Islamic home today between comparison between Samsung a 71 and if we go V 17 we have Samsung haven't won in black color and we will be 17 in white color in something in 71 we have four cameras on back 64 plus eight plus five five plus five and only downside we have a C type for with 25 watt fast charging that's pretty awesome and it has a infinity or display with 32 my pixel front camera and movie 17 we have 48 plus 8 plus 2 plus 2 quad cameras on the back and it all has a sensor on the top side on side we have a seat iPod with 18 what was charging and it has a punch hole display they thought you do ma'am I got big so front camera so Samsung a 71 has better cameras then we will be 17 so let us check out that running one speed to see which one has better turning on speed third one you guys that something is 71 has 8gb RAM and vov 17 also has 8gb RAM but they differ in their wrong size samsung has 128 whereas vivo has 256 GB they have same pixels but this is defining their size with Samsung I'm six point seven inches and we were in 6 point for the both of Super AMOLED displays and in second fingerprint sensors but in Samson we have 393 PPI whereas we were 4 0 9 PP they both are running on Android 10 but he was better screen resolution then something is 71 but something is empty much better cameras so let us see which one turns on faster and has you guys can see something is Hamiltonian 71 is faster in you're standing on speed then we weigh 70 so it probably has better I'm durability let's see some of their basic specs in something we have 8 GB RAM 128 GB ROM and it is running on Snapdragon 738 nanum processor so that pretty fast and it has 4500 MH pad which quantify but false charging it has a huge battery in second fingerprint sensor and it is also running on Android 10 which is the latest version so something has given pretty cool with specification in this price range and we will be 17 we have GB I mean 25 256 GB ROM Snapdragon 6/7 5 processor it also the 4500 mhm better but we didn't what fast charging so Samsung has better fast charging and it also has better processor let's check out the RAM speed to see which one is faster they both have same Rams but they defined the processor size so let's see which one is faster and as you guys can see is 71 load faster than V will be 17 let's try Google Chrome and yep Samsung 71 has better and durability as for the gaming experience let's get to it let me open Angry Birds first and as you guys can see Phoebus seems to be loading faster but you know Samsung is having one load loaded faster than we will be 17 the Strether games just to be sure which one is faster no so far we have seen that a 71 is skipping but me was seems shoot out faster in this game yep he seems to be loading faster so let me try as some of the other games and we'll know for sure that scene he'll climb racing which one loads faster and a 71 is the winner as you guys can see it is loading way faster than V V 17 so yep I think something is Hamilton has better gaming experience than VB 17 as for ePub t-mobile so I'm saying 71 is to be never gain let's try a zombie guard and yep as you guys can see a 71 is faster and it's gaming experience than we will be 17 so so far something is 71 is better than we were 17 as for the browsing speed let's say which one is faster I've got two them to the same Wi-Fi network let's open cool Chrome and get to it now I will first open a and let's see which one is faster now they both have same Rams but Samsung has the latest processor then Weibo so it will probably an fashioned browsing speed but let us see which one is faster and as you guys can see they're both loading but we will load it faster so that was a surprise because something seemed to be doing a lot better till now let's see some of the other website just to be sure let's try opening YouTube and there we go and we were all loaded faster again so I think maybe we go v17 has better browsing speed then Samsung a 71 but Samsung a 71 had better gaming experience and better turning on speed so I think just two wins for Samsung but one win for VEVO Oh yep he was better browsing speed but samsung is better gaming experience and it has better turning on speed even though it has a better processor we will seems to be doing better than something 71 in the browsing speed only in the game experience 71 is faster let me try another websites and then we'll know for sure which one is faster and there we go yep he was better burning speed and something is haven't you won so overall you got a you guys will have to choose which one you want to buy because I would prefer maybe something at 71 yep you know it doesn't differ that much in browsing speed but still it has better gaming experience so we will be something fast and browsing speed so let me know what you guys think about this video I get subscribe for more amazing content until then Allah Hafiz