Mischievous Kiss2:Love in Tokyo Episode 1English Subs

Excuse me, madam. Madam. Something to drink? Oh, yes. - Are you OK? - Yes. Excuse me. We have coffee, Japanese tea, and orange juice. Then, coffee... Coffee please! Certainly, madam. Here you are. Why English? You're never even good at it. Oh dear, I didn't know you're awake. We're going to Okinawa, You don't need English. Because this is my first time flying. When it comes to flights, let's say, 」Attention, please! Coffee or tea?」 You're whooping it up. Of course I am. It's our honeymoon! Yes, we're on our honeymoon... flying to Okinawa! Moreover... My love Naoki... ...is right here next to me! What? So we really are married. I've finally come to get its feel of it... How many more times do you have to look into it? I'm gonna take a nap. Are you sleeping? It's our honeymoon. My mom set up our wedding and this honeymoon without asking me. I'm tired. Even his sleeping face is cool! My dear husband! Our honeymoon has just started. Irie-kun and I have never been alone together for this long before. He is in a bad mood right now... But we're gonna be undetachable during this honeymoon! Are you two on honeymoon? The girl who laughed at me earlier. Yes. So are we! Right? Hi. Oh, did your husband fall asleep? Poor you, it's your long-awaited honeymoon. I'd never fall asleep and leave Mari alone. You have such a sweet husband. Because Takumi is madly in love with me! Madly in love... When I saw Mari on her first day at office, I knew she's the one for me. Just a boring office romance. What do you mean 」boring?」 And... you are? My name is Kotoko. Iri... Kotoko Irie. Your husband proposed to you? N... No! Never! No way! What? For us, I'd say... It was me first. I kept pushing him over and over... Tonan High School Entrance Ceremony It was love at first sight from all the way back to the Entrance ceremony. I love you. No thanks. I'm sorry for what happened to you. Please take it as your home. I'm Kotoko. Nice to meet you. What's wrong with you? I'm the eldest son, Naoki. Nice to meet you. - Hey. - Yes? Will you keep distance from me? I hate stupid girls. This girl is...? This baby... is Naoki. Really?! Voila! Why do you have that? Help me pass the final exam. Who could possibly help you make it to the top 100, you moron! This will be 4, and the square of 4 is...? 」100th Kotoko Aihara」 Irie-kun! Thank you! Kotoko. What? 」You may not know me, but I know you.」 」I fell for you for your intelligence and handsomeness at the ceremony.」 I'm... going to stop loving you. Then try and forget about me. Serves you right. I love you, Irie-kun. Yuki! Yuki! Hold on! Papa! Are you all right!? I'll protect my dad's company. This is Mr.Oizumi, the chairman of Hokueisha. You wanna give it a try for a marriage interview? A marriage interview? Yeah. She is a woman I like. You better find a good guy, too. I'll snatch Kotoko away from you. I'll make you forget about that bastard. No! Don't! Irie-kun! I'm tired of this unrequited love after such a long time. Keep thinking about Sahoko! You don't even care about me... You love me! You'll never love anyone but me. How could you be so confident!? Yeah, you're right! I can't help it! But you don't even love me! You don't even... I love you so much. Please allow me to marry your daughter. I finally understand. I can't think of anyone but her... ...to spend my lifetime with from now on. Serves you right. So... My 6 year-long one-sided love finally ended up with our marriage... and here we are. You were quite patient, Kotoko. Oh my, what am I... So you came from behind to win. Maybe... not. So you pushed him down into the bed? Right on! No way! We are yet to go that far... that far... He went to bed first last night saying he's tired... Wait, so you mean... You're kidding! You haven't slept with him yet? What a classic relationship. But... aren't you worrying? What? I would be shocked if my partner wouldn't want me as a woman. I'd come to think I'm not attractive to my partner. Well... Are you guys OK? Please don't end up being 」Narita divorced」. Oops, it's not Narita. It's Haneda. My bad! Narita... divorce...!? I'm a bit tired. Takumi, give me a massage. Yes. I'm delighted to! Na... Narita divorce...!? How dare she says that to me on my first day of honeymoon! Mischievous Kiss 2 Love in OKINAWA Air is fresh around here. Episode 01 A Turbulent Honeymoon Yeah. This is how Okinawa is supposed to be. What's wrong? My sunglasses. Sunglasses? I thought you're night-blind. Night-blind people feel brightness too. Let's see... You can do this when we get to the hotel. I wanna put that on now! What?! It doesn't open... Can't be right. Gosh, maybe the lock is broken? You don't wanna break that. It's open... Irie-kun! You wear that? No way! I would never wear something like this! I wonder who would wear this kind of showy stuff. Oh! That's mine! Is that... mine? So you have the exact same suitcase. What a coincidence. I'm so sorry. Because you rushed into it. I told you to check the nametag. Because... I'm Mari Horiuchi. I'm Naoki Irie. Nice to meet you. I... I'm Kotoko Irie. I finally see your husband's face! He is really cool!! No wonder why it took 6 years for you to make him turn to you. Is he a native English speaker? No. It's just that he has 200 point of score on IQ test. 200 points on IQ test!? - OK let's go. Shall we? - Yes! I'm jealous! You have a really great husband! Ah, yeah. He is absolutely my type. I should think better of my marriage. What? Hey, why won't we trade our husbands? Trade? Come on, I'm just kidding. Just kidding?! The bus is here! Wait for me! You didn't sound like joking... I have a bad feeling on this...! I'm so glad that we're staying at the same hotel! Why in the world do we have to stay at the same hotel with this slut!? Hey, why won't we have some food together after this? Irie-kun! Let's go to our room! Excuse us, please. Now we're on our own. Watch out! I'm sorry! Are you alright? I'm OK. Go... Minam? Are you Go Minam of the A. N. JELL? Kang Shin-woo... and Jeremy...?! That's right. (Chinese) I'm Go Minam. Kang Shin-woo. Jeremy. Oh my gosh! It's A. N. JELL here! They're a popular band from Taiwan! From Taiwan? I'm a big fan of them! Sorry for the trouble. We're OK cuz you stopped this quickly. Please ask them why they're in Okinawa. You do it. But I don't speak their language. Come on. Why are you guys in Okinawa? We're shooting a music video here. Okinawa is awesome! What? What did they say? They're here to shoot a music video. Really?! That's so cool! Have a nice trip. Bye-bye. Best wishes. Wow, thank you! Bye-bye! - Let's go. - Gotcha! Fantastic! How fantastic! White beach and blue sky! Okinawa! We're in Okinawa, Irie-kun! Calm down. What a gorgeous bed! Feels like I'm a princess! I can roll over and over! Look! look! Irie-kun! Wait. Tonight I will be in this bed... ...with Irie-kun... I will be unified in love with Irie-kun. Irie-kun... Yeah? Um... I'll do my best to become a good wife. So... So... please don't give up on me. You were caught up with A. N. JELL a few minutes ago. What? Nothing. I'm not expecting anything from you. You just stay as you are. Stay who you are. Hello? Hello? Naoki-san? It's me! Mari! Oh, hi. Mari? Why did she call us? Why is she cutting us in in this way?! What are you doing right now? Nothing. What do you mean 」Nothing」 ? Then why won't we go to the swimming pool?! I'll wait for you there! Please come! That's what she said. You wanna go swim? What a slut she is! I'm never gonna let her come close to my hubby! Naoki-san, Naoki-san! Kotoko! Over here! We have seats for you! Boundaries! How can she be so buddy-buddy? Naoki-san! Right here! We have seats for you two! Hi. We can have a drink here at the pool! Naoki-san, let's go place an order! - OK, then let me... - Sure. Please excuse her, I guess she likes Naoki. Hey Takumi! ...is it right? Look! What kind of a relationship you're having with her? If you know what's going on, do stop her! Aren't you her husband? It was just me chasing after in all the way. And... I went down on my knees to beg her to marry so... Come on! You're her partner! All in love is fair! All for two is vice versa! Stupid Kotoko, You're saying about yourself? What was that...? It sounded like Yuki. I think Naoki wouldn't feel bad if a good girl like her comes to him. If Naoki becomes serious about her... Hey! Don't even think that's gonna happen! Listen! Irie-kun hates stupid girls! 」Stupid girl?」 You're so rude! Anyway, he will never be seduced by such a slut! So, don't worry! Kotoko! Take back what you've just said! She is not a slut! She is a bit selfish indeed, but she is really a good girl! She is my life! You got it! Show her what you've got for her! Understand? Looks like they are getting along well. It's just you and me. Why won't we have a good time together? She is clinging on Irie-kun! Are you all right? I will bring you a towel immediately. What the heck!? Hey, what are you doing?! Good work! Ms.blonde! Mari, are you OK? Are you OK, Mari? I can't believe this! It was my mistake. Wait. Those people... ...are from a foreign country! Hey, don't just stand in there. Get me a towel or something! Roger. No, that way! Hurry up! Run Takumi! Hurry! Are you OK? Since this, all the bad instincts turned out to come into reality... I'm full! It was so good! Yeah. When we get back to our room, we'll finally... Oh, Naoki-san! Are you guys heading back to your room? Hi. You had a tough time. Were you OK? Somehow, yes. We just had a dinner too. Why won't you join us for a drink in our room? Let's go! Can't wait for a Champagne! Wow, so Naoki-san is a future doctor! No, I'm just aspiring to be a doctor. But you're aspiring. That's wonderful. I'm quite sure Irie-kun will soon get into some medical school! Because, he's smart enough to have obtained 200 points on IQ test! I heard you two got married after Kotoko's impetuous approach. Impetuous... Because Irie-kun is like one who lives in a different world from mine. You two are married, and you still call him 」Irie-kun」. So you're still not that close to him. Mari! Well, I've gone this way for years! She's drunk so easily. Kotoko, we're back in our room. Hey, Kotoko. Honey, we're back in our room. Can't help it... Irie-kun... I love you... Day 2 It's Shisa! So cute! Let's take a picture with this!! No it's ok... Let's ask somebody to take a picture! Let's see... Excuse me, could you take a picture of us? Thank you! Here's a camera. Irie-kun! Get more closer to each other! Say 」Chinsuko!」 Thank you very much! OK? Yes, this is great! Thank you! I've seen those people... The guys I saw at the swimming pool! They were at the swimming pool yesterday! What a coincidence! No Wonder! This spot was recommended on a guide book! Wow, fantastic! Yoo-hoo! Yoo-hoo! Yoo-hoo! So cute! Which one do you think fit me the best? How about the yellow one? How does it look? OK, are you ready? Say 」Shisa!」 OK. - You two look wonderful. - Thank you. It was so much fun! I'm starving. Let's eat! Oh, what a coincidence! Can we have lunch with you? Excuse me! - Having a good time today? - We just saw the Eisa show. Cool! We'll go see it after this! Excited isn't it? Takumi? Did you enjoy it? Yes we did! Say 」Cheese!」 Day 3 Welcome! Please take a look! Look, it's Okinawan shallot! This must be dragon fruit. What's this one? So tiny and cute! Aloha shirts! I think this one suits you. - I don't need one. - Let's get same aloha shirts for us! Wow! How colorful these fishes are! Irie-kun, a coconut crab! Do you think this tastes good? Excuse me. Can I have this? Let me take you to the second floor. Naoki-san! This way! Hurry, we have seats for you! Hurry, Naoki-san! Day 4 Look, Irie-kun! There're so many! I see a weird one down there. See there. Naoki-san!! Hurry, Naoki-san! This way! Can you see me? Hurry up! I'm waiting for you! Naoki-san! Why the heck does she always gets in the way?! Day 5 Oh, that must be the Hirofukumon! It's Kofukumon (Wide Fortune Gate). Huh? Kofuku? Oh, you're right! I made a mistake. Oh! Naoki-san! Having so many coincidences, maybe we're destined to be together! We've done with this place, but I will show you around! Let's go! Voila! This is the main-temple, This was a Ryukyuan castle long time ago. 1, 2, 3... 3 dragons! I wonder why it's not Shisa! What a bright red castle! Naoki-san, what's your favorite color? Day 6 Oh my gosh... How time flies... Today's our last day in Okinawa! Tonight is the last chance... We're flying back to Tokyo tomorrow... But, we haven't had any progress in our relationship... It's all because that couple messes up my plans every day... They invite us for a drink every night... Your palm... same as mine. So we got married around the same time. You have two lines of fate! Give me another! I think you should stop that. Shut up! I know I'm carelessly drinking over my capacity. Thanks to this, we're still far away from something romantic. Please don't end up being 」Narita divorced.」 What if we'll end it up with nothing?! My dear Kotoko! Looking forward to our baby! For mom's sake, and for my sake! I can't go back to Tokyo if I won't make it tonight! Tonight! We will definitely have a true bridal night! Wow! It's a whale shark! So huge! This places holds the world record for breeding of the whale shark. I didn't know that! You know just about anything! Tonight, I will definitely... It's so much fun alone together today, isn't it? Yeah. No gooseberries... for today! We have to buy some souvenirs for your parents. I don't think we have to. Wow! Hope you know what you're saying, Irie-kun!? Our marriage was all because of your parents' help! If not for your parents, who are we gonna buy gifts for?! That's not what I mean. What? Look! Irie-kun! What a beautiful chapel! How sweet. I remember about our wedding. It's still been less than a week. You're right but... Just thinking that a wedding with just us would've been lovely. Irie-kun. You know it's our last day in Okinawa. So... I wanna spend time alone together... I wanna go out to dinner with just the two of us tonight. Please? OK. Hello. Are you two looking around? Good smile both of you! OK! Are you ready? Say 」Cheese!」 OK. Now let's take another one. Ready? Say 」Cheese!」 And another one. Say 」Cheese!」 Now sir, please put your hand gently on your wife's shoulder. Looks great! Good smile madam! Sir, give me a smile! Smile please! Say 」Cheese!」 Lucky us. We could have our photos without reservation. It reminds me of our wedding! I'm never gonna do this again. Thank you so much. No problem. We were expecting another newlywed for a photoshoot so. A newlywed...? I guess they're here! This way please. Oh! You two are here too? Here we meet again. You know each other? Ah... Yes. Naoki-san... You look so cool! Just because you're tall! Look! Don't we look like a perfect match? How about taking pictures of Naoki-san and me? I don't think that would be a good idea... Kotoko, you can have Takumi. What do you think, Naoki? Sorry. But we need to go now. Souvenirs, right? Y... Yes. Let's go. Kotoko. Yes. Wait for me Irie-kun! Perfect! Tonight is the night! Bang! What happened? Please help Mari... It hurts!! She said something has suddenly caught her stomach... Why don't you take her to hospital? It's not a weekday today. And it's probably too late. Then call an ambulance! She doesn't wanna make this serious. It'll get better if I keep lying down. Oh it hurts! Mari! Are you OK? Are you OK? Naoki! You said you wanna be a doctor, right? Could you please take a look? No way! Though he aspires to be a doctor, he is still... OK. I'll take a look. Does she have nausea? No. Fever? Not particularly. Let me check your pulse. Naoki, is Mari going to be OK? Where does it hurt? Let me see your stomach. No, Irie-kun! Don't touch her! Hey, I think we should call an ambulance. It depends on her condition. Then, what about our dinner? This is not the time for that! No! Don't touch her! Don't touch other girl! That's enough! You married a guy who's gonna be a doctor! You better be aware of that. Irie-kun. Are you always gonna be this way when I see patients? I don't wanna deal with that. If you can't understand, I can't be with you anymore. Naoki, you're going too far... Kotoko! You don't have to go after your wife? Your wife's alright. I assume she's got mild food poisoning. Pharmacy is still open, give some medicine and that should do it. Thank you so much. Takumi, go buy it for me. Yeah I will. Right away! You should go find your wife. Takumi, hurry up! Yes, then... All right... then... You're so cold. I don't blame you, with Kotoko as your wife. I bet you don't even love her. Don't you have a stomachache? I made it up. What? Because I wanted to be alone with you, Naoki. I heard you guys haven't had anything sexual yet. Well, it's understandable. You don't feel like it with Kotoko, right? I fell in love with you at the first sight. I wish I had met you before she did. Then, both of us didn't have to marry a wrong partner. It's not too late. Shut up. What? If I met you a hundred times, I'd ignore you every single time! What... Do not compare yourself with Kotoko. Oh my, I forgot to bring my wallet. What happend, Mari? Naoki seemed angry. Unforgivable... He fooled me. Mari? I'll definitely break them up! He didn't have to be that rude! What are you doing?! That's my word for it! How dare you do that to me! We're finished! We're over! You're right! It all started with just me chasing after you! But now we're married, we both do commit each other! You're my wife! Don't give your heart to the other guy! Did you get it? Yes. They looked wonderful, including at the chapel today. Well, going undercover is never easy. I'm tired of wearing girl's outfit. Haven't you heard, 」In fooling enemies first deceive your allies?」 It doesn't make any sense. Well, you look good with that, Yuki. Shigeo, that rather hurts my feeling. Sorry. The two reminds us of when we were just married, doesn't it papa? Yes it does, mama. Reminds you of what? We also flied to Okinawa for our honeymoon back then. That was when I had just launched my company Pandai. We were extremely busy and didn't have much money. So we finally made it here a little while after that. Remember we promised to come back here again someday? Yeah, I remember. We have travelled many places around the world since then... ...but we didn't have a chance for Okinawa. We're here at last, mama. Papa... Dad. Mom. Just to let you know that Shigeo is here. Honeymoon... I can remember... My wife... She was so beautiful putting Yukata on. Shigeo... Oh, who is it? Yes? Who is this? Hey! Haven't you guys seen Kotoko anywhere? Wh... wh... who are you? I... I no... you... mom! Come on, stop it! I already know that it was you all. Help me out. Kotoko is missing. What? Kotoko! Where did she go? Maybe that way. Kotoko! Kotoko! Kotoko! Where are you? Narita divorce... Are we really gonna end up with Narita divorce? You married a guy who's gonna be a doctor! You better be aware of that. Irie-kun. If you can't understand, I can't be with you anymore. I'm so terrible... I feel so embarrassed I really wanna disappear for good. I know how Naoki feel about becoming a doctor. Where is it here...? I guess I'm totally lost... I don't remember how I got here... I even left my wallet at hotel. Feels like I strayed into a savage place... This guy is gonna kidnap me! If I get kidnapped here, maybe I could never ever see Irie-kun again! Irie-kun, help me! Irie-kun! Irie-kun, I love you! Narita divorce!! No!! What is she doing? Irie-kun! I thought I will never see you again! I thought you will never find me out. Everything is OK. He thought you are an elementary school kid who's lost here. An elementary school kid? So, he is not a bad guy? Anyway, apologize. Thanks for coming. You scremed real loud. Because... Narita divorce... how classic. That should be Haneda divorce, huh? I'm sorry. I was jealous. Having being selfish, I was such a scumbag. You idiot. I was worried about you. Beautiful! Thank God I picked up this supersensitive camera. This messy feeling inside of me has gone miserable with my anger... But now it's turning into something tender like a sweet candy. It was such a long way to get here. Yeah, but I was OK. I was happy just staying by your side. I'm not OK now. If there's a way to measure happiness, I would... ...definitely be the luckiest girl of all in this world today. I'll never forget what happened today. Never. Time flies in the blink of an eye... I wanna go back. I already miss Okinawa. We couldn't spend much time alone together. It tastes good! Really? Mari, your turn. What happened to those two? Wonder who the hell put us in trouble back there! It's good for them. Well. You're right. But... What? Nothing. Our trip was short, but it brought us sweet memories. Thank you for waiting, Noriko. Irie-kun and I finally made our dream come true! - It's sweet. - Tastes good. That was fun! Let's go again someday. Yeah, someday. Next time, we'll be all alone and... Naoki-san! Mr. Kanamori... Welcome back, Mr.Irie. And Mrs.Irie. Mrs. Irie...! What are you doing here? I came to pick you up. Pick us up? What is it? Did something happen at work while my dad was away? Your father was away? It’s not for me to say. Aren't we going home? Where are we going to, Mr.Kanamori? We'll be there shortly. Shortly? You're not officially married?! [ Next Episode Ep.02 」My Marriage Still On Hold?!」 ] I'm not ready to register our marriage. I don't understand Naoki at all. It's fine. There must be some reason. 」Tennis Warrior Koto-rin」! What a useless bride. Don't play with her heart! What are you men thinking? I don't want to see him... This isn't a marriage! Then go.