Nesstar Importing One Dataset

Hi there! This tutorial will show you how to import your study into Nesstar Publisher. So, let's open up Nesstar Publisher. First, ensure you are using an appropriate template. To do this, click on the blue, capital T and highlight your template, by clicking it and click Use. This little black check mark indicates that it's ready for use. Exit the menu by clicking on the red X in the top right corner. Make sure that My Projects is highlighted. If it's not, the Import Study option will not be available under the File menu. Let's go up to File click Import Study. Find the SPSS or .sav file that you want to import, highlight it, and click Open. When importing some files, an Error message may come up that says: The measure definitions for the variables appear to be wrong, do you want them corrected? Click yes and the file will be imported. Some files can take a while to import, so be patient. Save your file by going to the file menu and selecting Save as and save it on your computer where you desire it. You've now imported a dataset into Nesstar Publisher That's all for this tutorial. This video was recorded by the Carleton University Data Centre. Thanks for watching!