PROCRASTINATION Eric Thomas Motivational Video

I don't believe in the word for fascination like I don't really believe in that word I told the young lady in Australia who told me she was a procrastinator I said look if I told you to meet me here tomorrow 5:00 a.m. I'm gonna give you three million dollars where would you be she said I'll be right there at 4:59 ready to get that three million dollars I said so there's no such thing as procrastination what it is is it's not important to you right it's not it's not meaning for you to you it's not it's not something that's urgent to you and when something is not urgent you put it off so yeah you're in school yes you probably are getting grades etc but if it's not meaningful to you if it's not important to you and you're not gonna make it a priority so what you have to do is find out how can you make it beautiful how can you make it purposeful how can how can you make it stick and when you can find that out I promise you you'll get up early you will get here first and you'll do whatever it take to make that goal or reality so for me no such thing as procrastination isn't such thing as it's not a priority to you say that you were gonna graduate this year you're gonna finish college this year you said you were going to run a marathon right this is what you said out of your mouth all I'm doing is upset listen I'm not telling you what to do I'm not telling you this this is you that you should is I didn't tell you all year what you should do but what I did tell you is don't talk about it be your body [Music] it should be tired alright he should be tired and talking about it he should be at a place where you're doing some about.i the reason why you have not become successful the reason why you are not like a locomotive the reason why you're not having success in your life it's because every single day you got an excuse and I need you to do me a favor I made my last excuse yesterday my last reason I came up with my last reason yesterday I why I can't do what I'm supposed to do and so I need you to do me a huge favor all your excuses all your good reasons everything every everything that's keeping you from doing what you're supposed to do I need you to put it behind you and say yesterday was the last day for that foolishness yesterday was the last day to say I have enough money to do this I have enough money to go to school I have enough money to get a computer I laugh I don't have what it takes I'm not smart enough right I don't write well enough I don't sing well enough that's why I didn't do my CD I didn't write my book cuz I'm not on that level that's the truth you better hear what I'm saying yesterday was the last day but I want to hear an excuse it's over with I was embarrassed I said listen to me no more defense no more defense man no more I was tired of feeling defeat I was tired to talk about I was gonna do it and then do it I hated the feeling up when somebody asked me you know II read a book ain't got it I was tired of getting beat I was tired of defeat I said I'm gonna get it done [Music] every time you set this big goal you never get an accomplished because you never break it up in manageable pieces since it I'm talking about procrastination you still have time don't quit don't give up your skill math time you can do it you can make you happen but you can't do it procrastinate you can't do it talking about it right so I just want to go back and recap because I wanna make sure you read what I'm saying but I dare you I double dare you to do exactly what you say you were gonna do in the years probably because it's not too late [Music]