SFIA Monthly Livestream November 24 2019

complete livestream will begin started in just a moment so it's a great time to stop getting questions into the chat window for all moderators to review and copy over to me so we can jump right into the Q&A if we don't have a chance to get your questions today feel free to leave them in the comment section on the video you know try to get them a while after the show or visit any of our social media sites like Reddit and Facebook to continue discussion with me or the other audience members and let's get started good afternoon everybody and welcome to our show we're gonna go ahead and see it started with questions in just a second while we're getting ready to get started here please get your questions into the moderator is in is legible format as you can so they can give them as transferred over to me if you're not too clear on that there's usually a light I'm about 10 to 15 minutes our question actually reaches me as we go through them and all moderators picked them out from the chat window put them over to me on our discord so avoid and I gets them in order basically so please try to keep those clear and concise we had our first question from Ryan was asking if we were going to be covering threats to people in the future or not and we did actually recently do the threats to interplanetary and interstellar civilizations and I don't know if we're gonna follow that up anytime too soon with anything more detailed than that but I think you would you actually cover a lot of threats to civilizations we just that late filters episode for instance but so often the car threats we'd have to be looking at we things we wouldn't be expecting but what we call it out of context problem or OCP or Black Swan black swuan be in one way or it's really obvious in hindsight and we every did an episode on that some years back where the poem is really obvious in hindsight but you don't see it till afterwards and then OCP and out of context problem is one way you have no context whatsoever for dealing with it it just comes out of the blue and really the best you can do is kind of a crisis management of being used to handling you know crazy snowy o's so we probably will look at some of those in the future we have looked at quite a few but it's kind of hard to say which ones we'd be looking at dealing with because we just don't really know what those problems will be feeble for our ESS Isaac you said a couple of times that Warhammer 40k did some science better than other sci-fi you know forces can you advise on top three things Warhammer 40k universe did write warrior 40k for those of you don't know is a a well was a tabletop board game that kind of turned into a quite a big setting we call an expanding universe setting and one of the things they get right there in a setting that is essentially a dystopian future that's very crazy and full of supernatural stuff is that they get the scale of time and civilization a lot better than most sci-fi shows do and it some degree it's when you're running a book on something just one novel or one movie you really can't ever convey scope to the same degree like in the Star Wars films we see the sheer size the fleet's can you engage with each other and that gives a bit of an idea how big these Empire is all but one of things the 40k does really well is just to kind of indicate what do we like you actually had a civilization that not only was composed of a million walls but had actually been gliding along for 10,000 years and that's kind of the big one there they give the numbers of skills right they don't evolve to some degree anyway they start recognizing if you got a big old hive city that means there's a trillion people on that planet not a few hundred you know million they kind of get the notion right that you know you would not have fleets of a ship or two like in deep space 9 while the force one is they can rely on the CGI lets you see real fleets in action until then they were limited like one or two models and kept anonymous camera you stock in the impression oh wow the the Federation of Planets which covers a decent chunk of the galaxy happens to have you know actual fleet but even then the scale is not that big you get the impression is less than one ship post for solar system they control and that's one of those things that posties be playing on CGI but a lot of times just cuz the sci-fi miles don't really think of the scale you know Peter a story over vas assuming our knowledge of cosmology is actually missing and black swan type ok knowledge say hyperspace is something else how we think about go about discovering it how do you go about on eclis if something is a black swan you pretty much by definition can't discover it in advance because of you if you knew what it was or you had to go about getting it so you you wouldn't be a black swan as an example this cellphone is not a black swan we knew those for coming quite a long way out these are former they take was how to say but the blacks want to be stuff like social media that was quite a Black Swan things like Netflix was of a limited economic Black Swan computers in general wore Black Swan ball totally robotic automation was Knox we saw that one coming quite a ways out in hindsight these things make perfect sense we understand completely why why they took off but in in advance we really did not something like hyperspace first you have to have some kind of lead to let you know where it is you can't try to force discovery something that you don't know if it even exists you know in terms of basic theory or setup if we came across something that was a mystery I mean this happens with science you don't go out looking for gee if you have something you try to figure out what it's causing but otherwise we mostly come across these things when we do an experiment and in some environment or in the main experiment itself something's not quite right it's not coming out quite the model but the model seems to walk and so we start trying to run it in different places and see what little differences are popping up and try to run down what is causing this difference and I don't know how we would detect something like hyperspace because we don't know what it is if it exists or where it might be located or what it operates on we'd have to find some way of you know funny unnatural effect or that was already you know universe so cthe Morocco ass Isaac what are some things you do what what are some things do you think should be required things to try to keep realistic within sci-fi and not fashion like travel that's the most common hand wave in science fiction but it's unfortunately a kind of a necessary hand wave either the communication or the physical side now you could do a lot in a setting by just sticking to one solar system you can never really exhaust the options with single planet's most fiction is written on modern day off but you know something I got Dyson swarm could be a setting for millions of books and I mean barely scratch the surface you can set an entire galaxy inside one um but if you try and do interstellar stuff you usually do have to start doing that hand wave now not everyone does Alastair winos for instance doesn't do that a desi tailor does do it with communications but he doesn't do it for Travel for instance and that works out very well but it takes a little bit of extra effort I'd say the next big one that I wish Athos would stop doing and going back 40k references genious skills right you could have a plant that was colonized by only a few million people even thousands of people but you shouldn't have a plant that's been seen there for you know hundreds of years as a regular trade hub and it's just got one city somewhere with no you know it one unique cultural that is really not seen anywhere else on the planet or everyone's got the same attitude it becomes very undercut it's it's little you know the basic sketch is there but the author didn't really fill in the stuff and of course that depends on the author and how much time they might spend on that place but it tends to make their places seem kind of small when you're trying to go for big and epic you'd actually show people big and epic otherwise on the realism side I guess it would just be that it would be nice if some actually bothered to look some science up first thank you more Johnson could bounty hunting be a real thing I said the mandalorian just came out could bounty hunting be a real thing with so much space to expand into any rock with a spinning wheel can be community can be a community to hide in does it make sense to hire a long distance criminal retrieval there was a anime code a Cowboy Bebop where they did something very similar that to throughout the sources and they were hunting down criminals who were going from this planet or station to another yeah I mean probably I I don't know there would be quite as exciting as a film but life really is as exciting as the film's we're gonna go watch the films if you have criminals and they need to be tracked down someone presumably needs to do that job and needs due to cost jurisdiction lines if they'll jurisdiction lines um I mean it's a real thing nowadays we have plenty of bounty coming that goes on in the United States and I imagine other countries too but it's not usually gonna be as glamorous as folks who tend to expect and so probably don't Boba Fett's in the future but who can say on that flintlocks ass all cryptocurrency is a Black Swan how do you how do you think cryptography will affect government and Taxation be itself very little hmm in except for the terms of investigating people's correspondence and in so relatively recent times nobody you really couldn't track people's correspondence at all anyway in taxes are not a new thing and you know even keeping written copies of your business dealings was a pretty real thing beyond the most broad terms until not even last century it was still pretty rare for anyone to actually keep much in the way of receipts or transfers or own bills of lading the so many electronic correspondence was another thing and if you want to get X 2 that corresponds part of the electronic gear your only option was to go get a warrant and sort and grab those papers or to read through them and so in that regard cryptography is no different you just tell the person that they had to open up files up do it should have to get a warrant to do something like that now in terms of crypt of course he being a Black Swan no because most stuff we think I mean it could be but most things we'd anticipate cryptocurrencies disrupt you know things we already anticipate so again it's if he owes additional effects we don't see that's that's the big central focus for a Black Swan the biggest disruption you tend to have with cryptocurrency is that it makes it very hard to deal with black markets in terms of intellectual property you still have to actually ship stuff back and forth but again remember when told you know 30 40 years ago you could just hand somebody cash and large quantities of it it was a really track that well and there wasn't that much soul-g of of you know freight trucks or posts or things so it's a bit of a difference but I don't think it's gonna be one of those huge ones that knocks over civilizations grandad will ask do you think it's possible that a techno primitiveness ideology could be in the could in the future or banned technology they need ain't none of coffee today excuse me do you think it's possible that a techno primitiveness tied ideology could in the future banned technology they deem dangerous like AIX Etta and succeeded converting humanity into a technophobic civilization now you could to some degree do that but we never actually had a technophobic movement as we covered in that episode even the Luddites the most notorious anti-technology group are not ain't technology and they were mostly worried about label regulations and in terms of automation in that period the Amish might be another example we look at but I mean I'll in an area that has tons of automation read them have cellphones they're not our cost for an anti-technology they are against some of the applications of specific technologies or some of the cultural effects of convenience technology what you most likely see as technophobia where I had a justification like artificial intelligence you might ban artificial intelligence and you might ban associate technologies that made it much easier for somebody to actually create an AI in their home we might see something like that with 3d printing just because there are certain technologies that if they walk as we kind of expect them to or potentially could expect them to we just become so dangerous that anything that is you know using that technology or it's very close to allowing you to use that technology your way you could just you know one extra step and they're you all those are sort of things that I was on a general technology ban but I can't see us ever getting to anti technological and I really have never been in civilizations that truly war that we are aware of I mean there's quite a few that have not really embraced technology that much um the despair man asks do you think FTO is possible I do not FTL is one of those things where if we assume the universe runs on cause and effect without exception you can pretty much write off faster and light technology period there's really no way to play around with that in in terms of Islay in an Einsteinian sense warp drives for instance technically do not violate them but even then every technology that in that we everything on paper we were done that might allow faster light travel or communication always bumps into acquiring something that we don't have like negative matter and energy and I know they occasionally to release science I was saying that we've discovered something like that but what the science article actually said was something that acts like we'd expect negative matter act right in this one context and even then it's a very loose correlation that really has nothing new with that like when they say a scientist makes black hole then as like no they made a substance that was always one frequency of like very very well but in Tillman's fto i mean see the FTL series for some discussion of that and we'll look at a bit more in the time travel episode that we're starting the year off I think that's January 2nd koc ass Isaac what's your favorite anime hmm I'm not really a big anime watch or I was fun - the Death Note anime and I think it's another one mm-hmm there's been a few but I'm not really a huge fan of that that particular genre I think is the animation it's hard on the eyes some of them all anyway bozhe asked what collaboration videos do you have planned in the near future and with whom I think Christian from launchpad astronomy I applied to a collaboration sometime near future that I had to get on on delay for a bit so that probably I don't that'd be on next clamp but that's the only one corny on the radar to do I should probably poke Joe Cody or John see if they feel like you want a facial but we're just not been doing claps as much I think the last one was over the summer with Jade and I do enjoy doing those but usually I just can't stick to all schedule and if someone asked me if they want to do you know do you want to do a collab I'm all for it usually so let's see dr. flash born ass I've noticed you after assume that humanity will remain mostly as they are today don't you think that with AI revolutions humanoids are about to disappear whether they mojo get replaced no one know respectively I do not assume that humanity will remain mostly same as they are today it's just when we're discussing a topic in in the show you're trying to make these things relatable to folks and since I don't know exactly what the future might be like in that regard - two other things I try to limit the changes - you know how we be living to just that one technology or two technology under discussion for that day so I would be rather surprised if humans think a little bit more cyborg II or genetically engineered in the future I just don't think that's one of those things where it's gonna happen overnight and in an extreme fashion no no carnelian sings or you know super cyber wars fought around punching two walls you know the effect of dental fillings which is a cybernetic alteration or glasses these are pretty big on civilisation but you can't really anticipate to much what those are gonna be and if you try to keep something explainable you limit what you talked about even in all videos we only have 30 minutes that's so longer than most videos that's still a very short period of time to discuss topics so you try to live with the number of tangents you include as to whether I think we're actually going to just you know get merged or replaced I don't really see anything specifically replacing us um you want to be really careful using evolutionary guidelines for talking about species being replaced what we probably see is a big divergence in what qualifies as being human but even though that's helped to say and you might have places where people all exactly like they all now who are not particularly techno printers they don't mess around with their brains much or they of their biology but they're happy to use technology other places people might you know do things to enhance the thinking speed or you know improve their DNA to get rid of any types of health deficiencies or even improve it to augment it with something new like the ability to see infrared and then you might have place to if you decide they want to go all out and they they were totally uploaded minds or they mmm they decided I want to have four legs you know and walk around like a centaur and they may or may not keep calling themselves human at that point in time but you know we divulge I mean that's that's kind of what happens we have a successful case it diverges around and spreads out and you know it gets its new environments and mutates around very I can ask do you think super intelligent AI will replace politicians in the future you know there's a joke on kids you make on the show is that if you have a big AI like Skynet try and take over the war they're not gonna do it by trying to bomb everyone they do it by running for political office um there's an assumption that a machine a very intelligent machine would somehow be bad at social interactions that's a big chunk of what we use our brains for as humans and that is absolutely loanable trait I would expect a very small AI to being incredibly charismatic whether or not they'd replace politicians the future I don't know some of them already kind of robotic Dave blue ass you often say the Sun could power lasers that propel ships around would these beams home objects crossing their paths and meet the you know solar system hazardous for other activities you know shining a flashlight around a lighthouse is potentially damaging to anybody could send the eyes that you have to be careful using something like that but you're not likely to be concentrating these beams the point they could actually see your skin for instance you might but you probably would not just because at that point to become a weapon and when you give it a much thinner large or sail for instance that might do the job just as well um you also only need to push ships on the ecliptic when you're trying to move them around our solar system very few of the objects that we want to be visiting other solar systems would be on or ecliptic path so in most cases you be aiming the beam up or down to some degree but space is huge it really is is difficult to say how huge space is and he kind of same context and I really can't imagine that you really had that much of an issue with lean things especially because everything would be running with an iff for some sort it's a control issue in terms of making sure everybody knows where everything is and that's like your calf controllers there might be not being mistakes from time to time but new coordinates use as much computing power and detection as you reasonably can and so you try to avoid letting that get clogged but you know just that the pragmatist and realist to me says they would be down to be at least some instant of accident or sabotage and you know the you decide is this worth it well almost every good technology we have comes with something like that attached so I'm not gonna say it can't happen but I suspected a copy would not happen very much or will not be a magical issue figure pavani ass Isaac looking sharp thank you what are the odds of finding alien intelligence being artificial instead of organic do we only really saw AI aliens episode I think we did um who's tracked what episodes came out sometimes what's the ones that all busy being created I would tend to think that if you mean something face-to-face for the first time that was alien the only reason wouldn't be a machine of some sort mmm would be because they decided you know that they just thought it was appropriate to meet you in person in the flesh they might not have flesh of course mmm but by and load you'd expect the vanguard of almost any civilization to be automated because that means you're not risking anybody and you know you're far away from home in case like that you really do not want your Vanguard of detection scouting being done by brave low-noise like Lois and Clark because well you know as many explorers from the Age of sail could testify if they had survived that could be very dangerous so I would tend to think that by and large you would use automation as your vanguard and follow that up with other things Nikolas thank you very much with the waste and triple chance with the way centrifugal force walks wouldn't the cone shaped habitats like on Pluto have uneven gravity as the circumference people would walk around on is moving slower toward the small end yeah we do one of those ball shaped habitats but you're spinning around your gravity is not gonna be consistent throughout in terms of strength what you're doing is putting a Cove in place on it so that in the direction stays point you that way and even then you might need to do some tearing you've got a bottom that is you know down towards your feet that's the goal on that one you got to angle the the spinning object that way you know soon though you can keep the strength you know the same throughout the entirety of the thing and you have a pointing right out away from the axon the to thing to well you're trying to spin a ball around on top of gravity then yes you've gotta have slightly different gravity and that's one of these we go for that ball shape is that it uh it's really more like a vase to be honest a very skinny narrow we usually show it as a bit of a wide ball but it's more like a you know like a vase but yeah you're not gonna have perfectly even gravity strength there and you're mostly going to be focusing on doing a lot of Taylor see on the landscape so that you can keep it keep it flat enough so that down on a young piece of land or float standing on top of it is actually pointing down not a perfect solution but it's probably good enough and depends on size too okay remember when we talked about centrifugal force and Coriolis force on these habitats and people say it's not gonna be quite right is it they say well we have that on earth there was a powerful now centripetal force on earth and skill helps but it doesn't really you know feel that much you say gravity points down and all no in most places it does not actually point straight down it's just not as much as we tend to notice it's also not the same at all places gravity on the equator at a high altitude or at the poles it will point different directions to some degree and be a little bit strong or weak or and not by a trivial amount not enough for us to notice but anosmia quail really advanced ghee or to detect Dave marks ass if the neuro-link thing from Elon Musk only costs $1000 would you get it and not it's corn format oh I approve of Technology I like to see technology getting improved I like to see people occasion experimented with it but there's always people are willing to be that ones taking the risk and I'm more than happy let them do that they want for my part I would really wanna wait too it was unlike the second generation what I had occasion to happen but it's good to be doing research on that subject but it's not really a cost issue I at this time it's more of a what's giving you and does a walk and it isn't safe Horsehead productions ass loved you're quite revolutions video thank you where you compared current versus future lifestyles any chance of a continuation probably I did like doing that episode and the thing is a couple of times I decide to do a continuation of it in kind of a specified thing like education or automated jobs but I feel like there is probably those particular topics turned out to be a lot harder to write in a decent way and I thought they're gonna be so we'll get around to doing poppy at some point but I'm not sure what the - should I do with like a pot - or a focus in and that's always an issue on these episodes is uh I don't really like to remake episodes I before to either extend them or pick a pick or topic that was inside that and you expand on that and I'm not sure which what I want to do with that yeah Blake Johnson asked hey Isaac I would love to know what you think the first thing you follow me conformed and credible detection of an alien civilization say a Dyson swarm or the Omega structure hmm I guess it would depend on the context if we picked up a Dyson swarm in say Andromeda like Andromeda galaxy I would probably say oh I life's not that common but there we go we got a bit of a timescale for that and said that's a little bit improbable but not too particularly improbable because having one civilization pop up in a couple million year window of us that was on par with us technologically would not be that big of a deal but if I just saw a single lone Dyson swarm by itself it was closer to home like it was just for the few thousand light-years liked a beast all I wouldn't assume it was real but if it was I'd stop assuming that there was some really huge missing chunk of all view of science and and reality that we were off about because it would just be too improbable for something I had to pop up this close and for us not for seeing that kind of Dyson dilemma expansion wave somewhere else in the universe um take a couple more questions where we go to break matt'll beam asked you a skyhook video is getting a lot of renewed interest would you ever like to revisit it probably not I mean well we're gonna be talking about skyhooks a little bit in the the moon episode coming up Industrial Complex that's only January as well and would followed up with moon crater cities couple weeks later but I know Kozak just recently did a video on that and that's the source of that minuite interest and I'm very glad to see that starting take off I casually feel bad that I called episode skyhooks instead of row tomatoes because then you could call the sky host occasionally but motivator was the normal term so I just have like skyhooks bad also does not say I got popularized um but they just did a video on it it was a good video and we've done a video on it and it's not too much more to talk about this time so why I can ask Isaac what's your favorite video game hmm I mean it changes over the years I suppose Alpha Centauri was one of my favorite video games populace way back in the day on Super Nintendo was a very big favorite of mine Sim City Hall so way back in the day I've been playing a lot of Sydney over a little it's oblate but it varies you know I get interested in the game and it either gets boring to you or becomes a class givers every so often sadly I don't have much time to play video games anymore life's been busy Duncan would I asked would you consider doing a video on possible government structures on the future that's always a tricky one because I don't like to bring politics into the channel I don't mind raising the points that people can be asking themselves a question on but like we had ubi universal basic income as one of us was doing well on a poll up on patreon got that long back and I was kind of keeping my fingers crossed that wouldn't come in number one it didn't just because well that would be a that's a topic to certainly discuss in terms of post-scarcity civilizations or automation it's just such a charged topic right now that's hard to get you to cover it and folks who are to be coming in either with a either they've already liked or they already hate it and I don't really like to kid topics where people have a preset viewpoint on it and I don't like to try to say which view I have on something like that you know it's more of a let's look at the pros and cons of this basic theory and think about it if you coming up with all good or all bad you're probably not thinking through enough look at the ups look at the downs and maybe we might do that with possible government structures of the future but if we want to do something that I'd more like how would you want a democracy a cost you know a hundred stall systems without fashion eye communication is something I thought even possible all right let's go ahead and go to break real quick and we'll see in a couple of minutes so we're going to take a quick break so everyone myself included can grab a drink and a snack and we'll do a few updates and announcements while we're taking this pause it's also a great chance to get some questions in for the second half of all show today first up you've probably noticed we've had some extra episodes of late mostly in our alien civilization series and if you're curious I'm plenty of try to make sure we have at least five episodes each month from this point on plus our live stream as opposed to our usual four month or five a month if it happens to have five Thursdays in it in general that extra episode or episodes will be coming out forced on nebula our streaming service as an early release then come out on YouTube and our other locations like SoundCloud and iTunes a couple months later most of our content our nebula will be all Eva Lisa's but we also have some nebula exclusive such our new coexistence with alien series which are not intended to be broadcast on YouTube for the foreseeable future same as our audio only content that's exclusive to SoundCloud in iTunes our regular Thursday episodes will of course continue to premiere on YouTube the bonus episodes from olio the sheer war normally done on short notice if the mood took me and I had some free time and the entire nebula project is essentially an experiment though one doing very well and we had a soldier nepo so production to help that out and to make sure there was some content made just for it so folks didn't feel like it was just for all evil ESA's at the same time it was important to me that none that came at the expense of quantity or quality of our regular weekly show and took me a few months of using it to figure out how best to do that at least for now speaking of quantity and quality I want to take a quick moment to thank our editing and graphics volunteers on the show those editors have been instrumental in permitting me to increase episode outputs and in my opinion quality has improved a lot thanks to them - and video quality even more so thanks to the folks that volunteer time animating for the show we mostly use stock footage but many of things we discuss have few quality images or animations showing them and often none at all and there was many topics we haven't been able to do episodes for it just because I felt they needed visuals but none existed and some of those have gotten done the last couple of years because of those animators volunteering their time and they don't get thanked enough especially as analytics show only about half the audience sticks around for the credit more at the end of the episodes if you're interested in volunteering your time incidentally and have some experience with graphics and animation I'm always grateful for help and especially with that and I occasionally get messaged by folks who wonder what the process is for doing that and it's basically just to send me a note saying you want a volunteer I'm usually easiest to reach on my Facebook page or at the channel email Issac althought YouTube at Chimayo com that's UT ube incidentally the same pretty much applies to modeling on any of our groups though in that case it's best just message one of the admins as while I frequent our social media a lot to chat I try not to micromanage administrating that once again I'd like to thank all those volunteers for their time and for their friendship too and thanks everyone for showing up today with that said let's get back to the show animal vac free container I asked how do you imagine future architecture being like like saying an oni or cylinder would you have individual housing like depicted in artist depictions or a common area and military like barracks you know try to predict architectural is not much easier and try to predict fashion in architecture there's usually I can with mister there's a approach to architecture that says that that beauty follows function basically when you make that looks nice if it looks if it walks then people think it looks good looking but even then trying to actually predict what architecture will look like is so hard it cuz as doing what people find Pleasant at a time for as if you a civilization that was made up completely of uploaded minds then only type of actual architecture you expect to see is gigantic computer stacks the supporting facility is and then whatever own that nature preserves they felt like keeping around alternately if everybody was living inside clone you know big tanks and vats matrix tower to watch vo and live in V all then you'd expect they probably go for a very concentrated set to although on the same hand they might go for a very distributed one because they don't mind a lifetime if it was laying Android vulnerability because you think about it if you got a bunch of people crammed into tanks that's a very vulnerable location like a warehouse they can blow up full of people we are doing episode life on board no neo cylinder that was a most recent poll we know that should be coming out in late January I think that's the last episode January and probably try to look at a little bit more they or I think though there might be I mean we depend on what the O'Neill's phone was like if people going for suburban happiness they might be content to spread out to set that nobody else wind up like that they might go rule and basically you have a house inside a a nature preserve and lot of that depends on how much your animation is to build the stuff well you might be more gone parks and city kinda set up inside one way all your you know food productions done in your space foam is outside of the thing because you knew that was much cheaper you know it doesn't require nearly as much structural strength support we're done and see etc to do a hydroponics for mister place where people live you might have individual houses that had airlocks and basements and a cracked is uh homeless us like a life pod or you might have large you know habitation stacks will everybody lid inside those and those were secondarily sealed off so there was a depressurization to the whole like a cast traffic one from an explosion that everyone be safe inside there until the pay will be done and it's kind of hard to say but we'll look at that more and life on board and when you're so annoying in January once I write the script up you Jenna Dennis ass with Space Exploration do you think new jobs and areas of study will emerge oh sure you know xenobiology would be the most obvious one I think we were just talking on the break about the new coexistence with alien series and the force episode that is a no psychology we don't have the aliens by now do psychology on but that would be a big one if he ever encountered them Zeno botany and yeah we could say that you know Zeno or something other opposing would never be an expert on all the various out in the other alien life's all which we much different than any given life on here on earth was for each other and even now people specialize quite a lot so you probably wouldn't be you might get a degree in I don't think you actually ever get a degree in something like xeno psychology more likely get a degree in psychology of Syrians or something like that or of our dope aliens or Ryan's saying for money you'd be getting your specialization in motion agricultural because they really won't be that much overlap that kind would be very different than where there was an overlap it would probably applicable earth to so its asked new jobs there there's so many asteroid mine or space Habitat ReStore posts new cleans toilets on space station that won't use robots for it's a across the board if people are they are you have a growing economy leo I would think Eden in case season a DSS wouldn't time-dilation be a huge thing for space travelers yes at least for those moving at relativistic speeds we shouldn't assume space travelers would always be moving at relativistic speeds much in interplanetary context you rarely even get to point one C and probably not even that fast as our solar system and the relativistic dilation for that is enough that if you were doing a lot you need to have something coming in correct clocks but you'd probably do automatically with computer the people themselves would barely even notice the time dilation of that it grows very quickly you had to get up to over half the speed of light before time slows down to half its corn speed and I don't know if you'd ever really build ships like that other than for intergalactic colonization as to something would be like losing a tenth of your time really or only you know you you experienced one minute for every 10 minutes the past you have to be up to what 99.95% us realize something like that for that would happen and I don't know he would ever do that even for intergalactic travel so it could be an issue though the thing isn't so much would time dilation mean issue is what happens with all that time that you're spending traveling between places where you know that last time you when the system was a couple of centuries ago and everything about that in this kind of context civilization changed a lot faster than used to but if I were to sail a ship away from 18th century England to say Alpha Centauri and come back when I get back to my trip I don't think you know London of 1800 looks very much like London of 2019 I don't think that New York of 1800 looks at all like New York of 2019 so there will be that kind of effect on those things and we'll be looking at more in our last episode for the year into a stubble civilizations in time which is we designed of doing the time-traveling sort after that those because that will factor into and we'll talk about some of those issues in that episode those two episodes I should say mm-hmm generics love ass interesting name are there any tropes in science fiction that just completely ruin a story for you if so why you know tropes in cliches because this for a reason um most of the time they are very good ones to have in there but it's it's not so much what trope they're using or what cliche they're using it's how they use it I'll give you example a very common one in in fiction is to use a young farm boy who gets a sword and is actually a prince or something like that and he'll typically meet somebody suggests a man or women a Gandalf like figure or a Tom male and if you know Robert Jordans material who knows a lot more about the world and the purpose of that cliche to have somebody who knows nothing about the world eg the foam boy will adopt a rural area and have someone who knows an awful lot about the ward who is going to be talking about it because of course that's not talking to that character about it it's talking to you the audience about it so if here's a more natural way to do exposition on that ward so that's an example of a cliche that is good to including the most stories and why we see that so much mmm generally I don't like straw man's or overly simplified villains in in fiction and you know Stassi I like nothing but gray and black morality and stories but I generally before a three-dimensional you know character was including the bad guys and I would like plots that are actually consistent but again that has nothing but cliches you're using what tropes you're using that is what this example is way out there there was something way overused for instance like zombies that's people so sub-genre at this point or vampires you know or the cowboy western-style science fiction where they lay in on a very Pioneer Award and they all walk around with laser pistols on your hips and say that can be kind of old but they'll troops for a reason and I see them shaken up but a lot of times the cliches make for so the best stories anyway but if you're doing writing don't hesitate to use a cliche just be careful how you use the cliche sooth and scientists asks what you think housing a space that habitats will be like mansions apartments that kind of goes back to where we say with erroneous own doors that probably vary a lot you know it's a thing we say about the future on these is for say what would be like living inside Dyson's for more what kind of cultures were more don't say I don't know and what I usually mean by that is besides feta I generally don't know is that I would expect it'd be pretty much everything in play if it was sane international it's likely it exists somewhere and it doesn't be all that scene internationally though because you live in a very big civilization you can have temporary societies so always in a state of collapse and if you're in a post-scarcity civilization your ideologies or life poaches do not actually have to be all that practical to operate so you'd expect to see almost everything and I think the same would apply for things like how's your fashion but it just kinda depends on what cop lifestyle person enjoys living I'm a rural kid I I think of myself and living in the for the imax i live in a village of less than 2,000 people I have to drive almost a mile to see a horse and yet they you know for those people that would be very rural so to me the idea of living in you know kind of a classic skyscraper not really a pleasant idea not bad I've been inside them they're beautiful to look around at but not my ideal on the other hand somebody who's very used to that and before that might find my general idea of having a cabin in the woods as horrifying you know its defensive what a person's tastes all and those tastes will mutate with time for us but at the same time you'd expect to see a wider divulgence pop up with them too Gen X asks what's the most sci-fi movie you have seen in regards to totally messing up science there are so many I hate to pick on folks they're the raspberry awards almost the windows for those for science fiction other ones um planet 9 from out of space was one of those movies are so so bad it's good it's a good example of that classic if you want to say classic from the 50s or 60s battle for your authors and toys they bad like that let's see you know if you pick on science fiction movies for how badly they mess up the science you're you're gonna be down to like 1 out of 20 movies maybe and most of those because they don't even cover cover yet you pick on Star Wars for its science act that's that's probably a waste of time hmm once we were just really bad yeah it's not a movie I was thinking of the twin dilemma it's the first episode of Doctor Who's sixth doctor Colin Colin Baker not that's how he not Colin Baker I can't was icing at the moment but doctor number six and they know they had they were trying to move plants around and they oh they basically bashed the entire concept of Newtonian mechanics congrat he not a great episode of that show let's see although one tries not to focus too much on the science and Doctor Who classic all new stuff either Geo in Houston ass so in the past two years we have seen two interstellar objects what are the chances that we are headed in a comet in we are headed in the comet interstellar cloud headed into we do actually have to be at the edge of the local bubble the the group of stars that we kind of emerged together with font with and there was always having two other folks and you would expect to see more such objects when you're passing through somebody else but I don't think that we should assume that this is a typical amount of stuff we need to get a better idea how often the ejections take place from solar systems and if we can then we can go ahead and map out what the probability of one passed through our system is right now well you hear my things like I move on we were all this new one don't think of that as a weird new anomaly you think of that is something that we're finally good enough at detecting stuff to be able to see I mean quite probably you know it's a good coincidence it moves closer son but I would be surprised if hundreds of social objects weren't moving to the outer system with the Kuiper belt you know in a given lifetime we just see the ones to get really close to Sun or big enough for us to notice them if we happen to be looking in their direction at a time so um again we're getting better at detecting stuff and that's that's more or less the reason why I was seeing these objects whether or not there be an uptick in something like that when I say we're moving into a new area of the galaxy or I've moved out of a previous one these are things I have that would you know not quite geological but very long time lines along with the human civilization as a role and so you it's not only a new huge thing that's happening right now od g k1 s e 30:19 x can you do an episode on a future land transportation yeah I shouldn't even say about was just near that call that I came in what's called the one that Tesla made that Elon must bust up at the glass metal ball hmm what would we be driving I one would guess that we probably see a convulsion over or depending on how electricity works if you get better batteries I'm significantly better batteries then you probably expect to see either in terms of how long we can charge them up or how densely we can store power in them or how efficiently you can transfer them into them you probably start see electric cars on the other hand I guess something like fusion to our cheap cheap fusion you probably actually continue to see something I gasoline being use because you could then suck the stuff out yo and make it dead and came across a very nice type of power supply so in terms of what we'd actually be driving around though I'd be kind of curious what the default layout would become most vehicles in a civilization where automated call with self-driving cars had been become the norm would you start seeing more of a limousine like set up but my ass that front cockpit which is she selling more like a you know comfortable room that you just got into and then dingy when you arrive to your destination they are probably gonna be a lot of changes in how things are set up in terms of your basic vehicle outlay and times to come and I mean we see that assembly when I was a kid you you at the station wagons starting to go out of out of style and favor with a minivan and then you're the SUV pop up not long after that it's kind of a place in that and so you get these kind of evolving changes already but something like self-driving car was all things that will change around the power supply for the engine that's gonna be the big ones I think we'd have problems anticipate what those would look like though MMX asks how could politics effectively continue in O'Neill so knows with populations of billions and trillions as a rule and only Ozona wouldn't have a population of a billion people I mean you could potentially cram that many people into one if you're bringing your food in from elsewhere but to make a single habitat that was of that kind of scale you'd be looking at some disease or if it was no need or someone was radius with something like at a populace which will have to look at some time near future or you'd be looking at something you know connected you know collection of them were several them would kind of attach to a thin network or you'd be looking at something with a much stronger wider hole like a bishop ring or McKendree cylinder as to how that would affect populations if we're talking about like unborn individual one and your default only also know what probably something like a county government these days where you had somewhere between ten thousand to a million people to be inside one whereas these you could easily of course have collections of those we are like years100 all your cylinders in this new state we'll call it space topia so the 54 state is space topia and it has composed of 100 only or so indoors either effective your county governments and of course you might have expanded what time is that there was a nation of you know a hundred such states and of course you have to keep scaling it up because you're going to eventually start hitting billions and trillions of people but that would probably be your your local state federal have you know Confederation type of setup would be along those lines what is the average habitat size and that becomes CAV your your median that things would flow around for that subdivision and inside that you might have you know individual bits to a county government for instance he always spoken up and we think we have 27 townships in Ashtabula and seven villages and three cities and those eachother own government in different types of governments and so you could see stuff like that inside Antonio saw one or two so it just depends on what kind of setup people feel like going with that might be kind of interesting to see a but I'm it might be cowboy for folks to I happen to find that sort of thing very fascinating but I'm sure most people to Kimberly Lewis ass Isaac what are your thoughts on modern future resource scarcity of important industrial materials like India more helium how we solve these and future George's thinking about meant say iridium but maybe not within the metals of course that's just find a place that's got a fair amount of them in the asteroid belt or on the moon and mined them up my oath has way more these things but it'll be really deep down we have problems getting access to you although that's our episode for three weeks from now accessing your Scott in mid-december and um helium though is more problematic because the stuff is incredibly plentiful it's just not plentiful neo bhai there's the Sun and then your next nearest place which kind of holiday get access to would be the gas giants and there was a kind of hard to access to but as you get further out in the solar system you start finding it collects up on places where it does not have really deep gravity wells so since you're probably not gonna be in a rush to get that stuff back you know helium doesn't spoil and you can build tanks or hold it pretty well you probably actually see your helium mining taking place out and make the Kuiper belt originally and then moving in aboard then that just depends on how good you are at scooping off of the gas giants or after certain to and how much were you need and of questions you might have helium as a byproduct of a fusion economy where it's kind of a waste product - Thank You Romeo is the appointing technology where monetary transactions become more of a burden than simply providing free access to things hmm you very rarely buy air but there is actually still a market for you and the fact that we don't really buy your that much doesn't mean that nobody provides you know we basically are areas of free access but you can buy for special purposes like scuba tanks so or your oxygen for breathing for folks who have your lung problems and things like that and the fact that that is under that kind of a post-scarcity setup doesn't mean that there was no economy that isn't scales and we have things we buy all the time right now adays depending on what you're doing you can have a lot of things that are still scarce even in a post-scarcity economy and often post-scarcity economy would only be a temporary state there's these differences we say post-scarcity do you mean to use virtually a scarcity for stuff or is just bit a very wealthy and abundant society for since you could have a vast amount of post-scarcity civilization time in the solar system as our population grows but at some point it does actually reach a point you gotta start saying you can only have so much of this well it's like this amount of sunlight and then how you go about mmm providing access that can't depends on the cultural on mowers you might buy oxygen for instance oh the moon you might buy a rail mmm there's so many if you'll follow me on one of those places there very little nitrogen you need nitrogen you pump into buying that you're on earth it's free well that Ohio water was cheapest dog because we live by next to the great lake it's not where you big issue even for farming it's very rarely an issue here you're down to California or the Southwest obviously a bit of a different story and of course people still buy bottled water or they or two so it was really kind of careful with assuming technology is gonna suddenly end given economic system or scarcity issue because that's generally enough and how it walks out and when it does it's usually just that one thing that suddenly don't cheap to the point of you know fuel I track yen long-distance phone calls when I was a kid we had long-distance phone calls and now we don't have long-distance phone calls anymore because that's not a scarce item anymore they Billy to send a message back and forth across to plants very cheap so really we still pay for that surface but we pay for it differently usually mm-hmm and we've still got time for some more questions but I'm not seeing any up at the moment I see if I can find some of the chat window capital H ass is the only way to do stall lifting some like process on gas Cheyenne so is your mining Neptune episode see what Mars had problems doing that let's go Italy closest thing to it can we do stall if T on gas giants or will be telling more like what we do with mining Neptune the thing about a gas giant is well we should start what saying Scala teen is done by basically one one process there are two advantage to it forced and install like ours it's pretty convective so you can not only strip off the material that's near the top but the stuff scarcely bubbling around your heavier elements do tend like to go towards the center but they bubble up it's it's a bubbling stewpot right and so you can scoop metals out of them not just hydrogen or helium second it's got a huge gravity well but you have a gigantic power supply right there from that Sun that's why I start lifting if we can get walking it would be a very effective way of getting resources is because it's where 99% of our sorry 98 percent of our solar system's resource so adds and it's where the gigantic power supply is at for lifting those resource away something like Jupiter if you don't have fusion you have a problem point material if it's same for Neptune because you you need to have you need to have power supply to get these things out of those gravity wells and has to be cheaper than the other sources for the gas giants there's a lot of ways we'll move material from them but it's questions mostly what method are using and what are using for power and it might be the Sun one way you can do star lifting for something like Jupiter would be to send it a gigantic Power Beam or flat-out laser from the Sun to Jim Jupiter will heat it up and blow material off it seemed as we do with stall it in or to power whatever it is that you're using to run a thing like the Neptunian chainsaw we discussed in colonizing neptune and that's one of those things where those would usually be the last things you access but not necessarily like pathology might be something you started very early on just because it turned out to be more economical for instance which under some circumstances it might be probe approver asks is there a phenomenon which would threaten or damage a Dyson Sphere well a Dyson Sphere certainly but a Dyson swarm which I assume you mean is context those are actually a lot tougher than people would tend to think it's very hard to just eliminate wando's and it's also very hard to eliminate one in a way that would allow you to do that without a letter attributable strike preemptive strikes for strike those are only a good idea where you can either completely eliminate the ability to retaliate or it can almost do so so that you're not being you know crippled yourself and every time try to think about way to destroy one with the technology that's relatively unpalatable ization I can never quite find a way that you could do that without getting struck back but they are vulnerable to things like a massive Kessler debris some massive Kessler syndrome debris of attack that would be a solar system wide not the easiest thing that won't do but yeah you can damage one you could set the stall off this is a good example I mentioned Dennis e Taylor or in one of his books there's a without being too spoiler tastic about it they managed to cause a supernova by having to you know Neil planet-sized objects slam into the poles of a star simultaneously and compress it so the supernovas and that's a that's a trick you could use do something like that that we very hard to block I mean it's kinda like we've discussed in weaponizing black holes you could do things like that potentially set a style off even then though you probably would not get the entire civilization even though you think a supernova wow that would wipe out a solar system well not so much you know I guess if all Sun went supernova Jupiter would still be around afterwards male Suns not massive not naturally go supernova and so a classic supernova would not get rid of something like all Jupiter and own some dust doesn't have that much energy and if you talk about the habitats and the Kuiper belt that will bear you don't know a mile of ice yeah they'd still be around so you could easily bunk up the ability to strike back at you and of course it's nice beer to blow your enemy up but usually the thing preventing you from doing that if you really don't like them is that they're going to blow you up a baton so you know weapons you could use to take out a Dyson swarm but unless you can do it in a way that prevents them from between the favour that they did I become very many of those that would seem to allow that option which will go into the following pair last question of you know do people not build these things so that when we do centralized and possibly but it doesn't really seem like that would be enough to prevent that from from some people from building that SAP Yacht asks if the Hyperloop cannot happen because the cost of having everything depressurized that I would usually be a make thing cheaper design thing but uh what about having the air in the loop move in the direction of the Hyperloop train it would reduce the trains air friction even though there would be friction between the air and the tunnel walls if the energy is cheap enough then the man is high-speed transport Rises do you think there's a fairly good chance of happening now wind tunnels we get those inside our tunnels right now when we build these you build a tunnel through a mountain or city already significant problem that's just being caused by the local wind of you know maybe 10 50 miles now or the vehicles themselves media through there is friction when you have wind going down in the material when you have a fluid in fluid dynamics do some limit as to how fast you can pump fluids to a pipe you start trying to bring those fluids up to supersonic speeds which is the idea behind something like a Hyperloop is to move these things at supersonic speeds you're talking in some very severe issues you're effectively inside a tor baton at that point in time like on jet it's doable but I mean I think that that just in general the amount of strain and stress should be putting on a thing would be way way more and the energy cost for keeping that arrow moving way way more than to depressurize it and I'm not sure why why you would be able to depressurize one of these tubes is working in mind of all the Hyperloop has a number like forget about the Hyperloop for a moment a vacuum train or in your vacuum train the Hyperloop is an example of a new vacuum train this is not a new concept they have some engineering issues but there are issues in terms of being economically effective and you know not having to over engineered to the point becomes too expensive I've heard a lot of objections the Hyperloop that were based on nonsense even from reputable figures or semi reputable figures and then there are some legitimate objections to but yes we can depressurize a tube we also over pressurize them - that's me again we'll be mother's examples we just want to get better at your actual engineering in terms of you know using the trying to keep it cheap that's the big thing how do you make this thing cheap and that's one of those things where to see whether ever gets engineer to do that and you have to face off against the idea that these kind of bullet train setup so good for when you're trying to move people between two cities they're not so good for what you might call more of a rural road environments and they're not very good if you're doing a lot of a remote walk so you've got a high caste voices and potentially dropping need in some places to actually have such thing and so they'll get built when the cost well when the supply and demand equal outs we'll put it that way hopefully that would be something we could see in our lifetimes but I think we allow them for it's more than you know speculative or one a few locations but that was true for normal trains to levy honky-ass are there any current materials that humanity has developed that have grabbed your attention hmm I'd say the one that really grabbed my attention of us was carbon nanotubes and graphene probably not too surprising considering that we've that we've got a big fondness of rotini habitats and making structures on this channel things that let us build really big ones are always a favorite I like only also knows but my ideal routine habitat is well not quite the ring war that really like to build what's called a bish not a bishop ring and that too but and all banks orbital which is one way or it's about a 1.7 kilometers in either radius or diameter and has a natural and Sun daylight cycle and it's you know several hundred dollars worth of area and you don't need an internal lighting for that you just calculate above an angle so the Sun naturally by itself on a 24-hour schedule um and you can't build something like that with graphene for instance but the stronger material is I like them not so much because I find them all that interesting themselves I find these we build out of them rather interesting okay we'll go ahead and wrap up idea for the day and I'm sure everyone's seen the schedule as we've been going along this week on Thursday we'll have gods and monsters spaces Lovecraft envisioned it and then we'll start to assemble off with welcome to the galactic community and we'll see you on Thursday so that wraps up today's livestream Q&A if you had a question we didn't get to or another came to mind feel free to put that in the comments on the video and it'll be back later this evening to answer them you can also pop in to our Facebook group science and futurism with Isaac alpha to discuss topics with like-minded individuals or any of our other forums thanks again for joining us today and we'll see you Thursday you