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yeah when you frisbee [Music] while I was born in the 90s I sort of got this secondhand estado 480 stuff during my teen years it was all thanks to that new website YouTube and it's a video makers gushing about the era the 2003 Turtles cartoon was my childhood but those guys helped me revisit the original cartoon and live-action movies I barely remembered the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 suck shit by 2007 there hadn't been a movie in over a decade but 80s nostalgia was exploding literally every property came back in some form so of course we got a new Turtles movie TMNT because typing out the rest of the title would have been much harder for the graphic designers named Renaissance masters and a movie made by ammaji a smaller animation studio who never did a theatrical film before just TV stuff demon Tia was given terrible reviews and seems kind of forgotten but was the movie that bad and was there a trilogy planned let's find out it's juice and jam time and now a word from our sponsor 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info Mikey is a clown but not just personality why is this time meanwhile Raphael still battles evil and has become the night watcher vigilante and Leo is often some unnamed Spanish village that has a church at the end of it while he does battle with Fidel Castro that is until April comes to reunite them I like this element of the gang having to come back together after essentially retiring it's like yeah the turtles are back the turtles are back even though one of the cartoons was still airing at the time there's some good character moments most notably the rivalry between Ralph and Leo red vs. blue I feel maybe they needed one more interaction prior but still it was such a traumatic face-off it also helps they casted mostly experienced voice actors rather than live-action celebrities like every other theatrically animated movie ralpherz leo no it's Nathan Drake versus johnny test picture that don't do this wrath I'm done taking orders I think the biggest name in retrospect is Chris Evans as Casey Jones who has appeared in literally every comic book inspired movie before becoming Captain America though nothing can top his movie cellular [Music] the mill in Maximillian winters is very underwritten but Patrick Stewart really gives them life and aku uncle Iroh himself mock Oh got to play splinter in his final voice acting role Cody is going to break up with Donna I just know it we interrupt the guild is for this special news report the end credits paid tribute to him and also give a special thanks to Harvey Weinstein while I see the main characters are great the humor was corny or just plain bad which is a given for this franchise where this movie really fails is the generic storyline every 3,000 years the stars align and some laser shoots into the sky killing several astronauts the laser portal released thirteen monsters 3,000 years ago and grunted the warrior who summoned them immortality 3000 years later in our time this warrior max winter still needs to put these creatures back into the portal so he can no longer be immortal and can die peacefully the warrior king was left to eternally walk the earth unable to die or I forget his horrible mistake it's been 3,000 years and he has just now hired the evil Foot Clan to capture those monsters apparently the monsters stuck around in New York together you think the turtles would have noticed these guys wreaking havoc earlier or maybe the monsters migrated together and so happen to be touring the city days before the planets align again and in the same city where the bad guys formed his corporation the plot would have made more sense if he managed to capture some of the monsters during those 3,000 years and he desperately needed to contain the last three or so in time Plus this villain isn't really doing anything all that villainous capturing monsters yeah I can see why critics hated this it's a bad story but I feel the character drama and the B plot is enough to make it a good movie could have been a lot better at least for turtle fans I drank this around my second or third favorite it's often seen as its own reboot but some Easter eggs make reference to the prior live action movies happening now one complaint everyone echoes involves Raphael as the night watcher they're playing my song [Music] he's supposed to be in disguise but his friend Casey Jones recognizes him wasn't that hard man you know you look like a big metal turtle yet later in the film Leo can't recognize his own brother till he's unmasked huh though according to the director's commentary the intent was that Casey recognized his Ralph's voice and the turtle suit was also a clue I guess well they fought other turtle enemies maybe Casey wasn't there it's not like old Turtles are related yo fuckin cracker now as to explain what the monsters were doing for 3,000 years I just found out each of them represents an urban myth like the Jersey Devil or the Yeti okay that explains where they've been still why were they all in New York together but enough critique I want to discuss the movie's backstory and its failed trilogy make way cuz the Kings is back this was the result of development hell for a fourth movie as many previous ideas were scrapped ideas range from a live-action film with some slightly more realistic turtle costumes to John Woo doing a totally different animated CG movie after a 14-year gap between films they settled on TMNT before production onset film began there was an artist named Kevin Munroe busy on other projects at ammaji Munroe heard the studio was acquiring the rights to the turtles so he kept pestering the higher-ups to let him direct as he was a fan of the movies and comics that's when he got to have dinner with Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman as a sort of interview Munroe asked Eastman to sign his copy of the first turtles issue which he did the autograph read dear Munroe make a good movie or else that's when Monroe knew he got the job so it was all smooth sailing from there right while the crew rode and boarded the film in California a lot of animation was done in Hong Kong this led to a lot of communication issues from Monroe when he complimented their progress in the film with the words like cool the foreign animators thought he was talking about the temperature the Hong Kong studio had to be taught a few American slang words other miscommunications came when Monroe wanted a heavy warehouse scene with wooden pallets on the boxes somehow that translated to the animators sending back pictures of people with their mouths open like the pallid z' inside their mouth I don't know how that happened but it sounds terrifying other setbacks came in when a Taiwanese earthquake knocked out their t3 high speed Internet's so this computer animated film had to be delivered by hand that's right they flew people from Hong Kong to California to drop off several hard drives worth of animation they carried on their laps I guess it helps the movie was made on store-bought PCs running Linux and using Maya and render man now emoji is a smaller company team and he only had one fifth the budget of Pixar's ratatouille which was released the same year yet it still looks impressive not too many CG movies for kids carried this dark appearance just the rainy nights with the neon signs in the back it's just perfect kind of gives me some crow vibes and of course there's some great action like this minute long tracking shot that took one year to complete it feels like TNT is the most divisive Turtles movie critics hated and many fans consider it too childish and wish it was live-action while other turtle fans say the characters are just like the comics it's not good enough to be the 90s movie or bad enough to be the Michael Bay Turtles it's savage but I think it's still worth a watch the story is pretty bad but it's got some good characters in action to make up for it give it a try before I talk about the cancelled sequels we'll be back after these messages [Music] hey Ron hey Billy [Music] you're watching ultimate muscle what next is totally radical it's the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles followed by the crab twins right here in the Fox box turtle skin like reptile skin is much less stressed listen as much thicker but has certain properties that we've we've looked dead the textures that we have are just insane you see the muscles you see veins you see spots and little freaky despite teaming t receiving bad reviews this movie made three times its budget and would be the start of a trilogy part two would be a loose adaptation of the comics saga city at war it's where the comic relief Mikey feels he's not treated as seriously and decides to join the evil Foot Clan ninjas in Japan Mikey would also replace his orange mask with a black one ooh scary while in Japan the turtles would really have to grow up since Monroe mentioned they'd quote be losing splinter not sure if he'd be killed off or simply go missing but their arch-nemesis the shredder would finally return whereas in the first movie shredder only appeared as but a humble jpg a humble jpg where they forgot to erase the empty space between his claws are you kidding me this is in the intro you fools I don't know what he would look like in 3d but there were toys released in this style that's differ from that jpg there was also the game TMNT smash up that featured the movies art style while shredder has just lifted from the 2003 cartoon and so are the voices also the rayman rabbits are here taking up three character slots oh that game was a weird mishmash of ideas for the third movie it's not revealed what will happen exactly but it would have involved Dimension X the triceratons and the Technodrome by the way in the first movies director's commentary it's hinted that skull in winters office belongs to a triceraton these sequels sound great but all that will have to wait as emojis next move was to develop movies based on the Legend of Zelda Gigantor Astro Boy an original film called Tusker and the anime gotcha man which was to be directed by Munroe and written by Batman the Animated Series alumni Paul Dini there was plenty of disagreement with the studio during gotcha man's production as two years into the project Minh roll up the studio while ammaji was facing serious financial issues they laid off 80 animators and lost the rights to the turtles teaming tea was their first and only theatrical movie and it was based on such a huge brand but even that wasn't all that successful hamachi stationed in Hong Kong a heavily populated area high off taxes yes TMNT made money but that's nothing compared to what Pixar was making if your business is doing just ok it's not ok when property taxes are through the roof ammaji needed their next film to be a hit and then next film was Astro Boy Astro Boy is pretty recognizable maybe it'll make money and save the company [Music] Astro Boy from 2009 was a massive bomb while ammaji had nothing left one by one each of their global branches shut down and all of those other projects I listed before were cancelled leaving only two theatrical movies in their portfolio they were a studio that may have not had the most well-written movies but the attempt and more action focused theatrical animation is something we still need more of so rip in peace ammaji you weren't the best but you were definitely trying in there a bad guy or monster gonna ever change that that's what's important and that's why we'll always be brows I love being a turtle on March 23rd it's time for a new breed of hero your mom - kisses baby BG only in theaters March 23rd [Music] everyone wants to Navin here