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right now we have no way of knowing now is good when you see his thumb again I'm one of your host Jack he's on you right now but did your host Ryan and Jeff were here yeah better it's all thing what's the host hierarchy I'm at the bomb number right and Jeff like driving around Ryan Jeff we're even we're like 50/50 is actually finals for the Rainbow six siege Pro League series are we competing right now I actually be picking frost or what no I'm gonna pick Jaeger I right before I click before I take a break Alfredo weather convinced me while I might be the world's best frost player and I will take that Alfredo convinced me that nobody plays frost and pro and that I should stop I've switched to Jaeger even though I personally don't enjoy it that's free is cheaper than money opportunity to play it it's fun if you're good at it the more fun super fun I don't I I don't know that that's why I'm playing Jaeger so I can sneak like Alfredo what's Yaga schoo you got me I'm gonna pop this guy put down his phony this is not thinking like Alfredo whoever put this one from where I just my phone is going off there was a shot through this window I don't know which if it came through here through the hole in the wall from the other side potentially his'n why don't we kill the guy that's good oh I sprayed some guy's blood on the wall but I didn't finish him off Michael II ran right past you the door other room he came through the only doing over here no he didn't he did not run past me was already in that diffuse it if you can I saw his back in the room you're already in playing bang there's only one door guys where is it dead fuck you see what they did it I went to check I'm so dumb where they do that how do they do out on the outside one of them there's only one left let's get him before oh it's the other one well you got a diffuse evening to be get them use it I'm disabling it keep me alive the only other dickhead next job they got me shit I was like 80% diffused alright good job Michael and Jeremy I almost killed one guy and did kill another right that guy Ryan I guess maybe he came in the window I'm telling you he would have had to kill me to walk past me that's why I was confused trust me Ryan was throwing out some full sympho by the sounds of it that's fine anyone you want right you pick them first this is this guy what a kiss lesion he's all over the place hello he knows who we are [Music] I want to kiss you yeah it's mahir we're playing with me that's fine see you see you they got a new pack up or down and he's probably already it's muted you did the stairs they got in the chat they got a sneaky skull lady silence silence watch the show we watched it yeah you did I'm picking duck eight and a half episodes it's so pre Thanks oh he's definitely muted this right here what can we do we gotta get I could try it so either stop shooting their windows did you say you could try and shoot she was a shoe I got a flash and stuff yeah it's jammed ah oh yeah I'm down to two mutes there's a dude now I just shut the window up well no you maybe Iran huh located a pop for a second he was kind of near be the danger Peaks it's in there I shot a dude he's not dead shot him some more he's down is the worst from where from where Jeff oops I'm blinding from the inside this room yeah it's a good spot where I am because there's two windows I busted him both out so you can have two different angles to go around the corner there's another one fuck was that I think it was a captain let me put my shield back on so upside down right now you know we're not doing terrible for Half Price you see his mute jammer and for how terrible we are is it on me I've been spotted where's the camera on the peon the force like a Rua right I don't know that's it where's the camera out here oh god it's fine still shooting at me no idea where Michael like ever yeah if you want another angle if you go drop down their stairs I want to just oh it's 42 Vienna left guy to the right to the door and who post ankle here I I shot one but he's not Michael he's on your side over here with you I I never take my scope off you did a lot of stuff right I was that close and I stacked nicely on Ryan I'll try okay we're just knocking the dust off has anyone got like 12,000 layers of dust on oh yeah I'm super dusty what do you change your hey to fill you guys in watching by the way no no I can tell us about siege but it always has new seasons come out with new operators and maps and all cuts and stuff like that new one is coming out it's called Parabellum which Jeff do you know what that means in Latin it means move multiple something nailed it it means prepare for war therefore so that one is coming out very shortly yeah like I said they have the free weekend this weekend you can go everybody get your mothership I need that armor yeah oh we really need to we really need to get this wall reinforced this wall i reinforced the walls oh they're shooting through fudge they shoot from across the street yeah I don't like anything about where are you okay now you get hit yeah they shot this door oh my god they're back behind me in every direction I think ideas again every honey I got for you yeah you did God never damage road see God could the world's electric there's one coming in from the direction that uh the the top of the stairs where's yang where is she throwing those from do we have anyone upbeat he's speaking I'm near B I'm not at it I'm like one room adjacent oh gotta be right I hate God the window John wind it to my left yeah every window by the way there's a drone at the end of the hallway out there the class is on my pain I'm trapped in a hole yeah that's fine stay in the hole yeah I didn't even read the kill feed I just assumed you were dead watch out Kevin there's a guy outside do you right oh wait no captain Ziploc I'm outside somebody save Jeremy chiseled eh alright they're gonna try to arm be alright should we just make up should we bolt for B yeah right now I'm in a terrible spot yeah Oh walks in there oh yeah what was that I don't know I think it was a mind that they put in the little those exclaim all right good job good job I was perfect brain look at me there's a bump baby turns your bump to him I did you just make that's fucking it's perfect that's how that works well you try to change boy there it is customized good lord I'm just trying to put it out like Mele okay sir no Mike Witts oh yeah like let's go make Superman locate a bomb if you don't know how to properly deal with blitz you'll panic writes you your options for how to be able to look yeah it looks like same spot ooh they got me nope become homeless charity no I knew I shouldn't have gone up there company what did it not I'm still right scandal uh sure more careful with my other Twitter on the windows actually Michael might be really good for a few charge I can just pop one in yeah I like on this side Michael by me yeah sure you also have a diffuser so keep that mind oh I should you want to drop it you're giving me I'm gonna get up here and this game's cool stop spotting me mama good spot what's that camera that looks of the roof yeah there is there's one outside I just never really wanted I don't know what the cameras are they're difficult to see on this myth not one I'm being mocked over and over again yeah yep I'm gonna fuse the window Fredo where is it the camera hammer that the market be on the roof of this bottom left Alfredo coming to my screen and point uh-huh dude I have been that just looking at I know a same guy okay you and me are getting spotted like trying to hear you it's wow thanks so pretty I never would have found that I'm gonna piss them off it'd be all right hurt Oh someone else is - all right yeah you peek in there first Ryan damn can I throw smoke in there yeah watch out for ya why was that one you blew up with it on this door you just didn't quit Gavin running I don't know a blue one right here crouched under one then I hit one because I thought there wasn't one there yeah I didn't see anything I popped the camera but yeah Wow Wow I don't know where she was there's an ass hole right inside to the left to the right Michael like wow it's coming up this side well the diffusers down over on my body yeah we got a minute left ooh [Music] nice god I can't I can't can't I mean I'm gonna come to you buddy I didn't really go down down well careful you'd have to you're gonna have to cross got 46 fine Jeremy wasn't doing this cool guy and I winged him but we got 20 seconds just gotta get in there alright it's gonna be real dangerous here oh [Music] yeah lost that first one not our best friend Jeff went straight in it knows that well I saw him look I saw the bullets fly by at you so I thought I could sneak over and shoot him while their aim to you but the Welcome that got me Gavin with the most points alright MVP free take the five kills not great there I was supporting you no good good job I did thanks dude things alright we got this one we got this that like I said we are we're not good at this but if you want to see people who are good at it you can watch the finals this weekend on the rainbow 6 twitch so make sure to check that out it's insanity watching people like that it's like they're playing a different game that we're playing adhabi they are it's like watching 10 out frado's I mean they're way better than Alfredo Alfredo like no offense Alfredo it's really good he's I mean there's a reason I afraid it works here and he's not doing that yeah I thought it's by choice because he likes us so much no definitely not you it's it's the point when you watch the finals were like if someone gets two kills and around everyone's like oh my god - it's like insane we're like here it's like you see people a Steve epic nerd Slayer and accurate weather before one or she is epic well two of the guys that we played last rounders that's fine on the upside too though and someone named epic nerd slayer is also definitely a nerd so maybe he'll kill himself control buddy going out good good call your gang boy they're all taped together glasses I was emulating him as a nerd and not in reality smudge my own classes imagine me playing this game without classes so who all's gonna go see Deadpool tonight we could just tell you on though did it just come out yeah yeah well last night was like realized to me it off what used to be midnight release don't armor down yeah I actually think we could have won that if we'd been a little better better yeah well I just like if we if we've been a little more in it was our first game back what are we back at it the world am i right what were you doing destroyed a wall didn't take for some reason like Charlie Kelly's abortion it did not take that's all we're gonna get on that wall huh all right standing we don't have any mutes do we so we can't stop these from being that'd be terrible for fucking oh yeah we got a talker I am terrified of that skylight no no no no your cellphone off come here that one wall is open terrified yeah I'm gonna have to move and I don't what just happens in my eyes but is it smoke I don't know I see you line watch out for that window over there Jeff yeah I do not feel sick shit don't kill me oh they killed him yes I'm not tonight showed you where they are I undo because I thought he left all right so it's me Gavin there's the door so take it easy we'll know if they come in I'll tell you I hear some shit some crazy shit goes you kicking boards now careful cuz one of the ones left I mean don't copy he's really injured Michael shot the hell out of her but careful cuz the Owens go eyes does it glass yeah you're that smoke I wouldn't go over I'm marking this asshole he just busted up the thing that mark is current yes that's current swing and he's going through that door I got him new mind there's a good mind in there it's got to hit him unless he saw it no I got him he's been goo mind there is I mean it is a class Gavin there's another group - brother Gavin please just back into that corner why try to take him on there was a you mind waiting for him I was trying to tell you that when you wouldn't get out of the combat long enough for me to explain oh I went in the air was a bit that was a GU might on the class no through the whole he would had to jump through the holes laying it on another one I feel like well you didn't watch right there no one's saying that it can't be done they were saying you could just say don't engage the sniper at long distance [Music] that's good and dairy gadget heard them and I think they're below I heal them it sounds like they're upstairs but well no I don't know they blew open am I looking into the fire upstairs it's mid level we all turned turned round in all right it's like three people in all right that's Electrify having boldly it's electrified fudge was that I got GU needle in the face have you see anybody I don't see anyone all right um hey they have to stand still I'm in a ring ring him I've been smudged shit this shit here Oh No I unfortunately have to hold still for a second but I'm gonna give you guys cameras there's kit oh it's through a bomb my camera access see for me yeah come from the door look at that oh there might be another guy where's the camera today I'm that good technical oh shit you get him nice alright 5e - don't worry we can lose this that's why I'm saying care fit there's still - Oh fat died when I down one yeah I got it nice okay I was in mid ring oh it's heavier she's outside the room she's outside the room yeah actually running around she's not in the main room is right next to where I almost did that perfectly but I got caught off guard no Slayers Oh like I'm gonna get one person left alive to see more stuff to about that Parabellum things for the people watching and for us I guess if we want then you need to watch the finals so that's Saturday and Sunday on Sunday they're gonna be talking about and showing stuff from the new season from Paragon not to be confused with perineum which i think is the thing that gets ripped in childbirth probably yeah that sounds right yeah I thought that was the poor cerebellum which is in your brain - yeah lots of different bellows - okay I will no you weren't you were like when did it come out I was ten but yes that's you're always weird if you start as an adult for no reason do the one right are you gonna do one I started putting up a wall and a phrase so I just stopped [Laughter] do you mighty get armor I was me I'm sorry Jeremy never gets armor he doesn't need it he really doesn't he's like as soon as the round starts he's gone so do I want to blow this wall open no freedom that didn't sound good well I mean if I'm fucking hiding behind it I want it open or armored right okay oh shit I opened a wall like that one you did I think I saw somebody walked by outside come through the door dickhead going through the door oh they're downstairs dead I watched Jeremy physically recoil yeah there was one down like below us what's and Tokai be here down there below and like behind where we are I was like oh I guess one of them is down here randomly and then there was more oh my god I was not a good round for me yeah they also have access to the cameras to see you know oh what's coming up on you guys outside the window the east side from the window what window the little window that comes the north side that's that's the one you're looking at you know they're shooting through the door and like I said the one coming up on you splits I just kind of want to get a nice window right there is another one oh I heard oh shit another guy another guy comes through the other door they're still over there right where that backing up I'm backing up and backing up they're all outside the windows there's there's at least two out there from where we were hard oh no I'm repelling you in that same room right there glass oh shit that fucker Jeff nice they're coming up behind him what's is looking at you Jeff the smoke got me glass hand blitz where I'm marking both right there oh I tried to throw any impact at him I think I just went right over him are they coming there you - I'm down it was full chasing right through one goo mine the guy immediately shot it Ryan ran away turned another corner through a second goo mine the guy ran and got goood and Ryan annihilated I had 1900 right he got good I got goon yeah I've never seen goo you so quickly less than 10 hell for that goon dick down him yeah well if it was the Blitz I shot him a couple times for he got me all the way out and around and got she was shooting him in the back ok whoever was on the floor with me without you Michael yeah is back on Wow what was that camera vigil all right so we got a vigil gonna valve where's the fucking thing like the camp no the objective it's in that top room like where we were first upstairs shit Oh God yes I'm sucking you got to stop sucking or just commit to sucking yeah like the ultimate suck this buddy Oh watch out Michael I just open that window yep I got it Jeff knows oh there's a little fucking peak hole right there Oh Oh invisible guy pppp coal oh it's a mirror my visual is real hurt okay if you guys come over here I can pop who you got Michael yeah I get them I can pop the the wall they've got reinforced pop it like it I could throw smoke okay yeah if you blow that Oh Jeff are you gonna blow that saying right what happened are you alive right yeah I went in front of a window to try and fuse it oh my god oh that's not good I gotta get in there I've been outside taking pot shots I barely hit her knew I was there Oh where's all this shit going on all right they're right outside that broken that busted up wall on the ground is a deed laying down or marked all right got up that's where they were when they got together I was unfortunate well oh I almost killed him boy she's a real good shot two shots off and I still died yes [Applause] there somebody coming up on four more and we went definitely what somebody was coming up behind you yeah here armies that way there's another one headed you mm nah no money staying then sweat falls thank you everywhere you shot the bin next year yeah I thought that was a person oh they knew I was in there look at that yeah wow they were more than aware of where I was all right here we go over time the phone sounded very close to me sounds like that must be a person yeah I'm gonna get our man this time never mind yes okay I didn't know we got I got it I'm looking euro fancy room yeah I wasn't yeah I wasn't expecting the fan table head no one expects the fancy room what you call bubble head I thought you said bobble head which this isn't a bobble head but check out this thing it's it this is part of the new merch in the Ubisoft store I like merch yeah may you have some really cool stuff here really there we go oh man what's wrong I want to win well yeah you can't always have what you want not always it's like to ever won that's I don't ever ask for always here I know if we really want to fortify this or not but I'm gonna like a bike I can hide but no one else can hey you ever get an ace by sitting in a corner and having five people walk in front of you that's how uh that's how Gavin got an overwatch overkill in Halo 3 yeah we saw the video well it was short he had four people stand in a row and then he shot a ball then he pretended like it was real and like it was a legit kill but it was it needs a Cheeto go to my file sure and watch watch the guy walk up to Gavin turn around and present his back to him so Gavin can kill him I didn't have to deny it motherfucker I saw it we all saw it tonight it right here I can't hear a thing hi can I turn down your Jeff he's pretty loud yeah I love you I got it I got it I had a bad guys right next to me but where was that outside there's a - I just glanced them for one it was ash did you get kill that person right no they're still up chasing me you dumb robot Mike Mike is senator al Ghul thank you on the roof yo hey I can look at the camera shit fuck there's two of them from the roof are there two roof injuries oh my god well oh my god we're just army for one for life is out that door to left the Michael just one shot at me yes I mean shot like six at you but we got someone in the welcome outside right there an open area from glass and he was throwing down smoke gotcha so I was just fucked your feets nice to the right right there through that door how they got me there yeah I've got ten health so I shouldn't do that yeah just be careful that motherfucker oh I - ah there's literally a good mine at every you have a shooting it up better whose wife is that cat man its category 14 we can try to do another match yes - okay lightning round look who's in the room I miss when we used to play this game I hear a baby yeah there's baby there is baby to navigate the room oh my god she just reached her hand out and was like dad I still like you enjoy that now it stops around 11 I was high risk just don't look at his beard just ignore the beard just like beards no she hates beard really yeah or she hates Jeff or she just hates me yeah I could go with either babies hate beards and all women hate me so you can't be one I'd be so much cuter than either of you yeah the finals Rainbow six siege finals the qualifiers are over finals of this weekend watch it Saturday and Sunday Sunday new info about the new expansion called Parabellum the new season snow is starting and that's what's coming out also you can play Rainbow six siege for free this weekend as well so you can try it out that's how they get you mm-hmm and then if you try it out you're like still don't know all the way until the 20th you can get it jump down the stairs wait why right next to Jim near major me Jim near you I just couldn't find exactly where you were [Music] also those walls are what's up I'm trapped in via Jeff I got a killing drones yeah just wedged in this room staircase they're coming in through the down through the outside in construction insurance I saw one of them eat he did took about half my health then hey yeah they're droning the hell out of the staircase rise whoa yeah shit what is that from I was from the stairwell oh that's a live person I thought that was good oh god Rene please what are you saying oh oh my god it was incredibly far shot oh you're thinking of a different game far shot is in the body is that what you can shoot through a wall yeah battle we shed that yeah see you later flicker oh dude II was just better son ruffed your gold is interesting what about her boy did not expect I gotta be there yeah what's also huge got me it didn't help that I think lion detected you while you were running so he saw you coming where's only a fuse left oh well then he was over he was the last guy when he detected Jeff cuz I saw in Jeff accounting dad said you have been detected runs in just take it easy guys yes slow and steady they took out all the cameras oh here comes here comes it's a glass it might be a glass it's a glass it's fine he can't hit me he's like alright slow and steady wins the race shot his handles I didn't even wait for his head I knew her might and then the house falls down right I'm kind of sad he didn't have to deal with the welcome Esther and the hospital I know we thought it would be funny to win the to lose the first two on purpose that's just good joking yeah alright I know the audience appreciate yeah the next so we're like they're like oh these guys are relatable because they're at our level no look we're the great selling it's like hey yes plays game you might be able to kick our asses you know I'm kind of upset all right here by the way I'm kind of upset at how good the matchmaking is in this because one guy left that last game they already have another yeah I was kind of hoping it would be just a cool unfair advantage yeah is she on Mike I love it he's got marks for days oh you're making him crazy yeah I'm piggybacking up somebody's marking that's gotta be the worst oh right I was like I'll run in there in a fuse oh I shouldn't do that who's talking to me hi I was scoped when you did that skirt that shit uh let you Gavin yeah there's definitely upstairs area where you can get in but it's unfortunate kind of in the middle of the room oops I was wrong oh shit do you shoot someone shards through the hole that's the flash great for what are you doing man that's red smoke I'm leaving some of these fucking taking shots at me went pretty wide like oh my god mirror like in this hall alright for windows up I just shot at the mirror Michael and I challenge one of them I heard is when that Randa no that was oh no that was the person I injured Michael you got him I'll beat it now the guy I killed was Ballinger help kills oh maybe he was falling I mean the guys sprinted across the room I'm shooting my crate well you ready got two down pretty Michael I want to get in this hallway try and blast them all if I can uh-huh we get behind you I've been spotted I don't like it I found that can you see Jeff no I'm blind now I got hit with whatever that is I'm going in I didn't hear anybody wish me luck good luck good luck Jeremy no where was where was that frog there's a Blackbeard hiding in there - Jeff I'm the black beard oh you watch me die Ryan sure did Eric that guy's so they're up here above us yeah it's where she wise [Music] well there's a black bid no I saw a character five seconds oh comes careful there's a Nash there she is oh it's good cool Michael with three kills we ruined her all right they're really poppy today there's two more it's two more they're definitely in the room try and risk calm down go back on the other side yeah punch up here oh I see you Jesus I'm behind you Jeff they're gonna be there's at least one in there to the right shit hostage except to you cuz you got way more kills no yeah Michael Rock then Gavin you Michael you can't a good round for me it's cuz I got a little rich as I was playing with a picture of a cell phone well now that we have the iris good-luck charm we should probably I mean you sweep if if we failed there's really we have no chance yeah we in the same room alright farmers down farmers down down down down down I know I'm gonna do okay I'm getting armor and going upstairs right away when you keep running away from us why don't you love us me good why bye Harry one of their drones just wasn't moving I've killed three regrows when I cover these walls here get you more Ryan yeah talk about who's done it someone ain't got there on the located I've got my own room do we need to do this for a moment while you do that would be a good idea I suddenly just came down the stairs though I will shot your toe at all doing that do what be able to get it out comes Ryan Jeff having heard anything yet never mind well I didn't hear them I didn't hear a singer what style Jeremy was way out there she has like a sliver of health left but I never heard her dammit their drone yeah there was a Swiss saw the Jeep it was a shot drone good guys I hope you lose so that isn't my last round I have my eye of a slightly larger version of iris right what am i right there oh I don't even care about that I said like the kumite on the stair just tripped Gavin we lose one round we're gonna lose three in a row oh wow I did not see it it's right of the stairs I got eye skill I've avenged your death Oh God they blew open the ceiling right there didn't know that anybody's on the Rhines dead body I'm spot shit where's that from what the hell was that from oh it's from above he's a buck Frank buff nice it was just right above bed even to those that's where the blue opening is there I just invited right below a hole what idiot there's two of them it sucks there's two holes I hear somebody moving are you guys walking no it's just me and you Jeff okay somebody's moving around then Jessica a fool for Harold please was that down that'll be to your right Michael there was a mine there oh alright that's Jeff we heard Michael okay still looking where Ryan got a shitty spot the the mine that went off is the one you just walked over justice that's where Ryan got killed right where you're standing Jeff another Goomba hi dad's spa just don't want to go out I don't know which one that was I didn't have one down here so they're probably not over there those boilers sound like a shield walking around second just hold tight State stay put shadow come over you the jig is up over the corner in the mr. very good hostage they still gotta get rid of the Welcome bets all right there's no way in there Michael so you're fine I'll take it sorry I'm sorry we won Jeremy I like I've gone from killing maybe two to three teammates that's a great route a lot of watching this live stream this episode of let's play presents this lively tune in to the grand final Saturday that's tomorrow May 19th and the 20th that's on the Rainbow six twitch channel so go over there play Rainbow six siege for free this weekend and it's on sale until the 20th so make sure to do all that oh and yep we showed off the new merch right here we'll have it kind of in the background and other Ubisoft related stuff in the background of our stream room here so thanks to them for sending us that stuff because are really cool you can see in the description where to get that and finally make sure to check out the Ubisoft North America channel for more episodes let's play presents I'll be here jack will normally be here and these guys will switch and better host time I mean you're great it was like you're only half of a you're half of the duo yeah hundred percent president better host makes it sound like they're better than both deal now we're better by the function of the strength of a team yeah yeah to to be wanted I think I'll I think you're great give me a better hosts I'll be better host I'll take that's totally fun again okay and thus ends one of the most eventful weeks in the history of achievement raising finishing with this bye everyone no chilly I hope you actually