Nurse takes in patient so he can get new heart Humankind




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I just want him to feel that sense of a family in the end that he's accepted and loved I have felt it for my blush it was 20 that's a quick look they was going on they had to discontinue everything due to lack of family support he lived with his grandmother when she passed that's when he basically became homeless it was really scary for me and just being autistic and had to go through so much medication so many financial issues and fame that was really scary so I just I was just like it was a feel like it was just like no hope for me a 10 when you're a nurse and you you're wanting to fix and help people that can be very frustrating if you know what patient needs something and for whatever reason they can't have it or receive it it really wasn't anything that I struggled about it was just something that had to happen he had to come home with me it's truly been a blessing it was emotional emotional day and I was happy I really just wanted to give Jonathan a chance looking good looking good I come was a she treat me like a force nine he will always be in our lives and we will always be some kind of support system for him she will go above and beyond of her nursing names and it's really been awesome just stayed with her if we really wanted for her that I would not be the person I am today