Performance Assessment Video

performance based assessment is a type of assessment that requires students to perform a task rather than select answers on a test performance assessment is also known as alternative or authentic assessment because it provides an alternative from traditional testing that authentically exhibits student knowledge through a performance task on a traditional exam students have a strict time limit to regurgitate information that was fed to them this is frequently stressful for students and does not involve deep understanding of the material performance assessment is instead based on the philosophy shown here by the cone of learning if students are actively saying and doing things in the classroom they will remember much more than if they only read and listen in fact we tend to remember 90% of things we both say and do and only 10% of things that we hear or read Confucius said I see and I forget I hear and I remember I do and I understand performance assessment follows this saying as students can best show their understanding through action or performance one example of performance assessment would be to have students give an oral presentation showing what they have learned in a course students can also perform and explain a science experiment or write and edit an essay as a performance assessment performance assessment requires more time and preparation from a teacher in order to set up authentic assessments and fair grading rubrics however educators will find that implementing performance assessment is well worth the extra effort as it allows students to show their learning in deeper and more lasting ways