Our New 22 lakhs Harley Davidson

good morning guys this is female harem looking back to TR HD so guys today's video is gonna be something special because it's the last day of our year guys 2018 and I don't want to do the usual things like unboxings and reviews I want to do something special I want to enjoy myself today and just on right time wait I'll tell you what's happening just on right time mantle just called me and told that he bought a new bike and guess what that is it's a brand-new harley-davidson it's the 2018 Softail Deluxe Edition guys he just called me that he took his delivery and asked me to come check out the bike so we'll be going there and checking out the bike I'll show you it's a beautiful bike guys so let's go check it out you'll be joining me right I'm going out oh no problem my dad will be coming with me so me and my dad will be going on our street Bob and will be coming on his new Softail Deluxe so let's go check out the bike so you guys have fun I'm happy New Year to all of you all right guys let's go all right guys so before leaving a pack some stuff all the important stuff like cameras accessories and all the required stuff I'll be needing to shoot video over there so let me just show you what's inside my backpack so these are all the stuff I'll be carrying for today's vlog oh it's more like a vlog after video okay so here's my drone my Mavic Pro I'll be shooting some great drone videos others will enjoy this video definitely here's the Mavericks remote some accessories required for charging batteries some extra spare blades and also definitely extra batteries so with these three batteries I can shoot around like thirty minutes each so I'll get around easily around ninety minutes of footage guys that would be more than enough for this trip and along with that I've also got something over here let me show you a power bank for emergency charging of any other stuff like phone or anything what do we have here a car charge oh it's a charger yes it's a charger for drone charging drones battery a mini tripod and there's one more thing let me show you where it is second yeah an action camera let me just open it and show you yeah a 4k action camera it's a Firefly 8sc it's a really good action camera this will definitely help me on my trip so yeah that's pretty much it guys these are all the stuff I'll be carrying in my backpack for today oh yes one more thing I forgot some extra SD cards now without this it will be a huge Matthew I definitely carry some spare SD cards in my backpack that's it guys these are all the items in my bag so let's go out and meet my uncle and check out his new bike [Music] [Applause] so here is a brand new harley-davidson the 2018 edition Softail dealers just look at it it's such a beauty now guys this is the first Softail Deluxe to be sold in Hyderabad so that means there's only one such Harley model in my city oh my god it's a beautiful bike we bought the vivid black model and it looks absolutely stunning the Harley's all new 2018 Softail Deluxe is a nostalgic Bollywood custom that turns heads wherever you go it's a massive bike that weighs around 303 kgs as classic old-school glamorous looks and is definitely a head turner but don't let its retro styling fool you because this bike packs all the latest modern technology you could dream of okay let me just go around and show you how the bike looks like so what do you guys think it looks gorgeous right just check out that chrome finishing holy smokes I'm totally in love with this bike paint job in the chrome work is on the next level it's so polished that it looks like a mirror I just love these retro looking headlamps we'll come back to that in a moment first let me show you the front part it says deluxe over here on the front and look at these wheels the soft tail dealers comes with chrome laced wheels and whitewall tires which give you a 50s kind of look but without sacrificing handling or performance there's a single disc brake on the front and as high performance suspensions with new technology for excellent performance talking about the handlebar it's got a pull back style handlebar that's very ergonomic and comfortable while riding just look at that chrome finishing it looks very premium you've got the harley-davidson logo here and this is how the petrol tank looks like it's got a big 5-inch analog this digital speedometer that shows a lot of things for I start the bike and show you that in a moment talking about the buttons and switches you've got the same kind of controls on the handlebar just like my Street Bob hardly hasn't changed much here all right let me turn on the engine and show you the display there you go so this is how it looks like on the home screen it shows you the fuel level and the odometer by pressing a button on the left handlebar you can change the modes you've got trip a trip B fuel range time and rpm below the display you've got LED indicators which show neutral low fuel headlamp and left and right turn indicators just like my previous hard leave and this has a keyless ignition let me start the bike and show you hardly a signature v-twin sound [Music] Wow and a huge fan of the sound I don't know what you guys are hearing in the video but this is amazing now out of the showroom you get the bike with only single seat if you want the pillion rider seat then you have to buy it separately from the showroom it will cost you around fifty four thousand rupees now let me show you the bike from the side this bike has an all-new Softail frame which is different from the previous models and has this massive Milwaukee eight 107 v-twin engine with a displacement of 1745 CC it's got six gears one down five up has an engine torque of 144 Newton meter and comes with a ground clearance of 115 mm let's have a look at the headlamp it's got a triple headlight retro design with all LED lighting and it looks very beautiful thanks to that premium chrome work so that was our quick look and overview on our new Harley 2018 Softail Deluxe I have to use this buy for a few days before I can share my experience with it so if you guys are really interested just let me know in the comment section and I'll make another detailed video on the bike and this is not the end of the video it's the last day of 2018 and it's a special hog right going on today now hog means Harley Owners true all the hardly bikers from Hyderabad will get together and go on a long drive for about 100 to 150 kilometers outside the city and we decided to join them and have fun this is going to be a last ride in 2018 my uncle will be driving his new Softail Deluxe and we'll be going on our Harley Street Bob so sit back relax and I hope you all will enjoy the video all right guys before I'm here and as you can see there are so many Harley's here you got a lot of 750 some low rider's street models Sportsters and even some roadsters wow that this ride is going to be a lot of fun by the way I didn't tell you this right we were doing this ride at early morning six o'clock so we got up at 4:30 in the morning packed everything and reached the showroom it was so cold early morning the ice it was literally freezing the temperature was around 14 to 15 degrees at that time it was absolutely nuts riding bike in that cold weather but well you know rides like this don't happen every day and you just can't miss them it was so much fun riding bike in that weather I really loved the experience so initially what we thought was everybody will be meeting at Harley's Banjara showroom and from there we'll be going to some special place for a special on highway that's around 100 kilometers from the city the ride was really fun there were almost like 40 to 50 hardly bikers in the group and everybody on the road we're looking at us because that's very rare that you actually get to see that many hardly is going at a time [Music] [Music] [Music] so we finally reached our destination it was a dhaba where we had a break first and celebrated our New Year [Music] [Music] [Music] I had a great time over there and even took some drone shots just check them out [Music] [Music] [Music] well that was it for today we are going back to home I really had super fun on the last day of 2018 riding a new hobby on high they taking great pictures and videos and also turn flying I hope you guys also enjoyed the video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more such awesome new videos and yeah one more thing I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year from me and my family that's it guys thanks for watching and I'll see you all in a brand new video next year [Music] [Music] [Music]