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it has been a while so that's ketchup hi guys welcome back to my channel and thank you so much for watching this video I hope you're all doing great today so what happens where have you been and where have I been one thing is sure it has been way too long right it's so great to finally record another video after such a long period of radio silence from my side I miss it so much so I am super happy to be back and super happy that you guys are here watching this video a huge thanks for that the main reason why I didn't upload a video is because I've been super busy with flying often up until 60 hours a week and it means I'm also moved back to the Netherlands change companies went on holidays started the operator conversion course and a lot more which I will tell you all in another video okay so yeah a pretty busy life creating a video easily takes 15 hours per video so as you can probably imagine there was no time left for that enough excuses let's get to today's topic the salary of an airline pilot how much does an airline pilot earn is it worth to take an expensive pilot loan in order to become an airline pilot these are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive and during this video I will answer these questions and tell you everything I think you need to know about the air and I find that salary or the salary of an airline pilot I would like to start by mentioning that the salary you earn or will be earning is important yeah but not that important it goes without saying that the airline pilot salary is not related to personal well-being happiness or health unless you have to sleep under a bridge of course and that might be related in some way yeah as Nana pet it you could be earning no money at all a little bit of money or a lot of money there are simply no standard regarding salary since it is affected by numerous factors and conditions think about the location operation supply and amount of pilots function seniority age experience etc as Ned I'm violent you have to ask yourself what kind of person you are and which industry fits best with your dream life and expectations it makes no sense to earn a lot of money while being unhappy with the current state of affairs could you be earning nothing at all as an airline pilot for sure that can be the case imagine a fully qualified pilot graduate with a pilot loan of 150 thousand euros there are no airline job since the market is fully saturated only one airline starts to hire and literally thousands of pilots apply for that specific function or a specific position in the meantime pilots have to pay back their loans and the situation slowly deteriorates this means that at some point pilots will do literally anything to obtain a position as an airline pilot which results in some airlines taking advantage of the situation this happened not too long ago some airlines decided to hire people who would go that far to even pay for their own line training without receiving any salary think between 40,000 and 50,000 euros in times of the economic crisis there were even some companies who would let their pilots pay for their line training the pilot was actually paying to be able to work which resulted in him or her paying more for a seat than the average passenger in the back this is called pay to fly and luckily as far as I know it's a thing of the past as long as the economy is doing well of course so let's discuss numbers in general airline pilot salaries of first officers in Europe lie between 1,800 and 6,000 nets per month for captain's is lies between six thousand and twelve thousand net and up I know it sounds like a lot but you can't compare Airlines by net salaries it's super important to look at the contract the monthly expenses the secondary benefits pension roster etc also don't forget about the enormous cost to become a pilot in the first place expenses in my first company I had a self employment contract literally anything you can think of was paid by myself my uniform my company idea access to the swimming pool during the safety training and transferring of licenses and a lot more and all that without a basic salary during my line training I earned an extremely low salary well at the same time being sent out base paying for hotels and transfers food everything you can think of a quick calculation out of base to power New York during the holiday season and having to book a hotel last minute for five days costs at least six thousand six thousand that will be crazy fulfill 600 euros I guess you understand that at the end of the month my salary was entirely spent on expenses and I could not even save a penny this was the situation during my line training and after the line training you are considered a bit more experienced as such my salary increased conclusion expenses which come with the job matter contracts of course the kind of contract also has a big influence on the pilot celery the contract with a fixed salary every month is great when you flash it a little bit but not when you make 95 hours every month a contract which has a basic fixed salary and significant net additions when you pass the monthly minimum flight hours together with standard daily allowances can get you a way higher salary at the end of the month compared to any fixed contract the letter means that you will make less money during the low season in most cases at the moment the Italian contracts are one of the best out there in Europe due to tax regulations economy the current economic situation also affects the pilot salary Wow in times of high demand and low supply pallets can sometimes negotiate with companies in order to obtain better contracts with better conditions airlines are known to increase the salaries and benefits as well during parrots during periods of high demand another one is a seniority list all major airlines have seniority lists which means that you start at the bottom with a specific level when you enter and according to that your salary is determined the first couple of years pilots don't earn that much but after a while the salary level increases way beyond any other salary in another company without a seniority list the time you spend with the company matters because with most airlines the salary increases with every year of service regardless of the position age and experience age as well as experience affects the salary of an airline pilots this is the same as in any other industry right the more experienced you are the more valuable you become location the location also matters by the way this is because some countries have higher living costs and they also come with higher salaries thank Switzerland for example the cost of living are much higher than any other of the surrounding countries so are the salaries you can't really compare a pilot salary in South America with a factory in Europe and you should take this into consideration next is Middle East and China the big bucks can be made when working for companies in the Middle East and China earning on average ten thousand net a month as a first officer and 20 thousand net and month as a commuting captain many European pilots want to get rid of their giant pile owns as soon as possible this is the reason why kind of bunch of them make a decision to spend a couple of years in China or Middle East in Europe paying back a paid loan is not that easy as the starting salaries are way lower and the Texas and expenses way higher and actually the Middle East is still a good option but it isn't what it used to be though so if your goal is to receive the biggest paycheck then China is the way to go business Aviation flying business jets it's a whole other story salaries can be incredibly high when working for a company or an owner but they can also be extremely low business jets pilots are often away from home for extended periods of time and most of them received pretty amell on duty and these per diems or daily allowances are tax-free besides a business jet pilot can receive tips on a regular basis and even though this is not calculated in the net salary it does increase their income sometimes substantially in the recent aviation the biggest factor to influence the pilot salary is the size of the aircraft a pilot flying the Bombardier global 7500 easily makes four times as much as flying a Cessna Citation crazy I know so is it worth it to take an expensive pilot loan in order to become an airline pilot if you ask me yes because it's simply the best job in the world and in the end the salary is not the most important thing in life I hope that now you have a general idea of the airline pilot salary and remember whether you have a high or low salary you cannot buy happiness in case you have any questions about the subject be sure to leave a comment below in the meantime let's stay in touch okay the easiest way to do so is if you simply follow me on Instagram I upload daily posts and stories about my aviation life and 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