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is suffering from self confident okay we have a muslim corinne mr. submission to Allah how are you mr. submission hello hello minister Prince yes how old a lot of submission good to her on iCarly I'm fine ah yeah yesterday I after watching your videos all right I went to ask because I've been watching many of your videos for almost one year all right I've been asking myself if the proof you were bringing to Islam were true I went and I went to ask some scholars and about who apply for it truly I just want to have a sensible and I believe that he Allah is great but when I went there they told me it's forbidden it's Haram to go to say Allah is a spirit yeah actually it's in Islam Allah and spirit is rejected it is aimed at it yes oh yeah and I was so confused that when I asked them that as faces he has to right-handers and he has leaked but if the law Adam they said how he say that Allah Allah and how can I describe a lot and what is your end I want to and they when I say and they told me that you have soul and I share told me bring a scenario a house can use a solid soul is a solid rock means solid or a liquid or it is a God as he said that as you cannot differentiate a soul your voices call to see in terms of human mind submission your voice I think all Scotty and Justin me you know what he was saying - you liquid or etcetera from there I lost you if you can repeat please okay he said that I won't prove for for this he said that as you cannot do you explain your soul raw justly less she said or can you say or is a liquid or a solid you say that no raw is not a liquid or a solid like that you can you cannot say a lies like that no you see you just can see Allah know the best fear is just given your confusion okay okay what is that what is the answer after all the answer right he is just blah blah blah blah I got gum because because why he is even comparing the spirit to a liquid I mean this is a stupid idea right who nobody is saying that the spirit is a liquid and nobody is thinking that if I open the faucet I'm going to have a cup of spirit you know that is it that is a crazy but because he have no answer he's trying to confuse you so you get in I would know answer you get out with no answer anyway but you think you got the answer you see let me see let me show you they ask Muhammad the same a question as you asked you know and I think you wanted to know this this answer for this as you said because you were watching my videos right okay yeah if we go into Quran it says that the the people they ask Muhammad they said to him and you speak Arabic oh yes Allu naka and your roof all your roof of min amri Rugby wanna booty - mama nail me in La Parrilla 17 verse number 85 okay they are asking about the spirits say the spirit is from my God command where is the answer no answer you know and the Muslim they like in the translation they try they say inspiration doesn't speak about us permission to speak about the spirit so you know why Muhammad himself have no answer because simply Muhammad is an ignorant man he do not know what you say the spirit is very simple I mean I do not need to be genius to tell you what is a spirit spirit is the power of life you know like when I when somebody is dead why he's dead because his the power of life which is given by God is taken from him so he is a dead body right when his spirit is within him life is in so it is it is simply I said the power of life yeah and this power of life is made by who coming from it's coming from God so God he give life you can say it's a created life you can say it's a it's a gift life you can say whatever you want however the life all of it is coming from from one life the life of God life with God is living going right that God is living God and all life is coming from him so if can you say Danny Christian in Christianity how God looks like or can you describe in terms of a human mind my friend God is a spirit and for us as a Christians right but in the same time out because he is Almighty he can come to us in any way he wish I mean who can tell god what to do what not to do right hey you know it the Muslim the city his Holy Spirit is are correct they said you've read yes okay Gabriel came to more to marry as Muslim they say came to Mary as a spirit but appeared to her as a man okay is it logical to accept that as spirit which is an angel have the power to transform itself to be a perfect man but God cannot it doesn't make sense who is more who have more ability to do things at the angel of God so the angel can't transfer himself to look like a man but the God of Islam he cannot same time before read the Muslim Mohammed like hadith yesterday we were talking about it Mohammed he said he compared between the the Gerald and he and in his God and what he was comparing about he compared about the look you know but the gel is a human being supposedly he have a better the physical being of a human being and he said to them your God is not hour is upon hide right so why you are giving then a description of a human being to God if he is not a human being okay while you talk about hands why God he have hand anyway I mean if God say be is going to be what the hand for you know for me I have the Quran in front of me I can say quran open unless I use my hand correct but yeah but if I can say Quran open the Quran open for me I do not need a hand right if I if I can think just in my brain that okay a TV store the TV will start I do not need to know you seen in the old days you know I don't know how old are you but in in when I was a kid we we have to go to the TV and turn it on by hand if we change channels we have to go there and use our hands right but now now you can do voice command how wait wait what wait a second they they say that when they gave me a three-prong ayah and it when he said find a man who la la la la who started leader because ya know Allah is your Lord and ask forgiveness of all your sins right and the other is I am Allah when he revealed to Moses I am Allah and mmhmm yeah like serving me he said serve me somewhat like that it's if you remember leave that verse - this is our earthly to do in Islam is to serve because knowing our being as all we do yes so as Lamas exist we are created to serve Allah but how why Allah need servants anyway you see I can say I am a servant of God to serve but the purpose is to serve other a human being because God do not need my service me to be a servant you know I mean God his guardian everything he can say he can do whatever he want you do not need me who I am I am it's like you know okay imagine you are in your home and then an end little ant come to you and say it I'm your servant what do you want I mean this is silly right what an hand can do for you nothing so this is just comparing an ant to you what about comparing us to God there are nothing you know that the whole earth is like a dust in the Indus gala in the in one galaxy not even a dust this is how small it is so what servant of God and what what they are talking about the whole idea is that those Muslims do not know who is Allah they have no idea how to answer a question actually the Quran say clearly that you should not ask a question why because if you ask you know a question you will leave Islam so ask not questions you know otherwise you are going to leave Islam if you read with me chapter five verse number 1 or 1 it says yeah you have ladina Avenue lettuce I wanna share in today's welcome ok why there is ok why there is such a verse in the Quran I mean what the point of this verse why why I should not ask questions because simply Mohammed he have no hearts prophet because Allah doesn't want to many Christians because just its state at why there allow a person my right my friend my payal is messenger Allah do not want questions that doesn't make sense it's Mohammed who don't want questions because Allah is not exist anyway for me Allah the people are not asking a lot of mostly the people are asking Muhammad all right the people never saw a loan deferment Allah never spoke to us or ask a Muhammad so he's saying to them oh you believe us not question about things which is if made plain to you may cause you in trouble okay why is going so who are you what are you coming for imagine now I say to you call me ask me questions and then I say you call me and I answer your saying o who you believe ask not questions or you told me ask me questions you told me you are a prophet you told me you are a teacher you told me you are a master you told me you are the one who have a guide miss how you have a guidance but yet we can ask you questions you know so ask not questions and and and verse 102 it says why because some people before you did ask such questions and on that account lost their faith so those questions will make you became an atheist maybe make it may make you Christian maybe make you a Hindu maybe but will not make you a Muslim because if you all those questions obviously Mohammed will get busted you know I mean otherwise it was amazing yeah I understand yeah you see if anything Falls do try last I found why uh-uh your voice is cutting off submission I've found yeah yeah Connie okay listen okay Tyson yeah actually you got all what you said I've been asking and I wouldn't I would like to ask you because how about the worship or on in the half so Quran and recently when I can and I'm very sick and do you know the work in the half Quran is the duty Quran yeah what about them is it is it real is it real well you know I believe nothing in Islam is real you know it's it's a collection of there's no proof of it however they are exist they all exist and there's a lot of differences between them you know and like if you go to Morocco you will see that the Moroccan as I know they don't read huffs Quran they read what Quran right and UK and you can go I read the worst Quran here we see there's a differences however the the story of differences between the Quran it does not make sense because why God he want a sense of in Quran to Muhammad but you want to hit on a sense of in Bible to Jesus you know why and why the people are not capable as Muhammad he said to understand the Quran if it sent in one recitation that does not make sense to because simply if the Quran saying that we explained the Quran in the details you know we make it clear Arabic and the details so why they are not capable of understanding the Quran so Muhammad simply I was saying that to the previous caller before you I don't know if you hear me Muhammad he could not repeat the same verse twice correctly for he is a fabricator so he have to come with a lie to explain why he you mean Prophet Allah they said love he forgets verse from the Quran yeah you know the Mohammed yes I have muddy forget the wrong you know there is many many hadith speak if I can you give me proof from Babylon yeah for gate ah yeah no problem Allah I will give you ok yeah Mohammed no we forgot even though the horn saying that we recite the you the Quran and you shall not forget but yet the the sahih bukhari confirm incorrect he he forgot them alone if we go and say hey go hurry with me at negated the reference from sahih bukhari hold on it says you know speaking about a man who recited verses and Muhammad is said to him Oh like may Allah bless you because I remind me of verses which I forgot you know read with me carefully I don't if you can see the screen this is sahih al-bukhari allah are posted in a car and a warning okay you want me to show you in arabic which one you want English or Arabic English it was it's okay it's okay yeah so you know I showed you in Arabic you know so as you see the story here Mohammad you he heard a person reciting the Quran and he said we may Allah bless you you know you're invited me of verses I totally forgot you know and I was look what he's saying which I was caused to be to forget know how Muhammad forget the whole wrong why this happened you know the Muslim to say that the Quran is preserved in the chest of maybe is a human maybe maybe I understand the stanza human oh I got all the humans Quran for gate correct bikinis this is will not will not make sense if Allah said to you you will not forget the whole law remember that in the Quran it says rockefeller tenza we are going to to give you her on and you will not forget so if allah promise you that you will not forget you know then you will not forget right because this is God you know that God he can make miracles it's a miracle not to forget ever so Allah Allah ie a human Hadees if another man who made a mistake we wear me a coat who wear I made to make me stay right no no okay you see the Muslim and you and you are coming from a Muslim family and you are a Muslim you know that the Muslim they say that Muhammad when it's come to religion he is protected masoom correct masoom you don't make error or whence come to religion yes he may have to do with the human being here here not to religion here the Quran chapter 86 7 verse number 6 you can read in Arabic it says so no true hookah for that and said you know does that mean yes when did you not forget okay so what we forget what the Quran all right yeah okay so now where is the promise of God if God he said to me you will not even I repeat the verse again the chapters each chapter is 87 verse numbers exceed the verse again so no Haruka fella tenza okay and this is a translation of anyone you want you know so if God he made a promise that you will not get sick I will not get sick that's it that's God if God said you will not forget I would not forget and not because I am the Superman but because God he said so you know so when Allah he says to him that you will recite to you and you shall not forget well Muhammad shall not forget but then we find that Muhammad I forget from and then we find Mohammed saying that he received the Quran in seven letters to cover that issue you know actually Muhammad in different verse in the Quran he confirmed trying to cover his problem with forget him Quran by saying the following which is a very funny statement I find it you know and I don't know if you will agree with me or not but I understand you are almost am and you were not like what I'm saying read with me carefully please - a familiarity no no she had an active affair Amina omit Leah how this can happen yeah yeda yeah I understand this versus why I love meat you further yeah get this we will bring the same or the bitter but does it make sense I mean you caused me to forget it to make the same well what is the logic the same does it make sense but because mohammed ii cannot recite the same verse twice correctly so now he says o Allah caused me to forget but don't worry be happy Allah will give me another verse the same or even better you know the funny the Muslim they said to me can you make her own like the Quran well Allah Himself he is saying he make Quran by the velcro in this verse because he's saying if we calls - for cotton we are going to substitute something better or similar Allah will make her own better to the Quran or similar to the Quran why Allah he went to class and they study in the language of Shakespeare and now his English is better so he's going to make Haram but at the Quran does it make sense tree how the Quran of Allah is better than the Quran of Allah oh okay yeah okay yeah okay can you are what what did the country there is no contradiction in the Quran whenever I read the Quran it's it's normally let me see something why the there are peaceful Muslims and I grow very loosely from the end up the ERISA and there are other sides to the submission I'm losing you're losing your why did this I don't and Submission if you have a hold on if you have other are you using the phone or using computer I'm using for okay can you do me a favor a hang up and call me back close all the other application I think your internet is not good and maybe there is some applications using the internet so you can have a better voice okay call me back okay alright thank you okay or because we want understand what you are saying you know everybody what I understand what you are saying and you know just call me back in on you it goes all out thank you all right guys imagine we have God he says I'm going to cause you to forget the Quran and I will make something similar or better I mean who is the crazy here who is the crazy here imagine I say to you okay did you get my book the deception of Allah you say yes he said okay forget about it I'm going to cause you to forget it because I'm going to make something similar similar or why you won't cause me to forget if it's similar it is similar anyway I mean who is the crazy here you caused me to forget it to make something similar what does that mean that is the madness but this guy he have to make up this excuse for he cannot listen or recite the same verse twice all right welcome back submission and okay you go ahead I think are your abs or this is what I found it convinced I don't know what to do ba e okay the card that's okay just go ahead what do you wanna say yeah I know it is you know it's very scary is it brought up so again hello yes I hear ya it's a can you show me a single heart that has been changed and the Quran are that helps change it the personal front if you say stood it to you has changed however if I want to show you like I can show you I can show you you know tons of you know misunderstanding as an example you know in the her on the story of the three questions and their dog yes they were in the cave yes you remember this story right yes I remember this is story and you know that dogs are bad animals in Islam correct yes in the Jesus nudges so okay here now how we can explain this what a supper home okay that's our awake or moral code one opal Ibrahim that alia meanie were that the shimmer you were Calvo home boss it on there are a he bill was read okay how this happened their dog is offering his two hands this dogs don't have two hands my friend have you ever heard of a dog have a hand no dogs have four mate has four Lakes correct so this is a mistake or the one who wrote the law he got it something wrong this is no this is no this is not Kalba home this is Kelly a home okay Kalia home is the one who provide them and support them that is an angel this two story is copied the from the Christians which is written in the fourth century don't before Islam written by a Christian priest you know he is a from Syria it's a fiction story about a group of a Christian and I get that book connect it to that yeah you can right now you can search and go go just searching Google right now it's a very famous story it's called the Seven Sleepers Seven Sleepers it's not a secret you know slippers yes you know written long before Islam and here Mohammed or let us say a copying the story of this fictional story from the Christians the claiming that his true story happened about those Christians and look you know if you read the story with me here they say someday say they are three and their dog is number four and some days say they are four and their dog is number five and this and they say there they are five and their dog is number six bla bla bla but what what is the number that you know still there's no number what is the answer it's a stupid I mean what you are saying to me somebody say three and somebody say and then this is me Allah knows best in the same time how you saying you speak Arabic I speak Arabic we don't say they are five and there and their dog is number 6 because dog is not a human we don't add we don't add in numbers like if you if I say to you go and see how many people in the house you say to me seven people you don't say to me five people and and there is number seven is a dog you know that doesn't make sense and here it says actually it's not even saying that look I say sorry in three and died for you you yeah someone told me it someone told me to put or it's a harness and then he with a corpus if you bring as I heard this as well I would understand second I lost you if I bring so he he's lived with some person he texted me that prophet asleep with a dead woman I did it except that she she said that is it but i am i was looking searching for that earth but i was not able to get it that verse in the hadees or anywhere in the because I sometimes fit that some Christians allegation Roslin's actually what she showed me is a really convincing and at last I have to say that hello can you hear me I hear you go ahead I'm saying yeah yeaaah ride useful I can see that little consolation so you know that you decide to leave it's not yeah that's wonderful that's wonderful I'm not going to ask you where are you from your speakers I can you know that I can yeah I cannot repeat it anymore yeah yeah well that's wonderful for anymore because everything's clear so I advise noticed I tried for many many years and yeah I advise you to change your holding was run from submission to a lot or something else you know because your name is submission to Allah you're not submitting to Allah no more that's a good news okay I will I will read and then I will read well I'm so happy for you my friend and if you have a question about Christianity I will be happy to answer you if you have something to say yeah if you like to know about why I am a Christian I would be happy to answer you - okay eh-eh-eh-eh-eh yeah you know the most important is there's not really to be Christian or to be a danger for helping me because I've been all your videos right where it was very I would seek when I heard the first time your videos but I met a little I went to ask when I asked people they were all offended and they were angry and now I thought long pier I went to Sunnah dhadkan toxeus and other super sites in looking searching earrings ear but last of all what you said is true and you know live that's wonderful my friend I'm so happy for you and made a lot of us may the Lord bless you and and give wisdom in your life and I hope that's your family - they would leave Islam as soon as possible and if you need my help to convince any of your family I will be so happy you know - hell yeah because I'm not supposed to follow the one who changes what is every time every time they do it in the other place it is compulsion and I read that and I the voice is cutting except that people has given it his friend from end s in that is full of I think that means that's wonderful I accept that if you have explore ego because you think you shivering right now hang down thank you you're welcome my friend I'm so happy for you and you know if don't don't be scared from the change you did you did it good you know this is a change for better and the devil is not going to you know have a power over you unless you give him the power you know it actually even the Quran there is I don't know if you know the verse the Quran says that Allah he said to the Shaitaan that you have no power over my follower except the one who follow thee but the funny the Muslim they say that Muhammad was controlled by black magic and that mean that Muhammad was following the devil so Muhammad it was he be wished yes they say he was bewitched yeah yeah and can you give me that what do you want from a B Saye dish is he reached or not yeah yeah sure that's very easy [Music] Mohammed II not only he was we wished even he you know and the hadith confirmed that Muhammad he used to imagine himself asleep nor his wife but the fact he never did raided me carefully here this is a hair Bihari ok and this is the reference a witness cream hadith number 6 0 63 all right and this is the hair Bihari ok why she said the Prophet continued for such-and-such a period of time period imagine that he slipped which mean have sex with his relationship with his wives but in fact he did not all right and why this has happened then the story is speaking about that he was under the effect of a magic which was made for him by a guy his name is libido blossom and you can read the whole the story you know so you know imagine we have a prophet he have all the problems in the world in this prophet from a child molestation to sleeping with the wife son to black magic to imagine himself doing things but in fact he never did including six which means even the six of the Prophet was a real you see I mean I can't imagine that somebody is married and then he speak about six and then we find that his six even even even six have no witnesses you know because when you have sex you have a witness it's your wife right yeah okay yeah right because but here at when I can't say you know anymore it's verified the city sorry honey because I don't have to because I have to be genuine that you're also agent we are showing a mystery myself found this also really hard for me to believe this he was bewitched how he can be like all of my life you know it's okay you know like you see here shut the chapter 15 verse number 42 it says in nahi Betty Lee Celica Ali him sultan ulema me allowing okay what does that mean in my followers my slaves you have no power over them except the one who follow thee okay Allah is saying that to the Shaitaan that you have no power over any one of my servant which means all Muslims except the one who follow thee so how she don't have a power over Muhammad between black magic on him based in this verse for the Shaitaan to be able to do so he have Muhammad he have to be following the shaitan correct yeah then it's a you know it's a it's a crazy thing so obviously this person suffering from I believe Muhammad as a character at the end of the day he is suffering from mental issues you know and always he tried to cover it is that true that he was also Oh isn't high bar right yes here yes he was you know not by Sofia but by a Jewish hope I haven't heard this all over my life yeah well the Shia the Shia they have different story that jihad is say that the one who killed Muhammad it was aisha and Hafsa but product wha yeah but but but the Sunni they have different scenario they believe it was already occurred to be favored hey thank you I will call you all right I'll call you I understand you and I will tell I will tell my life all I will let her understand because she was actually she were the one who led me to watch your video and I've been watching that's not a thank you very much thank you yes you were the one I was angry at her first I was really angry I would ask her apologies because I I beat her once because I was annoyed because I was failing I was protecting my face later on after watching many of your videos I finally found out that it's really convincing and I left Islam and I will ask you other questions and that may the Lord bless you and boss your family amuse your wife and your kids and feel free to call me anytime you or your wife and if you have any question okay made a lot husband take care ok ok all right today we have a wonderful day here we go we have a gentleman who decided to leave the cult of Islam and you know I understand people defied me in the beginning and they hate me I understand I mean it's not easy it's not easy my friend someone who pray to his God 5 time add a bow down we think he's a leave God and then you suddenly he sees someone saying something never heard before like what this guy is talking about what this crazy Christian friends talking about this guy is a he must be have a lot of hate this guy is disgusting that my friend I show I show everything in this Green nothing in my pocket hello hello cpt how are you my friend yeah a very interesting chat that you had with a person before submission I Christian myself and I just want to ask about the topic that you discussed before about Mohammed from God the a mass messages from God so how how do you explain about his mission as a prophet but then what about the love still love them in my foots the tablets on the heavens you mean a local muffles yeah yeah yeah yeah that's the one how quick protected me and make the protected tablet you mean yeah yeah yeah that's that's the one yeah well you know the the Mohammed he have a lot of fiction stories and he is copying from other religions you see if you if you studying other religion like a desert dish you know the the Persian old version they they have a belief in things like this like you know like the Virgin story is coming from the Persian and you know if you remember Mohammed he used to spend many hours with a guy his name is San Manuel Pharisee and you know what Pharisee mean in the salman the persian farsi person is Persian so yes so he spent all night with him even I assure she said like we were afraid that we know that we are jealous from Salman because he spent time with the Prophet at night more than his teepees you know like he says stay with us so Muhammad and a lot of things from salman al-farisi and whatever he here he is observing and he is using it for his religion so suddenly we have in his religion we have versions you know the funny thing is that if he's chosen a prophet from God and and then the mess that was sent every message was sent by God if it is eternal and they happened then why he forgot you know do you know what I mean very funny very very funny argumentation I think you see if I just look at the law and you know as the previous caller he said well he's a human being it's possible that his boss was true yes but he make any sense yes but when he when God he says to you you will never forget and this what the Quran says Allah is saying to him and we will give you a Quran and you will not forget that Quran then you forget the phone obviously this promise is a false promise yeah so Allah applause God it's true so this is statement of false God false prophet who said that he been given a promise from God that he will be giving Quran and he will not forget the horn and then later we find him forget the Quran and then he started making execute execute was by saying oh Allah if he calls us to from the Quran he will give us something better but this is contradiction for what you said in there the reverse that he will not forget wrong so and why Allah he would cause you to forget the prolong anyway so why he sent it yeah so so the the all the message or the the the ayahs of the Quran in the earth is not easy to know right well I believe the whole one is nothing but a it's a yellow pages it's a clean stories there's nothing to do there if you know but when the Muslim idea is that this Quran is preserved but if anyone is study the Quran it will find that the chapter of al-fatiha hasn't even exist in the long you see is the chapter for the handful the first chapter of go on it does not make sense you know because if you if you read carefully if you are the Muslims what is that Fatiha all right they will say to you here is the opening of the horn okay and what they say to you have submit it it's a prayer okay it's a prior here and the sprayer is made by whom you know they say to Eunice's give him by Allah all right agreed with me carefully my friend it says here something very weird because you see when they ask Jesus how to pray Jesus he said to them pray like this but he okay the one is talking supposed to Allah read carefully it says in the name of Allah the most gracious most merciful praise be to Allah Allah saying praise be to Allah so it's very very confusing Allah Allah is saying in the name of Allah are you doesn't mix it you see if that if the chasm the chapter start if it start was saying is saying like saying or pray like this or say like this then it makes sense listen there's many verses in the Quran says say say you know that makes sense yeah but here there's no saying so Allah is talking in the name of Allah most gracious why Allah say and the name of those so who who is the one who's talking I say in the name of God err yeah hey that's there and yeah little God in again and if I am a Christian isn't it if I am a Christian Prince I will not I will not say in the name of Christian brands unless I am just a person different person who represents Christian so in the name of Allah is obviously somebody he is speaking in the name of Allah not not Allah and if you are the Muslims is that the words of the angel debride they say to you know this is the word of Allah so it's not to breathe seen in the name of Allah it is Allah saying that then he said the brace be to Allah Allah saying praise be to Allah and then he says yeah repeating the same thing he just said in bed before obviously somebody is making up a reward does it make sense already you say this word for me and then he says the master of Judgment Day the do worship Allah saying the do we worship mm-hmm Allah worship who you know and then thin aid we seek Allah seeking the aid of Allah and then show us the strength we well Allah say Allah show us a straight way and then he says in the way of those whom you has best the grace those who settle it doesn't make sense the whole the whole thing is a joke yeah this is was a copy from the Christian prior Mohammed was trying to make a prior the Christian they have a prayer is called our Father out of heaven okay and Mohammed to come from that the priority of his own yeah okay cut it um can I ask you another topic about the those Muslims about them Muslim argumentation that says that Mohammed prophecy not prophecy but yeah do you know about the actually I have asked about this question before about the confirmation from the Christians amongst mahira and the other one and also been studies of his religious sorry I've been known for yeah but to think about that how to respond about that because usually okay the Muslims usually use this as a commendation that the Christians at the time or Maharani upholds his prostitutes what leasing apartment well first of all they are those are not sorrow or those honor the Christians who are never used the word a Christian ever in the whole book everything it says yes it says no Sarah and we are not Mansoura if you speak to any any any Christian from a Middle East you ask him are you a Christian I'm sorry are you I'm a see hey or nasarah he would say it you we are messy and I see him not know Sarah Nosara simply it was a name or a title given to a group of people who the are the same as like Jehovah's Witnesses to the false Christians rejected a Christian so Muhammad see Muhammad around he may never have Christians he have no Sarah and this is why he speak about those who the or nasarah not about those for the or Christians however the stories rock on the no file appears strongly in in the hadith where it says that when what are called no fell he died Mohammed he stopped receiving inspiration know why Muhammad he were Seve no inspiration no more just because a priest who is not a Christian he is a nasara' priest yes he died why I mean why Allah will stop sending this guy have nothing to do with Mohammed being prophet or not he just am an old man so why Allah stops and in revelation what happened yes and you can see here that if you read carefully with me I have it in the screen it says Felicia mm-hmm then accompanied him her cousin to her cousin Oh actually he is not a cousin like their cousin anyway what I come to know if I'll even me I said even though Abdul Azim no poss-eye waraqa was the son of etc donkey love blah blah blah the father a brother who was during the pre-islamic period become a Christian he did not became a Christian this is a lie he became a nasara' this guy this guy he wasn't this guy he was a pagan then he became some story to say he wanted to be a Jew and then he decided to become nasarah which is not a Christian and then he used to write Arabic writing and used to write of the gospel in Arabic that is the want mm-hmm do you see it yeah it's prove it to us here that there is an Arabic writing in the time of Muhammad which is supposedly Arabic writing of what is called the gospel of the nasara' not the Christians all right see this is where Mohammed was getting his revelation this is not revelation this is the writing of waraqa and then you will see that when what akka he died it says Mohammed he even tried to commit suicide he read me and then but a few days after but after a few days Baraka died and the divine inspiration was also post what why the divine I paused for the death of a man and then the Prophet becomes so sad as we have heard that in 10 he intended several times to throw himself from the of the high mountains and in that in every time he went to up to the mountain in order to throw himself down Gabriel which is Abril would appear to him before him and say o Muhammad you are indeed Allah messenger in truth whereupon his holy would become a quiet and calm down and returned home and then whatever period coming of the inspiration is taught or paused again Muhammad do you go again to try to commit suicide so Muhammad according to the story he tried to commit suicide after the death of Arafah because he is not receiving inspiration why because what happens death was going to give him inspiration the inspiration is not inspiration this is what I was teaching him what to say so now after the after the death of world comedy have a problem what he would do what he was said to people what he would get the the Quran which was reciting before but as you see the the hadith here confirming that whatever book and most likely Muhammad he got his hand in this book after his death so he continued yeah and not in not only that but it took him time before he got the the solution to it from the Book of Allah so it says that he tried to commit suicide and here the question is challenged for all the Muslims why somebody is a prophet of God he will do such a thing 10 and he killed himself yes and may time not only was not like one is you know and why each time he tried to kill himself the angel come to him and says to him I truly are an a prophet but that's me Muhammad himself do not believe is a prophet is why you wanna kill himself so when he said to him oh yeah don't do it don't do it you are to the Prophet Muhammad he relaxed and you go down home what kind of a kid this kid is you say this is a behavior of a crazy man like a kid I mean even a kid will not do that why you want to kill yourselves let us say I was a prophet and God stop sending me reservation so what so what I will do why I want to kill myself here and then I thought if a Muslim have a intends to do something that it's it must be considered like if he if they want to do the song the fast fast and they have the they want to do it then they it is a very important things and compared to that in this case he Muhammad himself he intends to kill himself so it must be a big thing isn't it we hope this is the Prophet I mean if the Prophet is a this is this is a work of somebody here on this example for everybody and this is actually according to Muslim it's a sin to kill yourself like if they do commit suicide by minutes hello this is because this is jihad but to kill yourself just to kill yourself is forbidden so worried the Prophet even Muhammad himself he said the one who killed himself by by a not by a knife or a piece of steel or throwing himself from the high mountain you know he will spend his life in eternal life in Hellfire so why you are saying that if you do that you will go to hell fire but yet you yourself you try to throw him so yourself from the hell from the top of the mountain okay you know yeah so it's a chain of connection chain of stupidity and Muhammad life is very interesting to be explored and love that okay so what do you think about the other one priest named by Iran you know there is many stories about mahira but I usually I focus in in the story of what autumn or because I believe that wall akka is the real person who have a real impact on Muhammad okay if he was exist I mean Muhammad I see because what Harrah supposedly he was a person who live in Damascus and it might be a not a true story I'm not sure about it but yeah but what about waraqa I believe most likely is the real father of Muhammad you know he hears a real father because if you're if you have my book you will find that when Muhammad father according to the stories of Muslims and I have the reference I'm reading yes there's one he was going to sleep with Muhammad father waraqa or the sister of Oliver she offered the father of Muhammad 100 camel to sleep with her and does it make sense but most likely what raka he sent his sister to the father of Muhammad saying to her trying to convince him not to sleep with that women sleep my with my sister because already water her sleeping with her at that time the Arab gave us two could do something is called the wash of Rajas where are women she's many men and when she said when she could she got a breath net she decide who is the father you know so obviously like there's a story of Mohammed was lost well defined him would war Allah Mohammed always can be found with Raqqa this is why when Muhammad when when he died Mohammed was so sad yeah so because he is no any father except for a Muslim yeah yeah this is the only father he know this is the holy real father you know you know about the about the Asura again they mentioned about the a if I'm not mistaken dear from general lion the nasarah soon us we're supposed to be people who being a stray weren't they the sovereign is the one who helped yeah coming from the word the one who like which means they're helpers you know the helpers of the of the Messiah but anyway that Dalia that's not true you know the Muslims always they tried to mix between Arabic and the origin language the word Nosara is coming from the Naza rate and those are another rate is not nasa from the nasa like the city of jesus it is a from the war ii mean poor the poor in hebrew so they are cold by the christians the poor for they have a poor understanding of the bible not because they are poor so they are called the poor those are the nasara people so muhammad he is speaking about them and he believed that they are the true christian because those are a Jew those are jews in his being discriminated too and they run away to to the Arabian Peninsula when when the Christian reject their teaching they face kind of discrimination during the time of the Roman so they run away they run away scaping from any place have authority of the Roman because they are rejected so Mohammed II never met the query the Christians he met all in a sorrow and those nasarah they are rejected by the Christian himself so he Muhammad always having the influence of don Sora but they have their own idea and Muhammad he learned from the nasarah that Jesus when he wasn't across he you know it might really appear that he was there but because God he loved his son there is no way he will make that true Jesus you know be crucified so yes it was Jesus but obviously Jesus he placed his image they did not say he's a clean own no did not seek known as Muhammad say they say he placed his image but the true Jesus was not crucified because he is higher than this so Muhammad he took the idea of the crucifixion from the Messiah - yeah so if if they if the Muslim say that the north's Allah at that time were people who are strayed from the right path which is Islam then what Allah Himself is not he was not all right mostly yes but because it is Islamic but quickly Islamic Christian isn't it right but because Muhammad is a hypocrite man he he said that I would go to heaven you know because if he is no Sarah you know how full of contradictions yeah it is a condition the real I believe strongly Mohammed he is the made of his father he continued the mission of his father which is what Aqaba nofa he created a cult of his own you know and he and he wanted Mohammed to be like a priest of the cult and not it's not about being a prophet really you know and Mohammed II carry on with the message which is the safest father which is what okay yeah anyway there is something trying to call so I'm going to I have to you know give you everything and maybe some other people who were trying to call they can call us you can feel free to communities all right thank you thank you my friend okay bye-bye Hey