Safety Awareness in the Workplace Understanding Safety Awareness Safetycare free video preview

there are compelling reasons why every organization and every individual should accept accident prevention as a vital element of all workplace activity for individuals accidents can cause minor and major illnesses and injuries and of course accidents can kill the results of accidents can include physical and psychological pain loss of income and loss of job security an accident can lead to a change of lifestyle that can be devastating for an individual and often for a whole family organizations face loss through absenteeism higher insurance cost and lost productivity also the effects on morale and psychological problems affecting staff as the result of the serious injury or death should not be overlooked the so called hidden cost of accidents includes stopped production spoilage of materials damage to plant and equipment replacement of staff training and Retraining and retooling these hidden costs are commonly estimated to be between five and seven times the direct costs occupational health and safety is a threeway responsibility it must be a team effort commitment must exist throughout the organization the organization must accept responsibility to have in place the procedural mechanism to create and maintain a safe work environment for all of its employees personally everybody in the workplace must accept that they are vital in the safety process they must look after themselves others who may be working with them and anyone in the vicinity finally governments must continue their role to ensure minimum standards of acceptable safety practice by continuing to introduce appropriate safe laws and regulations we have seen numerous advances in recent years in the recognition and control of workplace hazards inhalation and absorption of chemicals exposure to radiation and fire management are just three examples hazard control has come a long way from the canary in the mind to detect methane levels this growing awareness and knowledge has seen occupational health and safety develop as a fundamental right in much of the industrialized world safety starts with commitment and the first step in the commitment to safety is to have a goal a written organizational safety policy is the starting point for any successful safety program