Review LG 6 kg Inverter FullyAutomatic Front Loading Washing Machine FH0H3NDNL02

Florence today we'll review the lg6 kitchen with a fully automatic front-loading washing-machine which I purchased almost six months ago from Amazon and I'm going to review today so let's start this has a very nice job dull feeling which is having a soft touch panel where you can touch the buttons and it will work unlike the button once and the ugly version and this has so many features like heating and all the same hot water at all the territory motion care is a better and silent motor and which is giving a longer life and it is inverter currently so company is giving you 10 years warranty of that the opening is very wide you can dump in your clothes very easily it almost opens her fully so using in dumping closes inside so the main thing is basically the waste water dispenser is at a height so he tells you to put the washing machine anywhere so if you want to keep it inside the house and your bathroom is at a higher position then also no problem because it can pump out the water from the top section so generally the water hose remains at the bottom that's a problem for other machines and here it is not so you can hear the noise of the machine here how much it makes it is pretty silent there and now the let me demo you the look and feel of the inside panel so when you own it actually so this is a green color display and then jog dial is having a white background so it basically points to the different settings here we are plenty of settings reading from baby throw this to I not tough washing of the cotton cloth a spreadsheet and all the things there's a quick 30 that's what we use generally but you have other options depending on the option you select the time it takes will be decided if it is going to spin higher or lower that will be decided how much temperature the water roll here that will be cider but definitely you can change it the temperature setting up to 90 degree centigrade and they are TM up to 1000 rpms so which is pretty quick and thousand rpm is I mean the very few machines which goes up to thousand rpm and the hot water around all those things if you setup that it has a very good capacity of Giza which is almost a two clover tweezer I guess and so that's what the power consumption will go high so if you don't need don't use it it has a child lock feature and it has other features like self-cleaning and all so if you do that you should do the self-cleaning at least once in two months or so so that it will clean up all the scalings and all those things that helps keeping the washing machine healthy so net and net it is a very nice and smooth washing machine I had a top-loading one earlier and that got spoiled by rats the wiring was cut and then I opted for this one essentially it comes with a bottom cover which is actually paper like thing so that's how my early washing machine got spoiled we're at so they cut through it and then went inside and to cut all the wires so do not repeat that mistake in this purchase I have put some aftermarket a series which costed me a little bit but essentially that makes and keeps the washing machine safer the first thing first is basically you need to have a cover for that which is keeping it safe from dust and other stains and all then in Bangalow the water is very hard so I had a ply I mean put this unit which is in between the taps apply and you inlet so this basically stops the dust and sand to get inside the automation washing machine and get deposited at the bottom and that helps it keeping it safe so the washing machine cost like four twenty four thousand so this is another twelve hundred bucks so doesn't matter it keeps it safe then the last thing is basically the anti scaling product which you should use to clean it at least in two months in two months or so this cost hundred of these hundred reviews and it's from LG it'll keep your washing machine safe so hope you liked the video you have done so so just like comment and subscribe to my purchase link the amazon link and the product details will be available in the description please check and let me know if you have other questions I'll try to qualify and one more thing to add is I have taken an additional warranty from Amazon itself so which is like on top of the warranty of the machine so machine is good enough it is giving 10 years under the motor and overall I guess it is having two plus two so another two years I have taken from the Amazon warranty so make sure you take it because generally the service is pretty costly Amazon installations and all these things are pre quick so you don't have to worry on that so but yeah so it is because Amazon arranges installation and that's free so you need to wait for Amazon to initiate it if you do it on your own else you will ask for money so yeah don't call LG let them call you back and then they will add instrument and come and sol it for you so hope it clarifies it out in case you have any more doubt please comment in the section and I will try to clarify that thank you for watching and subscribe my channel [Music]