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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hi welcome back to let's play guitar in this listen I'm gonna show you how to play the Pirates of the Caribbean theme on lead guitar and also on chords so we're gonna check out how to play both the lead guitar and the college version and I did a fingerstyle listen on this quite a while ago so if you haven't checked that out you can sober there you can learn how to play the whole arrangement the fingerstyle way and here i'm gonna show you an easy way which you can play with lead guitar okay so if you're a beginner this should be great for you I've got a lot of people asking me if they could do a simplified version for this song this is kind of like the version that I did for the game of Thrones theme song that was also lead guitar and simple lead guitar and simple chords so let's start let's start with lead guitar part first and later we're gonna check out how to play the chords alright so let's learn the first part it's gonna go like this [Music] all right so we're starting out on second fret of the third string then you have 1st fret on 2nd string and I have third fret on second string two times okay if you want that she can check out the link in description box below it's pretty easy shouldn't require them non-expert [Music] okay so that's third fret again on second string and open on the first string and first fret two times on the first string okay so it's this [Music] and then all right now so this is going to be all on the first string 1 3 open and open again in the rain so that's on the second string three one and then a hammer on from one to three if you if you want you go straight to the third fret okay so all in all [Music] all right now for the next line you're going to repeat this one more time and you can avoid the hammer on if you want because that's what I do I don't do the hammer on the next time okay so the second time same thing [Music] now we had three one three okay so instead of yes you got three one three [Music] okay now the next spot second fit on that string and first fret on the second string and three three on second string so and now so that's third fret second string open on first string and three three on the first string [Music] then three five six six all the first string okay three five six six then five three and five again so and then three on second string okay so for this line [Music] okay that's what freelancer fights so it's good to practice again and again what we've learned you know so that you retain back in your memory okay so next spot [Music] all right so here we're playing third fret on second string then open on first string 1y okay so and three five and three on Second Street [Music] all right right after that [Music] so that's again three on second string one on the first string and open open one and open icky [Music] okay so again now you can practice everything that we've learned from the start [Music] now what we're gonna do is we're gonna repeat everything that we learned from the start okay all the four lines there's a change in the array end okay so let me play with everything once again this file is the same [Music] the same thing again the next [Music] same thing again [Music] now here is a change instead of this is what we did first time second time which will be [Music] I came then afterwards [Music] all of that okay so instead of this thing you've had you will have [Music] okay so that's third fret on second string and first fret first string and open open okay on the 4th string then 3 1 3 on the 2nd string ok and afterwards so that's third fret on the second string open on first string 1 1 3 now I'm gonna play everything from the base start so there's no confusion all right it's at everything from the beginning [Music] okay that was the first time and the second time repeat everything [Music] not instead of yes you have [Music] all right and now we go to the next spot okay so we're having a major over here so just need a little part of a major we're baking fifth fret on the first string then fifth fret on 2nd string and sixth fret on the a-string and seventh fret on the fourth string so [Applause] [Music] and then alright now next time you can do this same thing played one fret over okay so all the frets will go up so this is going to be B flat or frets one up so but before that what I'd like to do is I like to strum down but B flat and then I go up six and for a string six again seven and eight okay so [Music] a little strum on b-flat okay we can just do right after that gonna do this okay so what's happening it is as you can see sick and fit on the fourth and third shrinks two dimes go one up and go and down all right [Music] so that is it now we take a look at the next spot okay but I like to again do a little strum before each card so that's again optional if you want you can do that D minor and then this okay so here's what I'm doing you've got D minor chord seventh fret on 3rd string 6 fret on the second string fifth fret on the first string strum down then two more times five five and six five okay so and if you don't do the stronger you have to play five five five three times okay so five five five six five and then over here on your C chord okay this one over here so again picking just three notes over here fifth fret on second and third strings and third fret on the first string doing a little down strum then three three three-five okay so three three five and if you wondering that down strum then you have 4 times 3 3 3 3 5 ok back to this thing over here on D minor again same as the first part first quad and then over here [Music] okay so picking a picking a couple of base notes over here you have fifth fret on the 5th and 4th strings when you strum them together go to down on third faith one down on the second fret and then opened an open on 5th and 4th strings or one more thing I forgot to tell you this this is say I'm not playing it like a quad I'm actually appreciating it so what that means is after playing the first should be muted just by lifting it a little wait a second [Music] and then away now let's take a look at the next spot okay so here what we're doing is third fret on the second string and it's all on the first string okay so the second string and all of the first string what you're having is this Vaughn one three five and three one zero with a slowly third fret on the second string and open 1 1 3 5 3 1 0 okay [Music] okay it'll be helpful if you do a little alternate picking over here don't just do all down strums because it would be helpful for you if you alternate pick that's always beneficial okay so [Music] now for the next spot so that's going to be one three five back to three [Music] and now okay so what's happening away is one three five five three one open one open okay [Music] those are from the start [Music] in the very end [Music] so that's going to be three three second-string open on 4th string and 1 & 3 on the second string I'm gonna go again ok [Music] okay that's the first little part of this situation in the next time you have this [Music] okay so let's see what's happening over here again that fit starting out on third fit on second string and on five string why and why okay like this [Music] so that's three one three okay and you have five and then third fret on the second string [Music] if you want you can add slides as well okay if you want now the next part [Music] that's going to be third fret on the second string and open on 4th string then 1 3 5 6 ok 2nd string then 1 3 5 6 and 3rd fret on the second string and phosphate and the radiant one one three open and three on second string second string second string okay so let's take a look at this part once again one three five take it straight taking an open one three five six three three one one three open and take one second okay [Music] okay that's the entire but all the one first and second parts together and now we move to the next couple of chords it's not over yet [Music] now once again if you want to avoid this this card said I'm playing you can just do this okay so anyways what I'm doing over here over here is again D minor 7 on 3rd string 6 on 2nd string and fire 1 first string come to b-flat that's 7 on 3rd string and 6 & 6 on the first two strings come to F major okay so over here you have this shape okay that you play on the second frame just move that up to the fifth fret that's all you need and after that so you're playing three more times on fifth fret of the first string five five five and then three on the first string okay so all the no minor B flat F major five five five three now the next call is is it going to be a G minor okay so here we're just playing third fret on the first three strings D minor okay B minor God you know how to play sick and fit on that string fret on the second string flat straight on the first string and then open Y open and three on the second string okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay now for the next spot what I'd like to do is this [Music] okay but if you want you can just repeat what is what we've played once again okay so here what what I'm doing is but seventh fret on the third string fourth fret on the second string 6 fret on the second string and fifth fret on the first string so seven five six five again now the same thing just say in the end you'll end up on a sixth fret of the first string okay so five six back to five so seven five six five seven five six six and again seven five six five then five eight one four string back to five one first string and eight on the second string sir [Music] okay enough of that you have it again on second string & 6 five six five in the end D minor god okay sir sixth fret on 2nd string 2nd seventh fret on 3rd and 4th strings ok so that is all that we have for this lesson you need guitar part and now we're gonna check out how to play the chords okay so in the way and once again [Music] now let's check out how to play the chords before we start I want to show you the strum pattern the piercing for very much the whole song it's this down down ok once again down down okay very simple way straightforward downtown uptown now let's look at the chords D minor first second felon third string second fret third string third film second string and flat straight on the first string [Music] them to b-flat so that's gonna be first spread on second string on fifth string sorry and three three three and three see major that fit on Fifth Street singing fit on fourth string first fret back to D minor okay see the taps and that I have the PDF that I've made I'm showing the exact place exact fit on the lead guitar we change the chords [Music] again play this one more time [Music] now for the next line D minor and instead of beef fat you're gonna come to G minor chord having a complete bar across all the six strings on third fret and you have fifth fret on the 5th and 4th strings [Music] back to be fat and D minor [Music] [Music] now you have beef at D minor then on a half this because I'm the lead guitar pop you're doing this but oh and the rhythm did I you just gonna play a major down down four times down strum okay now what's gonna happen is you can repeat all the four lines once again okay so the CN cards but there will be a change in the very end just like the same way that we had a change in the lead guitar swell okay so let's see let's play everything all over again [Music] our here b-flat D minor and were there we were doing one two three four a he'll do [Music] okay since it all fine for you just have to continue playing the same strum pattern on image D minor and then you come to beef that cut and here you do this [Music] okay shall be fat God an image II have B flat E major four times all right so let's play from the second line from the second time that we do beat all the chords let's take it from there [Music] [Applause] [Music] laughter that all right please make sure that you look at that you're gonna have to look at the demo again that I played in the very beginning of the lesson right the whole performance to just you know know exactly when the chords change and that would be easy because I play the whole thing over there okay so that's all something that's something that you can do now let's take a look at the next spot where the lead changes to this right off that so here what we're doing is D minor okay I don't see major down down down down and up strum you come back to be minor okay so down down down down I'm gonna see down down down down on D minor so once again [Music] all right once again repeat that so here instead of down down down down up [Music] all right now let's go to the next spot next spot where the lead changes to this over here [Music] hey the strum pattern is this is it's down up down very simple down up down on every chord down up down starts up with D minor C major F major okay I have not shown you how to play this card yet F major I'm playing it this way AB use top string first fret with my thumb and three and three men two and one and one okay sit down Donna C major down another F major down then you come to G minor [Music] can you cut the D minor E major you might not get he have two times I'm gonna get down okay so there's there are a lot of different code changes over here it would be better if you can write this code cheat code changes somewhere so once again [Music] [Applause] [Music] now for the next slide this one for this line against our D minor [Music] [Applause] okay then for the next spot d minor game G minor come back to D minor two dimes okay so let's up once again [Music] Ramanna back do you wanna do time [Music] all the cards are just doing down up down okay now we come to the great last part for the song see I think you can tell what chords I'm playing just by looking the chord shapes that I'm doing on the lead guitar part it starts off with you're playing all these chords over here right keeping it simple over here we're just gonna play one down strum on each card because it's repeated again not this way but like this right so it's basically played two times one one time like this the whole thing and then you're not the whole thing okay so different for the two times for the first time we're just doing one down strum where each chord and then second time we use our regular strum pattern so D minor first okay and then be flat [Music] now in F major down down down let's see major downtown okay sit down if we should down down down C major down deep do you wanna call you mine accounts now the image got the D minor so once again D minor E major three times one two three Rebecca D mine and now we can continue with our strum pattern [Music] that will be it so let's see D minor down up down up you fat F major C major a minor exactly the same cards to be used before E minor and E major and D minor and here what he can do is okay so let's play both parts together for this over here we play down strums [Music] next time we can said before [Music] okay so that's it that's how you play the cards for this theme so you know if you want you can have another guitarist and one can play the lead you know you can play the lead they can play the guitar but they can play the lead you can play the chords you know how to play both parts now and like I said before in this beginning of this video if you want to check out how to play a fingerstyle guitar lesson if you want to check out how to play a fitness arrangement for this song then again you can find that in my channel alright so that is it for this lesson a once again if you're looking for dads for this song you can check it out on my patreon page I want to thank everyone who is supporting me over there I really appreciate your support I'll see you guys again with the next lesson in the next video till then take care and good bye