Nesstar Mark up Question Text

Hi there! This tutorial will cover how to add question text in Nesstar Publisher whenever you're creating your Metadata from scratch. To begin, let's go into Nesstar Publisher. I am using the Canadian Internet Use Survey, 2012 [Canada]: Person File just because it's one of the most recent datasets that I've worked on Let's go down into Dataset and click on the plus sign to expand it, then go into Variables. If you look toward the bottom of the screen, you can see that we have three tabs available to us, Statistics, Weights, and Documentation. Click on Documentation. Now we also have more fields available to us down here and we're going to fill in the information with what you have available to you based on your User Guide, Questionnaire, or Codebook. Note that you do not need to edit for font style or size as Nesstar will do that for you if you're copying and pasting from the User Guide, Questionnaire or Codebook. Remember that is available to you, that you don't need to simply type it all out and that will save you a lot of time. So, to show you an example, I'm going to open up the codebook for this year that I have. And I'm going to go into CU_Q06. We have it at the top of our screen and we have some of the information. Now, because I'm using Jing to record this video, I can't actually copy and paste when I'm using that particular program. Let's pretend I have, so we're going to highlight it, copy and paste all of this information, and go back into Nesstar Publisher. If we go into Pre-Question Text. Sorry, let's first go into CU_Q06, then Pre-Question Text. You can see that I have the information here already copy and pasted. I also have the Literal Question and the Universe. That's all for this tutorial. This was created by the Carleton University Data Centre. Thanks for watching!