Samsung Galaxy S20 S20 S20 Ultra Hands On english 4k

hi I'm Lars from all about Samsung and today we're gonna have a first hands-on of the brand new samsung galaxy s 20s 20 plus and the samsung galaxy s 20 altra you got that right the successor of the galaxy Stannis here and it's not named as xi no it's called galaxy s 20 series perfect for the year 2020 and Samsung is going big this year because in some parts you had the idea that Samsung in the last couple of years fall behind off the competition especially in terms of battery and in terms of camera this year the Samsung Galaxy S 20 has two big focus the focus one is on the battery and the focus two is on the camera which is impressive hardware so let's check out what the Samsung Galaxy is xx all about not much has changed on the front of the s20 series a small around front camera sits on the display on all three devices with 10 megapixel only s 20 and s 20 plus and 40 mega pixels on the s20 ultra the display size ranges from six point two inches on the s20 to six point seven inches only as twenty plus to a huge six point nine inches on the s20 ultra it should not be forgotten that a resolution of 3200 by 1440 pixels the displays are relatively long and almost borderless and therefore fit relatively well enhanced but with the galaxy s 20 ultra this could be too much for some users in any case the displays are excellent perfect colors perfect viewing angles very bright and HDR 10 plus certified also the s20 series comes with 120 Hertz this means the high refresh rate in simple terms everything is much much smoother that way if desired however this option is only available with in full HD plus resolution so you have to choose between a high resolution or a high refresh rate very smooth is cool part hardly visible to me a higher resolution is also important for some people but hardly visible in everyday life to me I personally do without both and get even more out of the battery but it's still very nice to have the options it's noticeable that the s20 series has no large edge on the front this year the displays are only slightly rounded at the very edge that should please some users the metal frame is therefore a bit thicker Samsung doesn't quite height the 7.9 millimeters only as 27.8 millimeters only as twenty-plus and even one 8.8 millimeters on the s20 ultra the s20 ultra in particular is actually a bit thicker which isn't really noticeable on such a large device but it weights 220 grams that's a lot of weight but you also have a lot of device here by the way Samsung again uses an in display fingerprint sensor on all s 20s which unfortunately hasn't gotten any bigger literally it remains the same scanner S and the Galaxy Note 10 in contrast the backs of the device are immediately noticeable glass here also rounded on the edge but what catches the eyes are the cameras especially the camera module along the galaxy s 20 Ultra is simply huge and still reaches out a good bit from the back more details about the cameras later on but you can already see on the back that Samsung has put a lot of focus on the camera the galaxies 20 and as twenty-plus have the same camera the s 20 ultra puts a shovel on it you can choose between different colors Clawd blue claw blink cloud gray on the s20 club blue black and gray on the s20 + and grey or black on the s20 ultra so that's it about the design first thing you have to notice is the backside and a huge camera of course that might be not the taste for everyone but you have to keep in mind that for the Samsung Galaxy 851 and 871 a lot of people mentioned the same and especially for the pixel 4 or for the iPhone 11 Pro a lot of people mentioned the same but after a while you get used it and then the design of the back that might be fine to me I do like it it's not that bad at all oh and by the way the s20 series features the same ip68 certification found on the S line or as 10 series there is one minor flaw I'd like to mention the fingerprint sensor you have an in this flat fingerprint sensor on yes 20 same as on the s10 on the ascent I didn't like it but it was improved after while by software updates the fingerprint sensor was also found only no 10 and also on the no 10 was improved after wild by software update however there were rumors that on the s20 the size of the fingerprint sensor would be improved that's not the case it's basically the same sensor as found on the no 10 it's placed a little different and of course of the software is improved another time but the sensor itself is still the same it's not a huge one unfortunately Samsung's Galaxy S series stands for ironed and so does the vs 20 series unfortunately there are still two processors under the hood depending on the region there is the Snapdragon 800 65 or external 990 both manufactured with seven nanometers and with plenty of power but more power is not so exciting the s xx and s twenty-plus are also available with a optional 5g modem the s20 ultra even only has a 5g version 5g will be the topic of the next few years and should be available in some major cities in 2020 the galaxy s 20 can be equipped with the new standard on request but this could also be a sticking point for Samsung in recent years sentence SOC division has increasingly lost touch with qualcomm snapdragon with the galaxy's 10 this was particularly clear vs 10 with the Exynos lasted much less now Samsung has enclosed the X and s division the Excellence non-id is the last only SOC from the division and very very curious to see if the Exynos 990 can keep up with this snapdragon 865 in terms of energy efficiency the s20 has plenty of batteries on the hood fortas million for the s 24,500 a.m. for the s 20 + + 5000 million for the s20 ultra 5g the huge batteries can be charged very quickly with a 25 watts for the s 20 + 2 s 20 + and even 45 watts for the s20 ultra true 5g also needs more battery but those who manage without 5g can hope for very long run times I said before provided that the x9 190 doesn't become the deal-breaker in Germany as an example otherwise there is 8 gigabyte of memory on the Estonian s 20 plus 12 gigabyte and the respective 5g versions the s20 ultra will only be available as a 5g version but once with 12 gigabyte of memory and 128 gigabyte of storage and once as the end of the line with 16 gigabyte of memory and 512 gigabyte of internal storage by the way these are super fast lpddr4 Ram and on all as 20s the internal storage can be expanded with a micro SD card sooo that's it about the hardware of the galaxy s 20 and of course the S series again stands for high end and on the s20 you have everything in the smartphone you want to see and a 20/20 flagship there are two main focus points I'd like to mention one of them is 5g possibly one of the most important topics of 2020 however it's not that important to consumers and will be very important for marketing and if you want to have 5g in your smartphone in 2020 you have the option on the European version you have the 5g and you have the 4G version so you can opt if you want to have 5g or not in other markets like the US or South Korea and apparently you don't in other markets like South Korea or the USA you don't have this option because over there you will have the snapdragon 865 this one always comes with a 5g modem so I'm not sure if you're gonna have the choice between a 4G and the 5g version over there however the choice between the Exynos 990 anthe Snapdragon 800 65 might be the biggest topic about the galaxy is 20 because both are manufacturers in seven nanometers they're very modern SLC's and very powerful however the difference between the external 990 m plus net during 865 might be one of the most important parts of the galaxy as xx especially for the galaxy s 10 there was a huge difference in term energy efficiency like on the s10 with the excellent version the runtime was way worse than it was the case for the Galaxy S 10 with a Snapdragon 855 I really do hope that this won't be the case on the galaxy s 20 both SOC s are manufactured with seven nanometers both are very powerful but at this point I really don't know how energy efficient they are and I really do hope that the excellence version doesn't fall behind of this Snapdragon conversion so the rest of the hardware is fun and especially the batteries are really huge now for the highlight of the s20 series Samsung used to have a clear top position of smartphone cameras but the last few years Pawa has taken the battery of Samsung spread all the s20 series Samsung is now bringing back then vagrants to regain the camera film all through clear difference are also visible within the s20 series basically the s xx and s twenty-plus have the same camera configuration while the s20 ultra takes it a step further first of all the S 20 mm s 20 plus here the main camera has 12 megapixel these are huge 1.8 micrometer in size this puts the pixel size at the level of much larger cameras large pixels mean a lot of light for each pixel the camera this way promises excellent results in low-light conditions since the sensor is quite large the open aperture of f-250 is also very good there's also an ultra wide-angle with 12 megapixels and a 1.4 micrometer pixels and an optical zoom lens with 64 megapixel sensor the pixels of this sensor are quite tiny and to avoid noise usually 4 pixels are combined to one pixel this is called pixel pinning the virtual big pixel of 4 pixels is of course better in combination with a higher resolution Samsung allows hybrid 3 times zoom and a 30 times digital zoom sure their losses here but the possibility is impressive the s20 also has a depth sensor for a nice background blur which is why Samsung speaks of a quadrupedal camera only as 20-plus now for the absolute flagship the s20 ultra the main camera here has an incredible 108 megapixels correctly here 108 these are also quite tiny 0.8 micrometer pixels but the sensor is really really huge normally inline small pixels are combined to one huge pixel with 2.4 micrometers I just have to empathize with those numbers here because these are incredible values for a smart phone in addition there's an open aperture of f-18s of the huge sensor extremely good Samsung has a 12 megapixel ultra wide-angle like in the other s 20 series all but a zoom lens with a 48 megapixel sensor that combines 4 pixels but the special feature is that this lens allows a 10-fold zoom in combination with the high resolution that 100 times zoom is possible here that's absolutely nuts Samsung also wants to take another step forward with the video function make video recording on a professional level possible the first impression was also very good more in later video in any case the cameras of all galaxy is 20 allow videos with or 8k resolution the Exynos version has 24 frames per second a Snapdragon version probably 30 frames per second however the video quality in 8k video is stunning a short summary about the cameras huge sensors like really huge sensors for smartphone with a high pixel count and some partly very impressive zoom capabilities those cameras might be the cameras for smartphones in 2020 of course you have to see for the tests to see how good they are besides from the photo capabilities if you have 8k video in a smartphone in 2020 how great is that you have the sharpest videos available however it's quite ought to see a difference between the externals and the snapdragon version the external version maxes out at 24 frames per second at 8k resolution the Snapdragon version gives you 30 frames per second at 8 however I do know if this is because of different strung SOC s or it's because of different video standards in the US or in Europe so that's it about our hands on the s20 series has the potential to bring Samsung back on the throne of the very high-end smartphones the s20 NS 20 plus are impressive and impressively good especially in terms of the camera and the s20 ultra well it's wicked Samsung has stuffed basically everything in the device possible at the moment all devices come with 5g on request and add to this the camera which at the moment is possibly one of the best on the market you have to see further tests of course and you get a really great device now to the bad part the price of course you have here the flagships and flagships cost you a bit extra this was the case on the last year as well but in the last couple of years the prices rise so now the galaxy s 20 the small version with six point two inches starts at 899 euro in Germany adding 100 euro for the 5g version then there's the s 20 plus with 999 year at another 100 year or for the 5g version how did you have the s20 ultra the very top tier smartphone starting at 1349 euro on adding another 200 euro for the extra large version with 512 gigabyte of storage and 16 gigabytes of memory so this is a lot of money but you will get the best smartphone on the market at the moment I'm really curious about the s20 ultra and I'm gonna test it further I so be sure to follow us here on YouTube for further videos of the s20 series i'm launched from all about sensing thanks for watching see you next time bye