Make Ringtone for iPhone using iTunes 2017 in 3 easy steps


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Hello Frends! Welcome back to AppleFrendly. Today I'll show you how you can make ringtones in iTunes with 3 easy steps. First we will change the song length, then we will create AAC version and then we will rename the song. So without further ado, let's get started. I'm going to show the procedure using windows PC but even if you are using a Mac, the procedure is going to remain same. So, let's begin. First up, open your iTunes application on your computer or Mac. Now go to the top left corner and tap this dropdown. You'll have many options here. Make sure that 'Music' is selected. Now there are different options from where you can select the song to make a ringtone. Like you can tap 'Recently Added' section, and you can find recently played songs here. You can select a song from this list. Or you can tap on 'Artists' and select a song based on different artists. Or you can tap on 'Albums' and select a song from albums here. Now, I'll tap on 'Songs' here, and I'll select the first song. Now what I have to do is, I'll just right click the song, and here, you have to select 'Get Info'. Now a pop-up menu appears. From this menu, you have to click on 'Options'. Now, as you can see here, there is a Start and Stop Time of the song. Now, we have to change it. So we have to make sure that the total length of the song is '30 Seconds' or less than 30 seconds which is required for creating ringtones and if the length of the song is more than 30 seconds, the method will not work because Apple doesn't allow ringtones of more than 30 seconds. So, let's change it. So to do that, first mark this checkbox. Now, change the 'Start Time'. Let me put it as '5 Seconds'. And now, I'll change the 'Stop Time'. As I said earlier, we have to make it upto '30 Seconds' only, so I'll add 30 seconds to 5 seconds and that is '35 Seconds'. So my stop time would be '35 Seconds'. And finally, I'll mark this checkbox. This completes our first step. As you can see here, I have taken this timings just for a demo purpose, you can select your favourite 30 seconds of the song to make it as a ringtone. Now, I'll select 'OK' and close this pop-up. Now, let's move onto our new step and that is 'Creating AAC Version' of the song. If you are using earlier version of the iTunes, you just have to right click the song and you'll find the option to 'Create AAC Version' of the song right there. But in the new version of the iTunes, it is moved onto some other location. So now, go to top left corner, select 'File', select 'Convert',and there, at the right side, you have an option to 'Create an AAC Version'. Just tap on it. Now, as we see here, it is creating an AAC version of the song. Now as you see here, new AAC version of the song has been created with 30 seconds of total length. This completes our step number 2 and now let's move onto step number 3 where we will 'Rename the Song'. And to do that, just right click the song, and select 'Show in Windows Explorer'. Now if you are using a Mac, there would be an option which says, 'Show in Finder', just tap on it. Now as you can see here, it is a new song with .m4a extension. Now we have to rename it to .m4r to convert it to a Ringtone. So let's rename it. Now after renaming it, it will give you a warning. We don't have to worry about this warning, we just have to select 'Yes'. So, just select 'Yes'. That's it. Our Ringtone is ready. This completes our step number 3. Now we just have to sync it with iTunes. So go to iTunes, select that dropdown and now you have to select 'Tones'. And now go to your 'Windows Explorer' again and we just have to drag this file to iTunes. So, let me just resize the window for ease. Now, you just have to drag this ringtone into iTunes. Just hold it and drag it into the iTunes. That's it. Now let me just close this window. Now your new Ringtone is available to sync with your iPhone. So just connect your iPhone to your computer or Mac and sync. So let me show you this new Ringtone in my iPhone after syncing with my computer. So let's open 'Settings', Scroll down and tap on 'Sounds' and again scroll down and select 'Ringtone'. So these are all my old ringtones which I had created using the same procedure and here is your new ringtone that we've just created using this procedure. You can also create ringtones on your iPhone directly using a 'GarageBand' app which is a free app in the App Store and the procedure is given in the description below. So that's it for this video guys. Hope it helps you. Thank you for watching. Give this video a thumbs up if you liked the video. So Subscribe, Stay tuned and keep the Notifications ON for my next videos. Thank you.