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today I'm excited to be talking about some of the upcoming changes to pro league starting next season first up one of the major changes that we're making is we are extending the pro league to a six month period spread out over 14 play days where each team will play every other team twice matches will now be in a best-of one essentially making each team's performance against their opponent a best of two simply put we're moving away from the old bracketed format and switching to this double round-robin approach we hope this approach will be fair allowing teams more opportunities to prove their worth this also means that each team will play every week giving fans more opportunities to catch their favorite teams in action now of course having a six month season does mean that there will be a DLC release in the middle of the season so it's a balance this each team will play each other team once in the beginning of the season and then once again in the second half of the season in the middle we'll have the major so there will always be high quality ease for its content for you to enjoy [Applause] let's fast forward to the end of this season the top tube teams from each region will continue to play in the LAN finals however at the bottom of the bracket there have been some changes now the bottom place Pro League team will be relegated to the Challenger League replaced by the first-place challenger league team the team who finishes seven place in the pro league will continue to play a relegation match against the second-place challenger league team we hope with this change will incentivize up-and-coming Rainbow six teams as well as increase the overall skill level of our matches now let's take a look at how the format of the matches will change starting with the next season the first thing nothing new we announce it that the six Invitational the pick and ban will be the official format of our six eSports at the beginning of each map both teams will ban one attacker and one defender this new format will challenge the team's adaptation skills and bring the mind games to a whole new level moving for this take a look on how the rounds will be played through how a map for the pro league regular season the matches will be played on the best of one the teams will stick to the same side for the first five consecutive rounds after that we have half time which means a switch will occur from attack to defense the first team that when six rounds will win the map a total of ten rounds can be played out and if the score of 5/5 occurs we have a tie but don't worry the action is not stopping when we move into the pro league finals we introduce the tiebreak the tiebreak will be played on classic siege with team switching from attack to defense each routes the first team that wins three rounds will be the champion of the match that about sums up all the changes that we're covering today we hope you guys are as excited as we are about the upcoming pro league seasons and for more information on Rainbow six be sure to check out our website at Rainbow six calm [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] that is a look at the future of Rainbow six eSports as we know it for season eight welcome back to the season seven Finals live from Atlantic City I am your host Justin Kruger community developer on Rainbow six siege and we have a ton a ton of info and content to break down from that dev diary and a lot more that we need to discuss on this panel but let's take a look at the future of Rainbow six siege for the next year of season 8 and also season 9 as well there are so many ways to get involved in the competitive scene of eSports of course we have the grow force we have the land events for Dreamhack and of course we have the Challenger League a new way to qualify for that Challenger League will be broken down in this panel all the changes coming to the pro league where we're extending it to six months will be broken down and then of course we have the Paris majors our biggest event outside of the six Invitational that will be coming up in August all this information will be broken down and to help me do this please give a big round of applause for our two amazing guest Kerry Lambert eSports Manager on Rainbow six siege and in Tarot the awesome broadcaster on that you could listen to all weekend Kerry how are you doing what's this event like for you it's great it's my first like full event I got on boarded during the Invitational and that was really hectic but I'm super prepared and very excited to talk about this yeah you started just before this six of rotational and thrown right into the fire but you've been a welcomed addition to the team and and it's great to have you up here on a panel for the very first time as well and somebody who's not shy from the camera Parker how's it going man it's going really well how did the games been so far the games games I mean I mean the games as well you got some nice things to say in fact I know we were treated to a good match you're like one sand sandwich away from being a fat Wow or what muffin I saw you scarf down that muffin marker oh that's so sweet you have fans to back you up from my sassy comments that's okay did eat a big breakfast today the matches have been great I mean pentas gonna you know just steamroll everybody as is tradition so that's great really great to see that clad fabien winning things yeah super happy finals happy so Kerry we had a lot that was in that dev diary and we got to break it down explain some of the reasoning behind this and let's start with the pro league format obviously moving to a six-month pro league 14 play days instead of just about five or six and and of course that that new pro league format where there's a lot of matches happening please explain some of the reasoning behind those decisions yeah so I think really the name of the game here is maturity you know when when the pro league started the game was new and I feel like now in season seven moving into season eight we're really at that level with the players you know with ourselves with the fans that we can start implementing some of these changes you know especially with the double round-robin format and like I mentioned in the video it will allow fans to see their teams in action every single week but one of the one of the biggest differences I think for me is that teams will replay each every team will play every other team twice and in the previous season you know that the teams would would be ranged the the matches that would be played would be anywhere between two and five you know and now there's gonna be 14 so I think you know this is this is a this is a mature step that were taken in the league maturity moving from what was sort of like a board tournament style league to now full league where you 14 matches over the course of six months you play each team twice that's kind of huge and and kind of important Parker what's the significance of that to the teams I think there were some pretty valid criticisms with the system that we've just done in people saying that you know certain teams would be you know gifted an unfair bracket maybe they'd lose once and miss out on the playoffs etc this is a much fairer system I'm really looking forward to it and just from a spectator standpoint as was said you get to see every team every week you know if you're a fan of you know the team fluffy kittens and they only play you know once every two weeks or you know they've they're in relegations or you know you have to worry about whether they're playing or not you can now watch every week it's must-see viewing and it's great and you get to see teams make those changes adaptations and grow you know and be able to diversify their their strategies as well as as time goes on I can't wait to see fluffy kittens play against ya know I mean it's great for you as a caster as well I'm able to cast every team twice I think it'll make my notebook a lot easier to manage just went through and you actually have a basis to go on from from the previous game to the next game to the finals a lot more information a lot more viewing experience that experience for these fans that are here at Atlantic City and watching at home it's going to be really fun another huge change that we announced in that dev diary is the match format going from obviously best of one but also the five attack rounds and then the five defence rounds additionally the round route I mean that round rotation is so key and of course we also have the pick and bans what is the reasoning behind some of these changes coming in the match format yeah so I think starting with the pick and bin one of the main things that we're hoping to see is some next level strats from the players there's I I want to see him get creative and you know really brings some diversity to to gameplay with the new pick and bans system and I think it was always the goal to have pick and ban and again you know as I mentioned I'm probably gonna mention a lot but I feel like the what the team feels like the the league is now in the place where it's mature enough to to move forward with the pick and bans system and with the 5v5 I feel like it's it's a better viewing experience and and it's it's more comfortable for the players to to to have this set up where they they can play you know five attacker five five defensive well your back to back right now instead of swapping every round yeah Parker what is the significance of pick and bans to the strategy that these teams are going to actually have to implement I feel like one of the words that we use the most in casting is meta and the way it shakes out on both attack and defense and you know as certain operators have come into the map or into the operator pool you look at him bono for example you look at mirror on defenses as to really crucial pivotal operators who have fundamentally changed not just a game but maps and sites as well you know you end up banning a mirror and you're playing a certain map well you know that could completely cripple a team same with Havana and you'll find that teams will have to be more innovative and they'll have to you know actually go outside of their comfort zone in order to help come up with strats because it's it's no longer just gonna be okay we need to figure out you know how do we defend this site how do we push this site it's how do we do it if there's no bandit to worry about you know how do we do it if there's no you know if there's no thermite how how do you make those strategies work and it's gonna be a lot of it's gonna be a lot of studying for teams and preparation but I'm excited to see how it shakes out yeah a lot of studying a lot of preparation and also a lot of diversity as well as that to the to the teams to the viewing experience and also you know the meta it really is changing the way that the meta works right Kerri yeah it's a it's it's actually something that we want to do with with these changes is put the meta in the hands of the players and you know you spoke about diversity and one of the one of the things that we're doing that that you know it's also gonna create diversity is we're actually changing up the how the the bomb sites work so there were you if you successfully defend a bomb site you have to play to more defensive rounds before you can defend that bomb site again so in the past it was you'd have to play one defensive round to get unlock that bomb site and now you have to play two rounds yes okay and how does that change the whole map bull moving forward yeah so of course you know this this does bring some changes well it would it would require a few changes to the map pool and this is another thing that we wanted to bring up in the panel today but after a discussion that we had with the players we decided to put this topic on hold and you know give more information on this in the upcoming weeks after we yeah absolutely we're you know we take a step back take a look at that system a little bit and we you know we've just had that meeting on Friday with the pros and we're not afraid of taking a step back and taking a closer look at that as well yeah absolutely yeah I'm excited to be able to take to Twitter to immediately just fire off some vague and passive-aggressive tweets now about these changes whether I support it or oppose it you know I'm sure people have you know people have seen that you know some thanks so yeah a few things out there that are floating around about maybe maybe some maybe some necessarily tweets that maybe well you know shouldn't this end okay I'm really happy that they're that you're hitting the pause button on this just from the things that I know I you know it's I think these are some pretty substantial changes and I'm but I really like them especially the the site rotation but I think the biggest concern with that for a lot of people is you know look at look at a map like Oregon it's got two great bomb sites two not-so-great bomb sites this change is not just gonna impact the way players play but also what maps they're likely to go to because now you know that if you win those two sites you're left with a less though and be able third site that might be indirectly buffing maps like consulate like coastline that have a multitude of bomb sites that you can go to and I think we need to consider all these things in the perspective of all the changes that are coming so we have the new pro leap format the new pickin pick and bans on on for the operators where you not to be able to play for operators for the entire map which is huge it changes maps it changes the experience of strategies and then on top of that you also have this bomb rotation system so it's a lot of changes it's really it's kind of exciting it's one of the biggest changes that were we're introducing to the pro league seen to date carry I mean it's it's so exciting yeah it's really exciting I feel like a you know as a team we're confident that it's it's better to do this all at once then then just spread it out and drag it out over a few seasons that we we you know I we feel like it's the best move absolutely you'll be able to find more information on all the changes on the website if you go to Rainbow six comm one of the other big changes that we're introducing is challenger league I think what we're doing right now is creating it more a more accessible way of entering into challenge league yeah I think it's it's it brings a lot of importance to the challenge really giving them that direct entry into the pro league at the end of the season if you're the top seed yeah and so how does that qualifications work for the challenge league yeah so it's a two-step process with the first step being an open tournament ladder where there's gonna be an unlimited amount of teams with the possibility to sign up all these teams can play as many times as they want you know earning points to move in to step two step two is going to be a closed tournament Swiss system where the teams that move up from the first step play against the teams that drop down from the Challenger League in the last season and the winner of the this will move right on into the Challenge elite Parker what we saw in the season seven relegations in challenges Lee what's crazy we only had one Pro League team move on that was yeah gaming oh yeah gaming the only pro league team that actually held its spot you got six relegation matches five teams out five teams and and you know it's it's something where challenger League was kind of looked down upon many seasons ago and used to refer to teams in pro league that would run Challenger League strats as kind of distress of you know oh they're not prepared for pro league but I think we're at a point now especially in particular regions where you could conceivably argue that three for the teams in challenge early could easily compete in pro league I like to change a lot I like that we're gonna see a longer contest for challenger league because right now the qualifier system to get into challenger league is kind of a wash because it's you know it can be a really long day you might not get a preferable you know drawing for your bracket I think the system is gonna empower the best teams to get in a challenger league and then you know that one relegation spot is gonna be an eye opener I think for a lot of teams because you're gonna have to fight every single game you can't take anything for granted because you finish eight you're gone yeah of course as mentioned in that dev diary vid video the 8th seed if you fought qualify 8th in season 8 then you've get relegated into the probably a challenger league immediately and the Challenger League winner gets that slot that's gonna be huge I mean challenger League has already proven itself to be a viable pathway to the Pro League and now I think it's even more so now with the changes that we're introducing so if you are interested interested in competing in the childhood League and competing in the pro league potentially you can actually qualify for the challenger leagues very soon information on that will be coming out very shortly another big thing that we're doing is the Paris majors the Paris majors are coming up on in August August 13th and we have a new way of qualifying for the majors carry won't you run us through the qualifications for the Paris majors yeah so there's a my apologies we're gonna take a look at who has already qualified for the Paris majors first so Penta has already qualified for the Paris major because they are the six Invitational champions and so that guaranteed them a spot to move into the Paris major next up all the teams that are here will be invited to the pair major because the top to see the teams from season seven that's this one will be going to the Paris major and Dreamhack Valencia is gonna have a lot of importance on it because though champion of Dreamhack Valencia will also guarantee themselves a spot in the Paris major we will also have four online qualifiers one from each region with a extra online qualifier going to the region that performs the best at this event and finally the host country is going to be able to invite a team of their own and that is France I'll let you speculate on who they may invite but we'll see so of course Penta owns that first spot because of this six of it Asia but they also own a slot because they're here at this season summer finals what's happening with that extra slot we're giving that extra slot to another online qualifier another online qualifier so the online qualifiers get around six slots and how do those online qualifiers work for the Paris majors if you are looking at qualifying for that yeah so if you're looking to qualify you can there's there's a there's a three step system where the first step again is this open ladder where as many teams as as as as many teams can sign up as to want to so like yeah an unlimited a number an unlimited number of teams is what I am trying to say here and again they can play as many games as they want earning as many points as they want to move in to step two but they will battle against the Challenger League teams you know we wanted to give Challenger League and pro league teams sort of a step up in this process and so step two is where that's gonna come into play and step two is a closed tournament Swift system the winners from this step will move in to step three and play against the Challenger League teams who haven't already qualified you know by being the top two seeded teams from season seven and the winners get that back online qualifier spot so really I mean this is no joke this is a serious competition to get into the Paris majors you have to go through challenger League teams you have to go through crew league teams and then you have to qualify for that final slot for each region Parker that's gonna be pretty exciting to see all those teams quoi you know gunning for that slot what do you think what comes to mind when you think about the Paris majors I'm excited with the way that this structure is going to work you know I it was really interesting to see the teams and the you know the caliber of competition for the six Invitational I like the system because I have a feeling that the best teams are going to you know end up getting out of the system in a good spot and getting those you know those invites and I mean I might be on a different side than other people in the community when I say at the major and at the invitational I want the best teams you know III think it's nice to see upset so I think it's nice to have those Cinderella stories but when you're competing at the biggest event you want the teams that perform the best if there's a team that wants to give it to the pro league teams and challenger league teams this is their opportunity to prove that they're one of the best teams and make a name for themselves and and we do see that majors as the the highest level of competition in in in competitive Rainbow six and and this is why for the majors we will have unlimited overtime in the grand final four for both majors that's usually know a lot of people been asking for that partner wise overtime unlimited overtime so significant it's the most fair it's the fairest system by a country mile you let teams compete and I mean it's like you know you can look at another eSport that may come to mind that had a limited overtime in a grand final in America not too many months ago and it was wild to just see two incredibly even teams slug it out until one finally prevails it's exciting it's great for the viewer and that most importantly it's great for the team can't wait for the Paris majors as a reminder it's coming up in August on August 13th and tickets are still available for the pair's majors so you can find those on the online right now on Rainbow six comm for more information on that and there is a $350,000 prize pool that's not $350,000 tickets if you buy 350,000 tickets I will personally take you on a date candlelit dinner in Paris with Justin I will I fell b-but it's expensive dinner yeah it's a really expensive yeah that's very expensive day but it is worth it I mean just to sit down he's right it's pretty great yeah so in summary a new pro league format a new pro league match format a new way of qualifying for the Challenger League and the Paris majors as a recap let's take a look at the timeline once again just to see all the ways that you can participate in Rainbow six siege esports of course you have to go for online tournaments every weekend the land events with the dream hacks the for dream hacks this year the Challenger League qualifiers where anybody can sign up for that the pro league of course our top tier highest level of competition and the majors with Paris and the six Invitational at the next February yeah it's the biggest is I think it's the biggest season we've ever had is the season where we're implementing the most changes well they were ever going to have it's the it's the season that we're implementing the most changes but it's the season where we'll also have them the most opportunities for teams to get involved in competitive Rainbow six we have these four dream hacks we have that go for us we have the open qualifiers for Challenge League and for the the major so it's it's it's the time to get involved if you're interested best time to get involved in Rainbow six siege eSports Parker are you excited for this upcoming year absolutely I've been it's been it's been awesome to watch the the growth of the game as well as the growth of the pro scene I think these changes are very welcomed I'm really excited for them you know and I think that it's going to make for a great amount of competition between teams and most importantly it's doing so while still providing an excellent opportunity for people to engage by either playing in the ladder systems qualifying for the majors and then of course for the viewers at home it's it's streamlining I think a lot of things with with the broadcast that I think will make it a lot easier to follow and be more engaging for newer viewers to better viewership a better playing experience for these players and a whole lot more eSport right for you speaking of eSports coming up right after this we have millennium versus Team Liquid do not go anywhere thank you so much for tuning in [Music] [Music]