel like you would have written something differently definitely I think that all the time and in fact a lot of my songs that come from that place and just like ah that's appropriate but even I don't know I say the last two years I probably don't even think about what as long as you yeah I don't even like that I don't like that line of thinking I guess I don't know as I get older I just I'm attracted more and more to attraction feels like where the work is done in art I don't want to make jingles I don't want to make commercials I don't wanna make branded content to do any of it shit so it's like what can I do I can abstract them burning deeper in it seems like you're not very concerned with getting misinterpreted or that's a job this interpretation is the job to be an artist in guarantee and you are not going to understand so why not open Marsh it up to a number meaning that's when a person comes up to me and tells me what they think the line that's about I like them more than when someone asks me because I think each opinion carries a similar weight on this it's really cool that you say there's a okay so there's another artist we interviewed this dude William Tyler he's a purely instrumental artist he's the only other person I've heard say that other people's interpretation of his music is equally valid as his own well I'm I feel that way because I don't think any artist at what point does that stop being yours completely everyone needs me Oh laughs kind of Australian for nine it's good for being student yeah I highly recommend no so part of my rationale as well turban yeah Bourbons cool weird no I just feel like I owe you a beer for being so accommodating oh man I gotta go sandwich before miss um you mentioned in your interviews the importance of live performance as far as like experiencing music but it's another thing to see that person yeah and whatever that means by playing the song there's an energy transfer oh there's a coding just seeing how light affects music is important obviously plays fully sensory experience yeah yeah well I want to do uh I want to do kind of a thing we do every every interview is the d20 know your list of questions that kind of could just be asked of anybody you know so if you give that a roll I got a list of questions if you just want to drop it right on the floor here and good to know you oh okay that's an you know so that's a one that's a crit fail all right so I do why not here is okay all right I'm not gonna pull the punch so this list has a bunch of questions like just about being human like what's the worst date you've ever been on what's your spirit animal and why what's a hidden talent of yours what's your go-to karaoke song one is what question should I add to this list what should I start asking people should you start at I'm actually really happy you got to 190 oh he didn't ask me anything about my client techniques as not what like what is the point of my heart I think that very question that some nightcast I think the mini shy to engage an artist about well I actually do have a question behind that that's if you could change one thing about the world or about humanity or even just about a person with your music what do you think I would be if I could change one thing well that's like 30 different nations humanity or a person is so different it's good does your so in regards to your mission does it scale is it more about the individual or the planet in regards to my mission I guess it is about an individual because I'm very interested in securing the future of my key as it relates to humanity I would love to be able to make people feel the same the same as you or the same as one another it's just the same I feel like for my music a lot of times people are often surprised yeah it's just useful nice kami from our people for sure talked about having a kid tell me about the influence that that's had on your music and I'm sure from a monitoring perspective it's about like you said securing a future for anything has that other influence well with my music your Rivia yeah I mean my genome my who I am I was raised like my family over the attacks so that's just more appreciated even my life music and their talents if anything just recognized em there's a time where every single person walking couldn't hold their head up physically I don't know if you have a kid but that's some crazy shit I can watch somebody and you watch them give themselves a walk and no one dare to get big and they beat people up and one time they couldn't hold a fuckin echoes my just again it makes me way more appreciative of the people in my life because somebody raised them to be that way getting along and things are re now I want to make sure I can do that with somebody raise them correctly so people would think when you your sandwich so let's end this with what what do you listen to right now and who should we be paying attention to that may be attention yet I've been listening to [Music] from my favorite living artist all right I danced enough check it out man yeah George Jamell joke she's unparalleled really really in fact what we were talking about devoting empathy in people she might be the best man thanks very much for the interview I really appreciate it thanks for being so flexible estar we ended up in an audio Plaza and I said yeah this is great uh my own brewery thanks for being on the Fistful of vinyl and I've like subscribe or something we're cutting yeah keep it genuine [Music] [Music] yeah this is kind of our own to get my first project we throw a stencil out here [Music] [Music] it's like 20% watery this yes we had everything lecture was different men they'll treat you to like the Deckard 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