Mega Disasters The Bali Bombing

October 2002 hundreds of young tourists enjoy a tropical island resort then massive explosions ripped through the pack nightclub the bombings claimed 202 lives it's the worst act of terror since 911 now using advanced computer simulation we reveal exactly what happened in the Bali bombings behind every disaster lies a chain of critical events that decides who lives and who dies unravel the faithful moments in those final seconds from disaster Southeast Asia Indonesia the island of Bali Bali strop achill breezes blow in vacationers from all over the world the warm Balinese welcome is legendary it's the number one holiday destination for Australians reached by a three-hour hop across the Indian Ocean from their west coast October 12 2002 another perfect day dawns in this tropical paradise October is one of Bali's busiest months and most tourists head for its biggest resort kuta beach three generations of the Kemp family arrived from Perth Australia 31 year-old Tracy Paul saved all here for this break and she's delighted to have a younger sister Melinda along Tracy's daughter five-year-old Brianna trims with excitement it's her first overseas trip and Grandma and Grandpa Kemp will be close by in the apartment next door the family deserves this special vacation four years ago Traci's husband Peter a police officer was killed on duty the tragedy left Tracy a little anxious about being away from home it was always in the back of my mind that you just always have to be careful no matter what you do wherever you go and especially going to a different country you don't know exactly you know what's going to happen Indonesia has the world's largest Muslim population with 210 million followers but on the island of Bali Hindus have number Muslims by almost 20 to 1 the two faiths have lived in harmony for centuries abdul-aziz alias Samudra performs his ritual cleansing for the first call to prayer he's a devout Muslim but his motives are far from the nonviolent teachings of the Islamic faith he's a homegrown Indonesian terrorist in Bali to command a group of fanatics intent on causing death and destruction 12 o'clock midday Perth Australia 20 young men from a local football team head out to Bali this is footage of their trip 25 year-old Benford Hesse and his teammates are looking forward to two weeks of sun sea and socialising 100 different labayda's basically all pump ready to guide as Ben and his friends arrive at Bally's International Airport at a rented house 11 kilometres away terrorist mastermind Samudra calls a strategy meeting the five men present a part of an Islamic terrorist network extending across Southeast Asia it's called Jemaah Islamiyah or ji and hundreds of its members have been trained by al-qaeda in 2001 al-qaeda moved several of its training camps from Afghanistan to secret locations across Indonesia their Academy of terror produced a new generation of Indonesian recruits they've been linked to a series of bombings and attacks in the region killing dozens of people 7:30 p.m. Saturday night and sisters Traci and Melinda are looking forward to an evening of fun their parents volunteer to look after Brianna when Traci's husband died melinda immediately moved in with her to help raise the little girl the sisters are inseparable we did become best friends which was awesome she became very much someone that I depended on nearly every day there's little Brianna sleeps so mudras terrorists prepare their deadly weapons tonight they'll bring al Qaeda's global jihad to Western tourists in Bali they plan a symbolic explosion outside the US consulate northeast of kuta beach but their main bombing targets a too popular night spots Paddy's bar and the sari club on legian Street they load a white Mitsubishi van with one ton of explosives 9:30 p.m. as the sun goes down kuta beach lights up with neon as the club scene comes to light at the heart of the action is the resorts buzzing central strip legian street it's where sister's Melinda and Tracy are heading for their girls night house but it's the terrorists destination 2/3 of them drive the explosive packed van south towards kuta beach Melinda and Tracy arrived at one of Legian Suites most popular hot spots the sorry Clark it's already hoppy nearly 350 young men and women mostly Australians crammed inside 10:52 p.m. the terrorists leave the northern suburbs and enter kuta beach resort they have to drive slowly the man is weighed down with its deadly cargo the Australian footballers roll up with the sorry club 25 year old Ben Chloe she is ready for his first taste of Bali's Nightline they park themselves at the bar and start drinking 11:01 p.m. the terrorist white man reaches legian screen the three men each have an assigned task one of the men jumps on the back of a motorbike his mission to detonate the bomb outside the US consulate inside the saree club Tracy and Melinda have had a great night but Tracy is anxious to get back to daughter Brianna I kept saying we really need to get going because I had said oh we wouldn't be out too late now the explosive packed van stops right outside the saree club a second terrorist jumps out and heads for his target Patty's bath he makes his way inside through the crowd of Western tourists across the road in the sorry clubbin melinda persuades tracy to stay for one more song outside the van is creating a traffic jam along the one-way street but the driver isn't going anywhere then suddenly a terrifying explosion ripped through legian Street inside the saree club nobody is hurt some people even think the noise is some sort of celebration I just thought it was a beautiful works how happy we all were and and excited that we were you know you never thought anything bad could happen but sisters Tracy and Melinda are in an open-air part of the club they can see a column of smoke rising from Paddy's bar across the street dozens of people spill out of the club onto legian Street to see what's going on it brings them even closer to the explosive filled ban still parked in the street outside people partying in the saree club in Bally's kuta beach resort here a huge bang outside many of them flock onto legian street to see what's happened it brings them within meters of the terrorists explosive packed white Mitsubishi van fifteen seconds after the first blast a secondly colossal explosion rips through legian Street it kills dozens outside an inside the sorry Club instantly within seconds a raging inferno traps hundreds flames also engulf victims trapped in vehicles caught in the traffic jam home video footage catches the chaos as frantic bystanders run to escaped exploding fuel tanks add to the panic inside the club at the party atmosphere is transformed into a scene of carnage and devastation survivors desperately search for a way out of the plains and choking smoke 31 year old widowed mother Traci ball is buried under a stack of rubble she feels people walking over her as they rush to escape the inferno desperately Traci Dix herself out of the debris but there's no sign of a younger sister Melinda she was nowhere to be saying and there was just fire and screaming from all directions so at the same time I'm screaming I have to find you I can't find you football a bento Hesse the fine she can't move heavy timber beams and a tree pinned him to the ground the facts proof about the Pink's at the buzzer collapse on top of you Ben drags himself out from under the rubble and starts the search for his teammates amidst the carnage the first thing that was gone from a hen's had been upon the boys was looking around for any sign of law been can't find them but instead of trying to escape the blaze he starts to help other people outside it looks like a war zone fierce fires spread through Lady Anne Street buildings are ablaze over an area a hundred and twenty meters wide burned and main survivors lurched out at the devastated buildings many local people rushed to help survivors one of the first on the scene is kuta beach traffic chief our Gustave Bam bang sale yeah but I saw dozens of victims exiting and running outside of the club away from the engulfed in flames some were shouting saying it's so hot it's so hot please help us get to a hospital quickly no I threw my sake BAM bang orchestrates rescue efforts to help the victims among those killed and injured in the blast dozens of his fellow Balinese that's how yeah there were not only foreign tourists but also local people from Denpasar who came to cooter for the weekend inside the saree club footballer Benoit Hetty is also helping the engine he leads two survivors to the only area of the blazing Club that looks free of flames but he finds that a four and a half meter high wall blocks that path he summons all his strength and starts the heave people to safety it's amazing what a human body can do in time of need while survivors head for the only part of the club not in flames 31 year old widowed mother Tracy is still desperately searching for her missing sister Melinda those flames rain down from the burning roof Tracy thinks of her five-year-old daughter Brianna and realizes she must make a terrible choice does she continue to search for her sister and best friend Melinda or escape while she still can what if I get out and she's here waiting for me to find her and she burns to death how do I tell mom and dad that I left her behind but then I thought what will mom and dad tell Brianna when I don't come back she makes her decision Tracy heads for the club South Side a war has been shattered by the blast but it's still 2 meters high thinking fast she finds a beam to use as a makeshift ladder and clambers to the top of the tunisia high for she escapes the blaze just as it engulfed the area behind Tracy makes it as far as the curb outside the block all around her rescuers struggle to help people omit the counts then emerging out of the mayhem of Legian Street Tracy's father appears he heard the blast from the apartment and raced to the club to look for his daughters my dad came and found me and said Tracy oh my god where's Melinda her father's unexpected appearance gives Tracy new hope perhaps he can find Melinda but many people are still inside the burning sari club one of them is footballer Ben Chloe these hebes countless people up the north wall to waiting hands and safety Ben doesn't know whether all his teammates made it out but the heat is now unbearable he has to go but there's no one left to help him he must get over the four and a half meter high wall on his own because the fire was coming out but quickly you know that if you miss it you know you're gone it's Ben's only hope he summons all his strength and jumps somehow Ben reaches the top and scrambles over 31 year old widowed mother Tracy waits for her father to return with word of sister Melinda after five minutes her dad comes back but it's bad news I wasn't prepared for him to not come back with her I was expecting him to come back you know have you know her hand in his hand and saying here's Tracy say everything's okay 1 a.m. nearly 2 hours since the blast the disaster overwhelms the emergency services over 300 injured survivors must make their way to local hospitals and clinics any way they can in cars vans even on the back of motorcyclists Tracy ends up in a tiny local hospital she suffered third-degree burns mostly to her back she's alive but needs urgent surgery despite staying in the blazing Club to help people then fo Hesse escapes with only minor burns hundreds of people are missing among them Tracy's 25 year old sister Melinda the distraught father Ron Kemp scours every clinic and hospital in Kuta Beach but he's losing hope by 3:00 a.m. ambulances arrived with the last of the survivors but he still has no news of his daughter Melinda many of those listed as missing are now confirmed dead the search takes into a small private hospital there he finds Melinda she's alive the blast knocked her out and she has no idea how she escapes the club miraculously she only has minor injuries 5:00 a.m. as Tracy is wheeled out of surgery the sisters are finally reunited they looks over to me and she was just into that oh my god you're okay I kind of feel it's it's not really weird sad just looks even now it makes me cry because I just I could then relax and realize that everything is gonna be okay the next day Tracy's five-year-old daughter Briana insists on visiting her mother and aunt in hospital she was so brave and under crying but at the same time saying mommy I love you in even your parent I still think you're beautiful and that was the first thing she said to me over the next three days Indonesian rescuers continue to pull bodies from the rubble the death count eventually reaches 202 victims come from 22 different countries but Australia is hit hardest of all with 88 dead three days later when Clah Hesse and his surviving teammates returned to Perth Australian of the twenty young men who flew out only 13 are going home alive the remains of the other seven will be returned to their families news of the disaster shocks the world mysterious deadly bombings tonight in Indonesia at least 50 people have been killed tonight many of them tourists the largest number of foreigners killed and injured in the Bali attacks were Australian it's been just 13 months since 9/11 many suspect that this is the work of al-qaeda but why is the peaceful island of Bali a target investigators must sift through the debris to discover who are the killers that brought hell to this heaven on earth now by rewinding the events of that fateful day and by going deep into the investigation we can reveal what really happened that night in Bali advanced computer simulation will take us where no camera can go into the heart of the disaster zone a new day reveals the extent of the devastation the damaged zone stretches across 28 hectares the Indonesian National Police appoints general email pass tika as its chief investigator but mastica knows that he has neither the manpower nor the forensic experience to investigate a disaster on this scale we understand and realize now that our technology is very far left behind mastic returns to the Australian Federal Police or AFP in Canberra for help the Force puts forward AFP veteran Graham Ashton as joint investigative within 24 hours Ashton and his team of 140 experts and four bali senior forensic chemists David Royce flies out for the team also on board the plane as several people desperate for news of their loved ones you know you're full of anticipation nervous you're excited and you're with a team and you really feel fired up and suddenly you realize then at the front of the plane there's two or three other people and there are actually relatives going over to search for their children this is a really emotional experience as the Indonesian and Australian teams swing into action they have no clues as to who caused the explosions but detectives based at Baris police HQ soon get their first lead a report from the US consulate 11 kilometres northeast of Legian streets the consul claims he heard firecrackers going off less than a minute after the legian Street blast but what the forensic team find in front of the building tells a more sinister story a wrecked stretch of curb and the remains of a mobile phone both test positive for the high explosive TNT the evidence suggests a small device remotely detonated by firm Western consulates and embassies are a favored target of terrorists investigators believe that this has all the hallmarks of a deliberate terrorist attack its aim not to kill but to tell the world that the explosions in Bali's nightclubs are a new front in the terror war against the West eyewitness reports revealed that as well as the US consulate bomb there were two explosions in legian Street a smaller one inside a night spot called Paddy's bar and one outside the sari clock the investigation team start to comb the 28 hectare blast zone for evidence that might lead to the killers it's a monumental task even the tiniest piece of debris might provide the crucial lead it could take months and after just two weeks there's a major setback local officials are in a tough spot they're under pressure from Kuta beaches predominantly in new residents to clear the blast site these local Hindus believe that the ghosts of blast victims caught the area they want to hold a ceremony to purify the site and release the troubled spirits of the Dead but it means scooping up all the rubble and casting it into the sea the officials tell the Australian and Indonesian investigators their time is up bulldozers are wanting to to clean the street up and so if you want to get any more samples you've got you know two hours clearing the blast turn will destroy crucial evidence if the investigators can't stop the bulldozers the murderers of 202 innocent holiday makers and Balinese might never be caught behind the scenes Indonesian and Australian investigators alike negotiate for more time they argue that Bali's biggest industry tourism is at stake catching the people is as important as clearing this crime scene because if we don't catch them to respond come back after a day of argument they finally strike a deal the investigators get just two more weeks to scour the site for clues after that the bulldozers will be back it's an enormous task the 28 hectare blast zone is strewn with tons of debris now the team have just 14 days to complete a task that would normally take months meanwhile detectives interview hundreds of eyewitnesses many claimed they saw a white Mitsubishi van parked outside the sorry club room just before the explosion it drew attention because it caused a huge traffic jam along the one-way legian street there's now a 60 centimeter deep crater where the van once stood and it's at the epicenter of the blast zone it's clear to investigators that a bomb inside the van destroyed the sorry Club but who owned the van to find out investigators need to locate the remains of the van itself it won't be easy the van would have been blown to bits in the blast and the explosions destroyed 19 vehicles and 32 motorbikes on legian Street forensic experts must examine thousands of twisted remains piece by piece then after four days of searching a team member makes a remarkable discovery across the street from the sari club is a two-story Bank on its roof he finds a piece of chassis one at a half meters long by analyzing the impact damage the experts can work out how far it was from the explosion the tests prove the piece of chassis is from the white bag the scientists scour every centimeter of it and find something stamped into the metal it could be the Vans registration number a crucial lead to its owner but it's completely illegible the terrorists filed down the number so that it couldn't be traced the team's first big find ends in disappointment we were thinking what to put in great head start if they've been stupid enough to leave the engine numbers on the on the chassis block so and we thought our they're not that stupid then well in fact to the hard slog again but the joint Indonesia and and Australian team refused to give up they try a different tack if they can discover what the bomb was made of they may be able to trace people who bought large quantities of the relevant chemicals they focus on the chemical fingerprints of the crime scene but there's a problem the explosions severed water mains so that any chemical residue was washed away down gutters and drains then firemen doused the area with high-pressure hoses investigators can't find any trace of suspicious chemicals then one of the team has a bright idea where else can we look creatively to try and find these samples so one of the guys really cleverly just looked up the blast could have blown chemicals hundreds of meters from the scene leaving traces way above ground level it may be their only hope of a lead on the bombs makeup the team races to swab the leaves of trees signposts even telephone lines within 60 meters of the explosion the forensic team painstakingly tests hundreds of samples we were analyzing as much as we could as fast as we could and we were getting negative results negative results negative results the heat is on in just 14 days the bulldozers will clear the site into the ocean the team tests over 2,000 samples then finally their persistence pays off a leaf from a tree inside the zone supplies a crucial clue it tests positive for potassium chlorate it's a commercially available chemical found in industrial cleaning material and it's a classic ingredient of a typical homemade terrorist bomb the team now knows what caused the blast the demolished the sorry club the terrorists detonated a bomb made of homemade explosive packed into the rear of a Mitsubishi l300 van it's a promising lead detectives on the team start to track the purchase and delivery paths of large quantities of potassium chlorine the hunt is on time is running out at the blast zone the forensic team need more evidence before the bulldozers return and they've only scratched the surface they must still find out what happened inside Paddy's bar where 20 people died eyewitnesses report a separate smaller explosion here seconds before the sorry Club blast the forensic team works day and night to search through the mountain of debris in the ruined Club then chief forensic scientist David roids spot something my eyes fell upon this little bit of copper wire are those no more than five centimeters long just jumped at me like that was my pure gold roids suspects that it could be part of a bomb planted by terrorists inside Paddy's bar he runs tests on it and finds traces of the high explosive TNT he concludes that it is a piece of bomb detonating wire to find the epicenter of the blast roids devises an ingenious experiment tracing back from the explosions impact points he creates a spiderweb of string where the strings intersect reveals the exact place where the bomb went off it's 1 meter off the ground it raises a disturbing possibility so this stage we started to think that this could well be a suicide bomber on the ceiling directly above the blast epicenter Lloyd's finds a cluster of human tissue he takes a batch of samples and conducts DNA tests the DNA all belongs to one person the team also finds fragments of fabric radiating out around the epicenter they're an exact match for fibers found on the detonating wire it's a huge breakthrough for the forensic team they now know exactly what killed 20 innocent people inside Patty's bar 11:07 p.m. a suicide bomber walks into Paddy's bar wearing a vest mined with TNT when he reaches the packed dance floor he hits the detonator it's the first suicide bombing in Southeast Asia since the Vietnam War investigators now know exactly what caused the three explosions on the night of October the 12th but they're no closer to catching the Bombers detectives have been unable to trace any bulk purchases of potassium flooring and there are no further leads on who owned the bomb band the hunt for the Bombers stores with the terrorists still at large people across Southeast Asia must face the prospect of further attacks but chief Indonesian investigator general ma pass tika refuses to admit defeat six days before the investigators deadline passed iike orders his team to re-examine the 1.5 meter section of chassis from the exploded man the terrorists covered their tracks by filing down the vehicles registration number but he hopes that perhaps some other clue was missed been passed iike a devout Hindu goes to a temple to pray for a breakthrough during his devotions he gets a call yeah it's one of these deputies the red team sitting there crying and itself that goes over general where are you are you're not in the office any so now I'm praying for the success of the investigation they said oh that you must be hitting the right back then general because I've just found a number on the chassis rails when the team re-examined the piece of chassis recovered from the bomb van they found a piece of metal four centimetres long welded onto it when they remove it they discover the vehicle identification number the terrorists picked the wrong country to buy that bomb vehicle they filed off the two usual identifying numbers but obviously didn't realize that commercial vehicles in Indonesia have a bird number stamped on the chassis one of the vans previous owners welded a support struts to the chassis that covered it up the terrorists didn't even know it was there it's an astonishing breakthrough investigators searched through vehicle records they quickly tracked down all seven previous owners of the van including the last person to buy it his name is M Rossi he's already known to authorities as a member of Jemaah Islamiyah a terrorist network links to al-qaeda am rosy is still at the address on the island of Java where the van is registered on November 5th 2002 Indonesian police arrest him Pam Rossy confesses and reveals what he felt when he first learned of the deaths and devastation the bombs inflicted I was very happy how can I describe it it was like when I was still a bachelor trying for a girl and you finally get to meet her it was that sort of excitement but this was even better within weeks police arrest several of M roses accomplices among them Samudra the mastermind behind the plot the men confess to the cold-blooded murder of 202 innocent people the arrests are a triumph for the joint investigation but disturbing questions need to be answered did Western intelligence agencies know that a major attack by an Rossi's group was imminent and did governments warn tourists in Bali that they were a target for terrorist attack the joint Australian and Indonesian investigation leads to the arrest of several of the barley vomits thirty-four Jamal is Lamia terrorists a tried and found guilty three are sentenced to death the rest received prison sentences their confessions allow the investigation team to put together the missing pieces of the puzzle it reveals what really happened on the night of the Bali bombings why terror came to paradise and left holidaymakers and local people seconds from disaster December 2001 a ji+ tip on the u.s. embassy in singapore is foiled by police a month later the group changes its strategy of targeting Western embassies now its followers will attack soft targets bars and clubs frequented by Western tourists eight months on in Bali chief plotter Samudra scouts four targets on legian street he chooses two of the most crowded tourist hangouts the sari club and Paddy's bar October 6th six days to disaster in the rented house in Denpasar the ji terrorists start making the sari Club bomb they pack the suicide bomber vest with one kilogram of TNT and make the device intended for the US consulate two hours to disaster the terrorists have loaded the Mitsubishi ban it now contains one ton of potassium chlorate mixture packed into 12 filing cabinets connected by detonating cord three minutes to disaster thirty meters from the sorry club al-e-imran get out of the van one minute to disaster the first suicide bomber a young indonesian known as ferry walks into Paddy's bar when he reaches the packed dance floor he hits the detonator just 15 seconds later a second suicide bomber 24 year old Arneson hits the switch on the van bomb forty seconds later the terrorists use a phone to detonate the device planted some three hours earlier outside the US consulate it announces to the world that the Bali bombings are an attack on America and its allies Australian tourists Melinda and Tracy were lucky to survive but back home in Perth they wonder how the unconscious Melinda escapes the blazing sorry my fingernails are in perfect condition I don't have any burns or lacerations or anything to my feet I wondered how did I get out the question spreads through Perth Australia who saved the girl in the pink dress word reaches 25 year old footballer Benoit Hesse he recalls helping an unconscious blonde girl over the wall and realizes it was Melinda he visits Melinda to tell her the story meeting Ben was just like meeting you know a saint he'd saved my life you know and it's it's so hard to describe you know how do you feel when you meet someone that saved your life many others owe their lives to the brave actions of traffic chief argos bam bam as a muslim he cannot understand how the terrorists could claim to act in the name of islam several Western governments including Australia admits to receiving intelligence before the bombings that ji was planning to attack Westerners in Southeast Asia the US and Australia issued warnings to its tourists to be cautious when traveling around the world but Australians who lost loved ones want to know why they weren't warned of the specific danger of travel to Indonesia an Australian Senate inquiry finds that the government should have warned its travelers that they might now be actively targeted thirty days after the bombings investigators keep their promise to hand over the crime scene to the Hindu community the ocean waves receive the spirits of the Dead the investigation of the Bali bombings accelerated intelligence gathering on Jamar islamia by an estimated three years the US Japan and Australia now work together to help Southeast Asian countries monitor and combat the continuing threats of terror in the region