THE CUBE RETURNS A Fortnite Short Film


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yeah geez I hope you said what comes to save me sued No hey you thank god you're here sup crazy chaos Scotty hooked me up to this contraption he said that if I don't get enough people to use code to escape bro he's gonna turn me into a blob I really don't want to be a blob guys so please help me out and use the part of creator Cody's gay bro you wake up miss remedy wake up and face the music ah where am I who are you you mean you don't know me mmm it's hard to keep track of all you eat your personnel but to answer your question this is evolution energy and I I am Kaos agent ah Kaos agent Sun told us about you so you only alter head honcho huh I'm not impressed operations your forces are I said my dear nor is it polite the predicament part of the course for ego will bounce back we always do it's so cute don't you think that ego is effectively no more but there's still time for you remedy what do you mean what do I mean please isn't it obvious join the winning team we could always use someone with your medical skill it would certainly help keep our underlings or how do you want me to serve alter to serve you you must be joking well I just thought I'd ask it's not like you have any choice in the matter toxins medicine hmm you know she's be very well respected in my field it's a shame what you did to her due to her believe me she wanted this more than anyone I know it will not be toxins compaction that converts you today it will be a blast from the past never come over here please right the monster I remember you you should be on your knees thanking him devenir is the reason why you're still alive yeah instead of dying I just got kidnapped big improvement I'm not scared of you don't want to I really thought your charity was a one-time thing doesn't we're going to have to work on your loyalty but bond if you don't have the heart for it or too much heart rather I will do it myself nicer to us trust me here she comes now oh yes denim she is purple how do you feel remedy good stronger would be the opportunity of one John wick had mixed in there congratulations you are now a skilled assassin all my years of studying biology something like this shouldn't be scientifically possible but the energy of the few is a whole lot less science that it is well I suppose you call it magic either way what is your opinion of alter now I serve alter and you Kaos agent I am at your disposal [Music] why don't we just call them so we keep searching aimlessly following a blob sleek Sam's right 8ball come on what's gotten into you the weight of my conscience lies heavily upon my head I'm surprised you do not feel the same we abandoned our friends Jenny because of us remedy is gone that's alter is doing not ours I would say tell that to remedy but you cannot none of us can where are you going to gather my thoughts remedy all those times you saved me from death that I wasn't there to save you once forgive me hmm back for more eh bah it has been a while scratch you look terrible that is why I'm here my cybernetic implants are corrupting me I wonder have you felt a similar effect what is this you wish to bond with me now we have a unique struggle on being both men and machine I thought you would understand if anyone does I understand that you are my enemy and now you have presented yourself to be so that's it then yes grudge that's it you and alter have made a grave mistake gossipy I defeated you before what makes you think you can take me now without backup I don't need backup what drives me now is revenge [Music] haha [Music] my cybernetic implants they're failing me [Music] [Music] I defeated you once and for all now get up and face your death like a soldier I won't give in yet I won't let me what cowardice sorry about 8-ball he's taking this really hard [Music] you're like Ripley right you didn't always look Ryan was training Ripley maybe she could help you to chance of that head ah sorry about that I'm I'm going to go find 8-ball he's been gone for a while don't wait up ah what is this voice I keep hearing me hazard hazard that name it sounds familiar it should I'm inside of you but now I think the time is right the time is right for what it's time we switch places journey enjoy your stay finally it feels good to stretch my legs now time to get to work Johnny Sam told me you ran off looking for me sorry to have concerned you oh that's alright I know Allah has been on your mind yes but I feel I let my emotions get the better of me I have been short with you and I am sorry it's only natural to be angry with yourself we selfishly ran off together Abel That's not me I asked you the other day and you didn't answer do you regret our date of course not it was the happiest day of my life even though it was followed by tragedy nothing will ever change that that's good to hear 8ball I love you Abel it's me journey please hear me I love you too much Jenny the nuts get some rest we need our wits about us if we're going to find our friends you're right don't listen to her ah is someone upset he's mine now journey all of them are you want to know the best part when I stab him in the back he'll think it was you people no night night journey [Applause] [Music] hmm it's you a divin right I've been doing some catching up you were born out of this gun too weren't you yeah you and I are of a kind Cuba the memory has given us life because of this we should stick together watch each other's backs would you like that oh good I'm sure we'll make a great team [Music]