Nesstar Creating Templates

Hi there! We use templates to make things easier! If you are importing a series of surveys into Nesstar, creating and using a template means that you don't have to type the same information over and over again. It also means that the default fields will already have information in them when you use the correct template for your survey. Let's go into Nesstar Publisher. If we click on the T in the upper left-hand corner, this opens up our Template Manager menu. Click on New to create a new template. Enter the title in the Description tag for your template, we'll type in tutorial. Then go to the tab to the right of Description which is Content. Now, let's highlight the first tab which is document description and click on the plus sign. This gives you the available fields for that section. If we expand it using the plus sign, we go into Title Statement. Click on the plus sign and let's add Title. Now, you do this by going into these two little black arrows that point to the left which adds your item. Now we have it here in this field, so that's now in our template. If we want to name this, go into Name and let's call it Title Statement because that's what this category is called. You would continue to do this for all of your Document Description tags that you want to add and you would also do this for Study Description. For Other Study Description Materials, Other Materials, Cell Notes, and Cube Setups, you'll notice that you don't have fields available, you just have the word visible in your title. So if you want to add these categories to your template ensure that this is checked off. If it's not checked off, it won't be in your template and when it is checked off, it will be in your template. For your new template to be properly saved, as in not just in Nesstar Publisher but in your computer, you must export it. Once you're done with your template, click OK. It's now listed and go down along the right-hand side to Export and save it on your computer to where you desire it to be. If I wanted underneath of my file, I would have the title here and I would click Save. That's going to export it into Nesstar Publisher. That's all for this tutorial. This video was created by the Carleton University Data Centre. Thanks for watching!