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Dia dhuit agus fáilte ar ais. In this Irish language video I'm going to give you some words and phrases to help you describe different types of food in Irish Let's start off with the Irish for potatoes, which is prátaí and práta is the singular potato mashed potatoes is brúitín Bíonn prátaí ag fás ag mo dhaid = my dad grows potatoes next we have leite which is the Irish for porridge, leite and babhla leitean is a bowl of porridge Bíonn tú i gceart i gcomhair an lae tar éis babhla leitean = A bowl of porridge really sets you up for the day next we have the Irish for chips, which is sceallóga and mála sceallóg is a bag of chips iasc agus sceallóga is fish and chips D'ordaíomar stéig agus sceallóga = We ordered steak and chips next we have tósta which is the Irish for toast and slisín tósta is a slice of toast Cuirfidh mise im ar an tósta = I will put butter on the toast next we have seacláid which is the Irish for chocolate císte seacláid is a chocolate cake and barra seacláide is a bar of chocolate Is breá liom seacláid = I love chocolate Tá dúil mhór agam sa tseacláid = I have a great weakness for chocolate If you enjoyed this video please give it a like and don't forget to let me know in the comment section some of your favorite foods in Irish thanks very much for watching agus slán go fóill.