THARNTYPE THE SERIES เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ Ep9 Part 2 EngSub

Why did you drag me here? You don't have anything to do anyway. I was playing games, you know? Come on, drinks are on me. Let's go. Come on. - P' Khong, hello. - Oh, Tharn, you've arrived. Oh, you brought a friend. Sit down. Make yourself comfortable. - Jeed. - Yes? - Come here and take care of them. - Okay. Here. - Hello, P' Jeed. - Hello. Make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back. Hurry up, P' Khong. So. How come you came here together? Why? We can't come here together? Last time, I got drunk here because you broke my heart. Hey, but this time... you look much better. Do you have good news? We're just friends. Friends. Who are more than just friends. I'm blushing. Oh my god! Wait, why do you look so surprised, Tharn? Why are you surprised? I just want to let people know you're mine. - I can't take it. I'm blushing. - What are you talking about? You scared me to death! There is good news. Huh? You're pregnant? No! Sit down right now. - You're absolutely clueless. - So what is the good news? It's about them. By the way, the toilet is pretty empty. You can get busy in there. Too blunt. - We can discuss business in my office. - Okay. I've come to talk to P' Khong about coming back to perform here again. So I wanted you to be here with me. I guess he needs support. Yes. I never get one. - Let's talk, shall we? - Okay, I'll be right back. Don' worry about him. - Don't do anything to him. - Okay. - What would you like to drink? - Anything is fine. Oh, Tharn. You finished? This is P' Ten and this is P' Gae. Hello, Nong Tharn. How do you know me? They're your fans. They saw me with you, so they came to say hi. Hello. Nong Tharn, do you remember me? If I say I don't remember, will you get mad at me? I can't get mad at such a handsome man. I often bought you drinks. Thank you very much. So, can I buy you a drink tonight, Nong Type? Maybe next time. I got turned down. I'm not turning you down. Why don't you think I'm making an excuse to see you again? I'm not easy, but I'm not hard to get, too. This is my number... Is talking all you want to do? Type. What? Don't get on my nerves. What did you whisper to her? Nothing. Type. Don't be crazy. I was just playing. You didn't look like you were playing at all. It's your turn to get jealous. We're even. I guess I'm pretty charming, too. Charming, huh? Come with me. What the hell? Tharn, this is not funny anymore. But I'm really enjoying it, Type. If you do it here, I'll kill you. Go on, I want to know what it feels like to die... while I'm inside you. Tharn! Do you want to practice your flirting skills that much? Then practice with me! Don't mess with me. Did you enjoy provoking me? Did you enjoy making me jealous? And did you enjoy making me want to yank that woman away from you? I sure did. I enjoyed it because I knew tonight was going to be a blast. Let me tell you something. No matter how many fangirls you have, if you cheat on me... I'll cheat on you back worse than you can imagine. Don't think I'll go soft on you just because I tell people we're dating. I, Thiwat, am more evil than you think. By the way. Looks like someone won't be having a blast tonight. I'll be back late today. Where r u goin'? P' Khong's bar. With bandmates. Prob. long talk. OK. Don't wait up. When will u be back? You'll wait? Dick. Not sure. Whatever. Possessive? Wanna die? LOL. What are you doing? You've been addicted to your phone lately. Is it the girlfriend they've been talking about? What's she like? Is she prettier than Puifai? I guess, if that person has long hair. So, how are things with your friends? I haven't talked to them after they gave me the cold shoulder. By the way, do you need something? Can you tutor me? Please? I can't believe someone who rarely shows up to class like you... can be so smart. Let's go to date after exam. Wait a minute, Type. I didn't know you could have the look of someone in love. What are you talking about? Are you drunk? Anyway, will you help me? Your girlfriend will love you heaps. Love me heaps? Are you a love potion or something? I'll pray for your girlfriend to love you heaps and bunches. Okay, I'll help you, but you don't have to pray for me. Because right now, that person is already falling head over heels for me. Damn, Type, you're so full of yourself. I'm glad you came with me. What is this place? Answer me now. What do you think this place is? Your house! Why did you bring me here? You already know. So why do you ask? What a jerk! Come on, I'm stopping by to switch cars. And my brother wants to meet you. Don't worry, P' Thorn is the only one inside the house. You can relax. How can I relax? This is your house. I don't want to be here. Oh. Why are you two standing out here? Hi, P' Thorn. Do I look intimidating? You haven't gotten inside, so I'm here to get you. Hello. You're Type, right? I've seen your photos. You look better in person. You've seen me from photos? Well, he's following you on Instagram. I love to stalk, especially when it comes to my brother's life. Seems like Type had no clue you would brought him here. But I can assure you our parents are not home. Come on. P' Tharn! I missed you so much. I forgot to tell you Thanya's home. Don't you have a piano lesson today? I let it slip to her that you would bring a friend home. So she wanted to see you. That's because I missed you. I missed you, too, Thanya. Hello. Hello. Why didn't you tell me you'd come home? I'm just stopping by to switch the cars, so I didn't tell you. Sorry. P' Thorn said you'd bring your special friend. So I called Mom and Dad and they hurried back. Did I do good?