Reimporting data and metadata in Nesstar Publisher

Hi there! This tutorial will cover what you need to know when you are re-importing into Nesstar Publisher without having to create an entirely new document. This can happen when there is a problem with the data that cannot be fixed in Nesstar Publisher. It can also happen when you need to edit the metadata in XML format. First, let's open up Nesstar Publisher. You're going to want to import your dataset. Some Some files can take a while to import, be patient. Ensure that you are using an appropriate template. I'm going to go into the T and I am going to be using my Jing Tutorial Template. Click x out of it. I'm going to click on My Projects this needs to be highlighted for the Import Study option to be available. Click on File, then Import Study. Select your edited .sav file and click Open. This can take awhile so just be patient. An error message may pop up that says The measure definitions for the variables appear to be wrong, do you want them corrected? Click yes. Next, you'll want to import your metadata. Click on the Documentation menu, Import, then Import from DDI. Check the sections you want to import and click OK.Under Import Documentation I'm going to select them all. Find the .xml file, click on Open and the metadata will be added to your file. When editing metadata that has already been done or that you are using from another source, there are tags that must be filled in or changed. These tags need to be edited when you've taken data from another source. Remember the Document Description is the information about you and your institution. We'll quickly go through the tags that need to be changed. We'll go into Document Description. You're going to want to change your Authoring Entity to reflect you and your institution. Go into Producers, which, again, in your institution. Go down to Copyright which is your personal copyright. Production Date or Date of Production as that changes to when you've published your document. Your Place of Production. You'll also go into Funding to reflect who's giving your institution funding for the work that you are doing. Go into Distributors and change that information. You'll also want to change Contact Persons. Make sure that your email address and url are all up to date and correct. Go into Version Text and just write anything that you've changed or updated. Also, Version Responsibility, Version Notes. Make sure that you're checking your Bibliographic Citation because this changes whenever you've published a new document. You may also want to change your Holdings information if that's applicable. That's all for Document Description. There's just one more thing from Study Description that you'll need to change. You'll need to go down to Restrictions. There it is there at the bottom. Click on your restrictions. That's going to change based on your institution and what they're a member of. That is all for this tutorial. This video was created by the Carleton University Data Centre. Thanks for watching.