Publishing in Nesstar

Hi there! This tutorial will cover how to publish a finished document using Nesstar Publisher. To start off, we're going to open up Nesstar Publisher. I have an example file here open already for the Jing tutorial. If this was ready to publish, I would go along the top menus to Publishing. I would go down to my desired server, to this pop-up menu Click on the first one for Study, and go into "Publish data and metadata". Now that our "Select catalogs to publish to" menu is open. You're going to go down and click the appropriate folder that you want to publish to. For example's sake, we're using the Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey. That's underneath of Health, so I would click to expand, click the plus sign to expand Canada, find the CADUMS, expand that and click off the appropriate year that we're wanting to publish to. We have 2012 already clicked here. So next, you're going to look in the Selected Catalogs box and ensure that you only have one folder selected. Otherwise, you'll be publishing to more than one folder. For example's sake, we're going click on 2011, we now have 2012 and 2011 listed down here. So, we'll click off 2011 and when you're ready you have your appropriate folder selected. You would go down and click Publish. We won't be doing because this is only for a tutorial, but what would open is a window that would say Working, Please Wait and some files will take a while, so just be patient with Nesstar). Then, a Publishing Report will open that says Publishing completed successfully. Underneath of that you'll be given the option to Open in Web client and I would recommend doing this because you'll want to view and perform quality checks on your final product that's been published to the odesi Repository. You'll also want to make sure that all of your links are working properly. We'll click down and click the X button and now to Republish, go back into the Publishing menu and you can either click on Republish to all servers which will republish it on all of the servers that you've already published to. Or, you can go into the individual server, go into Study again, and simply click on Republish. You won't have to reselect your folders again because it will just do what you've already done before and publish it to the folder that you've already published to. This saves you the steps of going back in and selecting your folders again. This video was recorded by the Carleton University Data Centre. Thanks for watching!