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I'm Kotoko Aihara from Class F. Could you please read this? I don't want it. How could he turn Kotoko down? This is a challenge from him. It's okay. I'm over him. If you change your home, I'm sure your luck will change as well. Something good is goingto happen to you. Hold on. Hold on. Do you hear a strange sound? Hmm? A shooting star? Did it just get hit by a shooting star? This is Iri-chan's house. Unexpectedly... I, Kotoko Aihara, started living in the house of my father's best friend. But the house was... What's wrong, Kotoko? I apologize for the late introduction. It was the house of Naoki Irie, the boy I loved. Don't tell anyone that we live in the same house, got it? Don't ever talk to me at school. You don't have to be that mean... I hate girls with no brains. I'm so mad! I'm determined to make him feel sorry for what he said to me! [Mischievous Kiss] [Love in Tokyo] Episode 2 [The Introduction Exam to Love] My least favorite time of the year. This is a time schedule for the first semester's final exams. Quiet. Any questions? Yes! What is it, Aihara? Do you have a stomach ache? I have a question. Have you decided what is going to be on the English exam? Is it going to be up to Lesson 3 or Lesson 4? Everyone, be quiet. Let's go, let's go, let's go! What's wrong, Kotoko? This is so not like you. I can't forgive Naoki Irie. Wow. Well said. That's why I'm serious this time. I will beat Naoki Irie on these finals. What? You too? Think about it. Irie is always in first place. He gets the highest score in the whole country. You are no match for him. - That's right. - Right. Then I'll try to be on the bulletin board. I will have my name on the same paper where his name is written. That means you'll be in the top 100? No way! We're in Class F, you know. That's right. Stop talking nonsense and let's go eat something good! Let's go! No. People are always making history. I will be in the top 100 list and have my name on the bulletin board. I will change the history of Class F. I'm leaving. Goodbye. What happened to Kotoko? The food is here! Thank you so much! Let's eat! This peach is so soft. When it comes to food, I can trust you, Kin-chan. Only when it comes to food? Master, everyone loves it! - Thank you very much! - Thank you! This week's special, the Colombian coffee is so good. Kotoko should have come. I agree. She wants to be in the top 100 list. What happened to her? I wanted to ask you about that... She's been acting strange since she moved to her new house. You guys don't even know what neighborhood she lives in now. Right, but she told us that she could walk to school now. That means... Setagaya? Shibuya? Or Meguro? See? That's so suspicious! You think she can live in such a fancy neighborhood? She is staying at somebody else's house. She said it's her father's best friend's house. Do you think she's telling us the truth? Maybe she's getting bullied at the house. She said she was going to study. But maybe she has been treated like a servant. I don't think something like that would happen in these days. Not gonna happen! Perv! Perv! That's so funny! Something is fishy... Let's have dinner! Let's eat! So tasty! Finally Ai-chan's restaurant re-opened. I'm happy for you, Kotoko. It's all thanks to your support. Thank you very much. Where did this rice come from? That's not rice. It's a type of pasta. I see. He really is handsome, after all. I hate girls with no brains. Thank you for dinner. You don't have to eat in a hurry. We are having final exams soon, so I have to study for them. Please excuse me. She is very dedicated. [Easy Math II] I don't even know what I don't understand. I should study English. English. It's here. I should have listened to the teacher more carefully. At this rate... It would take 100 years to be in the top 100 list. Kotoko! - Yes! - May I come in? Yes. Would you like to take a break? Thank you so much! Don't worry about me. Please have some. Thank you. Thank you for the sandwich. It look so good! So delicious! I'm happy too. I've always wanted to do this. What about your son? Naoki doesn't study. Huh? Irie doesn't study at all? Then what is he doing now? He's already sleeping. What? Irie is a real genius, isn't he? But I wonder if that's a good thing. I can't explain it well, but... at this rate... I feel like he's going to lose something very important if he continues being like this. Don't worry about him. He has such a wonderful family! Thank you. I know! Kotoko... Yes? Would you like to see the photo albums of Naoki when he was small? I would love to! Please wait. I will bring them here. Photo albums. He is sleeping, huh? Thank you for waiting! Let's look at this one! Wow. I can use a camera like a professional. I love taking photos. But I don't have many recent photos. Because Naoki doesn't like photos, now Yuki doesn't like them either. I miss it. Irie was already handsome even when he was little. [School Entrance Ceremony] I remember this. Thank you for all the heartwarming words from the senior students. Wow, he's so small! Who is this little girl? That's Naoki. No way! Isn't he so cute? I really wanted a girl. I really believed that I was going to have a girl. So I only bought girls clothes. And then I kept buying more girls clothes. I remember these days. You are the first one I've told about this. I haven't even told Yuki about this. Naoki asked me to not tell anyone. So please keep this secret. Yes! Then... I will give you this in return for keeping it a secret. Really? Thank you. So cute. Good morning. - Good morning. - Good morning. Good morning. What's wrong, Kotoko? You're not feeling well? No, I'm fine. Never mind. Maybe you studied too much and went crazy? People had a civil war. 1861, the Civil War. 1861, the Civil War. Emancipation of slaves, 1863. Emancipation of slaves, 1863. The Emancipation Proclamation, 1863. The Emancipation Proclamation, 1863. Kotoko, so you are serious. Hey Kotoko, where are you living now? As I suspected, something is wrong. Aihara. Naoki Irie. How dare you talk to Kotoko... Aihara, can you bring your bag and come with me? Yes. 'Bring your bag'? Why? Could it be that Irie changed his mind and now he wants to be Kotoko's boyfriend? What? Seriously? Wait! What is it? This... My mom gave me the wrong one. You're right. If your nosy classmates see this, it would cause a commotion. Look, they just exchanged something! What is going on? Geez, it's such an inconvenience. It's so confusing because we go to the same school. Really. You might think my uniform is yours and accidentally wear it to school, right? Why would I wear your uniform? Because you grew up wearing a skirt, didn't you? What are they talking about? I can't hear anything. Shh, they are going to notice us. Ta-da! Why do you have that? Your mom gave it to me. What is that? Why did she do that? Anyway, can you give it back? No way. Just give it back. No way! You have been so mean to me... Sometimes, I can be mean too. I didn't know a genius could have a weakness too. Is she trying to blackmail me? I can give it back to you. With one condition. Can you help me, for a whole week, study for my final exams? Me? You? How about this? If I could get on the top 100 list, I will give it back to you. - I don't think so. - Why? It is important to know what you can do and what you can't do. Philip Chesterfield. Field? What did you say? In other words, it's a waste of time to challenge the impossible. It's impossible to help a stupid person like you to be in the top 100 list. Then, I will show this picture to... Wait, wait... All right. Starting today, I will help you for a week at night. - Great! - But... I will show no mercy, got it? People in the top 100 list are from Classes A and B. You know how hard it is to put a Class F student on it, right? Yes. See you tonight. Kotoko! Are you okay? Did he do something wrong? What were you two talking about? Nothing. Well, I have to study! Please have some more. Yuki, you have to eat everything. That's right, Kotoko. Eating food is a child's job. Try these daikon radishes. They are full of flavor. They are full of flavor. Studying with Irie... just the two of us. Kotoko, I will make you another snack tonight. Thank you. Mom, could you make snacks for two? And bring them to Kotoko's room, please? For two? Are you telling me that you're going to study? That's right. You are going to help only Kotoko? Not fair! Can you help me with studying too? You're fine. Let's start. Thank you for dinner. Please come in. And what should we start with? Which one do you need to work on? Math, maybe? Okay, let's do it. Math. Math. What areas are going to be on the test? Areas? It's the same as yours. I don't know mine. The areas are... Here. Up to page 40. I see. Okay, then we are going to have... This and... This. How do you know? These are the important points. May I ask how you usually study? If I hear it or read it once, I can remember it. I will give you some math problems. If you can solve this, you can get at least 80 percent of the test correct. What are you doing while sitting in class? I want to look inside your brain. Sorry. What is going on? Naoki is studying with someone else. I wonder what made him change? Could it be that Kotoko is more capable than I think she is? In such a short period of time, she has changed him like that! Perhaps it is a good change for Naoki. You think so too? Yes. We should just sit and watch them now. Do you have tape? Here. You must follow this schedule. Keep your vocabulary book with you, even when you're in the bathroom or taking a bath. Spartan. Demon. We have no time to be chatting. Today I'll make sure that you remember all of the formulas. It's already passed midnight. 'n' is 3. And a bracket, 'x' plus 6. Minus 5. 'So far' in English? So far. 'In other words' In other words. 'On purpose'. What? 'On purpose.' On purpose? Um, which means 'intentionally.' 'Intentionally.' I got it! Phi, phi, phi... Philip Chesterfield. [The night before the final exams] Take this test that I created. Wow, I can answer these. Just do it. We have more for the other subjects too. Yes. If you insert this to here, this becomes 4. And what is the square of 4? 16. So the square root of 16 is... The answer is the square root of 1/2. I'm done. Are you sleeping? Irie's sleeping face... I brought you something to eat. Good morning. I made coffee. Would you like some? Sure. Here you go. I'm leaving. Kotoko, please wait. Here. What is it? Don't open it yet. You can open it if you reach the top 100. Until then, it's a good luck charm for you. Thank you very much. It's only the semester's final exams, don't overreact. I'm really grateful for this. I should get going. Yes, see you later. 'Pythagorean identity' checked. 'Cos' checked. 'Sin' checked. Double-angle formula, checked. Good. Perfect! I'm not supposed to talk to him at school. Thank you. Good luck. You may start now. The question is exactly the same as the one Irie created. This one too. This one and this one too. [Three days later] We are done! Let's go have some fun! Let's go! We are coming with you! Kotoko, sorry. I won't let you go. Let me go! I won't let you go. I haven't hung out with you lately, so I won't let you go today. I guess it's okay. Hey, where are we going? Leave it up to me! Let's go! Huh? Didn't she tell you that she loved you? She already has another boyfriend. It's not my business. I thought so. By the way, people from Class A are going to a cafe now. Do you want to come? I guess that's not going to happen. Well, I'm coming this time. What? Are you serious? You've never done anything like this in all three years here. At times I've thought it could be fun. Then let's go! [The result of the final examinations] Excuse me. [1 Naoki Irie 700] Good. Congratulations on being first place. You got a perfect score. Congrats to you. What? You haven't seen it? No way! [100 Kotoko Aihara 601] 100th? 100th? Seriously? Irie, I'm in the 100th place. I'm so happy. Great work! Not that. Give me that thing back. You mean this? Don't show it in public. And I told you this many times already... don't talk to me at school. Hey Irie. 'It is important to know what you can do and what you can't do.' 'If you have strength of mind and persis...' You mean 'persistence?' 'If you have strength of mind and persistence, you will succeed at the end.' You also knew the rest... So-and-so Chesterfield's quote. Of course. Irie, thank you! My name was... listed on the same paper... with Irie's! That's Aihara from Class F. The one in the middle. She was in the top 100. Amazing. She is the smartest student in the history of Class F. Finally people are talking about you positively. We are so proud of you. Stop smiling so much! I feel good. Suspicious. Absolutely suspicious. I knew this from the beginning. There is a secret at her new house. - Okay, bye! - See ya! Bro, aren't we standing out by doing this? Stupid. Style is important. That's right. Let's go. The sunset... Feels so good! It's done! That house... There is no way that Kotoko can live in a rich neighborhood like this! As I expected, she is working as a servant for some rich people. - Don't you agree? - I do. Poor Kotoko. Look. Irie. Irie? It says Irie. - Irie? - Yes. How about this? 'Family'. It says 'Irie's Family.' Irie's Family? Irie? No, it can't be. There are so many Irie's in this country. You are right. Look. Irie. We have to hide somewhere. - But where? - Over there! No. Don't tell me... It can't be... Good morning. Good morning. Kotoko! Kotoko! Kotoko! Kotoko. The house where you're staying at now is... Naoki Irie's house? I don't think so. But I saw you walking into his house with my own eyes. They saw it too. Yes, we did see it. I bet you were dreaming. I am living with Irie? But we saw it, right? Yes, we did. 'Dear Kotoko. Lucky charm?' Wait a second! What's this photo? You and Irie? Just the two of you? What's this all about, Kotoko? I'm sorry. So you are staying at Irie's house? But it's not like what you are thinking. Um, my father and his father are best friends. And because our house was destroyed... So until we find a new house, we are staying at their house. So that means... Did Irie help you with the final exams? That's why... I was wondering why you did so well this time. Is it true? So it was Irie who got Kotoko into the top 100. He is a real genius. I'm relieved. I knew it wasn't Kotoko who did it. You guys, that is so mean. But these two make a cute couple. Is it because they live in the same house? Don't say that! But that's not how it is. He always ignores me. He hates me. Kotoko, you, poor girl. Jinko. But I don't want such a heartless person like him anyway. So I'm okay. By the way, I was told not to tell anyone about us living together. Please keep this to yourselves. Okay. Leave it to us. - Right, everyone? - Right! Thank you. You are so kind. But these two make a cute couple. Aihara. - What is it? - Just come with me. I thought I wasn't supposed to talk to you at school. [Naoki Irie and Kotoko Aihara, Living Together!] They are in love! Um, Jinko and Satomi are... What's wrong with your friends? Hey, do you think this was okay? I told her to leave it to us! We are supporting her love! You are the best, Jinko. Irie. I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry. Since you wrote a love letter to me... perhaps you don't mind the rumor. But it really bothers me. Don't screw up my life any more. Why... Why am I crying? Subtitles by DramaFever Starring Honoko Miki Starring Yuki Furukawa Starring Yuki Yamada Original Comic "Itazurana Kiss" by Kaoru Tada Executive Producers Katuski Yoshiharu (SPO Entertainment Inc) Executive Producers Kenji Nishibuchi (Fuji Television Network, Inc.) Executive Producers Yoshikuni Murata (Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Incorporated) Executive Producers Takeshi Moriya (Atmovie Inc.) Planning Yuki Sakurai (SPO Entertainment Inc.) Opening Song "Update" by Sabão Ending Song 'Takaramono (Thanks for All)' by Sabão Script Uiko Miura Producer Takeshi Moriya Director Koto Nagata Production by Atmovie Inc. Presented by "Itazurana Kiss-Love in TOKYO" Partners Homemade food? If she is like this, nobody would marry her. Naoki should marry Kotoko. What is this? Ouch. Marriage? I can't even say a thing. Just say it. Why did you do that for? That's awful. Don't give up. You have to stay with Kotoko as much as Irie does. You never know how people feel. You hate someone today, but you may become fond of her tomorrow. What are you doing?