The Patricia Neal Story 1981 Glenda Jackson Dirk Bogarde

oh please shut that thing off you switch it off you're a monster I never denied that what are you doing up so early writing come on no writing jet lag I'm starving this time hmm you are always on English time listen in England it's only four o'clock in the afternoon why don't you get back into bed no you are disgusting get up come yes sir three bags full sir Squadron Leader permission to go to the bathroom sir two three four two [Music] and cut alright we provide ten minutes of publicity shot I love any man he'll take my pictures please a little discretion [Music] vo hey you alright oh oh you know I shouldn't run around my pet me see you know okay - mommy you're home early services I can't take it back in your room well mama says you can no no no not right now in a moment doc very good what that's wonderful video give me a big kiss mm-hmm Sarah mommy says I can have my bath in her bedroom hey hey that isn't very nice funny cuz it's my first day away where's a philia she's in bed in medicine this one should be in bed dude fuck you go I'll come and tuck you in later yes yes gimme gimme gimme I've been riding a donkey all day Oh Pat this is my friends rod he's an actor go out help you well actually at the moment I'm a garage mechanic well then hang on to it one year I earn my living cutting ties in a Time Square restaurant I'm extremely glad I have something to fall back on the going gets tough I took the car - we fixed Eminem we met told you we invited Angela over he'd help with the children she kept all her boyfriends names and brokenhearted and desolate I want you all to know that I am appearing in the greatest motion picture of all time we shot two scenes today one of me coming out of door one of me riding a burro and already they are predicting Academy Award nominations for everyone they are crazy crazy people money coming Tessa will you stay for supper thank you oh we mustn't talk about acting papa takes a very dim view of actors non-factor nearly their souls well we promised not to search ourselves I don't mean to embarrass you but I've always enjoyed your work Paolo embarrass me someone else going bad Cass I'm gonna stay in hell for this very perceptive young man more the same in about 10 minutes papa hello a failure you should be asleep you've missed your bedtime story tonight haven't you but there's nobody morning who Tessa the neighborhood is full of children and at your school it's not tell you what we'll do I'll ring some people maybe we can have a picnic on Saturday when I don't work give up tomorrow well yes but you have Angela yes but she likes wrong papa refill what is it terrible matter I think there's something wrong I keep seeing things I don't know so you seen things no no lady not not yes I know Sarah did you fall in the set today darling here's dr. die Charles yeah this is Rudolph it's an emergency it's bad no I mean she's having her I don't know it seemed to be she's losing consciousness as soon as possible [Music] [Music] [Music] Charles roll hello Pat what are you gonna do to me well bad first we're going to take you in here and see what that oh just one thing she's pregnant right I'm afraid it's what I suspected it's an intracranial hemorrhage a stroke if you add another him exist now research third happened while we were x-ray in the same place yes your son I know unfortunately you're familiar with the brain because of the OS accident in New York but just to orient you in Theo's case each time they opened the skull to change to drain they were working in this area in past case it's here you say an aneurysm it's a weak spot in the artery wall it balloons in the wall becomes very thin and then it tears and begins to leak blood the image can do a lot of damage to the brain in the break is at the junction of the internal carotid and posterior communicating artery it's already affected the area that governs word recognition speech motor the right side is there any reason no possibly congenital her condition is critical what do I pray if I don't operate in my opinion she's certain to die well then do it all right a rule please don't be too hopeful what we'll do is evacuate the clot and clip the neck of the aneurysm to prevent further bleeding how long maybe five hours [Music] [Music] dr. Economou you wanted to theorem [Music] wanted to [Music] [Music] she's a strong girl it was a good operation we did exactly what I outlined to you we would do her right side is paralyzed but that should respond to physiotherapy right now the main thing is to guard against infection and watch your vital signs it's going to be a long siege for both of you so I suggest you try to get some rest yes thank you thank you why don't you go home for a while we'll take good care of her oh I just like to wait till so she wakes up that won't be for quite a long time how long you mean days it's ruled it's extraordinary they've got it wrong again it was three strokes anyway it'll say they're having to call everyone I'm checking the Screen Actors Guild go see if they're gonna pick up underneath expenses he's God you know our situation everybody thinks movie stars are loaded what about their film I'm still checking with the studio's it's a possibility any Bancroft will step into the role and the bank should like that they're great friends thanks to the lips yes how did that go I don't think the understood it's been on the radio is there any further word the doctor said the operation was very successful she's still unconscious have you had any breakfast I don't think so I just want to get some steam raagh did you get some sleep mmm good crying you mmm any change her vital signs are still good pulse heartbeat breathing she came through the procedure very well it looks like an open night out there oh yeah yes a little excessive it is ultra Hollywood bad bad that's she counts for you less how long did she remain in this condition we really don't know all we can do is watch your vital signs and hope it's really out of our hands it's something Pat's gonna have to do for herself it's incomprehensible to me that she's doing anything but she it and the baby the baby seems fine we'll know more when we know more about Pat so I'll see you tomorrow ah at and I I've got messages for you from from the children Tessa sends her love Theo feel sends his love a failure sends her love path to here do you hear me the children send their love path it's ruled he fooled Tessa sends her love Theo sends his love a philia sends her love Pat wake up half its ruled wake up wake up wake up Pat the baby's alive Pat it's a lie pat pat it's million dunnock wake up let her have some peace this is not peace this is warn if she's going to get through we have to fight better die die I need a mother for my children and I need her had had it rolled had it is rolled wake up wake up what a lot of attention you're getting better you'd like that they make sound like some sort of doom family the house of Atreus miss Neil's life has been plagued by tragedy in recent years her son Theo was nearly killed by a taxi in New York and so on and so on and so on her eldest daughter Olivier died of measles about me she is married to short story writer Englishman Ronald Dao rural you idiots are a l/d [Music] had its world it's wrong she's going to do yeah but I don't know that I've done you a favor [Music] good did you feel that bad that say yes yes this double vision should correct itself are you doing your exercises are you doing your exercises until she gets her strength in this ice you can see better with the patch you look like a pirate now just just remember this mummies how guys ever talk to you that you must talk to her understand [Music] excuse me children under 12 are not permitted to visit oh but these are exceptionally small for their age just fine what pretty flowers yes has got some weight in Canada you know she brought you this from her class don't take the money it's a prayer her class did it for you Israel the founders did here but don't play about with it stop it no it's enough you know that when she's finished with it what a pretty cat pat who made it bad Heather who made your cap thing you're wearing the cap who made it Oh Milly dalek made Milly Danica Danica girly bug so rural the situation in general terms is we can hope for more or less Swift and dramatic progress while the injured tissue stores itself I say hope and after that the rate of improvement will taper off sharply and then you'll know where you are the remainder of the damage can probably be regarded as permanent I'm looking on the assumption that we shall get her back 100% there's a danger in building her hopes too high 100% surely you must understand that she is terribly depressed now inevitable aphasia not being able to comprehend or communicate is a very demoralizing condition a normal competent person is reduced to a state of apathy and infantile dependence it makes them irritable and prone to rages her normal tendency now will be to sleep to give up this is Pam this is not just anyone so I don't mean by that in the sense of being some rather movie star it it's Pat this is Pat I realize she's a woman of great strength and great spirit but you'll have to boost him around that would be difficult and you'll have to watch your roam around their husbands and wives who run away from all of this it's an incredible challenge that's part of life it would be impossible for her to cope with the children I happen to have a remarkably good relationship with the children and of course we'll send a speech and physiotherapist around in the house every day I can't thank you enough really can I as I said before you may not want to thank me [Music] now since I shall have to do this you might as well be all here to see it and just pay attention welcome home mrs. doll Oh Tessa Tessa how kind oh there's the nicest five of mommy's ever had are you giving touch and here's our little girl and this is Athena put it on yes well I was going to well do it [Applause] [Applause] [Music] come on bad what is it come on you can say you know she's very excited about working she sits the window what she wente feel good hmm but you must remember that there's a large part of her that just wants to sleep to give up I honestly think that if it happened to me I wouldn't make it dog dog dog dog daddy these cakes are active delicious milli where'd you get them Brendan would market haven't you discovered it yet if I was there the other day for lunch super pastrami sandwiches the fresh fruit is so good Pat and I had lunched there the day after she arrived do you remember pet pad what you want she wants smelly Billy required T what you want but do you want the Brazilian despotism what do you want slow server what do you want well it seems so cruel yes I think I'd rather die than go to a thing like she didn't die so she's got to go through it all I think she'd rather buy gems and I'm not going to ask I don't relish playing God but somebody's got to she's a fighter and behind that doll stare there's a voice saying get me out of here only it's not saying it's screaming do you think honestly pursue that I I don't want to help her do you think I don't want to carry upstairs to the bathroom lace up her shoes give it a ruddy sugar of course I do but if I do that I cannot conceive of a life just sitting there staring Danny into space like like a vegetable I need it I miss her she's the soul of this family and I'm going to get her back and I'm doing it the only way I know how Oh Tessa not now I'm busy I'm sorry daddy I need you as I know you do I'm busy now with mummy you can see I can't come I love you too yes of course you do come here of course you do I'm sorry even two minutes now come see what do you have Jimmy oh god that's right that's absolutely right [Music] [Music] do stop grumbling I've been trying to get you in a pair of shoes like this the nine year my sister's one good practical sensible shoe when people see you wearing shoes like that they will know how highly intelligent a woman you are [Music] [Music] [Music] hi baby and now audrey hepburn is presenting Rex Harrison with the Academy Award for his performance in my fair lady in this the 37th Academy Awards reason you missed Audrey Hepburn making Best Actor Award forgot to mention that patty was last year's when I showed that percentage I'm sure everybody had nothing to do with it don't sure she maybe now we're all pulling for Pat Neal who couldn't be here tonight wouldn't be here tonight otherwise engaged [Music] come on Pat the reporter on the line what sandwich you thought about the Oscars she thinks they're just bloody awful not at all have a nice day you know that really wasn't there her reaction was clearly what the doctors would call the correct emotional response habit rage she might have another stroke oh no no no no she she she understood what she had and she she trusted herself interpreters she saw laps in bad manners and made the right connections that's good realistically wrong we all love her but yes but realistically Gloria 100% recovery everybody only yes mom once more Oh papa yeah listen if I take you to Indian Sun you don't have any warning for the press they will jump to the wrong conclusions I've asked them to say everything to you clearly and distinctly so it should be a breeze and our blog on no you do not need a no little crooked steeply you want a cigarette cigarette cigarette patio that you don't want that do it in that one I remember now miss Neil do you hope to make another movie yes a little more conviction yes I do [Music] [Applause] are you feeling fat fine fine that eye patch looks very rakish I do where is great Michigan anymore great Michigan is a small village in Bakke I'm sure it's quite near London 25 miles there's an RAF station there where Paddington soon you will have physical therapy Pat when will you be able to academic I don't know but we think should be able to get back to work within within one year what do the doctors tell you about the baby the baby is fine one point of interest is three months to the day since the stroke and thank you all very much that is notable for coming to see us we're going off that thank you [Applause] thank you [Applause] you know I'm really happy about this assignment although in this situation I'd have thought that you'd want privacy I hope we have made a big mistake agreeing to that Life magazine do this story invading our lives I wonder why you said yes my wife mrs. Farrell has promised for tension she loves deplores over happy not unusual I believe in movie stars you've always been a particular favorite of mine another adoring journalist but more adoration right here the better so long flight from Los Angeles it must be pushed we're all right we stopped over in Washington so the pack addressed good children hon used a don't breath of the baby a nice sentimental ending your story [Music] lean on me [Applause] hello mrs. doll mrs. Ingram Ingram it's wonderful to see you again these men have come from the newspapers fine thank you I'm very very fond of Marvel we'll try to go and see it the swings it's all right here big suite yeah [Music] yes reporter just started got married $10,000 except for the Sheep you'll hear lots and lots of nice Tessa are you come along to the kitchen Oh lovely look at the flowers flowers that's a welcome home and all the presents jams pickles brown eggs by the chemist champagne get some glasses you want to do it again for you No thank you I think I've got it mm-hmm no no more just not enjoy it for me this one for you Sam's you're spinning that the more more and here's to being home gone let's go double seeing gone you really mean it gone it's come my god we discovered a new cure for double vision champagne [Music] [Music] my cousin you know of course you can thank you about your writing rule nor that'll have to wait that's too bad Charlie and the Chocolate Factory song like hotcakes in the stands yes we can eat a few more months there's the enemy apathy and boredom the journey home wrapped her up more exciting all the attention I don't want our left like that for one bloody second come on they're enormous pink cabbage I'm people forward come on haven't you got anything else to wear and hair such I'm missing a brush to it understanding you know you know terrible know feel mean children so Sarah's got you on some Island do you want one smiling alright everybody now if I may that's well let me thank you all very much for coming the speech therapist said that she could give Pat one half hour a week so what we're going to do is give her six hours five days a week wouldn't that be too much variables well even if it is we'll just have to change it well I'm sure we're all willing to help but I wouldn't know where to begin but you to use know how to begin to teach a child of three words I mean you've you'd you're teaching it sir ABC how to count how to add two and two how to spell see eighty spells cap I mean it's as simple as that are there any textbook Daniel never miss Eton there are no textbooks and no manuals you'll have to invent things for yourselves with your added it with sort tricks and games and puzzles anything that comes into your head but one thing you must remember you must not talk down there she's not a child she is an adult who cannot communicate who has very limited powers of memory and concentration now then this is the plan and my idea anyway we start nigel 12 with lessons we've got some little notebooks and paper yeah then lunch and a rest until 3:00 and then from 3 till 6 right through with lessons you for standing by to give us a hand no I won I should be occupied doing all the things that Pat used to do like running the house big yard for children that sort of thing anyway husbands make lousy teachers did any of you let your husband's ever teach you to drive a car now they'll fool day today now ii see you tomorrow Wow hey I'm going out yeah I told that me me I've told daddy Sara's waiting well go into the village to buy balloons do you remember boom balloon yes I know boys come along now we'll be back soon have you done your homework I've written 15 beast I feel good wishes tears never did any good half look at me I want you to be able to talk to me I was able to talk to you I want my wife back you were the most independent woman I ever knew I want that back - I want you to be able to do things for yourself and for me you cease so we have to work we've got to work how about making us a part of t2 one day trying to reach our lessons to her you know your homework but she doesn't understand uh-huh well she will she will [Music] [Music] what color what color pad color that's it but what color is it look where you're going what and through break through and I've decided not to bring Charlie back anyone who doesn't doing any good we're going to start the France next week he'll rejoice sitting on the beach has he been working with a speech therapist hell we gave up that a long time ago now I think it's hard to bring him along a little way and then just leave them hanging there now a friend of mine tried to do what you're trying to do with her husband he came along to a certain point it didn't work out it was too much for her honey shot himself that would be our sad ain't it drinking like a child play here we go shouted the pig yeah we go shouted the pig Pat I am right I am getting up and rising I am walking say it Pat say it I am walking I think you're better not right [Music] come on you know I don't know what the hell I'm supposed to be doing here we can have a cozy little chat anyway you remember that time old years ago when you first got this place and I came along with my machine to cut the grass in that field you used to make me cups of tea stand there shouting Brigadier hi Brigadier here's something bring big deal right what do you call me now oh you oh hell you begins with D dick well done pet well done dick we were talking about your early days you're not going to say evil things just the truth oh oh you once said you once said in an interview I was a tall girl in the back of the class always worried about being too big sit in a boy's lap and every afternoon I sat around jukebox cafes dreaming of being a movie star and you became a movie star I had great Oh you sign things they give you money contract I was 20 years old I had um Oh [Music] I left that place um I had been in love hadn't worked Gary Cooper remembered his name denied what's your name very very I'm no use now poor papa when I was the hospital something kept me alive to have this baby something to do for Papa it wouldn't be fair that must have been thinking of Olivia and she talked you about being buried shout a headstone inscribed she stands before us like a living child it seemed rightfully so huh that's when you made the Rutger that's why I made the raka I haven't had time to keep it up as I should tell me what was Olivia like well you know those children died well Olivia Olivia never lied she was an honorable trial gentle loving [Applause] loved animals she really was a marvelous Isabel Olivia wouldn't have died if we stayed in New York but after she have got hit by the taxi there we came back here the inoculations we needed for Olivia we're generally available in England at that time what did Olivia die from measles encephalitis was there any gamma co-opted was very rare dose regarded it was used for pregnant women who've been in contact with German measles I tried to pull up his dream do you know if the man said [Music] man said measles is not a killer rule first year and Olivia now Pat I'll brain damage how do you do instant coming up the upcoming what do you want Peter Rabbit or Jeremy Fisher I beat you what you want Jeremy Fisher right where do we get to last night I remember the boat was round and green and very like the other water lily leaves it was tied to a water browns in the middle of the park mister we're going to see desert what was it you hmm don't tuck Tess out Oh tuck her up mr. Jeremy tumor [Music] [Music] whoa dairy cows up here dog that's the name you gave me first mommy I'm going to meet you tomorrow minute mr. Jeremy landed little Jack shot ah come finishes come finish this off you did it for Tessa Luca wrong please live with label [Music] hi like kill myself Oh baby I don't know how to dumb God kill myself that's the only thing that's stopping you your problems are solved go down to the kitchen lots of sharp knives yeah they do got fun my razor bait it's gonna use my razor blades come to the garage don't you get a garage shut up bloody doors lock yourself in there turn on the engine of the car there's nothing Jewish let me die so what you say you want to give everything up answer me do you want to give everything up won't sleep sleep when will this baby come Oh Joey most of the lessons until the baby's born and then I'll go to the doctrines you've eaten hurry it along but no more wine hmm promise promise me that no more wine is the worst thing for you yeah I know oh yes we have the thinking of you piggy I'll call from hospital wait to hear from [Music] right great me at all dr. cotton soy perfectly alright baby what pace reformed default anywhere being a hundred percent insist [Music] good shot with the baby now and you look wonderful feel one absolutely nothing to worry about absolutely nothing at all good side no lumps no bruises the baby's head is perfectly formed not sure no brace define good sensible shoes seven years bad things happening feel Olivia bad things better stop now [Music] I've been a real story yes I guess it is and it's just the beginning of our good luck you've got to come back and cover the rest of it she should be ready to go to work in about a year or have you but on the other hand have you had enough of us no I have enough of doing yes so good night right a year from now than usual man hey thank you [Music] yeah [Music] not your time like snooping around catching us to email where's the rabbit yeah looks a lot better doesn't she well she's a lot better she's been working about I don't think she realizes how much better she may be the walled-off speech will help over that wall that if she's making a speech at the War Office every a benefit brain-damaged children plus we hatched oh really windows age which one that right at the edge of that chair on the armchair there we go this is the greatest man he's writing making lots of money I spend it I'll never work again never never never I'm just going to be mrs. rule Oh what all right everybody ready be a little bit just a little bit that's it that that's it I know every would say [Music] you mean you don't feel like an artist anymore always before ah wanted to be great actress no Papa only artist he used to bring me his stories before oh he's one of the Republic ah hey tell me what you think did did now don't understand word must be lonesome fuck him the rules been saying to the press that you've impacted works out oh oh that story you write not me Jimmy see you now you know that you know the way I feel rule seemed so confident weren't you pretend believe him only thing can do for him now rule told me that you're going to do the wall door who's there Waldo Waldo from New York and evening with Patricia Neal what's this Waldo what do you mean I mean and evening will Patricia Neal for God's sake are you about it baby you must have heard of oh nothing forget the hell is this not a cure listen you agreed to go to New York and talk at a benefit at the wall of hotel for brain-damaged children I did not on month ago did I say writing show me you writing no yeah I bet I have their letter here somewhere no care their letter what I don't know using writes I did I wrote I well baby you speak troll for waiver I'll finish the speech this have Val look it over and then well thank you I become dummy you take everything you take oh well I can't listen would you want to write it for yourself yes you know I can't but I'd like to have your thoughts your opinions miss neele if you have any I didn't say I would do it did I did I yeah you did Oh it'd be it'd be marvelous for you listen you've got months to learn this you can go through it with the bow I hope what happened to me never happened to any of you this thing burst in my head now Pat let's start from the pheasant I thought what happened to me never happen to any of you [Music] be afraid of nature because you want it so much you've been too fun to try and fail because you wanted so we're due in front revision you're frightened to try and that's what's been driving you to work to have a bell quickness engine is not an important taste on anybody's math but passion ruled a part of this village I want you to know this because it's important to me that we've had this wonderful chance to help this most extraordinary woman we are proud of her and we love [Applause] that Neil has been away from us for a long time far too long we are honored that she has chosen this occasion to return to her friends and fellow actors to share this extraordinary moment tonight Patricia Neal [Applause] I thank you I thank you I thank you I hope that what happened to me never happens to any of you it was evil this thing bursts in my head and from that moment on my life was taken over by two people first was wrong who knew what had happened and immediately telephoned the right person a neurosurgeon he was the second he saved my life he did he and that splendid UCLA hospital in California it was not only a fine operation it was also a brave one I know very well that the doctor thought I would conk out in the middle of it but Tennessee Hillbillies don't conk off that easy month after month the people in our village came to help me rule told them what to teach me reading writing arithmetic the whole works it was like school all over again only suffer much much tougher they came because they knew I was in trouble and because they were friends and neighbors they came because I needed help they came for free for love and I'll remember that till the day I die I worked with my friends in the village for six months and then two things happen first I had a baby a perfect baby her name is Lucy second I got fed up with working so hard I fell I was about as good as I would ever be I wanted to lie back and do nothing and that is exactly what I would have done if rules hadn't made me go on I had reached the danger point but that slave driver I live with said no no no world is a great man and I loved him and now I would like to say something about brain injured children I can only speak for our son Theo Theo has had eight operations since his accident he developed hydrocephalus and for the first four and a half years of his life he had a series of little vows put in his head when they took the last one out we sat by his bed in the hospital for ten days looking for the bad sign they didn't return and Theo is doing beautifully I sometimes think he's the most cheerful one of us all in fact he is the most cheerful person I know Theo courage has been an inspiration to me and I needed it and so you can see why I feel so close to the aims of this society and why I want to thank you all for coming here tonight [Applause] [Applause] I think you play the part we wanted you to play it on straight five years ago thank you thank you there's a good time to tell you I think that this time next year perhaps we'll be making a movie in New York can you be so sure I'm not but sooner or later you better try there we can plan her alive that was amazing well she does her love the clapping put a baby on the he walks with his mother incidentally because that said it's $30 125 take three very quiet everybody and action tell me why did you marry thought he had others to choose from all kind considerate men all very much like my father what what really drew a department what attracted each other I think it was his energy a certain wildness and he was not at all like my father I was attracted and I was afraid and then he clearly was a young man who was going places 24 when I met him already making over a hundred dollars a week yes I liked nice things things the Baker and all the others could never give me but your father surely would he was gonna be a millionaire the Baker was all tongue-tied on the outside in the home he would have been beautiful go to bed what I left you three years ago I blamed him for everything that was wrong when I came back I blamed you know I suspect that there's no one to blame not even me who loves unity you do Papa why Nettie because I'm a nice girl cut [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] like it's for you know we'll take you to see this with this tonight yes it is tonight hasn't done better [Applause] [Music] what's up funny oh it's a one Masotti journalist raving on a bedroom well read it you're insatiable of all every word her performance would be worth waiting as a cave she doesn't portrays she finds her ballast that was written by a great critic you're a great man I sometimes wanted to die yes I never judge individual may I go home now to to the children [Music] you [Music]