THARNTYPE THE SERIES เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ Ep9 Part 4 EngSub

Here, put the blanket on him. Team's going to kill me if he catches a cold. - Okay, Wifey. - Watch it. You're going to be next. Who's wifey? Tharn is Type's wifey. Tharn. I'm curious. About what? The face you made when you were playing drums. What about it? It looked so goddamn sexy. When I was playing drums? To me... music is like sex. It gives me climactic pleasure. And now... I know... what my most cherished instrument is. Drums. No. It's you. My most cherished instrument. Type! Type. - You want to do it now? - Be still. - Type, be gentle. It hurts! - Shut up and be still. No. No. No! Get up and eat congee. Tharn bought it for you. I can't. Feels like my head is going to explode. Come on, get up. Here. What's up, Lhong? Hold it properly. Don' spill it. Type. - What? - Well... Last night... I... - heard... - No! If you keep talking, you'll be a dead meat! If you tell anyone about last night... Dude! I slept like a baby last night. Very soundly and comfortably. - Good. - Great. Type. Lhong will stop by this evening. Can I tell him... that we're in a relationship? It's your private matter. None of my business. I'll go eat my congee over there. Oh, hot! Please help me just this once. Yeah. When professor takes the roll call, answer it for me. Alright, I'll treat you lunch for a week. Thank you. Oh, Tar. When did you get here? I've been standing here forever. Really? How come you can pick me up today? Well... I'm free. Oh, don't you have class? I did. But it ended early. So I rushed here to pick you up. Oh, are you hungry? Do you want to eat anything? I just want to go home. Really? Let's go home then. Let's go. Let's go. Type. If I tell Lhong that we're together... will you be fine with it? - But if you're not okay... - Stop being selfless. I feel like the bad guy. Haven't you heard? We always fall for the bad guys. Whether it's a good or bad guy, I don't want any. I'm only okay with you. I love you, Type. I may too. You really... Hi, Lhong. Handsome boy is here! Water. Thanks. Lhong. I have something to tell you. What's wrong? You look serious. Well... Type and I... We're together. Are you okay? Don't. I'll clean up later. What's wrong with you? Why didn't I know about this before? I'm sorry I didn't tell you. Well... I forgot I have to meet my family. I have to go. But you just got here. It's really important. Gotta go now. Here, you can have them. What's up with him? No idea. Take this. I'm going to clean up. Be careful. They're sharp. P' Tharn, why can't I get a girlfriend at all? Nobody is interested in me. I want a girlfriend. What should I do? - Don't be silly, Song. - Come on, P' Tharn. - Let's go home. - Okay. I'm sorry. - Tar? - P' Tharn? P' Tharn, wait! I... I've been missing you. I have to go, Tar. Let's go, Song. Oh? You're back? Go back to sleep. Hurry to the shower and hurry back to be my pillow. Tharn never dates anyone more than two months. Until he met... Tar. - Who? - I never wanted to break up with you! Tar wants me back. Why didn't you tell me he is your ex-boyfriend? Does he taste as good as when you were together?