Mischievous Kiss2:Love in Tokyo Episode 2English Subs

We’re really married! Are you two on honeymoon? Yes. Naoki-san ! How can she be so buddy-buddy? Sorry very much. I've seen those people... Yay! Yay! Say 」Cheese!」 Naoki-san!! Hurry, Naoki-san! Why the heck does she always get in the way?! It hurts! Where does it hurt? No! Don't touch her! Don’t touch another girl! That’s enough! You married a guy who's gonna be a doctor! I’m so terrible... I know how Naoki feels about becoming a doctor... You’re so cold. I don’t blame you, with Kotoko as your wife. I bet you don’t even love her. If I met you a hundred times, I’d ignore you every single time! I was worried about you. That was fun! Let’s go again someday. Yeah, someday. Next time, we’ll be all alone and... Naoki-san! Mr. Kanamori... What are you doing here? I came to pick you up. Pick us up? Did something happen at work while my dad was away? Your father was away? It’s not for me to say. Where are we going to, Mr. Kanamori? We’ll be there shortly. Shortly? Please go in. Where are we? Please. Welcome home! Come in, Naoki! You, too, Kotoko! Come in! Thanks, Kanamori. You must be exhausted from your trip. - You, too, mom. - What? What are you talking about? This house... This is our new home for both families! Our old house... ...would have been too small once the babies arrive. So we took the plunge and built a new one! We’ll be staying with the Irie’s again. Guess what? I have my own room! It’s too early to think about kids. Anyways... What is this? Oh! Wow! How embarrassing! I love it! Is this Okinawa? How did you...? Still don’t get it? These people followed us to Okinawa. What?! The blonde people... ...that were hugging! Take it down. I know how you feel, Naoki, but it’s a nice photo. You’re a good photographer, Mrs. Irie. Thanks! She took enough photos. Take it down! What will people think? They’ll think you have a happy marriage. This is the living room. Like it? It’s so spacious! Look, Kotoko! Look! Come on, everyone! This way! Tadaa! This is the kitchen! Whoa! Come on in! This is your bedroom. What a gorgeous bed! And this is the nursery. Like it? Lovely! Adorable! It’s true. Me and my dream guy, Naoki Irie, are married. Episode 02 」My Marriage Still On Hold?!」 Okay... I’m up... It’s my first day as a wife. My beloved husband is next to me. Naoki is still fast asleep. From now on, I can see his adorable face every morning... I’m so happy! And for my perfect husband I’ll make the perfect breakfast! Oh! A traditional Japanese breakfast of miso soup with tofu, grilled fish and a rolled egg omelet. That sounds good. And yes, japanese Natto beans. Then I’ll see him to the door and... Kyaaa! Huh? Wait! What? Huh? Aaagh! Oh my god! Good morning, Kotoko. You didn’t have to get up. I... I’m sorry. Never mind. It’s fine. First the wedding, then the honeymoon. You must be exhausted. If you know what I mean. What an useless bride. My poor brother... ...married a sloth. He must be regretting it. I’m sorry... By the way, where is he? Who knows? He’s gone to work. What? No way! Naoki! Thank god you’re still here. Good morning. Um... I’m sorry. The alarm clock went off so early. I was looking forward to a nice breakfast. Ah, married life... What a good wife I have. I... uh... I... I promise. Tomorrow... I’m kidding. I don’t expect anything from you. That’s kind of depressing... I’m going. Wait a minute, Naoki. Aren’t you forgetting something important? What? A kiss when your new bride sees you off! How can I? With a camera in my face? Will you do it without the camera? Give me a break! We’ll decide how to live our lives. Leave us alone. If you think you can do it all on your own, you’re mistaken. You seem to be forgetting the most important thing in a new marriage. Huh? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten. We took care of that on our honeymoon... Registering your marriage! Huh? You forgot, right? I can’t believe it. You still haven’t gone to the ward office... How could you have forgotten? You mean it’s not official? We’re not legally married? That’s right. So my name is still Kotoko Aihara? We have to go to the ward office right away and...! No need to panic, Kotoko. Look! Registration forms! And in case you make a mistake... I got multiple copies! I’ve already signed them as your witness. Wow, so many... Thank you. Thanks but... I’m not ready to register our marriage. Huh?! I have to think about it. I’m putting it off for now. B... but Naoki! Wait! That’s not acceptable! You’re not officially married?! What does that mean? I don’t know. What?! This is all so new to me... Yo! If it isn’t the newlywed, Kotoko! How’s married life? Don’t fool around too much now... Who thought you’d actually rope Irie into marriage? It’s a miracle. There’s hope for me and Matsumoto! You’re no longer Kotoko Aihara. You’re Mrs. Irie. I’m still... ...Aihara. Huh? What was that? I’m still Kotoko Aihara. What? Still Kotoko Aihara? Shhh! You’re so loud! But didn’t you get married? I went to your wedding. I went to your wedding. It’s not registered yet. Are you saying Irie doesn’t want to make it official? I don’t understand Naoki at all. What are you men thinking? Calm down, Aihara. No, Irie? Aihara? Irie? He wants to avoid a miserable divorce. Matsumoto. He thinks of everything, doesn’t he? W... what? In other words, you’re on probation. If he deems you unfit as a bride, he’ll leave you. N... n... no way! I guess that means I still have a chance. Right, Miss Aihara? Hey... Hey, Matsumoto! I have to think about it. I’m putting it off for now. He wants to avoid a messy divorce. Naoki... are you sick of me already? Good! We’re almost back on track. Yes. But it’s still not enough. I’m sorry I had to burden you. But thanks to your efforts with Ms. Sahoko, President Oizumi decided to extend us a loan after all. I’m really grateful. I owed it to her anyways. Well, we’re out of the woods now. You can return to your chosen path, like we discussed. Go back to school and study to become a doctor. It’s the reception desk. There are people here... ...who claim to be your friends. Who are they? They won’t say. They said you’ll know them when you see them. Never mind, then. Okay! I’ll tell you! It’s Aoki from Tonan University. Aoki? Who’s Aoki? Whatever. Let them through. I’m Aoki from the Anime Club. I’m Akagi. I’m Kimura. Anime Club? Hehe. That’s right. What does the Anime Club want with me? We were totally shocked! You’re the next President of Pandai! Right? Actually, we created something that will greatly benefit your firm! A masterpiece 18 months in the making! Wanna see it? Not really. But you’ll want it so badly, you can taste it! Yeah! We heard you married Kotoko Aihara. What is it? Wanna see it? Fine. I’ll take a look. If you promise to leave afterwards. Yes! 」Tennis Warrior Koto-rin」! What is this? A computer game? Bingo! You’re brilliant! See? Isn’t Koto-rin adorable? Not really... Hm... Koto-rin? Bingo! Your wife is the heroine! We had our eyes on your wife from the beginning! Here! Try it! It’s challenging! You might get addicted, though. Click on 」START」. 18 months... wiped out in 20 minutes. He solved every magic love spell... He won every single match and collected all the uniforms... This is no good. It’s too simple. It won’t sell. Wait a minute. He’s so late! His new bride is all alone... Dad! What’s going on? When I left the office he was so busy, I couldn’t even say good-bye. Some things are more important than work. He has a spanking, new bride waiting from him at home! Please go to bed. I’ll wait up a little longer. Really? We’ll turn in, then. Don’t stay up too long. Go to bed soon. Okay. Thank you. I’m going to bed, too. Good night. Hello? Naoki? Kotoko? What happened? Busy at work? I won’t be coming home tonight. I won’t be coming home for a while. Next night He didn’t come home the next night... 2 nights later ...or the next night... 3 nights later Damn! ...and the next night... He didn’t come home. Naoki... There! Done! Hi there, Naoki... I love you! You’re up early, Kotoko! Good morning. What are you making? I thought I’d make lunch for Naoki. How lovely... Is that a rolled egg omelet? He’s been sleeping at the office. He must be tired of eating out. I want to make him something nutritious. Actually... I just want to see him. My goodness... Naoki is so lucky. Oh! It’s burning! Whoa! I guess the office isn’t open yet. Is there another entrance? There it is! Excuse me. Yes? I’m here to see the Secretary to the President, Naoki Irie. Let me check. Thanks. And you are? His wi... You can tell him it’s Kotoko. Miss Kotoko? Yes. How pitiful. I can’t even say I’m his wife. You brought me lunch? How thoughtful of you. Come. Let me give you a hug. Naoki! You’re such a good wife. Let’s go register our marriage. Miss? Miss! Yes? I’m very sorry, but Mr. Irie can’t see you now. Huh? Sorry. I can deliver your package to him, though. Yes, please. Okay. He refused to see you?! That’s bad. You haven’t registered your marriage and he hasn’t been home in two weeks? And he refused to see you? It doesn’t sound work-related to me. Could it be... another woman? Hold on, Jinko! Is it true? Kin-chan! You haven’t registered your marriage? Irie hasn’t been coming home? Is he making you miserable? Well... um... I’m sure there are reasons... Where are you going? Are you kidding? I’m going to clobber him! Hold on, Kin-chan! Irie! Where are you? Irie! Where are you? Where’s Irie? Come out, you! Irie! What’s all this noise? You... what are you doing here? Why haven’t you registered your marriage? Why aren’t you going home? Why are you avoiding her? Are you preparing to break up with her? I... was ready... ...to keep my mouth shut as long as she was happy. I entrusted Kotoko to you. Or so I thought! But you’re already making her cry! Do what you want, but don’t play with her heart! This is between Kotoko and me. Stay out of it. What? How many times do you have to make her cry? Hey you! Cut it out! Let go of me! Wait! Wait! Kotoko... He’s not at fault. You are! You don’t think of me as your wife! I’m the only one who gets excited. I’m the only one who feels insecure... This isn’t a marriage! Then leave. It’s not official yet anyway. How can you say that? Hey! Kotoko! I guess she needs me. I win! Kotoko! I don’t know what’s going on... ...but there must be some reason. I didn’t think divorce would come up so quickly. Jinko! Sorry! But maybe... ...not being registered was a blessing in disguise. Shut your mouth! Kotoko, don’t give up! We’re on your side, Kotoko. Thanks... Then leave. It’s not official yet anyway. This is the first time... I don’t want to see him. I’m afraid he’s going to say something definitive. Kotoko. Aren’t you supposed to be at home? It’s time to make dinner for your husband. It’s fine. Naoki isn’t coming home. There’s nothing for me to do. Kotoko... Big-mouth Kinnosuke told me what happened. I’m not telling you not to fight. But... A man’s workplace is a battlefield. You go to his office and pick a fight just because he’s working hard and not able to come home? That’s no reason... ...for a wife to demean her husband. It’s pitiful. Stop thinking only of yourself. Put yourself in his shoes. Excuse me, boss, but Kotoko is not the one to blame. Kinnosuke! It’s Irie’s fault. You should have seen him. I’m so disgusted. Stay out of it! This is between a man and his wife. But boss! Shut up and go back to work! Come on, Kinnosuke. Yes, sir. But... ...try to understand Kotoko’s feelings, too. Naoki must have his reasons. You should believe in him. If you don’t, who will? Did you hear about Kotoko? She isn’t Mrs. Irie after all. And he hasn’t come home in days. Really? That’s bad. He must have a girlfriend. Totally! I knew something was wrong when I heard Kotoko got Naoki to marry her. I know, right? Hey Aihara! Stop daydreaming! Say something... Say something, dammit! I believe in him... I believe in Naoki. But I want to see him... I want to see you, Naoki. Kotoko! Kotoko! Naoki! Naoki? It’s him! Come here, Kotoko! Huh? We need to go. Hurry! Okay. But I need to change first. Never mind. Come as you are. Hurry! Okay! What happened, Naoki? Naoki... Naoki? Where are we going? You’ll see. Everything is ready. Okay. Let’s get started. Prepare to begin. They’re here, everyone. Mr. Naoki Irie has arrived! What? First, a statement from Mr. Irie. Kotoko, wait here. This press conference will be streamed live globally over the internet. Hey! Kotoko! Kotoko! Dad! I’m glad you made it in time. What’s going on? What is this? Naoki hasn’t told you anything? Members of the media, thank you for coming. I’m holding this press conference to announce Pandai’s new online game. I’m Naoki Irie, in charge of design. Mr. Irie, you’re a trendsetter in this industry... Naoki was designing an online game that Pandai is going to distribute. – An online game? - Right. It would normally take months... No, over a year to complete. But a small team put it together in a matter of weeks. It’s quite an accomplishment. He was up all night, every night to complete it. I’m surprised he’s still standing. He didn't wanna have to rush. What’s more, I told him to contact you and invite you here. He insisted on going to get you... himself! - Really? - Yes! Naoki... And now, I’d like to introduce... the design team and title character. The title character was designed by the Anime Club of Tonan University! Whoa! It’s the seniors! We love you, Koto-rin! - Koto-rin? - What? What’s that? The title of the new game is 」Tennis Warrior Koto-rin」! Hm? Koto-rin...? Whoa! It’s Koto-rin! Oh my god... What? What is it? Huh? And now, the inspiration for Koto-rin herself! Koto-rin a.k.a. Miss Kotoko! Whoaaa! Whoa! It’s Kotoko! It’s Kotoko! What? Kotoko? What? It’s Kotoko? Why?! Miss Kotoko, please come forward. Yes! Thank you... I’d like to introduce my wife, Kotoko Irie. Say something. Okay... Um... I’m... Kotoko. I’m honored to be... ...the wife of this very smart man. Thank you very much. Was that weird? Yes... Kotoko. Long time, no see. Naoki! It was embarrassing... But I was really, really happy! Are these new? Sorry! I bought new ones. Why? Um... I used the old ones to make this. Huh? Because... you didn’t come home for a while. I was lonely. This is you. Looking at it cheered me up. I quit my job today. Really? I still have to train my successor but I’ll be back at school next month. So you can study to be a doctor? Finally. Yay! That’s great! Do you think that game will be a hit? Of course. I ate your omelet, complete with eggshells. What? Eggshells? I’m so sorry. I missed you, Naoki. Huh? Sweet dreams. 1 month later Look! Look! Naoki’s game is in the paper! What? Oh my gosh! Koto-rin is a huge hit! 」Unprecedented level of excitement and realism!」 He did it! Let’s go. Okay! That’s right! Naoki is going back to school today. Have a nice day! Thank you! I need to make a stop first. Huh? The ward office? Um... Naoki. What’s that? Oh! Now it’s your turn. Okay! Don’t mess up. Okay... Hey. Why did you write 」Irie」? You mean I’m not Kotoko Irie yet? I should have known... Mom is always prepared for these things. That’s fine. Oh... Can you fill in this part, Mrs.Irie? Mrs... Irie? This part here. Mrs...? Mrs... Mrs...! Hey! Now... I’m finally officially your wife. I knew you’d be anxious, but as a man... I wanted to get my dad’s company back on its feet before we got married. But then my mom went ahead and arranged the wedding reception and all. It ended up taking a long time. It was fine. Because I believed in you. But you came barging into my office with Kinnosuke. Umm... um... that was... uh... But now you’re my wife. And now you’re my husband, Naoki! Wait for me, Naoki! As of today, I’m finally Kotoko Irie! Next Episode Ep.03 」Hello Baby?!」 My name is… Christina Robbins. I want to find my ideal boyfriend in Japan! No! Kotoko, you’re pregnant! What?! Naoki’s mom is tweeting it all over the place. Grandpa? Have you seen a doctor? Not yet, but mom said... Let’s go.