Nesstar Managing Nesstar Servers

Hi there! This video will cover managing servers in Nesstar Publisher. This includes how to add folders, move them around, and delete folders and files. The video may be a little choppy only because Nesstar Publisher takes a little to open different things, so just be aware of that. Let's open up Nesstar Publisher and to add a Nesstar Server, note that this only needs to be done the first time you publish to a particular server. Let's go up to Publishing and open up that menu. Go down and click onAdd server at the bottom. You would then type in your URL, your username, your password and click OK. This will add your server. To remove a Server, go into Publishing, go to the Server Name that you want to remove, and the next menu that opens click Remove Server. To Manage Folders within a particular server, go to Publishing again, into your desired server again and open Manage Server. You'll now want to add your folder. To do this, click on the plus sign next to odesi, expand, click on the desired folder where you want to add the folder within a folder Say for example, we wanted to add one within Agriculture, we would expand that and go over to the right-hand side of Manage Server dialog box and click on the plus sign to add a folder. Now you would simply type in whatever name you'd want for the folder. To change the order of them, I would highlight it and click on these arrows to move them up and down. Just remember this takes some time, so just be patient. If we accidentally added the wrong one and wanted to delete it, we would ensure that it's highlighted, go over to the right-hand side of the Manage Server dialog box. Click on the minus sign to delete it. That's all for this tutorial. This was created by the Carleton University Data Centre. Thanks for watching!