Nesstar Mark up Weighting Multiple Weight Variables

Hi there! There are two types of situations you will run into when weighting your data: The first is declaring the weight for the entire file and, the second is declaring weight to individual variables. This video will cover how to apply more than one weight variable to individual variables. So let's open up Nesstar Publisher. For this tutorial, I'm using the Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey, 2012. We're going to click on the plus sign next to datasets, and go into variables. We have the main weight variable, the weight for HCR1 to HCR24 questions and the Weight for HCRN1. To declare them as weight variables, highlight one and click on Is Weight Variable over here on the right-hand side underneath of Variable Information. Once you've done so, you'll notice that a green dot appears next to it. Let's do this for the next two as well and they've now been declared as our weight variables. Remember, the User Guide will tell you the variables each weight variable will need to be applied to. If there is more than one weight variable that can be applied to any of the variables, do not do this step. For example, this will occur with an individual weight and household weight that can be applied to all or some of the variables. The decision of which weight variable to apply must be left to the user. Now that you have declared each weight variable as a weight variable, you are ready to apply the appropriate weight variable to the group of applicable variables. For this survey, our first group is hcr1 to hcr24. So, let's go up and I know that group of variables is somewhere about a third of the way down. Here we go. So, let's highlight them by clicking on the first one, hitting shift, and going down to the last one of 24. Now that we've done that. Go towards the middle of the screen and click on the weights tab. Now we have available to us this little blue plus sign available which which is the add weight variables and click on it. This opens up our Select Variables menu. So now you're going to want to do is find the weight variable that you're wanting to apply to this group of variables. I know that it's listed here at the bottom. And we have this here, the Weight for HCR1 to HCR24 questions. So click on that to highlight it and click OK. So now By clicking on each one, we can see here that this weight has been applied to each variable. Click on HCR24, it's listed down here. If we click on the one beneath it, it's not listed because the weight has not been applied to that particular variable. You would go on to do this for your other groups of variables. Now, I know for HCRN1, if I highlight this, go over to the plus sign and find the weight that I'm wanting to apply to that particular variable. And I can see that here this weight variable is labelled Weight for HCRN1. Click on that, click OK, and now it's been applied to that variable. For this particular survey, the other weight variable that we haven't used yet is called Main Weight variable and we would go in and apply this to all of the other variables. So, that's all for this tutorial. This has been created by the Carleton University Data Centre. Thanks for watching!