My Harley Davidson Street Bob Walk around Review India


Vimal Chintapatla


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hey what's up guys this is women ham we'll come back to trad in today's video we're going to check out this new bad boy from harley-davidson it's my new Dyna Street Bob in this video I'm going to give a brief review and have a walk around this so let's go check out this bye so this is a Harley Street Bob this bikes got my leading performance wrapped in Danish AC stripped down in a hardcore bobber style this bike was designed by the original barber fanatics and while making this they had only one rule if it weighs you down just get rid of it all it takes is a twist of your wrist to send whatever the work is going to weigh you down with to the vanishing point behind you that's what Harley's got to say about this bike now let me tell you about the riding experience this bikes got authentic Cruiser styling and it's definitely a head turner it has a stylish handlebar and a very comfortable seating position this beast weighs about 304 kgs but feels weightless while riding it once you get on this bike and start riding it I promise you'll never get down it has a beautiful vintage looks with a new engineering and the chrome work is really awesome this bike has a unique handlebar they call it the mini ape and Gubar it's made out of premium quality stainless steel these handlebars but if you postwar bob is styling with all the wiring done from the inside which gives it a minimalistic and clean look riding this bike in streets is very easy and it gives you an experience which no other bike can deliver you can feel the low-end torque of the 67 bhp twin cam engine and it's absolutely fantastic on the whole this bike gives you an awesome riding experience which no other bike can so let's walk around this bike and see what it's got just look at the paint job and the chrome work it's on a different level it has an ultra premium look and finish I haven't seen such a quality work on any bike till now just look at that massive v-twin engine and the chrome staggered straight cut dual exhaust this guy over here is just a big bad boy this bike comes with a barrel-shaped key with a HD security system so let me just turn the key and show you all its features let me just turn on the ignition switch this display indicates neutral headlight oil and turn signal indicators and about that you've got a classic analog speedometer with electronic display which shows audio meter dual trip meters o'clock gear and rpm this bikes got a raw loop with a big blacked out fuel tank mounted console which delivers a great style and awesome functionality with textured black finish on it this is a fuel indicator and the fuel economy of this bike is around 15 kilometers per liter now let's check out all the switches on the handlebar you've got a left turn indicator switch over here and above that you've got a headlight switch the high beam and low beam the switches are of really high quality you've got a trip mode switch over here and a horn switch below it now let's see what switches you got on the right handlebar you got an engine off or run switch below that you've got a right signal turn indicator switch and you've got a hazard light switch and an electric starter now let's start the engine and here Harley signature sound so this is a Harley's famous potato potato sound and I just love it now let's talk about the specs of this bike the ground clearance of the bike is 110 mm and the seat height is around 680 mm the length of the bike is 2.4 meters this is a massive twin cam 96 engine and you've got the air filter over here you've got a classic style harley-davidson medallion voted on both the sides of the fuel tank this is a 45 degree v-twin 1585 CC twin cam 96 engine and it's got a power of 67 bhp which glides through the streets you've got your rear brake pedal over here you can see the six page written on it it's a six-speed machine these are the beautiful chrome twin exhaust and this is your battery box here are the rear shocks these rear shocks are adjustable and here is the rear disc brake assembly it's made by Harley and comes with a factory installed ABS these are the Michelin tires now let's check out the front part let's go to the front field this is the front disc brake and you've got beautiful reflectors on the front shocks these Michelin tires are made for Harley you can see hardly written on the time this is a headlamp with Harley logo at its center these are the front suspensions and you've got your handlebar lock over here this front suspension has a black and chrome design combination it looks really good Milwaukee USA it is a place where Harley's Museum is this is the ignition switch and here is the fuel cap and on the other side you've got the fuel indicator and it's got a fuel tank capacity of 18 litres this is a massive air-cooled engine this engine produces lots of heat in highways it's okay but in city traffic conditions I feel a little bit uncomfortable while riding on it due to the heat produced by the engine in low speeds this is a beautiful chrome side stand but be careful by parking this bike because the position of the side stand is not so good this Street Bob comes with a belt drive you can see the belt drive system over here and this is a rare massive time the retro-style bullet taillights and indicators look pretty cool on this bike so that was it guys a quick walk around this Harley Street pop I really hope you enjoyed this video thanks for watching it hit the thumbs up button subscribe for more new awesome videos and I'll see you in the next you