Nursing Leadership Explains COVID19 Symptoms and How to Get Help

[Music] the symptoms of cup 19 range in from mild to severe and it's much like any other common cold or respiratory illness so influenza-like symptoms fever cough shortness of breath most over 80% will only experience mild common cold symptoms if someone were to have questions about whether or not they needed to be screened we have a lot of opportunity for information we have the renowned org slash kovat website that people can go to to find all kinds of information about what we are doing and where they can get assistance we have the respiratory screening line that is available to our renowned patients where patients can call and talk to a registered nurse who will ask them questions and then help get them to the most appropriate level of care we have virtual visits available and that's really what we're encouraging people to do so that they can stay home when they have these symptoms and get that back care that they need from the convenience of their home